What May's Resignation Means - Brexit Explained

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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  • Monkey Patron
    Monkey Patron 4 months ago


  • Candace N
    Candace N 4 months ago

    I disagree with you about whether or not Cameron wanted to be the austerity PM. It was quite clear that he had no problem with it all, and he made no effort to move away from austerity policies despite all data showing that it was hurting more than helping.

    But as for everything else in your video? Good job.

  • Jon-Scot Burns
    Jon-Scot Burns 4 months ago

    Yeah, I'd like a summary of May's achievements. Ought not to take too long.

  • Natasha Abbas
    Natasha Abbas 4 months ago

    Pls review May’s time

  • TheWingsOfAngles
    TheWingsOfAngles 4 months ago

    Yeah I would like that video

  • Riccardo Enrike
    Riccardo Enrike 4 months ago

    Aaawh....she cried! Hippocratic

  • Riccardo Enrike
    Riccardo Enrike 4 months ago

    Do a vid on what she accomplished

  • Péter Ittzés
    Péter Ittzés 4 months ago

    "MAY, Theresa. The first of the long line of the so-called 'Brexit Prime Ministers'..." -Encyclopedia entry from the year 2119

  • Going Postal
    Going Postal 4 months ago

    Good riddance.

  • Dan Meyrick
    Dan Meyrick 4 months ago

    A review of her time in office, fact checking her closing speach please

  • 1pt21jigawatt
    1pt21jigawatt 4 months ago

    CU later Theresa, don't let the door hit on the way out. Bring on Nigel.

  • Isaac Rajaei
    Isaac Rajaei 4 months ago

    When a women cries and says some thing proudly means she really wanted THAT to be done whether right or wrong...

  • ChipZilla69
    ChipZilla69 4 months ago

    Brexit will happen when half life episode 3 comes out 👌👈

  • Andy Headland
    Andy Headland 4 months ago

    When did she become labour for the everyone not the few.

  • James Macdonald
    James Macdonald 4 months ago

    At 5:11 I really thought you were going to say...
    "May likely didn't want to be the 'Brexit Prime Minister' in the same way that
    Cameron probably didn't want to be the 'Pig-Fucking Prime Minister'."

  • delveling
    delveling 4 months ago

    May didn't fail alone, the entire government and all political parties failed. No one could have done a better or worse job than she did in the same circumstance, as we will soon see.

  • Sajuek
    Sajuek 4 months ago

    The majority of the British public voted for a pro-Brexit, no second referendum party. The people have spoken for a third time, it’s time for us to go.

  • Your Trusted Battlefield Medic


  • Ali !!!
    Ali !!! 4 months ago

    Please do a video on what May did :) I think her plan was to cut down on police numbers then wonder who could help with these terror attacks and increasing crime rates (police are dismissing and ignoring thousands of cases), shit brix when she's not prepared for the referendum results, made a porn ban that could compromise the security of citizens identities, banned facesitting (as there is a risk of drowning in pussy) then cried.

  • Marc Keys
    Marc Keys 4 months ago

    Hurry up and start the damn accomplishment videos before I piss myself

  • Rickie
    Rickie 4 months ago

    Old hag is a Disaster!

  • Anna
    Anna 4 months ago

    i would like to see an overview of her time in office!

  • Aloha Snack
    Aloha Snack 4 months ago

    "To serve tHE COUNTRY I LOVE." I thought she was going to turn into a demon. Turns out she was only crying.

  • Toadal Chaos
    Toadal Chaos 4 months ago

    Wait... Did she show emotions there at the end? I thought brits weren't supposed to have any of those dastardly things.

  • Yora
    Yora 4 months ago

    Nothing has changed.

  • Tom Ruffell
    Tom Ruffell 4 months ago

    Farage is saying Brexit party wants to remove the House of Lords if elected. Is this possible and what are the consequences? I would love a video covering this. Thanks for your work!!

  • Jorge Cañizales Díaz
    Jorge Cañizales Díaz 4 months ago

    What does it mean _for Brexit_?

  • Le Lyu
    Le Lyu 4 months ago


  • CitanulsPumpkin
    CitanulsPumpkin 4 months ago

    When poiticians say "the "British people" want brexit," that's a lie right? What exact percentage of people living in the UK actually voted to leave the EU.
    I'll give a related example in case I'm being too vague. 2 years ago the US held a presidential election in which the "American people" "elected" a neo nazi sympathizing, alt right, ethnocentrist, Russian sock puppet to the white house. But the fact is the average American did not vote for the fuckboy curently flushing the US down the toilet. Only about 30% of the people who live in the US voted. Of that 30% more than half voted for the other candidate. So really the American people didn't vote for the white nationalist ticket. The American people went to work and then went home like it was any other tuesday.
    Of the 15% of "Americans" who actually voted for the orange fuckboy more than half are actual neo nazis who were excited that they finally had an out and proud white supremacist openly and brazenly pandering to them. The rest are braindead sheep and diehard "conservatives" who have been conditioned to steadfastly believe that the woman who ran against the orange fascist is the antichrist.
    So again, what exact percentage of the real British population actually voted to leave the EU?

  • Edgar Miranda
    Edgar Miranda 4 months ago

    letting you know that we want to hear about her accomplishments

  • Old Seadog
    Old Seadog 4 months ago

    She cried, I pissed myself laughing.

  • james pond
    james pond 4 months ago

    Democracy is an illusion given to those without power to make believe they have a choice - we don't. I've no doubt in my mind now that Brexit is lost, but I also believe in the saying "Be very careful what you wish for, you might just get it" tbh it's all bollocks, if we are just energy condensed to a low vibration, then even life is a lie....fuck the lot of it.

