True Facts About The Land Snail

  • Published on Feb 6, 2013
    True facts about the kinkiest animal in the world... the land snail. seriously...
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    Macro Snail
    Garden Snail - French delicacy
    Monachoides vicinus dart lateral by Joris M. Koene and Hinrich Schulenburg/ CC-BY-2.0
    Shooting darts: co-evolution and counter-adaptation in hermaphroditic snails
    by Joris M. Koene and Hinrich Schulenburg/ CC-BY-2.0
    Snail Reproduction
    BSIP/UIG via Getty Images
    IMG_0686 by CC BY-ND 2.0
    Making Babies by CC BY 2.0
    Mating snails. Extreme close-up shot
    Henrik Larsson/
    Giant African Land Snails Pose Danger To Health And Environment
    Phil Mislinski/Stringer via Getty Images
    Gros Gris Snail
    BSIP/UIG via Getty Images

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  • Captain Capellini
    Captain Capellini 7 years ago +3193

    When I was younger I collected 20 snails and build a home with a tunnel, water, plants, growing vegetables and sheltered areas. I didn't expect much of it, but within a few months there were, what looked like, several thousand eggs. The entire tunnel that I could fit my arm through was filled with the,. The snail hotel as it was called is now a thriving community of roughly 150 snails.

    • XYHC
      XYHC 2 months ago

      @Summer Baby lol!

    • Summer Baby
      Summer Baby 2 months ago +1

      @XYHC They all heard about @Captain Capellini snail paradise and dipped out on u. They went there instead. I'm sorry to be the one to tell u 💔

    • Cecille Wolters
      Cecille Wolters 3 months ago

      How is the area nowadays?

    • Ba Ri
      Ba Ri Year ago +3

      @Suppeccnole its because when they were doing the deed you tried to pull them apart and the dart ripped it.

    • Suppeccnole
      Suppeccnole Year ago +4

      I kept snails in 8th grade, and they had sex and I had to pull a love dart out of one of them because he was bleeding out 👀 it was traumatizi

  • Raven The Blade Master
    Raven The Blade Master 8 years ago +432

    "Land snails have a totally different level of kinky."
    Best statement ever.

  • Fetchdafish
    Fetchdafish 6 years ago +3429

    The fact a culture eats snails tells you that at some point in history they must have been really, really hungry.

    • Ms. Ann Thrope
      Ms. Ann Thrope 6 months ago

      They are small, easy to raise, can be raised in a small space, eats lots of garbage, and can't kill or hurt you when you're trying to corral them. Perfect for early peoples to fRm edible food source.

    • Tyraster
      Tyraster 9 months ago

      @octavaluna He's referring to the fact that the guy called escargot a seafood. Which it is not, because you know. . . it's a dish made out of a land animal.

    • Shueps x
      Shueps x 10 months ago

      @Dia. After I die, you can have Shueps slices.
      After all, cannibalism has been common in different cultures. Eating snails is not that weird in comparison 🤣

    • Shueps x
      Shueps x 10 months ago

      @Dia. That makes no sense. Why eating snails shouldn't be something from these times in the west? You can see in the comments that they are a source of food in western cultures in these times and they have been for a long time. They are land oysters

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 10 months ago +1

      I've been to France, and where we were, there were snails on the ground EVERYWHERE. I think they resorted to eating them out of sheer desperation because it was the only way to keep their numbers under control without creating giant piles of stinking, rotting dead snails.

  • Echo The Gecko
    Echo The Gecko 3 years ago +136

    “At least you don’t have to worry about a dart getting shot into your head.”
    Please don’t make assumptions about my love life.

    • Cecille Wolters
      Cecille Wolters 3 months ago +1

      You got 69 likes now, hopefully that makes your love life a bit better :p

  • imawinner21
    imawinner21 7 years ago +4126

    A few weeks ago someone was doing a report on snails and this was the video he used... Let's just say he didn't watch it first

  • UDT116
    UDT116 7 years ago +2019

    Gary is deaf.. My childhood is ruined

    • Samantha Phastine
      Samantha Phastine 6 days ago

      So, SpongeBob could learn sign language just for his buddy!

