The Biggest Inside Xbox Ever - Live from X019 in London

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Get ready for the biggest Inside Xbox yet! We've got new game announcements from Xbox Game Studios and others, never before seen gameplay, exciting news on Project xCloud, Xbox Game Pass, and so much more. Tune in live Thursday November 14 at 8PM GMT / 3PM ET / 12PM PT. #InsideXbox #X019
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  • Dr . Pepper
    Dr . Pepper Day ago

    Unban DoctorPepi

  • Isaac the gamer 6603

    The holy trinity. Left 4 dead 2, halo reach, gears of war 2

  • casual gamer4545
    casual gamer4545 5 days ago

    xbox scarlet and Xbox lockhart

  • Polarized Gaming
    Polarized Gaming 6 days ago

    I really want Xbox 2 to release soon cuz im dying to get an Xbox. PS does not satisfy me at all🙄doesn't feel like its where i belong

  • Nizar Takoui
    Nizar Takoui 7 days ago

    We want fortnite without the gold

  • Stefanie Wegener
    Stefanie Wegener 7 days ago

    supergut 👊🏼

  • Lord of Cinder, Death Knight

    Xbox I need Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning in My Xbox one please.

  • starscotten
    starscotten 13 days ago +1

    And if The Artful Escape comes to PC as well, then that's four more games I will definitely add to my collection. 😁

  • starscotten
    starscotten 13 days ago +1

    That kart racer, and that planet coaster game, look interesting as well.

  • Cightz
    Cightz 15 days ago +1

    Hyped for rust console

    • Xbox
      Xbox  15 days ago

      So are we! Can't wait to play it.

  • quisuis1
    quisuis1 16 days ago

    wow it wasnt entertaining at all..... very desapointed! coz i was expecting alot mor from X

  • Joshua Brumley
    Joshua Brumley 17 days ago

    Heh... If Yakuza does well on Xbox, wonder if that will encourage them to bring Atlus IPs to the platform.

  • Ben Bdjdndmp
    Ben Bdjdndmp 17 days ago


  • Gaia
    Gaia 19 days ago


  • Schmeisel _level5
    Schmeisel _level5 19 days ago

    MS Xbox - Money hungy, zero interest in gaming, exploiting all minorities problems, abusing disabled people vulnerabilities, fake SJW fOcks...

  • Dwayne Mondragon
    Dwayne Mondragon 20 days ago +2

    Bleeding Edge looks so good!!!

  • Soumen Kamila
    Soumen Kamila 20 days ago

    Last stop and crossfire x looking awesome....has great potential ..

  • RogerWazup007
    RogerWazup007 21 day ago +6

    Almost every game shown so far has been cartoony and goofy.

  • Killya529
    Killya529 21 day ago

    Oh Julia...

  • TMM Holdings LLC
    TMM Holdings LLC 21 day ago

    Canned question and responses.

  • Hugues. Freesoul
    Hugues. Freesoul 21 day ago

    love the Ultimate game pass and it's getting better months after months :)

  • Kill You With Fire
    Kill You With Fire 22 days ago

    I want Grounded and Everwild on pc

  • 98 Baby
    98 Baby 22 days ago

    Grounded looks fun

  • PennyHardaway24
    PennyHardaway24 23 days ago

    what does XO stand for?

  • Fated
    Fated 23 days ago +1

    Hyped for kingdom hearts

    • Natty Bumppo
      Natty Bumppo 22 days ago

      Xbox It's about time Xbox broke sonys hold on those games

    • Xbox
      Xbox  23 days ago +2

      Glad that you're excited!

  • Bozilla96
    Bozilla96 23 days ago

    I appreciate you British lady you may have stumbled but we know you really did try and had your heart in it

  • Alonzo Diablito
    Alonzo Diablito 23 days ago +2

    Lame games honestly

  • Josh L
    Josh L 23 days ago

    Why do all of these games seem like it’s the same art style.. not sure if it’s inspired by the success of fortnite

  • Federico Aguirre
    Federico Aguirre 23 days ago

    La NADA misma

    OLDSKOOL978 23 days ago


  • P.M.
    P.M. 24 days ago

    Yakuza for game pass!!

