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  • Danish Azahar
    Danish Azahar 7 days ago

    Yall forget about Dean Henderson

  • Saahil Reddy
    Saahil Reddy 8 days ago

    Keep matic

  • Saiye Rugara
    Saiye Rugara 11 days ago

    Chris Smalling should stay.

  • Louie Hill
    Louie Hill 19 days ago

    I disagree massively what the hell is wrong with you Chris smalling he will stay

  • Neil Mcmenemy
    Neil Mcmenemy 19 days ago

    Like your videos but you go on abit especially when most of what you say is very obvious

  • phil wilson
    phil wilson 19 days ago

    Keep Smalling, even if he's just a back up to Bailly/Lindelof. He has been our most consistent performer at CB for the last 3 seasons, played regularly under LVG and Mourinho. I wonder how much of the hate comes from comparing him to what we had before? Like, we lost Vidic and Ferdinand around the same time, and they were replaced with Jones/Smalling/Evans. Obviously, he's not as good as Vidic and Ferdinand, but still solid, he's a decent squad player. You also have to look at the fact that we have 5 first team CB's, and selling 3 of them all at once would cause all kinds of problems. Bringing in 3 new defenders and expecting everyone will fit seamlessly into the team is stupid.
    Also, it amazes me everyone saying sell all our CB's and bring in Tuanzebe and Fosu-Mensah. Tuanzebe might be doing brilliantly at Villa, but it's a big step up to the premier league. Fosu-Mensah can't even get into the team at Fulham, so how is he good enough for Utd?

  • Distracting_Disaster
    Distracting_Disaster 20 days ago

    people say young needs to leave, looking at stats etc I would agree, but actually watching the games he performs solidly and doesn't make stupid mistakes. Keep.

  • w4k1- 70wn
    w4k1- 70wn 20 days ago


    JK TUBE 20 days ago

    Fellaini isn't footballer he's boxer 😂😂😂
    Lukaku too fat and lasy

  • King F
    King F 20 days ago

    Pogba is good only when he is happy, difficult to build a team around this type of players, unless he can grow into mature man in a year or two

  • ベイベーキルミー

    Id keep Matic and sell Sanchez. Other, I agree(For fellaini,depends on hes performance this season)

  • Kun Iqbale
    Kun Iqbale 21 day ago

    I agree with you except about matic, man united looks good with matic herrera pogba combo in midfield. Instead of selling matic, i would go for mctominay to be sold

  • Elias Strojgaard
    Elias Strojgaard 21 day ago +1

    I think MUFC would have to buy Manolas and Lozano they are both good and Manolas is cheap.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 21 day ago

    fellaini is absolutely essential for any title winning side

  • Markus Moe
    Markus Moe 21 day ago

    What is he on about?

  • Jay Jayesh
    Jay Jayesh 23 days ago

    Sell Smalling & Jones....Buy Koulibaly & Skriniar...

  • Daniel Foulke
    Daniel Foulke 23 days ago

    Matic ? Really ? Seriously ? NO ! he is our best central defensive midfielder. He stays at the center field when herrera is helping the attack, when everybody goes forward he stays and be a 3rd central defender that kept the defensive side intact. He can distribute the ball he can score from crosses with his height advantage. That`s it if we sell matic i want to know who`s replacing him, can he be better ? other than that i`m agree with your pick. let`s replace valencia and sign another world class defender

  • Scamaro_ _BITW
    Scamaro_ _BITW 23 days ago

    I'd sell lukaku and get mauro icardi,our own Harry kane type of striker then Rashford playing behind him sort of like a shadow striker and a new RW with martial at LW

  • Martin Hasson
    Martin Hasson 24 days ago

    MATIC must stay!

  • Martin Hasson
    Martin Hasson 24 days ago

    Get Shaw,Bailly,Jones ,Fred, Rojo and Darmian out ASAP
    THEN buy A 🌟
    United have done nothing of importance since
    WE HAVE THE MOTHER of all keepers!

  • Ray Martin
    Ray Martin 24 days ago

    Whats your position on Ole??

  • Ray Martin
    Ray Martin 24 days ago

    you could have described Sanchez without the `Chilean`part, why did you put that there?

