How Sony Is Planning Something Different With PS5

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Sony has been saying interesting things on how it plans to approach the next generation and PS5. Let's dive into it.
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  • Lucifer mortem
    Lucifer mortem 14 hours ago

    MORE SINGEL PLAYER GAMES... Please not less... I hate playing online unless it's with my friends in games like mhw,
    Im 26 and extremely anti social I just want to have a game that I can sit down and put 40h+ into (note this isn't a rant 😅 just wanted to put my opinion out there because Iv been told I need to socialise more... 😅)

  • Jake Beaver
    Jake Beaver 10 days ago

    Augmented reality glasses for wall sized tv screens, clocks, wallpapers, pets, conversing/playing mini games with friend's avatars, themed windows that can real time display views in games like minecraft, no man's sky, silent hill, eve online, etc. . I want to look at my ceiling and see the milky way, a solar system diorama around my light bulbs, a nightstand or refrigerator Pokemon guardian that can warn roommates or siblings away from my cold pizza, could you imagine Cortana helping you find a good local micro brew, a Skyrim dragon acting as a GPS guide? ( putting a zombie or parts of one in the fridge or bathroom closet? )

  • ty riedle
    ty riedle 11 days ago

    Ps3 ps2 not getting a new ps5 ps1 to I'll stick with my old ones got better things to blow my money on then new game consouls.

  • Adam Dufty
    Adam Dufty 12 days ago

    Since I can't keep up with all the games I want to play coming out right now, I'll be happy to see Sony slow its output of single player experiences with the PS5. Then maybe I can finally get caught up, and I will happily enjoy the well polished works they do put out.

  • samkelo Nhlumayo
    samkelo Nhlumayo 17 days ago

    You complaining about USA WiFi??? Have you been to Africa man? We wish we had half of US WiFi

  • Jamie Curry
    Jamie Curry Month ago

    quality vs quantity

  • Tolga Kuyubasi
    Tolga Kuyubasi Month ago

    Soon they will think, that the PS5 is Jesus himself lmao
    Lesson number 1
    ~Never feed the hype too much

  • Aidan Berrien
    Aidan Berrien Month ago

    I hope the Playstation 5 doesnt sound like a dumptruck driving through a nitroglycerin plant when you turn it on

  • nirolf luap utihc
    nirolf luap utihc Month ago

    For the last time... stop giving Minecraft handjobs.

  • Sergio Jones
    Sergio Jones Month ago

    How much does the ps5 costs????????

  • LutizzTV
    LutizzTV Month ago +1

    What i think its going to happen is the following:
    Sony will have a streaming platform.
    To access the games you can pay a monthly subscription through PC and PlayStation. These games will be streamed and will be accessible only with Internet.
    You can play any game you want as long as you are subscribed to the service and have a reliable internet service.
    You will not have to download the game or install it. Just click, play and go.

    You will also have the ability to buy your games and own them with or without the subscription to the service. PC gamers to play exclusives will have to pay for the service. PlayStation users will have to pay for the service IF they dont want to buy games but to play directly from the library with the option to buy them IF you want.

    This is what makes the most sense to me.

  • _Zazz_
    _Zazz_ Month ago

    This video truly was 10 minutes of a guy saying nothing at all

  • hellobooom
    hellobooom Month ago

    "Comparatively speaking, other countries have internet way better than the United States"

  • MaxPSVR
    MaxPSVR Month ago

    They just announced the PS5 release date of late 2020. Woot really can’t wait. Ahh I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it. Looks like it’s time to up my game on my channel to get ready for its release

  • Shanti G
    Shanti G Month ago

    If you have Comcast 4K streaming is out of the question.

  • Gnyps GUH-NIPS
    Gnyps GUH-NIPS Month ago

    Wanna know what Sony is doing with the PS5?!?! Well let me give you a general overview of gaming progression for seven minutes first

  • Neeta Trikha
    Neeta Trikha Month ago

    2:14 the controller's off.... lol

  • Ashley Valentine
    Ashley Valentine Month ago

    0:39 - bla bla bla your making a portable.

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii Month ago

    when sony introduced paid online with the ps4 i switched to pc gaming. if they remove single player exclusives a lot of people will also switch to pc

  • Larry M
    Larry M Month ago

    Im not really excited for the next gen consoles.. Seems to me that every gen microtrannys get worse..

  • Jesmus
    Jesmus Month ago +1

    Hopefully this time the hardware isn't shit already at launch like ps4.
    And pay for multiplayer access.
    What a shit console ps4 was.

  • Chris Chapel
    Chris Chapel Month ago

    I won't play mobile games. I stick with console. I hate lag.

  • SpeedingOffence
    SpeedingOffence Month ago

    I really, really hate the "They aren't ready" trope that companies use with technology that people aren't adopting. It's suggesting that we'll 'come around' to it when we understand it more, when we get more educated, they just have to keep at it until we give in. We're telling them 'no', they're hearing 'maybe'.
    When people aren't 'ready' for streaming, it's not because we aren't informed, it's because we ARE informed, and everything about it seems like an inferior option to just downloading the product.

  • bLu
    bLu Month ago

    Remember on the Playstation 3 when you had the option to change your voice & you can also copy from CDS & OR SD CARDS I HAVE MOVIES AND PHOTOS AND MUSIC OR MY Playstation 3 hard drive

  • Jordan - 4554
    Jordan - 4554 Month ago +1

    666,367 views... Creepy...

