Dominick Reyes wants title fight vs. Jon Jones next | UFC Post Show | ESPN

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Dominick Reyes joins Brendan Fitzgerald, Paul Felder and Anthony Smith on the UFC Fight Night Post Show to break down his first-round knockout of Chris Weidman. Reyes says “dreams come true” in regards to working his way up to the main event and earning a spot as the next person in line for a title shot. Reyes (1:59) makes his case to fight Jon Jones next and explains why he thinks he has the answer to take the belt from Jones.
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Comments • 630

    KWIL BEATS 23 hours ago

    Anthony looking at Dominick like I had it all figured out until Jones showed me the way

  • Lin Johnson
    Lin Johnson Day ago

    Wow, I became a fan I hope he wins against Jones

  • Arigosethrin
    Arigosethrin 19 days ago

    Anthony Smith looking awkward

  • Cole Stevens
    Cole Stevens 22 days ago

    This a great fight to make alotta money on jon vs Reyes easy win jones$50,000

  • Todd Eden
    Todd Eden Month ago

    Reyes Vs. Anderson. Then Bones.

  • liaina Siale
    liaina Siale Month ago +1

    I want him against Jones before everyone says Jones was too old when they fought.

  • David Sos
    David Sos Month ago

    Jones, never fought a Mexican before. So yeah I'm going for Reyes on this one

    • 2fearnet1
      2fearnet1 Month ago

      David Sos what does Mexican have to
      Do with it ?

  • X Rios
    X Rios Month ago

    Anthony looks small compared to Reyes.

  • King Greed
    King Greed Month ago

    Weidman really needs to think about his brain.

  • Craig Irwin
    Craig Irwin Month ago

    This guy wont beat Jon Jones. Johnny walker is the man to hurt Jones. Then Reyes could hand Jones another loss after because thats the way fighting works on most occasions

  • The Culture
    The Culture Month ago

    Jons would smash you pal

  • Sum Drummer
    Sum Drummer Month ago

    I think Reyes vs. Johnnie Walker would be a very intriguing matchup

  • YWYP
    YWYP Month ago

    I don't think he's ready for JBJ. From the top guys in division he fought OSP to decision and Volkan to a split, which was controversial. The fight against Anthony Smith is a good one to make.

  • Online Impact 360
    Online Impact 360 Month ago

    Isn't it a bit awkward to have guys that had some back and forth trash-talking and then having 1 guy be an analyst interviewing that guy, and then a month or two from now, they are going to be talking trash and hyping up a fight against each other. Taking shots at each other, because there's no way Reyes should just get a shot at JJ. What's with people jumping up 6 spots over everyone else and getting a title shot.

    Either Smith or Santos should be next.


    This guy is annoyingly full of himself......almost as much as Kevin Lee.

  • Rajesh Mathew
    Rajesh Mathew Month ago

    He looks so much bigger than Smith

  • modelo time foo
    modelo time foo Month ago

    Reyes got pieced up by Volkan and he thinks he can beat Jon?

  • Philip Chan
    Philip Chan Month ago

    He should fight Smith first b4 he faces Jon if he emerges as the winner.

  • Philip Chan
    Philip Chan Month ago

    I think Reyes is no match for Jon be it a juiced or non juiced up version of the latter.

  • Jason Archer
    Jason Archer Month ago

    Time for Jones to break
    more bones.

  • celestino pichardo
    celestino pichardo Month ago

    The difference is he got Mexican blood a fucken worrior

  • Cedtheman 21
    Cedtheman 21 Month ago

    He needs to fight johnny Walker for next contender

  • Ike Huntley
    Ike Huntley Month ago

    Dont forget guys felder lost against barboza

  • Carson Newcomer
    Carson Newcomer Month ago

    Anthony Smith is such a class act

  • Adal Hussain
    Adal Hussain Month ago

    Reyes vs Smith winner gets a shot at Jon Jones. In the meanwhile Walker needs to get up the rankings.

  • Jesus P
    Jesus P Month ago

    Reyes not having anything to say when asked what weapons he has is sad

  • Jeremy Dempsey
    Jeremy Dempsey Month ago

    Greg Hardy needs tj to corner him next time he fights and just inject him with epo comish won't mind

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk Month ago +3

    Reyes is good but he don't stand a chance against Jones.

