Sondland Screws Trump

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Today we heard testimony from Trump's Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, he confirmed Quid Pro Quo, said everyone was in the loop on it, ranking House Republican Devin Nunes dug extra deep to defend the indefensible, Trump took to the front lawn to clear his name, the Democrats hold another debate, and Gordon Sondland himself (Jeff Ross) stops by the show.
    Lie Witness News - Trump Watergate Edition
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    Sondland Screws Trump
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  • Just Human
    Just Human 5 hours ago +1

    Trump, all the time when you say, I don't know him/her, you are showing your own goddamn ignorance by not knowing the mames of people who work for you in prime locations throughout the world.
    Trump, I yet to know a bigger idiot and a malicious narcissistic moron, on this land. America is screwed!

    KKH SARIYA Day ago +3

    the caught him “orange handed” 😂😭

  • Anir Azad
    Anir Azad 3 days ago

    Send Guillermo to interview Trump

  • Coulter Gill
    Coulter Gill 4 days ago

    Trump deserves this

  • A- RoK
    A- RoK 5 days ago

    Kimmel looks high AF 😁

  • Richard M
    Richard M 7 days ago +2

    he couldn't say that "he wanted no quid pro quo" because he didn't know what that was before the trials happened.

  • Generic Jesus
    Generic Jesus 8 days ago

    Sondland screwed trump and stumpy liked it ‘cuz that was the last time he got laid. Now Nunes is the only one that will f*ck him.Giuliani from ‘america’s mayor’ to treasonous waterhead..←there’s a book title for someone. Second guessing that statement, Jim Jordan blows trump on a regular basis. That’s stumpy’s second/backup f*ck ‘cuz Melania is MIA. Trump’s a walking STD. Edit; 6:22 did Nunes just swallow his tongue? If I’m not mistaken Nunes has a degree in agriculture so he’s perfectly suited for the job

  • Jeremy Stark
    Jeremy Stark 8 days ago

    Jeff Ross is hilarious.

  • Cosimo Kramarawicz
    Cosimo Kramarawicz 9 days ago

    Screw Trump with a red hot barbed poker.

  • Geoffrey Waldo
    Geoffrey Waldo 9 days ago

    All I want for Xmas is a Surrealistic Santa!

  • plum loco
    plum loco 10 days ago

    Nunes should have recused HIMSELF from this hearing, he KNOWS he's wrong for being there, he tries to make himself intelligent by using PRESIDENT GEORGE WASHINGTON, FOR a stupid remark, just like KIMMEL said, he must have went to ttump university..

  • SunRae* **
    SunRae* ** 11 days ago

    That silver shirt is 🔥

  • Alexander Caine
    Alexander Caine 11 days ago

    @ 1:12 ..... funny how you left out the rest of it, like when he was asked after that if he had any proof, other than heard it from someone who heard it from someone else...the answer was no...and just like that, the defense rest with an iron clad case of another nothing burger.

  • Gary Hughes
    Gary Hughes 12 days ago

    And Trump screams " FAKE NEWS, "FAKE NEWS, don't believe what you see or hear"!

  • Jake Nichols
    Jake Nichols 13 days ago


  • Bruce Dickson
    Bruce Dickson 13 days ago


  • Lotty Paria
    Lotty Paria 13 days ago

    My banks and all assets then every nose

  • Mushin No Shin
    Mushin No Shin 13 days ago

    He screwed himself, no one had to do it for him.

  • Sofia Rousseau
    Sofia Rousseau 13 days ago

    i like how he only talks about trump when on the democrat side are all a bunch of retards and lying scums

  • Sofia Rousseau
    Sofia Rousseau 13 days ago

    cnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! fake news

  • xMentor mentor
    xMentor mentor 14 days ago +1

    Damn that audience needs a real dose of reality, Jimmy included.

  • 3103200293
    3103200293 14 days ago

    Great comments...Dump Trump 2020

  • Ginger P
    Ginger P 14 days ago

    Another one bites the dust! And another one, and another one, another’s one bites the dust.

  • R. B.
    R. B. 15 days ago

    tRump was caught orange-handed! Ha!

  • Pooran Singh
    Pooran Singh 15 days ago

    I hope God gives Trump cancer in his ass

  • Pooran Singh
    Pooran Singh 15 days ago +1

    Nunes mother sucks Mexican cocks

  • Pooran Singh
    Pooran Singh 15 days ago +1

    Trump supporters sucks black cocks

  • Vishal Vaibhav
    Vishal Vaibhav 15 days ago

    Kimmel you are a fu**** liar. Watch that testimony all the way to the schiff's question.

  • vinifari 2300
    vinifari 2300 15 days ago


  • Frank Parent
    Frank Parent 15 days ago +1

    At this point, a 5 year old could do a better job than Trump.

  • fofofruit Fruit
    fofofruit Fruit 15 days ago +2

    I just love how good Jimmy makes bad news funny

  • BundesRepublic Murica
    BundesRepublic Murica 16 days ago

    Madea for president.

  • BundesRepublic Murica
    BundesRepublic Murica 16 days ago

    Under the bus, in the loop, and looking for an exit from prosecution for helping trump work with the Russians to interfere with a US election. We know what happened, is happening and will happen again if the scrutiny is not kept on the prez and his fellow bad actors. Not convinced that trump is not considering hurting himself.

