Real Doctor Reacts to GREY'S ANATOMY #2 | "Into You Like A Train"


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  • Josh Dixon
    Josh Dixon 3 hours ago

    So is it true only a Doctor can call time of death cause i see a lot of shows that have the nurse call time of death.

  • iknowyouwanttofly
    iknowyouwanttofly 3 hours ago

    what if they did the iv before going to bed on the night of being drunk instead of when your already hang over?

  • Maddiee Garrison
    Maddiee Garrison 6 hours ago

    I think Season 8 Episode 24 "Flight" would be a good one.

  • Erik Galicia Rubio
    Erik Galicia Rubio 6 hours ago

    Please PLEASE watch the episode 14 of season 11. It's called "The Distance". It's about a brain tumor, doesn't have too much drama and it's one of my favorites.

  • Millie Garcia
    Millie Garcia 6 hours ago

    burke & yang's love story is the best and also the heartbreaking part of Greys. i stopped watching the show after burke left hehe

  • Mayra
    Mayra 7 hours ago

    I definitely think you should watch S2 Episode 5 “Bring the Pain.” There are a couple of interesting cases the doctors have to deal with, and two interns end up performing open heart surgery on their own.

  • Jon Kovach
    Jon Kovach 8 hours ago

    The worst part about these shows is a false reality it puts on life working in a hospital or even as a patient.

  • Six Roldan
    Six Roldan 9 hours ago

    Dude, this show sucks. Stick to doing 'scrubs'. Way better and more accurate so we end up learning more as you explain. Win win.

  • Marjorie Thomas
    Marjorie Thomas 11 hours ago

    I think it should be made illegal for him to talk about “making love” even jokingly. In fact, that topic should be banned all together due to its potential side effects for the viewers. 😳❤️🔥

  • Heather Hanson
    Heather Hanson 12 hours ago

    Season 3 Episode 15 “Walk on Water”

  • EB00499
    EB00499 12 hours ago

    im wanting to be a EMS First responder

  • Purple Dog
    Purple Dog 13 hours ago

    You need to watch more scrubs it’s so good

  • Snehal Khandagale
    Snehal Khandagale 13 hours ago

    Unfortunately surgical residents in my hospital have ER shift of 24 hrs n they do have to attend post op rounds nxt day with their seniors
    Such hectic work schedule does exist
    N my hospital is tertiary health care center n being government set up has tremendous work load so they hardly get 1-2 hr sleep that too on table n chair
    That's cruel
    Even i worked for such long hrs in my internship it's pathetic

  • HermyWazlib
    HermyWazlib 14 hours ago

    Season 2, episode 5 - Bring The Pain (heart surgery in an elevator)
    Season 5, episode 16 - An Honest Mistake (removing most of the brain to stop strokes?)
    Season 5, episode 18 - Stand By Me (face transplant)
    Season 4, epsiode 9 + 10 - Crash Into Me, part 1 + 2 (paramedics trapped in an ambulance, and an exposed carotid artery)
    Season 14, episode 23 - Cold As Ice (will being hypothermic keep a patient alive?)
    I'm sure there are more episodes with some cool medical stuff, but there are all I could think of. Love this series, def keep watching/reacting to more!

  • Fatyyma Shahzad
    Fatyyma Shahzad 14 hours ago

    I literally thought about cutting the pole from the middle.

  • Mary Keane
    Mary Keane 14 hours ago

    Are you a surgeon? What kind of doctor are you

  • Highkey ARMY aka Auntie Nikki

    If I watch your channel enough, what are the chances I could save someone with emergency surgery in the case of a zombie apocalypse? What type of surgery would I have the best chance at succeeding with, if the situation came up?

  • Ashley Marcades
    Ashley Marcades 14 hours ago

    My favorite videos you do. 😍😍

  • Alexis
    Alexis 16 hours ago

    if you want more of the medicine side i recommend the plane crash episode

  • Alyssa Little
    Alyssa Little 18 hours ago

    The good doctor season two e:10 Quarantine.

  • Lauren Van Brunt
    Lauren Van Brunt 20 hours ago

    Is it ok for patients to hug their doctors and vice versa?

  • Cheyenne !
    Cheyenne ! 21 hour ago

    More greys please

  • Elaine Young
    Elaine Young 23 hours ago

    Please watch Code Black, very exciting. Don't know how realistic but a really cool show.

  • Yumixfan
    Yumixfan Day ago

    If you want the most medical aspects you can really get for the show, try Season 6, Episode 6. It's a very indepth look on a single case, to find where a mistake is made

  • mohnish vishal
    mohnish vishal Day ago

    Most of the ppl watching are med student ... Pls explain more technically

  • Sydney Blanchfield

    Also, you should do 1-2 episodes a season. One at the beginning and end to get a decent sample size. Recommend next, season 2 episode 24

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  • Angel Sutton
    Angel Sutton Day ago

    Regardless of all the flaws I love this show ❤️!

