Daniel Ricciardo: No Brakes Ep 3 presented by Thorne

  • Published on Aug 23, 2020
  • Check out Episode 3 of NO BRAKES, presented by Thorne. Decided to scare the shit out of myself with my old mate MTB rider Matt Jones. Awesome day at his compound and the forrest, and not mention an amazing bacon and egg roll! Hope you all enjoy. Cheers! - DR
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  • H.
    H. Year ago +3

    What a duo McLaren is going to have next season: a TheXvidr and a Twitch streamer. 😂

  • Bianca GOVENDER
    Bianca GOVENDER Year ago +1

    Daniel: drives a jet plane on wheels as a job

  • Alicia Herrera
    Alicia Herrera Year ago +1

    "Mate, I'm scared of going up the ladder" -Said the guy who drives at 350 km/h

  • PandasAreBAE
    PandasAreBAE Year ago +999

    "You're the only one my wife would leave me for."

  • Brett Elliot
    Brett Elliot Year ago +215

    Ricciardo treats everyone the way all of us think we would treat people if we were world famous and it’s amazing

  • Vee x
    Vee x Year ago +298

    Daniel is like this popular older college guy we all wanted to have as a friend

  • justice4germans
    justice4germans Year ago +362

    surprised his contract allows him to risk his neck doing stuff like this

  • Aubrey Li
    Aubrey Li Year ago +116

    Man's even doing commercials for renault in his free time, what a legend

  • Smily Penguin
    Smily Penguin Year ago +144

    Great to see that he still has connections with red bull even after he left

  • Matt H
    Matt H Year ago +60

    Could never have predicted this Collab, two of my favourite people from different sports together, amazing vid!

  • Tate Gunn
    Tate Gunn Year ago +11

    This was not the collab we wanted but the collab we needed. Love both of these guys.

  • Batho
    Batho Year ago +58

    This guy really is living his life right now

  • Aussie Pie
    Aussie Pie Year ago +224

    Cyril and Zac Brown have almost had heart attacks.

  • Paul 03
    Paul 03 Year ago +14

    If you ever got the chance of spending a day with any current/former F1 driver, I'd pick Danny for sure... Not even want to do anything F1 related in particular, but just having a fun day messing around like they do in these vlogs^^

  • Aref emami
    Aref emami Year ago +99

    Daniel:I'm scared of ladder

  • The Turtle
    The Turtle Year ago +192

    Damn that's a collab I didn't expect

  • Kalyan PM
    Kalyan PM Year ago +13

    It's actually fun to see an F1 driver have this much fun with a little dirtbike and a ramp

  • MS321
    MS321 Year ago +3

    Holy shit Daniel you’re actually sick on a bike mate wish I was that good in to mountain biking myself but don’t get enough time to do it, wish you the best for the remainder of the season mate 👍

  • Caleb Riley
    Caleb Riley Year ago +17

    I hope he influence Lando to do stuff like this, and Lando to influence him to play games online 🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Mokayed
    Gabriel Mokayed Year ago +5

    It's such a joy to watch this guy, full of great vibes.