    • eugeneman18
      eugeneman18 5 months ago

      @Chi and fresh water

    • Sammie J.
      Sammie J. 9 months ago

      He can't be a land snail...he lives in the ocean with Spongebob LMAO

    • RoxyTBDW
      RoxyTBDW 11 months ago

      Yes lol

    • RoxyTBDW
      RoxyTBDW 11 months ago

      Yes and nothing else traumatizing,

  • BatWayne
    BatWayne 7 years ago +406

    "It is however born without ears, which makes hearing difficult."
    had to pause it for a second

  • Tianci Guan
    Tianci Guan 6 years ago +7

    I find myself coming back to his old videos, and I must say, great job on everything! Especially the inspirational ones. Hope you make more!

  • souldude151
    souldude151 6 years ago +678

    You didn't include that baby snails cannibalize the slower to hatch snails.

  • Dave
    Dave 8 years ago +118

    Another fun fact: A land snail's anus is located above it's head. Yes, it does shit on itself. This is called 'fouling'.

    • Priyanka Nadan
      Priyanka Nadan 5 years ago +4

      😅it really does shit on itself 😅

    • LilCeCeBean
      LilCeCeBean 7 years ago +3

      Oh god whyyyyy

    • Beelzebob
      Beelzebob 8 years ago +29

      I was eating just to let you know....

  • tyrone turner
    tyrone turner 8 years ago +858

    This is what TheXvid was made for.

  • AkiraYfan
    AkiraYfan 7 years ago +85

    "this however does not mean that they can self....babymake..." LMAO

    • AvoidTheCadaver
      AvoidTheCadaver 11 months ago +3

      This is how the land snail.... Do

    • EvdM
      EvdM Year ago +3

      It’s spelt bebe-make

  • Johnny 5
    Johnny 5 6 years ago +311

    1:30 Imagine you are that tiny insect, and the land you are walking on is really a giant snail penis.
    Now stop thinking about it.

  • Pardoxia
    Pardoxia 3 years ago +22

    "Think of a full-body French kiss, only with more mucus."
    This guy hasn't seen me during allergy season.

  • bobswolfie2001
    bobswolfie2001 6 years ago +820

    'Spiral of life ... See what I did there? Oh god kill me'
    I f***ing cried.

    • Marmalade 891
      Marmalade 891 3 years ago +2

      is that a Uzumaki reference

    • Beyond R'lyeh
      Beyond R'lyeh 3 years ago

      I feel your pain...

    • Mothbean
      Mothbean 3 years ago +9

      Ok, I recently read "Uzumaki" by Junji Ito, so when I heard "spiral" I immediately thought of it. Not to mention that several characters turn into snail people throughout the story.

    • ZTrash5
      ZTrash5 4 years ago +3

      bob, bob, it's okay. everyone cries every once in a while. but it is not okay for you to cry. go sit in the corner and think about your life. when you are ready to be a normal dart sack you can come and talk. SLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURPPPP
      somebody help me

    • Majeo
      Majeo 5 years ago +3

      Same xD

  • Evie
    Evie 7 years ago +46

    When I was little I saw two snails doing this, I thought they were fighting so I pulled them apart. They both died :(

    • Creature Hub
      Creature Hub 10 months ago +1

      Sorry! But I laughed my ass off reading the last part!

    • LzrShark
      LzrShark 3 years ago +1

      @Evie Boyd Reminds me of how when I was a little kid, I saw worms on the playground's blacktop after a thunderstorm and was afraid they'd be squished to death by the other kids, so I flung them back into the grass, thinking I was saving them. RIP worms

  • linux750
    linux750 8 years ago +143

    Snails are born WITH their shells? I thought they found those out in nature before they used them.

    • Seeking Absolution
      Seeking Absolution 8 months ago

      No. Those shells are basically bones.