  • Estefania Lopez
    Estefania Lopez Day ago

    OMG I love you! Lord cheesus, your smile! Omg Hahahahahaha!! OMG haha, I just found out about you! :D Haha

  • Danielle Russomanno

    Thank you for talking about the risks of these boutique IV spots! It’s so trendy and just starts setting off alarms in my nurse brain whenever I see an ad.

  • N _
    N _ Day ago

    Please do a recent episode of season 13 or 14. Unless you’re planning on watching the whole show in sequence and all? Please.

  • DisneyGeek 122
    DisneyGeek 122 Day ago

    When you said “why don’t you cut the pole...” that’s EXACTLY what I thought when I watched the episode😂😂😂

  • Katrina Lehman
    Katrina Lehman Day ago

    You need to watch the episode “song beneath the song” in season 7!!!

  • Katrina Lehman
    Katrina Lehman Day ago


  • Kayla Trouard
    Kayla Trouard Day ago

    Sounded like a train in the background

  • Jayde S
    Jayde S Day ago

    Id love to see Season 2 Episode 5 the time George does surgery in an elevator. I always wonder if it's even possible?

  • Sloppy Turtle
    Sloppy Turtle Day ago

    The medical field is quite different from the days of Marcus Welby. Both good and bad.

  • Wiktoria Badger
    Wiktoria Badger Day ago +1

    “Yvonne looks like she passed out”
    you don’t say doc 😂

  • Tyrone Bell
    Tyrone Bell Day ago

    This is probably my favorite episode. This is the first time seeing any parts of the episode the original airing. I have tried to tell people of this episode and it seems no one remembers it.

  • calum duff
    calum duff Day ago

    Is it possible to watch holby city or casualty

  • Sade O.
    Sade O. Day ago

    code black

  • Virginia D.
    Virginia D. Day ago +1

    Can you watch New Amsterdam?

  • alexagreen06
    alexagreen06 Day ago

    Season 2 ep 25 and 26. 17 seconds and deterioration of the fight or flight response. The L-Vad wire episodes with Denny.

  • Nivida Roman
    Nivida Roman 2 days ago

    Watch more Tv with us!!!! I love this channel. More please

  • Tangmo Arsume
    Tangmo Arsume 2 days ago


  • Natisha Jemes
    Natisha Jemes 2 days ago

    Watch New Amsterdam on NBC any episode

  • Ashley-Marie Zubkavich

    That was a real thing that happened to 2 people while sky diving but they both lived and it wasn't that dramatic

  • Joana Alvarez
    Joana Alvarez 2 days ago


  • Brittanie Picard
    Brittanie Picard 2 days ago

    Review house 175

  • Fiona Smirl
    Fiona Smirl 2 days ago

    Yesss finally... NOW WHERE IS PART 3😂

  • emily taylor
    emily taylor 2 days ago

    You should react to the musical episode of greys anatomy!

    DANIELGT500I 2 days ago

    You should watch an ER episode as well, the TV series with George Clooney in it

  • Nawal Abader
    Nawal Abader 2 days ago

    Please react to more recent episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

  • Dahlia
    Dahlia 2 days ago


  • Kaley Grace Live
    Kaley Grace Live 2 days ago

    watch the episode with the bomb in someone

  • Florencia Lendle
    Florencia Lendle 2 days ago

    I love this videos. My mother and my father are both doctors, so I feel like I'm watching this with my mom LOL she always does comments about how everything in the show is wrong

  • mahsa mahdiyan
    mahsa mahdiyan 3 days ago

    I would stab myself if i knew he would be my doctor

  • mahsa mahdiyan
    mahsa mahdiyan 3 days ago

    I wish he plays a role in a medical series once
    He is cute and talented

  • Natasha Hoover
    Natasha Hoover 3 days ago

    dr mike! can you react to season 2 episode 25! gunshot wounds, babies and heart transplants...lots to discuss!!

  • talen letendre
    talen letendre 3 days ago

    Could you do a reaction/review of the animated show "Cells at Work"?

  • Ana Laura San Martín

    You should definetely watch Cells at Work. It's an anime and it's the most accurate medical show there is. You'll adore it!

  • Joel Wolf
    Joel Wolf 3 days ago

    Compressions compressions COMPRESSIONS! Love doctor Mike

  • Ciara Hegarty
    Ciara Hegarty 3 days ago

    Can you review New Amsterdam

  • Soraya Cordeiro
    Soraya Cordeiro 3 days ago

    Coloca legenda aí 🙂

  • Ana De Mattos
    Ana De Mattos 3 days ago

    Hello Dr.Mike. not a medical show but I would love to see your opinion on Bondi Rescue. They are not doctors but deal with some serious situations

  • Atlanta Glanfield
    Atlanta Glanfield 3 days ago

    PLEASE react to “How to save a life” season 11! Dereks death episode!

  • Chia
    Chia 3 days ago

    You should review osmosis jones

  • Queenie
    Queenie 3 days ago

    24 hours in a&e !!!!

