10 Extremely Lucky Finds That Made People Rich In Thrift Shops

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • These are 10 insanely lucky people who actually became rich through some thrift shops findings! Thrift stores are great for finding unique outfits, to helping out the environment by shopping sustainably to even making thousands of dollars!
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    Ranging from exquisite artworks to vintage clothes belonging to celebrities or even a very fancy copy of the Declaration of Independence. All of these items have probably brought a lot more joy to their owners that what it looked like initially.
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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  6 months ago +225

    Anyone down to go check out a thrift shop? 👀

  • Claire fitzpatrick
    Claire fitzpatrick 8 days ago

    A vintage Karl Lagerfeld handbag which only cost me £2.99. 5 rare vintage dolls for £2.00 and a Vivien Westwood shirt for about 3/4 pound. Oh and a decorated brass shell from world War 1(which is called trench art) for a couple of pound😀
    A vintage patchwork quilt from the 60s or 70s for £5 and a 1920s silk double bed spread for not much money. I've also picked up a lot of Vintage jewellery over the years. 💰💵😁💷

  • Amber Hackney
    Amber Hackney 9 days ago

    I went to an estate sell near my home. I knew this was a great place to find some awesome unique things. I ran across some costume jewelry & I sell on Etsy & a few other stores do I looked around. I picked up a brooch/necklace pendant that read 925 silver & had a few markings (markings and stamps are always good!) anyways I paid $1!!!! Turns out it’s was a Norwegian Norse design by a mid century artist. Design name was “Viking fleet of ships” but I can’t remember the actual foreign translation. I was told this by a collector who left me a message. I sold this item for $200 I do believe. It was solid silver. I never found the exact brooch online while researching but one time. It was sold on a auction site for high end items for $250. I have found many gems in my day, but that one still comes to kind when I tell someone of why I love old things. It’s like a treasure hunt for a few dollars. One more item... if you ever think of throwing out grandmas ratty old quilt well don’t! I bought a quilt top from a young lady that was doing a grandmas estate. It was only a top not even a while quilt. It was a yo-yo quilt. (Tedious circles made one by one by hand) & I paid $2 & sold it for $250 to $300. I would have to look but that one was a beauty too. Antique & vintage quilts are prized possessions in my home! There is always something more than meets the eye if you only pay attention! Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not amazing! I am fascinated by history & old items. I do my listings with stories is I am able. I believe passing them on is a big part of the item. Makes them more meaningful!

  • Clear Sailing
    Clear Sailing 14 days ago

    Shhhhh, These stories are the reason goodwill prices everything astronomically or sells themselves on eBay

  • Alana Mathews
    Alana Mathews 14 days ago

    Download the poshmark app and use referral code ALANA_5 and you get $15 off your first purchase!!!!!!!

  • Armando Ruiz
    Armando Ruiz 20 days ago

    The Picasso prints from Las Vegas NV were stolen not sold. Identity theft and home invasion committed by William Miller aka Desiree Iaconnetti and Jensen Miller, Naomi Shebah, Anthony Rodriguez, Martha Aguilera, Jacob Juarez and more conspiring against Desi Arnaz Jr aka German Hatuey Ruiz and his son, Armando German Ruiz. Armando learned of Arnaz name this year while parents have been missing, born in Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom! Born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha V, Armando aka Desiderio V is me any info will help, I'll keep the favor in mind.

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 20 days ago

    Fuck all of em in the tuckus

  • RuthAnn R.
    RuthAnn R. 24 days ago

    I enjoy board games. On a whim one day i went to my local thrift and found a backgammon board, but the store taped it shut so I had to wonder if all the pieces were there. I got home and opened it it looked beautiful! There was a name burned into this exotic wood....David Levy, who was the craftsman. I paid 5.90 and when I looked online I believe they retail for 360.00!! I was beyond grateful!

  • Betpat Patten
    Betpat Patten 25 days ago

    Best thing I ever found was an 8 place table setting of a 1940’s pattern of Wedgwood! It matched a 4 place setting my daughter was gives be her NR4, grandmother in law! Needless to say, she now has a 12 place setting with plenty of salad plates and cup & saucers!!

  • Nerdy Hillbilly
    Nerdy Hillbilly 28 days ago

    I once spent $4 on a deck of Pokemon cards and it contained a Shining Steelix and a Shining Charizard. The two cards together are worth about $150.