  • Zoltán Kozma
    Zoltán Kozma 4 months ago

    They are NOT eliminating plastic waste. They have been seen to simply export it abroad and halfway dump some(maybe) in the ocean... also go down to your local supermarket and see that all the unnecessary packaging on produce such as tomatoes. They do not need that polyethylene box they are packaged into. Any half-decent government would have long since pushed through a ban on plastic packaging on produce items. The issue may be complex because qualifying quantities would not doubt have to be addressed but hey... 6 tomatoes in a box would be a thing of the past. May and the truth... so inconvenient :D

  • Robert Jazz
    Robert Jazz 4 months ago +1

    Still a better ending that GOT season 8

  • KlohsCalls
    KlohsCalls 4 months ago

    the tears really made that speech, kek

  • Alucard
    Alucard 4 months ago

    Just give us a government that actually wants to fund the military and become an actual military power again

  • Michael Winter
    Michael Winter 4 months ago

    I guess we’ll have to change the calendar, given that May 24th is now the End of May.

  • Plerp Plerp
    Plerp Plerp 4 months ago

    🎶 It's time to put on makeup. It's time to light the lights. It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppets show tonight. 🎶

  • Will Howells
    Will Howells 4 months ago

    Ha what a joke, she only wanted to compromise to try and blame others when she failed. She's failed at the home office and as prime minister all she's done is ruined people's lifes.

  • andrew webber
    andrew webber 4 months ago

    There is a fundamental impasse with Brexit. The conservatives are likely to appoint a pro Brexit candidate, possibly even one thinking of a no deal. However the parliament votes showed that a customs deal or possibly a second referendum were the only options close to passing with a majority. Thus I can’t see any new leader doing better than May with Brexit, possibly worse!! They may save themselves with going for a second referendum out of final desperation or simply we’ll have another election and everything resets, who knows what comes of that - may not break the impasse and we’ll be back to the referendum.
    The fundamental problem with Brexit is the Irish question and we can’t ignore it as the EU deal will always have to satisfy the Republic of Ireland (all states have to agree). Thus we ironically may find leaving with some kind of backstop aka May, ultimately has to be accepted or a customs union. Or let’s just forget the whole crap and Remain!!

  • parkes
    parkes 4 months ago

    a vid reviewing her term please!!!

  • tsfcancerman
    tsfcancerman 4 months ago

    Only tried 3 times in 3 years, so they resign and hope another one will drag it out by having a new pm and hope that pm keeps on dragging it out aswell.

  • Jerry Kendall
    Jerry Kendall 4 months ago

    Why is this more eventual than GOT

  • Robert Reid
    Robert Reid 4 months ago

    Would deffo love to see an overview of May's premiership

  • Dave R
    Dave R 4 months ago

    She's not very good at leaving places. So I suspect she'll be there for Christmas 2024 asking for an extension.

  • B A
    B A 4 months ago

    Make a video on May's lack of achievements, pls

  • Neil Adamson
    Neil Adamson 4 months ago

    we needed a difficult thatcher type for brexit negotiations. id heard she was difficult prior to pm but lets face it she screwed up by calling a general election and it went downhill from there

  • Stefan Jünger
    Stefan Jünger 4 months ago

    I would love to know what May really did with her time in office. A video about that, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Alexander Burrows
    Alexander Burrows 4 months ago

    No explanation or discussion of what this means or might mean for Brexit - disappointing waste of time watching

  • John Docherty
    John Docherty 4 months ago

    "The national deficit is lowering"
    That's what she says when Britain has quite literally almost tripled the deficit from 1.03 trillion in 2013 to 2.62 trillion in 2019.

    You're finished Theresa, Lee Nelson will be in touch to arrange your P45

  • Jane South
    Jane South 4 months ago

    Join with southern ireland form a new country

  • Jane South
    Jane South 4 months ago

    Will be the same impasse no matter who. Eu will not negotiate anymore, will not talk to another prime minister, she should have been allowed to continue.

  • Jonathan Matheson
    Jonathan Matheson 4 months ago

    Please make a video about what she's done while in power. Cheers

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath 4 months ago

    The next Brexit-deal comes from Boris! Mays- Brexit-deals is history but Boris-Brexit-deal a disaster. Oh! How I love all the wrong deals of our government!🙋‍♂️

  • Dean Gray
    Dean Gray 4 months ago

    Please review her claims. Especially interested in the deficit

  • captainmaerd
    captainmaerd 4 months ago

    As an American I don't have to worry about Brexit as someone living in the U.K. or Europed does, but I have a lot of respect for the Theresa May and the job she's done, especially as a female head-of-state. It's certainly a difficult one. I wonder if the next PM will do any better.

  • Yonatan Huber
    Yonatan Huber 4 months ago

    I feel sorry for her, truly. Regardless of opinions and stances, she really did come into high office to serve people and country, with a devotion in very tiring times. She she should be remembered and honored for this above all else - she truly believed in the office above her person.

  • Andrew Warwick
    Andrew Warwick 4 months ago

    She is such a liar. She’s done nothing of benefit for the UK, only what benefited her and the globalist elite. Thank goodness she’s going. Best news ever!

  • Fionn McAleer
    Fionn McAleer 4 months ago

    She’s had it rough, i feel bad for her

  • Robert Browne
    Robert Browne 4 months ago

    You made the UK a laughing stock .