  • Shukri Abdi
    Shukri Abdi 24 days ago

    I’ll keep Matic and Smalling 🔥🔥

  • Mike Clayton
    Mike Clayton 25 days ago

    As long as we sell Lukaku/Sanchez/other shitters and bring in some good players (Koulibaly, SMS, etc) who can help the club we'll continue to do well

  • Jack Ditchfield
    Jack Ditchfield 25 days ago

    I’d sell Sanchez
    He’s been usesslees since he’s got here

  • Milton Borrows
    Milton Borrows 25 days ago

    never really a good idea to do these types of things, because all you're doing is devaluing the players you're not happy with. the 8 you've highlighted might not be up to your standards, but as squad players, they might be invaluable. only OGS will know. glad you never mentioned any names of players who you might be interested in signing for £50,000,000 each though. the problem is that there really aren't all the many truly world class players out there. especially in defence. after watching the world cup in 2018, the best goal i seen was actually from marcos rojo, and you're selling him!

  • Heaven Jonathan Halim
    Heaven Jonathan Halim 26 days ago

    i will keep matic and smalling , then sell Sanchez

  • Elliott 1243
    Elliott 1243 26 days ago

    Get rid of young

  • Mir Xubair
    Mir Xubair 26 days ago

    Matic is so improved under solskjaer

  • Sankombo Arens
    Sankombo Arens 26 days ago

    U wrong... matic holds that midfield together

  • Lico Ella and Meddy Marques

    I agree 100% with u man what a vision 👀👀Matic is 2 slow we need a strong 💪 better CDM and talent also

  • mark warr
    mark warr 27 days ago

    lol tool.

  • Kyren Sandhu
    Kyren Sandhu 27 days ago +1

    If we really want to sell THREE centre backs in the next few windows we really need to get a lot of singings in and we know how few players man united have singed...

  • Lee Crockford
    Lee Crockford 27 days ago

    I'd sell Lukaku and go for Dybala. Speaking as a football fan. I support West Brom.

  • deepak kunniah
    deepak kunniah 27 days ago

    The only one need t go is that stupid woodward he is the big disaster in united

  • MrBrage04
    MrBrage04 27 days ago

    100% agree accept for selling jones, Usefull backup.

  • DeleAndi14
    DeleAndi14 28 days ago

    I’d 100% Sanchez and lukaku, on too much money and not enough shown plus lukaku slows down the play. Fellini should stay been great for us and you always need a plan b. I’d keep Jones as well and grant both decent back ups. Probably keep Valencia too just negotiate a cheaper contract as Dalots still young.
    People I’d bring in though... definitely maguire. Great cb, plays out, leads the defence, english. Also tarkowski another young English cb who can play from the back and could push for first team xi. I’d love to see trippier especially if valencia does go. Cdm would be ndidi plays great for Leicester and has been tipped for a big move before. Mobile, breaks up play decent on the ball. We 100% need a rw as that’s the only place we don’t have a natural player and without a doubt it’s Jadon sancho. English, young, fast, skilful, end product. A front three of him, rashford and martial would be lethal and around for years. Striker wise as someone else said. Werner from Leipzig is lethal and pacy but can play to feet and is good in the air. As well as promoting greenwood from the academy who scores for fun.

  • Stini The Genie
    Stini The Genie 28 days ago

    I understand everything he is saying but when he wants to sell someone he needs to give an example of who he would replace them with. Who would replace matic?

    INNOCENT OBINWANNE 28 days ago


  • Joseph Goh
    Joseph Goh 28 days ago

    Only need to sell Valencia, Smalling, Sanchez, and Fellaini. Just buy 1 CB and 1 Attacker.

  • Andy McKinney
    Andy McKinney 29 days ago

    Ashley Young should never have been near United either. The only Villa player we should have considered from the squad he came from was Gabi Agbonlahor and even at that I am not sure he would have cut the mustard either.

  • Andy McKinney
    Andy McKinney 29 days ago

    Fellaini never ever should have been at United.

  • Andy McKinney
    Andy McKinney 29 days ago

    The other thing about Juan Mata is he scores and creates goals.