  • Lisa Aul
    Lisa Aul Month ago

    How dp you find out value ,,& how to cash in on your antiques

  • Solar Star
    Solar Star Month ago

    "Is the car used or brand new? Cant be both."
    A used car can still be brand new. As well as new to him. It's his new car??
    Damn yall are annoying.

  • Age of Ez-gaming
    Age of Ez-gaming Month ago

    I can't stand it when people say, brand new used car witch one is it. New or used.......

  • billsbasementworkshop

    how can you buy a brand new used car?

  • TheFlamingCookie
    TheFlamingCookie Month ago

    I found my mum in my house:O

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady Month ago +1

    I feel sorry for the people who forget to clean out their purse , before donating to the thrift stores..
    I always do.

  • Sophie Wilde
    Sophie Wilde Month ago

    That music is bloody annoying !!!!!

  • Sean Livingston
    Sean Livingston Month ago

    I go to thrift stores and intend to find something of value but I get discouraged very easy but I found a Beyonce, Kelly and Brandy dolls I need to find out if they are worth anything.

  • Rebecca K Finley
    Rebecca K Finley Month ago

    I once bought a pair of jeans at a thrift store for $7.00, went home, cleaned them then found $7.00 in the pocket!!

  • janet ainne
    janet ainne 2 months ago

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  • Arkangel Gabrielle
    Arkangel Gabrielle 2 months ago

    Their hunting not in vain? What about the cost of the rhinos life?

  • missy ogletree
    missy ogletree 2 months ago

    I've always wanted a "brand-new, used car"!

  • ILireal Stories
    ILireal Stories 2 months ago

    I bought a real leather lancel handbag in a second hand store costing around £5, it was in perfect condition too!

  • Relax CreatorM
    Relax CreatorM 2 months ago

    I need to get my hoarding behavior to the next level

  • justine kaykay
    justine kaykay 2 months ago

    I was just at goodwill yesterday and the employees told me that when they get new stuff they have to wait 24 hours after it goes on the floor to purchase. So no the employees don't get all the good shit if anyone was wondering lol

    • jessica gibson
      jessica gibson 2 months ago +1

      That is true but they do pick all the best and awesome and valuable finds out and send them somewhere else to be auctioned.

  • youngsplitterr
    youngsplitterr 2 months ago

    I bought a cookbook for 10 cents and sold it online for more than $90.

  • Larry Ho
    Larry Ho 2 months ago +1

    Poor unlucky sellers 🤣🤣

  • Nona Mason
    Nona Mason 2 months ago

    My grandmother was given a bunch of costume jewelry by a woman she cared for. Turned out there was a platinum ring, a band, and a flower breastpin that was gold with a diamond. Never had either appraised, and I kept the ring. Someone else has the pin, I hope.

  • Halo
    Halo 2 months ago

    Found perfect condition princess Diana ty babies last week for $5. I’ve seen on eBay they go up towards $200,000 dollar asking prices

  • kari D.
    kari D. 2 months ago

    I dropped 275 in a change purse at home depot last year.. Somebodys day was made! DEF NOT MINE! LOL

  • family tea and lots of yarn.

    A brand new... used car?

  • Gabriel Kawa
    Gabriel Kawa 2 months ago +2

    I didn't have any super amazing stories as they do but I found video games worth $120 for 18 bucks.

    I had one of my best scores at a comic book shop. Comic books that totaled 8 bucks and sold them for around 400 after fees. My legs were shaking and I couldn't believe it.

  • El Camino 71
    El Camino 71 3 months ago

    The first DOLLAR bill shown in the VID WAS A star note. Worth=ONE dollar.

  • Yuliya Abu hamad
    Yuliya Abu hamad 3 months ago +1

    My mom found a Gucci purse for 60$ at a garage sale, and even managed to get it down to 50$

  • Ben Schwanke
    Ben Schwanke 3 months ago +5

    a couple days ago I found half a pack of cigarettes with 400$ in cash in it

  • Py Havir
    Py Havir 3 months ago

    More on it

  • Melissa Howerton-Klump
    Melissa Howerton-Klump 3 months ago

    3:50 shots 30darts a second

  • Melissa Howerton-Klump
    Melissa Howerton-Klump 3 months ago

    A moded Nerf gun at value village

  • Tristin Holleman
    Tristin Holleman 3 months ago +1

    I am just a kid and I found a multi-million dollar coin Bank at Goodwill for $2 it was from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

  • Spill the Tea sis
    Spill the Tea sis 3 months ago

    if I would find something one of a kind I will just keep it

  • stretch Pell
    stretch Pell 3 months ago


  • Tysheoua Johnson18
    Tysheoua Johnson18 3 months ago

    the post videos like that like you like you so pretty like a girl

  • Alisa Anamani
    Alisa Anamani 3 months ago

    Brand new used car lol

  • Jacqueline Robinson
    Jacqueline Robinson 3 months ago

    I fine something at yard sale

  • kasaundra price
    kasaundra price 3 months ago

    Can someone please tell me if this is petrified coral or not?