  • Delvon Bailey
    Delvon Bailey Month ago +1

    “Guess I won’t be buying any new console and playing games on my phone....” -Said no one ever

  • Jay of the bay 223
    Jay of the bay 223 Month ago

    We want split screen games I know it has nothing to do with the video that much but I had to get it off my Chest

  • Aasim Ala
    Aasim Ala Month ago

    " other countries have internet way better than the United States"

    You take that back!
    From South Africa.

  • ILiveInMeMumBasement

    Damn gaming corporations, a new system every 5 years? My wallet can't keep up!

  • No light, no water, no late night snacking.

    at 0:31 your mic kinda shit the bed mate.

  • Nick C
    Nick C Month ago

    MORE SINGLE PLAYER GAMES!!! perhaps less online required type stuff like destiny or the division? cool games if you have a solid internet connection but good luck if you don't..

  • wonder chiken
    wonder chiken Month ago +1

    I'm here only to add a comment from my new chromebook!!!!

  • Rated Critical
    Rated Critical Month ago

    Got nothing out of this video about what the ps5 is gona be like

  • DoseOfDion 2.0
    DoseOfDion 2.0 Month ago +1

    I miss split screen games

    PROD. BY WAVERLY Month ago

    What song comes on at 0:32? I really like it.

  • That Playlist Guy
    That Playlist Guy Month ago +1

    Was the "shhh" a Dreams reference XD

  • Brahma Hush Ghana
    Brahma Hush Ghana Month ago

    Rugby 🏉 20 please

  • Fran R.
    Fran R. Month ago +1

    Haha why is this comment section full of single player games fan boys

  • Fran R.
    Fran R. Month ago +1

    Single player games are better when your alone, but multiplayer games with friends is the best experience

  • DropSixteenTV Tv
    DropSixteenTV Tv Month ago

    Lol this is completely gossip at this point.

  • flamehammer gaming
    flamehammer gaming Month ago

    I hope the ps5 has an option to download games or use game streaming and an ability to change your choice after u made that choice

  • ЗлатомиР АлександроВ

    What so you mean ask developers?
    Console market is lagging behind for years to the PC... Everyone knows that. Only your channel seems to be this much misinformed....
    What sony is doing is turning it into something special worth the while for all of us who grow up with a joystick, not mouse and cheese...

  • AwesomeOreo ZX
    AwesomeOreo ZX Month ago

    Turn and face the change

  • Duane McClure
    Duane McClure Month ago

    Well good! Then tell Insomniac to make a new Disruptor with the new technology. Disruptor was an awesome first person shooter on the 1st PSX. It wasn't a Doom clone and was scifi based. A new version of Powerslave would be a nice addition to the library too, although not an Insomniac game. There are so many older games that could really benefit

  • Sparrowbandit92
    Sparrowbandit92 Month ago

    I’m so over all companies even outside of gaming trying to go to streaming, and subscriptions. Not every company needs to do the same basic business model. If anything that loses customers

  • Stan Z-Girls
    Stan Z-Girls Month ago +2

    I just want ps5 to come out already cause Bethesda said tes6 will be for the next gen console.

    • Spenrable
      Spenrable Month ago

      Stan Z-Girls, I just want it to come out because if I buy a PS4, it’ll just get games for one or two more years.

  • xNikolai09x .0
    xNikolai09x .0 Month ago

    To be honest I would buy a playstation if the controllers between xbox and playstation were interchangeable

  • Randy Pullman
    Randy Pullman Month ago

    Could not have been said better. I hope for graphics that are indistinguishable from 4k movies.
    I hope for games as frightening as movies with plenty of jump scares.
    I hope for THX beginnings that test my support equipment.
    I hope Sony fines finds value in classic business models that has made them a legendary company.
    Lets play! Sony!

  • Nintendo Main
    Nintendo Main Month ago +6

    *I’ll be laughing like it was the console wars if they gonna really make anyone pay for online mode*

    • kerub querubin
      kerub querubin 18 days ago +2

      dont they already ask to pay for online mode?

  • Majestic Cube
    Majestic Cube Month ago +1

    This video annoyed me so much, you had no specific point, too much talk for little information and minor details.
    Horrible video, but I'm not going to dislike it

  • GAMESY 2000
    GAMESY 2000 Month ago

    Microsoft bort it off off notch

  • Damon Downs
    Damon Downs Month ago

    What's the music playing in the background in the beginning-ish??

  • Miguel Alejandro Paula Carrasco

    Sony should stop releasing one exclusive for generation, before they used to release 2 o 3 games about the same franchise in one console, for the PS4 they released 1 GOW, 1 Horizon Zero Dawn and so and so.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    Kamikaze to streaming services!!!

  • Spencer Barefoot
    Spencer Barefoot Month ago

    I subbed to you guys years ago. Your content is slipping. With 5.2 million subs you should bet getting more then 250-700K views per video. Those are scrub numbers. I like you guys a lot but it is time to rethink the same old rinse and repeat cookie cutter videos.

    KOS MOS Month ago

    @gameranx What music did you use 0:33 ?

  • berserker guts
    berserker guts Month ago

    consoles are a niche market?

  • MR Suporter
    MR Suporter Month ago

    Playstation single player is the best thing about it, the single player has the BEST games I personally have ever played.
    Dark souls series 1-3, uncharted series 1-4, these are a good example why I love playstation,
    And the developers know that if they remove single player then 95% of players will switch to a different console.

  • Rayvin Thingnam
    Rayvin Thingnam Month ago +1

    PS5 is worth buying just for its exclusives.

  • BraKop187
    BraKop187 Month ago +1

    I hope the PS5 looks more futurist