  • BundesRepublic Murica
    BundesRepublic Murica 16 days ago

    Faster than a bucket of KFC going down the trumpies gullet.

  • Andy Macedo
    Andy Macedo 16 days ago

    Chris Wray spreads hate ! Like Donny Ronny trump why did Ronald change his name ? I changed my username - check out my iCloud name - it's Ronny - nah Donny - yup he's my man - my boyfriend - so proud to have to have Ronald my life ! Makes me nice and sick to my stomach ! Only positive thing is that Selena can't have him - all strung out on Ronny trump - lol

    FAKE NEWS CNN 16 days ago

    lmao, Kimmel telling stupid people what to believe. Sondland didn't screw Trump, Sondland screwed Sondland.

  • Sithus1966
    Sithus1966 16 days ago

    "I don't know Sondland well" 1 million dollars! If someone gave me a million dollars I think I would remember them. And since banks would give him money you think he might remember. But, old age effects memory....

  • A A
    A A 17 days ago

    Yeah, but screwed Sarah Silverman. Oh, but wait..,she screwed you too 🤮

  • Michael Albert
    Michael Albert 17 days ago

    Hitlery Clinton still lost though 🥂

  • Darren Drabsch
    Darren Drabsch 17 days ago

    Lol trump gets caught then spins his bullshit that he wanted nothing to do with it, what a wanker

  • a24396
    a24396 17 days ago

    We've seen this before...
    The "investigation" would have been the same as the one Trump's "private investigators" conducted into Obama's birth certificate... Years of "people can't believe what the're finding..." and "so many questions about his birth still need to be answered..." etc... etc... etc...
    And then a non apology from Trump where he quietly admitted that Obama was born in the US and his birth certificate was real and there was never anything legitimate about any suggestions otherwise... And NO ONE held him accountable for that OR noticed that he was at it again with this Biden investigation...
    Just like the investigation into Clinton's e-mail and the unchallenged FACT that the DOJ, the FBI, and the DOS all investigated and determined there was NO criminal activity.
    In fact, the investigation into Clinton's e-mail lasted almost 4 years - which is more than twice as long as the investigation into the Russian influence operation that probably gave us Tump...
    It's almost as though the people that believe Trump unthinkingly and unquestioningly, are gullible and cravenly partisan bumpkins that he can manipulate to do or believe anything he wants... Like convincing them he "saved" Thanksgiving from a "war" on it that he completely made up...

  • Dina Karimi
    Dina Karimi 17 days ago

    This was the groundbreaking “Pizzaz” they were looking for.

  • chancyvonsnuffals
    chancyvonsnuffals 17 days ago

    Trump - I barely know him. XD

    • chancyvonsnuffals
      chancyvonsnuffals 17 days ago

      I sware to god I posted that comment before it got to the part in the video lol.

  • Elias Farias
    Elias Farias 17 days ago +1


  • Guitars, Cars, and other man stuff

    You didnt watch the rest did you? Lol. This sondland guy gets totally destroyed. He ASSUMED there was quid pro quo. No proof. You guys make me 😂

  • Bartonny
    Bartonny 18 days ago


  • Autum Breeze
    Autum Breeze 18 days ago

    You wanna know the easiest way to tell Trump's "real transcript" is absolute bullshit, aside from it being written in sharpie?
    If there TRULY had been no Quid pro quo, then the very words "quid pro quo" would NOT BE ANYWHERE in the transcript.
    NO ONE says "I'm giving you something and I want NO QUID PRO QUO. I want nothing!" if they don't want a quid pro quo.
    Honestly, you think Trump can't prove himself any stupider, yet he always manages to find a way

  • Gregorio Chavez
    Gregorio Chavez 18 days ago


  • Dan Ferguson
    Dan Ferguson 18 days ago

    More demmycrat lies.

  • newking70
    newking70 18 days ago

    Well looks like Sonland is a sexual predator like Kimmel.

  • Zach Z
    Zach Z 18 days ago


  • Zach Z
    Zach Z 18 days ago

    Soooo many tweets!!!!!! More than a high school kid.

  • TheFreddieRM
    TheFreddieRM 18 days ago

    So this is just people making fun of trump ok...

  • WPOG84
    WPOG84 18 days ago

    In his effort to "smear" the Bidens...Smear? Lol. They did a good job of that on their own.... that was a well made presentation by Kimmel but wow what a way to undermine your effort right out of the gate.

  • ulosefish
    ulosefish 18 days ago

    Kimmel is such a hack

  • Barbara Young
    Barbara Young 18 days ago

    He always say he got a lot of thing done.what the f*** did he do nothing but scams.

  • Edgar Butcher
    Edgar Butcher 18 days ago

    I think Trump is gonna be a guest star for the next season of Orange Is the New Black

  • Explore Games
    Explore Games 18 days ago

    I know the big question is whether Trump gets away with it or not, but what if he does? Let's say he gets away with the most blatant crimes in humanity while holding the highest office in the land, what will happen then?

  • Makenzie Holmgren
    Makenzie Holmgren 18 days ago

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • 심장만
    심장만 18 days ago

    트럼프 대통령께 전합니다 나는 당신이 데리고 나온 핏불개가 아닙니다.내행동은 자유 대한민국을 구하려는 행동 입니다.