    • Ba Ri
      Ba Ri Year ago

      @linux750 relax and enjoy nature unless your garden is overgrown and you need to be wary of venomous snakes. Cautious in your garden?

    • linux750
      linux750 Year ago +2

      @Ba Ri
      We do, but we are cautiously looking out for venomous animals instead of focusing on the harmless ones.

    • Ba Ri
      Ba Ri Year ago +3

      No but when born their shells are very soft. Goodness people don't you guys look around when you go outside into the garden?

    • LzrShark
      LzrShark 3 years ago

      I didn't know that until I watched this video. It blew my freaking mind

  • I.B.  🖤  416 🕯
    I.B. 🖤 416 🕯 5 months ago

    This was very educating! 🤣
    Never thought there was so much about the common garden-snail... 🤪
    Glad I found these enlightening videos! 😎

  • Maxim Gun
    Maxim Gun 6 years ago +509

    The French
    coming to theatres near you

    • Mishech Haniel Dela Cruz
      Mishech Haniel Dela Cruz 2 months ago

      Very disturbing movie. Even banned in many countries.

    • KingThrillgore
      KingThrillgore 2 years ago +4

      Coming to theaters and then promptly retreating

    • Gene Fry
      Gene Fry 2 years ago +1

      The French are famous for eating snails, that's the joke.

    • Zail
      Zail 3 years ago +1

      Theatres coming to near you...

    • Alexander Yordanov
      Alexander Yordanov 4 years ago +2

      Clear Sky avatar :P

  • Dylan Gibson
    Dylan Gibson 8 years ago +144

    I literally laughed through this whole video.

    • Dylan Gibson
      Dylan Gibson 8 years ago +22

      I hurt the wittle snails feewings. :'c

    • PanjiProjects
      PanjiProjects 8 years ago +11

      @Keiichi0717 one MILLION years dungeon!!!!!!!!

    • -Generic-
      -Generic- 8 years ago +21

      You broke the no laughing rule! DUNGEON! 1000 YEARS DUNGEON!

  • Horizons Y
    Horizons Y 8 years ago +223

    I can't help but picture the narrator being one of the snails in the video lol cracks me up

    • unstaible child
      unstaible child 8 years ago +8

      @Ian Hulett probably because hes impersonating Morgan freeman who narrates everything

    • 420 Magnifique
      420 Magnifique 8 years ago +3

      @***** You know, I was just thinking this sounds like Morgan Freeman. lol

  • Non-Essential
    Non-Essential 6 months ago +4

    A new snail fact: “Every second you’re not running, I am getting closer”

  • LunarWaffle
    LunarWaffle 6 months ago +1

    When I was a kid I accidentally broke a snails shell. So I got some glue and sticky tape and put it back together. I can't remember how long later it was but I found it again. At least I think it was the same one as it's shell where the break was lighter in colour and resembled the break.

  • wildg
    wildg 7 years ago +1

    I love snails!!!! I used to have pet snails as a kid. This made me laugh and remember the good ol'days!!! I think your video was awesome!!! :)

  • DivaT123
    DivaT123 6 years ago +641

    Am I the only one who think that snails are cute?

  • Sasha_
    Sasha_ 5 years ago +7

    I get kinda creeped out when I see snails... but I am watching this video!
    I am so brave

  • Angelique Mason
    Angelique Mason 2 years ago +3

    He breaks character at 1:07 LOL! "they actually have love darts...Like actual darts!" I died!

  • Ennis Ivy
    Ennis Ivy 8 years ago +1

    Dude, these videos are sooo funny! You have to make more of them so more people can laugh their asses off, okay?

  • Jarid Gaming
    Jarid Gaming 4 years ago +191

    I got a dart in my head, I think im doing this wrong

    • bea
      bea 6 months ago

      Or VERY right depending on what your into

    • Devoid Overlord
      Devoid Overlord Year ago +3

      Am i doing the lov meking?