  • Pauline Meerdink
    Pauline Meerdink 3 days ago

    6x15 is very interesting!!!

  • H H
    H H 3 days ago

    the real doctor reacts to “the good doctor” !!!

  • Ritsu Gasai
    Ritsu Gasai 3 days ago

    lmao the noise at the very end
    Thank you for making videos in your little time, it's entertaining and even tho i don't understand everything it's interesting to see how it's supposed to work in an hospital. 'Cause unless you've been there, you don't really know how it works

  • Garima Soni
    Garima Soni 4 days ago

    I am waiting for this video

  • Matthew Kurosky
    Matthew Kurosky 4 days ago +1

    More night shift please

  • Crafts with Abby
    Crafts with Abby 4 days ago +1

    As we know it

  • Natalie
    Natalie 4 days ago +1

    Watch an episode from a later season

  • Hailee Carlson
    Hailee Carlson 4 days ago

    ER the inaccuracies are AMAZING

  • Sam S
    Sam S 4 days ago

    Can you review St. Elsewhere? Most episodes have at least a surgery scene and an ER scene and it was also made in the 80s so I would be curious to know if its more accurate than modern medical shows or if there are scenes that used to be accurate but are now considered unsafe or outdated.

  • Shyloah Childs
    Shyloah Childs 4 days ago

    I love how he says the fake mc dreamy is back. It’s like ummm no you’re the real mc dreamy😂

  • Amanda Parks
    Amanda Parks 4 days ago

    I would love to see your feedback on Season 3 Episodes 15,16,& 17 it's a three-part series episode with a lot of Triage and crazy in-the-field medical procedures!

  • trixbedrik
    trixbedrik 4 days ago

    Please, watch House MD S3 E17. Thanks.

  • Ede Hernández
    Ede Hernández 4 days ago

    You should do Grey's anatomy season 2 ep. 5 "Bring the pain" (heart in the elevator).

  • Manouk Maat
    Manouk Maat 4 days ago

    This episode was intense.

  • Maria Laura
    Maria Laura 4 days ago

    I would be really happy if u do the review of the episode 12 temp 4, where the doctors participate in competition with points and winners. In this ep also happend a horrible acident and there isn´t much of romance. PLEASE DOCTOR MIKE DO THIS REVIEW!

  • Charlyn Low
    Charlyn Low 4 days ago

    Erm there is a Japanese anime called Cells at Work. I wonder if you could do that if you have time?

  • Nina Taubes
    Nina Taubes 5 days ago

    Please watch greys s6 e6 I saw what I saw!!

  • Christian Jeffress
    Christian Jeffress 5 days ago

    Doogie Howser, M.D.? Lol :)


    grey's anatomy
    season 2 episode 17 pleeeeeaassseeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Song Khaing
    Song Khaing 5 days ago

    6:19 where the woman asked if her foot was moving, and the camera showed it wasn't yet the doctor still smiled and said yes, IT FREAKING BROKE MY HEART; AND SHE DIED TOO!!! I legit shed a few tears D'':

  • Khryzziah Binobo
    Khryzziah Binobo 5 days ago

    Can you please review KDrama Doctor Stranger? Thank you ☺️

  • Evan Patton
    Evan Patton 5 days ago

    Is his shirt inside out

  • ClassifiedL Luchiha
    ClassifiedL Luchiha 5 days ago

    hi. I would recommend the 8th episode of the 13th Season. It's more technical in my perspective and quite philosofical.

  • Jennifer Lamb
    Jennifer Lamb 5 days ago

    I'm new to your channel, but I'd love to see your reaction to Grey's Anatomy season 6 episode 7, "Give Peace a Chance." It's my favorite episode, however, you may ruin it for me with true facts. 😆 You'll get to see McDreamy in action.

  • soldiersprincessxo0x

    Nurse Jacki season 1 episode 7.

  • Emily Jimenez
    Emily Jimenez 5 days ago

    Please do an episode watching the last 3 episodes of season 2 where Denny dies I’m very curious to hear your opinions

  • Bethany Hobnob
    Bethany Hobnob 5 days ago

    Are there situations where it is ok to lie to a patient?

  • Pasma moktar
    Pasma moktar 5 days ago

    How the hell can u still look extremely wonderful while explaining code blue like how?????

  • Leah Beth
    Leah Beth 5 days ago

    Derricks death episode !!!!!

  • William Victor
    William Victor 5 days ago

    You have clearly shown a problem with this show; is it comedy or tragedy. ( Suggestion; How about a surgery heavy episode of M.A.S.H. ?) (subscribed)

  • Maria Nygård
    Maria Nygård 5 days ago

    I'm a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy and I just found your channel today. This is some of the best "X reacts to" videos I have seen. There are so many episodes to choose from, so I hope to see new videos very soon :-) Cheers from Denmark.

  • Andi StJohn
    Andi StJohn 6 days ago

    please keep doing these!