  • Pattii Mcmath
    Pattii Mcmath 3 months ago

    correct grammar: 10 Extremely Licky Finds In Thrift Shops That Made People Rich. Sorry poor grammar drives me nuts.

  • John Jose Silva
    John Jose Silva 3 months ago +1

    this may have been true years ago but now ur not going to find something worth a fortune there they have people who look this things up on the internet and even over price stuff lol

  • R London
    R London 3 months ago +1

    Sorry,I was in the thrift store

  • 1-800_ SIS_YOU_A_THOT
    1-800_ SIS_YOU_A_THOT 3 months ago

    I died when I saw the guy trying to dance on the furniture in slow motion

  • SunKissNicole
    SunKissNicole 3 months ago

    I bought a purse from a goodwill and found 10$

  • Eryn Sampson
    Eryn Sampson 3 months ago

    2:44 omg my history teacher is sh00k

  • Dennis Macquoij
    Dennis Macquoij 3 months ago +2

    Still didnt see an image of those chinese cups :D to much images that have nothing to do with it

    • Laura Krahn
      Laura Krahn Month ago

      Dennis Macquoij - It’s at 7:41.

    TACO WACO 3 months ago +2

    I got triggered when he sold that painting for 7k it worth like 4m
    Also if I was a college kid I would not buy another sofa I would buy textbooks those things expensive

    • SuperKiddles
      SuperKiddles 3 months ago

      uhmm yeah text books are almost obsolete

  • MyJourneyMiLife
    MyJourneyMiLife 3 months ago +4


  • Linda Mueller
    Linda Mueller 3 months ago +1

    We found a presidential invite and a thank you letter by former president Carter when he was a governor. We found it at a garage sale behind two metal frames I needed 30 yrs ago. It's in our hope chest...

  • Amanda Fuentes
    Amanda Fuentes 3 months ago +1

    My mom went to a clothing closet and found a old mo ey belt and opened it to find 2 $100 dollar bills

    NICKI V 3 months ago +1

    I got Gucci leather pants for 5 euros.

  • Kevin&Tash Sacobie
    Kevin&Tash Sacobie 3 months ago +1

    I found a box set call of duty on sale for 20 bucks unopened, and sold it for $130.00

  • Kalila Watson
    Kalila Watson 3 months ago +6

    So unless you'er a picker or some kind of vintage expert, the "regular" person wont get rich.

  • Jessie Cain
    Jessie Cain 3 months ago +74

    My mother loves jewelry. One day, she went to the flea market, one of her favorites places, and bought a box of costume jewelry for $5. There was a silver and cubic zirconia ring in the box that she particularly liked and was the reason she bought the whole thing. Unfortunately, the ring didn't fit her, so she brought it to a jeweler to have it resized. While resizing it, the jeweler became frustrated when the silver wouldn't adhere to the band. When he realized why, he fixed it, then shouted to his staff, "Put this in the safe!!" He called my mother the next morning before they even opened and told her she had to come in to get it because he didn't have the insurance to keep something like that in his shop. It turned out to be platinum and diamond! The ring was valued at more than $75,000!

    • Claire fitzpatrick
      Claire fitzpatrick 8 days ago

      Brilliant 💖👏💵 happy days for your mum💝

    • Andrea Paul
      Andrea Paul 2 months ago +3

      Wow that's lucky, well done!! Make sure you keep it safe though, it sounds beautiful 👍🏼💍

    • Jessie Cain
      Jessie Cain 3 months ago +5

      DallasPilotCar Who cares? It’s the same situation of bargain shopping and getting something valuable for almost nothing.

    • DallasPilotCar
      DallasPilotCar 3 months ago

      not the same thing as a thrift store

    • Jessie Cain
      Jessie Cain 3 months ago +3

      wara wanchanchongs She still has it. She loves big jewelry like that and decided to put it in her will to me.