  • Cyberlisk
    Cyberlisk 5 years ago +1

    Humorous AND educational! Thank you my good sir!

  • Zalmaxis
    Zalmaxis 5 years ago +1

    Bwahahahahahahh this video made me laugh so damn hard, really informative and funny at the same time, well made and would totally watch again. Keep up the good work.

  • Nokaret
    Nokaret 3 years ago +1

    "Remember that when you meet someone you find attractive, at least you don't have to worry about a dart getting shot into your head"
    Depends on pick-up line and availability of darts, really.

  • The fishing gamekeeper
    The fishing gamekeeper 9 months ago

    Can you do a video on snails that can live in and out of water like mystery snails? Would really like to see this.

  • Internet User
    Internet User 5 years ago +164

    The snail holds onto sperm from multiple partners before fertilising it's eggs...which makes paternity tests a bitch...

  • ookaookaooka
    ookaookaooka 8 years ago +126

    I can't stop watching these

    • EvdM
      EvdM Year ago

      7 years later, I too

    • Lance Lnce
      Lance Lnce 3 years ago +1

      Same. This man humor and knowledge is addicting.
      Fuck he always disappears for some time. Hue

  • Brenda Laird
    Brenda Laird 4 years ago +1

    Love how you explained that! I couldn't help but laugh 😂😂😂😂

  • Colby Brown
    Colby Brown 9 years ago +7

    Between John, Hank, and Ze Frank, I know far more about the mating habits of various animals than I ever care to know.

  • N. Reed
    N. Reed 3 years ago +3

    "even if the junk is all right in your face, it's not nice to laugh" I completely lost it LOL

  • Dr.Castor
    Dr.Castor 3 years ago +1

    I remember having seen canned snails once!
    Overall snails taste a bit like clam.

  • Daniel Velasquez
    Daniel Velasquez Year ago

    Thanks man I just wanted to know what a snail’s purpose on earth is but u decided to educate me on its body parts and how they mate

  • ShamanMcLamie
    ShamanMcLamie 7 years ago +67

    Don't ever try to separate snails while they are mating. The Organs of one Snail will rip out.

    • Salem B
      Salem B 10 months ago +1

      @Cilly Honey aright ,new place to add my Nope List

    • Candicane
      Candicane 2 years ago +1

      Cilly Honey
      I like you

    • PenileAugmentation
      PenileAugmentation 3 years ago +1

      @Dawn Seeker Sounds like a finishing move from Mortal Kombat. How did that happen?

    • PenileAugmentation
      PenileAugmentation 3 years ago +4

      @Cilly Honey Nice. I've never had a fear of snakes myself, and it seems weird to me when people do. Especially for something like a garter snake.
      A few years ago I found a garter snake about 3 feet long just in the yard. Picked it up by the tail and showed my dad and a dude who lives around there. I just said "Check this out!" and they both turned around and were totally freaked out by it- even got cussed at for that lol. I was like a good 10-15 feet away from them too. They both have a "childhood history" with snakes though; I can understand that because when I was really young I reached out and grabbed a bee.
      Now I've noticed stinging insects and large bugs tend to bother me more than most people. It's this weird thing like there's an imaginary force field around them which will sting or bite me if I even touch them at all- even though I know there are ways to handle them without getting bit or stung. My dad just brushes wasps away from him with his hand like they are flies and that amazes me.

    • Cilly Honey
      Cilly Honey 3 years ago +4

      @firmanimad No, I grew up in rural Oklahoma.
      lol I went on a camping trip and my friends tried to scare me with a salamander! As if!

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 8 years ago

    Ze, you should definitely do a True Facts video on zombie snails I think it'll be very hilarious :)

  • matthew Higgs
    matthew Higgs 2 years ago +1

    One has to wonder, considering the fact that snails shoot love darts, were snails the inspiration behind the creation of Cupid? How romantic my new snail-themed Valentine's day will be!!!