  • rachel blakemore
    rachel blakemore 24 days ago +8

    Can't wait for grounded its like honey I shrink the kids movie

    • Cameron Padron
      Cameron Padron 21 day ago

      That's literally what I said haha. That's how you know we old, most people prolly don't even remember that movie 🤣

  • Jase D
    Jase D 24 days ago

    LMAO xbox nope.

  • Juan Guardarrama
    Juan Guardarrama 24 days ago +2

    Too many cartoon games. 😶🤨🤔

  • kretschmann jonathan
    kretschmann jonathan 24 days ago

    bleeding edge look okay

  • Marwan Ghoneim
    Marwan Ghoneim 24 days ago

    Does microsoft flight simulator will be available on xbox or only pc

  • Extr4
    Extr4 24 days ago


  • kretschmann jonathan
    kretschmann jonathan 24 days ago

    he rare why did you let one of your employee remind us of golden eye remastered when it's properly never going to be release( angry)

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 24 days ago +1

    This was pretty lame, especially the hosts, trying so hard to interact with the audience and to fail again and again.

  • Con Lem
    Con Lem 24 days ago +3

    Everwild looks so good man!!!!

  • matt whitford
    matt whitford 24 days ago

    How lack luster

  • ii aa
    ii aa 24 days ago


  • Paul Vaccarello
    Paul Vaccarello 24 days ago

    Hopefully they add a F-22 Raptor or F-35 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

  • csh1921
    csh1921 25 days ago +1

    When they were talking about the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games, all I cared was Julia Hardy’s legs.

    • Natty Bumppo
      Natty Bumppo 22 days ago

      csh1921 YES!!! I'm 100% with you 😁😁😁

  • Alan Moreno
    Alan Moreno 25 days ago


  • HN
    HN 25 days ago +1

    Wow, this has NOTHING for me...…… where are the SINGLE PLAYER ONLLY GAMES like the Outer worlds?! I new that once Microsoft bought OBSIDIAN and Ninja Theory and the others and make them work on lame co-op games...………..

    • The Gamer
      The Gamer 15 days ago +1

      Obsidian and ninja theory have 2 studios main studios are working on single players games

  • Spud doe
    Spud doe 25 days ago

    Que the fat sjw to tell us how girls love games to guys.

  • Dumb Drawings
    Dumb Drawings 25 days ago

    By the words or Scott the Woz all I can say about these games are “it looks fine”.

  • The Haven
    The Haven 25 days ago

    Great conference

  • Michael Haney
    Michael Haney 25 days ago

    So many entitled babies in the chat replay. LOL

  • joe smobody
    joe smobody 25 days ago

    Sooo they only make cartoon games now???

  • King-gorz
    King-gorz 25 days ago +11

    Love how the EA guy had to stop himself from almost saying "how to make our players happy" and change it to "how they wanna play" get bent EA

  • Knight Blade Clifford
    Knight Blade Clifford 25 days ago +2

    I am not getting Xbox two next year

  • Tap Two
    Tap Two 25 days ago +3

    That Jedi Fallen Order trailer was more Star Wars than Disney's creations

  • Vicente Araújo de Sousa Júnior Araújo

    Esse novo jogo da Rare será ótimo!

  • tulle bukk
    tulle bukk 25 days ago

    Happy to see AoE, that's about it.Ugh @ Halo PC being broken up, although if the ports end up great it will be worth the wait.

  • Aaron Boyce
    Aaron Boyce 25 days ago


  • conner smith
    conner smith 25 days ago +1

    what was up with the livestream chat lol .

  • samuel luciano jr
    samuel luciano jr 25 days ago

    Street Fighter!!

  • Jonathan Vilca
    Jonathan Vilca 25 days ago