  • satnanm
    satnanm 29 days ago

    If you talk about being ruthless...then I think this is how it should be. Smalling will be a squad player, because I still think he can help us as a squad player.
    Darmian - Out (Gentleman but never really got on with PL, too old fashioned)
    Fellaini - Out (Has been effective, but never really suited our style and is a wrong signing for our style)
    Rojo - Out (Not good enough, Too rash)
    Jones - Out (Solid CB when fit but has had enough chances already. Injuries and mistakes = Jones)
    Valencia- Out (His time is up. Has been a great servant but he is simply too slow and predictable)
    Sanchez - Out (He has simply be worn out because of his non-stop running at all his prev clubs)
    Mata - Out (Great player, Too classy, Too slow, but with a heavy heart need to bid adieu)
    McTominay - Out (Simply not good enough)
    Joel Pereira - Out (Not good enough)
    Andreas Pereira - Out (Talented but seems like he will want out)

  • mathias kristiansen
    mathias kristiansen 29 days ago

    i`ll keep matic and antonio. and would sell sanchez

  • Dan Maja
    Dan Maja 29 days ago

    I would get rid of Lukaku and hold Matic for one more year. Mostly agree with your assessment though. Would have loved to see Fellaini gone long ago

  • 101010101 _
    101010101 _ 29 days ago

    How can you possibly choose to keep Lukaku, Sanchez, Fred, McTominay and Andeas Periera? Also Matic we shouldn't sell.

  • Hgmgaming 07
    Hgmgaming 07 29 days ago +1

    Sell Lukaka keep Matic ur choices r crap

  • inBODwetrust13
    inBODwetrust13 29 days ago

    Keep Jones, get rid of Bailly. Mata has to go, just about agree with Matic if we got a replacement like Frenkie De Jong (or even gave Fosu-Mensah a chance). I'd get rid of McTominay, United have much better prospects coming through. I'd sell Alexis and Lukaku in order to bring though Greenwood, Gomes and Chong

  • damm118
    damm118 29 days ago

    Keep Matic for now but we need someone faster. Cause damn he is slow!

  • Frank Mathiesen
    Frank Mathiesen 29 days ago

    Mata is too old now always liked him but time has come to rebuild the squad . Mctominay is on my sell list and sanchez will not accept being substitute with Martial as First choice. Lukaku in my opinion could be sold Too we need a attacker with more speed pace and dribling qualities instead of a box to box Player

  • Burgelona TV
    Burgelona TV 29 days ago

    I don’t think we need replacements for every player sold especially in midfield

  • Jack Star
    Jack Star Month ago

    De Gea- Keep
    Romero- Keep
    Grant- Keep
    Pereira- Loan
    Lindelof- Keep
    Bailly- Keep
    Jones- Sell
    Smalling- Keep
    Rojo- Sell
    Young- Sell
    Dalot- Keep
    Shaw- Keep
    Fosu-Mensah- Keep
    Valencia- Sell
    Darmian- Sell
    Tuanzebe- Keep
    Pogba- Keep
    Mata- Keep
    Lingard- Keep
    Pereira- Keep
    Fred- Keep
    Herrera- Keep
    Fellaini- Sell
    Matic- Keep
    McTominay- Sell
    Sanchez- Keep
    Lukaku- Keep
    Rashford- Keep
    Martial- Keep

  • Vic Flynn
    Vic Flynn Month ago

    I wud love to see rubeun neves arive but wud never happen !!

  • dylan1234
    dylan1234 Month ago

    Keep young but rid off Matic. R u crazy? He has looked like a completely different player under ole reassuring the defence but now also playing forward goals. Please stop pausing after every sentence for about 5 mins as well.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Month ago

    Sell Lukaku and Sanchez, sign Mbeppe!
    Rashford, Martial and Mbeppe would be awesome along with Pogba!

  • Karen  Campbell
    Karen Campbell Month ago

    Are u stupid why should we sell smalling

  • Onyebuchi Egemonye
    Onyebuchi Egemonye Month ago

    I will keep Matic but sell A.Pereira and Sanchez

  • Denis O'Dwyer
    Denis O'Dwyer Month ago

    Matic has been transformed under the new ethos of Solskjaer. He was hamstrung, as was Pogba, by Mourinho's safety at all costs style of play. Now he is playing forward passes, some with great vision and reading of the game and looks like a different player with runners and pace in front of him. Before he had Lukaku in front of him, who was practically like a mannequin...and nobody else. Simply a different player now.

  • Baby Shark
    Baby Shark Month ago

    OGS Buy Leon Bailey

  • Timothy Bigham
    Timothy Bigham Month ago

    Great job, but you fall off terribly after pogba on the keep side, save for tony and Marcus. Remember, it’s not about the league, it’s about the champions league! Are they good enough ? Most are good players, but are they really good enough for Man U?