    • asqtkotd
      asqtkotd Month ago

      Mike Hawk that’s what we all said about Thiago and Thiago almost won that fight

  • New Keys
    New Keys Month ago

    That comment about middleweights moving up and you got Anthony Smith right there, lol. Good thing he's such a cool guy and doesn't ego trip. I am glad the situation was addressed though, i was wondering about it.

  • Bruised Banana
    Bruised Banana Month ago +1

    1:39 that disrespect to Anthony Smith 🤣

  • Viral_Patriot
    Viral_Patriot Month ago

    When Paul Felder is the smallest man in the room, you know your around some big guys.

  • Justin Dorjee Arieh
    Justin Dorjee Arieh Month ago +2

    I just don't see Reyes winning against Jones. Like Anthony said, it's completely different the moment you stand right in the octogan.

  • CptnXClp2
    CptnXClp2 Month ago

    I thought Smith and Reyes were gonna start throwing blows 😂

  • King Kane
    King Kane Month ago +1

    Jons to smart man.

  • Kemet
    Kemet Month ago

    He should fight the winner of Corey vs Earthworm Jim.😂

  • ThejayL0456
    ThejayL0456 Month ago

    dreams gum dru man

  • Antwan
    Antwan Month ago

    Reyes could really beat jones if he gets a couple more fights in but then again this is the UFC there is no hiding like that

  • jame conradi
    jame conradi Month ago +1

    They all want jon 😂

  • Remember-ReadABook KnowYourHistoryHotep

    All i see is food

  • Cody Robison
    Cody Robison Month ago

    Honest man right there funny Anothy Smith had Nooothing to say

  • Limited Infinity
    Limited Infinity Month ago

    He earned his shot. He deserves it. Jones fought for the belt wen he was 13-1. Reyes is 12-0 now.He beat a few title contenders and now he put down a former Champion. Its time

  • Aliticx
    Aliticx Month ago

    Who da fook is that guy

  • meygaag kabacalaf
    meygaag kabacalaf Month ago

    Everyone thinks they’re different Animal untill they get punched on the face.
    -Mike Tyson

  • Kev Lowdon
    Kev Lowdon Month ago +1

    Wow the size of Reyes 2 Smith crazy to think they fight at the same weight class...a like Reyes but still don't think he's ready for Jones...a wud like to see him against Santos then get a shot at Jones if he wins in a decent fashion

  • Deadlifts
    Deadlifts Month ago

    You gonna get killed by Jones. Only Walker can beat him.

  • A Roger
    A Roger Month ago +1

    Reyes is like that bald guy next to him ... all talk until he fight jones then said.. I’m not myself. 😂😂😂

  • Breazu Razvan
    Breazu Razvan Month ago +2

    Reyes lost vs Ozdemir and talks big until Jon will eliminate him ..

  • poe
    poe Month ago

    Wow pa Felder looks tiny and he is 5'11

  • Goldenstandard
    Goldenstandard Month ago +1

    Jon Jones be acting like Keaton you sure you want this fight

  • Mad Villain
    Mad Villain Month ago

    Reyes vs Walker is the fight to make

  • Jake Linden
    Jake Linden Month ago +1

    Dom is exactly one month younger than me crazy

  • Steven Kane
    Steven Kane Month ago +4

    He has no chance against Jones being a counter puncher.

    • TryAgainMudafcka 2021
      TryAgainMudafcka 2021 Month ago

      No, you have no chance. This professional Mexican fighter will win and be a better champ than juiced up Jones

  • Joe Montano
    Joe Montano Month ago

    Dom Reyes vs Johnny Walker for #1 Contender 🤙🏾

  • Frank Salinas
    Frank Salinas Month ago

    I didn’t see the smith fight with jones but I heard he choked. So Reyes don’t choke and fight like u know u can

  • Richard Bystrzycki
    Richard Bystrzycki Month ago +1

    Why should he even be talked about or talking about fighting Jones and he hasn’t fought any of the rope three guys Jones had beaten first? He hasn’t even fought any of the top 5 Jones has wins over.

  • Fire & Water
    Fire & Water Month ago

    Love Jon Jones! He’s like my imaginary Daddy!!!

  • OG Jin Bling
    OG Jin Bling Month ago

    Didn't realize how tall this dude is until he stood next to Anthony.

  • Ifthekar Hussain
    Ifthekar Hussain Month ago +1

    U aint ready FOOL!!

  • Christopher S.
    Christopher S. Month ago


  • Jommee Comedian
    Jommee Comedian Month ago

    He can beat Jon Coke Jones with nonstop leg kicks!