  • Jumbo Nismo
    Jumbo Nismo Month ago

    Yess go sell defenders and DM, soon liverpool will tear man utd apart. That is what im waiting for you knob head

  • Adrian Troalic
    Adrian Troalic Month ago

    I was with this fella until he started mentioning Sir Alex as 'fergie', are you kidding kid, not even the players of old, who've been playing for him for over a decade call him that, who the hell do you think you are son? That's fuckin disrespectful!
    Your choices and ideas are not bad, i actually agree with you, up until then, now i can't look at you without thinking that you're just a disrespectful little child

    • Adrian Troalic
      Adrian Troalic Month ago

      Maybe you'd think that we should've sold Scholes when he wrecklessly went into tackles back in the day, when you were wearing nappies yeah? Ahahaha

    • Adrian Troalic
      Adrian Troalic Month ago

      Get rid of Matic now??? Ahahaha, i couldn't believe how we managed to get Matic, although he played not that well for Mourinho, he's played great for Solskjaer, absolutely solid and calm, how the fuck do you think he needs to play then in that position? He dies what he's paid to do and he has!

    • Adrian Troalic
      Adrian Troalic Month ago

      And now you think its painful to watch Valencia, you're of your head son, he's been injured and hasn't had much game time for fuck sake!

  • Safie Sekgwa
    Safie Sekgwa Month ago

    You are so wrong about Valencia. That's our best right back. No one ever goes past him. You miss that. He has been unlucky with injuries.

  • call me pops
    call me pops Month ago

    Degea keep, Grant keep,Romero sell (too sloppy),Pereira sell, Lindelof keep,Baily keep,Jones sell,Smalling sell (2 left feet),Rojo sell ,Young sell( feather weight),Dalot keep,Shaw keep,Fosu keep,Valencia sell,Darmian sell,Tuanzebe sell,Pogba keep,Mata Keep,Lingard keep,A.Pereira keep,Fred keep,Herrera keep,Fellaini sell (slow), Matic sell (slow),Mctominay sell,Sanchez keep lower his pay,Lukaku sell,Rashford keep,Martial keep,Bring up Mason Greenwood and Gomez and Roshawn , If possible bring Dyabala

  • Max Armitage
    Max Armitage Month ago

    how to improve our defence? remove it all together. ok

  • Mark Shepphard
    Mark Shepphard Month ago

    Another thing get mensa back tha kid can play solid football with games and time

  • Mark Shepphard
    Mark Shepphard Month ago

    Gomez quality nos his place a rwal man utd player

  • Mark Shepphard
    Mark Shepphard Month ago

    Jones,rojo,smalling,felainigani lol defo got to go 4 shaw


    Just when there was talk of selling fellaini he gets injured yeah right fake injury to stay at Utd I’m guessing

  • Max Armitage
    Max Armitage Month ago

    do u really think solskjaer can decide who comes and goes?

  • Saad Rizwan
    Saad Rizwan Month ago

    We ain’t buying or selling cuz the board have the big gay

  • Iskinder Sam
    Iskinder Sam Month ago

    Shaw get the fuck out of here. His dead weight with no self control and will have weight issues in the future. He does nothing

  • ACW
    ACW Month ago

    Lee Grant is happy to be 3rd choice, is half decent, and most importantly helps fulfil our home grown player registration requirements

  • yogesh vadde
    yogesh vadde Month ago

    You are talking shit. Did some one say that yet?
    You're analysis is absolutely hilarious


    It's not gonna work sell lot of defender buy koulibaly n keep smalling n sell Sanchez

  • jamie goode
    jamie goode Month ago

    Smalling and Jones could have been a fantastic 2 x CBs for utd but they fuck them up for years, Valencia was / is a winger/ wide man but gets played as a fullback thus fucking him up, Rojo is just as good as Lindelof / Bailey. Pogba should go, hes over rated, over priced and too much of a diva / he now runs the per playing shite for the last season under Mourinho but magically seems to found a way to play football the last 2 games.....Fellaini has numerous times save utds bacon, infact in the last few seasons utd didnt have someone who would run, tussle, fight for balls. You mention Matic being not good, needs to go on but thats the same for Mata /Herrera/Fred. As for all these youngsters / youth players they might play a few games in a season / cup games but most will get sold for £10m to some top championship/ low premiership club.

  • Joakim Hågensen
    Joakim Hågensen Month ago

    I dissagree with selling Matic. Good enough to be in the squad for 1 more year. But I agree that we should try to find a replacement for him this summer.

  • Pokeballdk Denmark
    Pokeballdk Denmark Month ago

    Agree - but also sell Sanchez, McTominay, Mata, Fred and Lukaku. Lukaku is still good enough, but he will never be happy as a bench player and he will be as long as Rashford is fit to play. That will also give United money to enough to buy at least 4 of the best upcoming players out there to replace them and also new better reserves. What a super team United could be - almost there on most positions but still room for improvement and much better bench quality!

  • Lyrical Lani
    Lyrical Lani Month ago

    you understand me fully with united keep and sell!!

  • Stuart Leonard
    Stuart Leonard Month ago

    I agree with you Sam totally with one exception, Lukaku is not a Man Utd style player, he is too static and makes far too many fuck ups. How much revenue do you think we would get for selling those players?

  • Lade Dinho
    Lade Dinho Month ago

    Sell Lukaku and Sanchez

  • Dimitris Georgoulis

    amazing. bravo man i really believe u on spot. The only thing is we paid a very big fee for lukaku to come and he still is the player we bought and manchester united had player like him in the past van nistelroy was amazing and the are similarities there. Also theres a friendship that connects him with pogba. And i can tell that their spirit uplifts lingard, rashford and bailey also i thing those 5 are very good on playing together and very good with each other outside the field.

  • David Fitzgerald
    David Fitzgerald Month ago

    I’d keep matic

  • Ian Bentley
    Ian Bentley Month ago

    Mason greenwood mate we dont need to buy anyone

  • camau79
    camau79 Month ago

    sell fred to liverpool

  • Max Thomas
    Max Thomas Month ago

    Mate why do you talk so slowly? Good video but only watchable for me in 1.25 speed. Just constructive criticism :/

  • Telepathic Entity
    Telepathic Entity Month ago

    For me, Ashley Young has got to go! I don't want to see him in a United shirt next season, because not only should he have been gone 3-4 years ago, but it would also involve us offering him yet another new contract, since his contract is up this summer. And Young is currently on £150,000 a week! Getting rid of Young, Valencia & Darmian means we can bring in a new RB. Someone like Wan-Bissaka to fight it out with Dalot to start. Likewise getting rid of those other fullbacks means a new LB can come in as well to give Shaw some competition, someone like Kieran Tierney. Alternating between those 4 fullbacks will keep them fresh and keep them competing with each other to get the most gametime. Right now Shaw has no competition to keep pushing him, so his performances have slacked recently, and he also looks knackered because we have no cover at LB. Likewise, even with Dalot, we need to strengthen the RB slot. So 2 new fullbacks are needed.

  • Santosh G.C.
    Santosh G.C. Month ago

    Keep fellaini sell Mata

  • collins maroa
    collins maroa Month ago

    sell fellaini, lukaku, rojo

  • Armand Eidi
    Armand Eidi Month ago

    No offense but I think you play FIFA a bit too much, Mourinho was kinda's not like 10 years ago where signing the best Tottenham players were costing us 30-40 million pounds...No team will sell us their good players...we should definitely keep Jones and Matic.

  • Hisashi
    Hisashi Month ago

    I'd probably keep smalling and darmian as subs

  • Kunal Sen
    Kunal Sen Month ago

    OUT: Grant, Rojo, Valencia, Darmian, Fosu-Mensah, Young, Fellaini, A. Pereira, McTominay, Mata
    IN: Maguire, Meunier, Banega, Memphis, Bale
    PS: My OUT list is based on the age, injury record and quality of a player and his fitment with the club philosophy. My IN tray
    consists of wishful yet realistic reinforcements.

  • Al Wallace
    Al Wallace Month ago

    Just subbed You! Really loved this video. Thanks for giving Jesse the props he deserves. Potential Skippers: JM8, Herrera. De Gea, Young and Pogs

  • A Bettum
    A Bettum Month ago

    I've lost my patience when it comes to Sanchez...

  • Tjay Jefferies
    Tjay Jefferies Month ago

    Hererra definitely needs to stay he’s immense runs his socks off for the team

  • shawn m farrell
    shawn m farrell Month ago

    Solskjear's sign him

  • King Hisham
    King Hisham Month ago

    Scott McTominay should be loaned out. Matic should be kept because he's special on his day. Fellaini on the other hand needs to be sold ASAP.

  • nitish mohess
    nitish mohess Month ago

    Sell the speaker

  • Trus
    Trus Month ago

    Matic shut up you dickhead