  • CrabJock
    CrabJock 8 years ago +1

    The funniest parts in these, for me, are when things are so amazing, it makes him break character.

  • Lucalu
    Lucalu 6 months ago +5

    ..this is someone from 2021. The snail is still after me. But it has not caught me. It will try. But I covered every single surface in my home with salt. Come get me snail.

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith 7 years ago

    Snails actually taste really good when cooked well. If you're wondering how they taste, think mussels/mushrooms cooked in garlic, olive oil, and basil- that's your basic recipe. They dont have much flavour like mushrooms and are about as chewy as mussels.

  • Krista Williams
    Krista Williams Year ago +1

    Would you ever consider consider educating us about slugs? We find them pretty interesting up here on Vancouver Island, BC.

  • Karin Junker
    Karin Junker 8 years ago

    besides being hilariously funny ... this will go into my "documentary-playlist" because of it's highly educational content ... thanks for amusing & educating me @ the same time!

  • AgreSith
    AgreSith 8 years ago

    I never even imagined myself to be able to laugh at snails as hard as I just did! xD

  • V
    V 7 years ago +2

    Thank god I was bored enough to search facts about snails
    This channel is hilarious !

  • Alexandria TheGreat
    Alexandria TheGreat 6 years ago

    This is absolutely brilliant! Well done.

  • VideoNozoki
    VideoNozoki 3 years ago +1

    I came here again in 2019 because Veritasium mentioned 'snails' in the TheXvid algorithm.
    (and because ZeFrank still makes me smile!)

  • Grannaidh HaysMcKerlie

    The more I watch these "True Facts" vids, the more I'm ever so glad that, and I'm channeling ol' Ze a bit here, 'we humans do the sex like the humans do'. Even with all the kinky shit people are into & no matter how visually ugly human sex is (c'mon, admit it, u know it is), at least it's not anything as far-out, freaky-deaky as some of the animals on these vids, like, for example, these land snails, or angler fish, & another animal I
    recently saw on one of these vids (can't remember the name) that are predominately tree-dwellers & the male basically has backwards-pointing spikey things on its penis that ensures a good hold since they only do it in trees, & it keeps the female from running off & leaving the party too soon (if she gets bored or he turns out to be a selfish lover). According to that vid, the downsides of that are 1) OUCH!! and 2)the amorous couple often get literally STUCK together & they gotta puuuuulll themselves apart, both screaming the whole time. Yall have to see that part bcuz its really funny, too. It may be on the one about lemurs, but I'm not sure.

    ASHERUISE 5 years ago

    "When you meet someone attractive, at least you don't have to worry about a dart getting shot into your head." Unless that person is a yandere. I miss zefrank. I wanna find out more about sea snails.

  • WookieCookies
    WookieCookies 7 years ago +1

    These are great. I'm so glad I discovered these.

  • Raymond Lai
    Raymond Lai 5 years ago +1

    Dear zefrank1 :), I would like to say, thank you, very much, to you, for taking your time, energy and effort to both upload and share this video with the youtube family :). Thank you, very much, zefrank :).I hope you have a nice day :).

  • SophisticatedSheltie
    SophisticatedSheltie 5 years ago +1

    I wonder how close land snails are to aquatic snails, such as mystery snails. Also for some reason I'm uncomfortable handling land snails, and I can hold my aquatic snails with no problems.

    • Cecille Wolters
      Cecille Wolters 3 months ago

      Where would the babies live if they could breed?
      This got me curious now too

  • Majula
    Majula 7 years ago +31

    "Think full body french kiss"
    Nah, that just points to a darker part of the internet.
    "But with more mucus"
    Okay, a really dark part of the internet.

  • That Creepy Family
    That Creepy Family 7 years ago

    yall bring nature films to an all new level and that level is AWESOME!!!!

  • V C
    V C 8 years ago

    If I were a science teacher, I would totally show these videos to my students.

  • KINGD353
    KINGD353 8 years ago +130

    learning has never been so funny before lol

    • Aseel Bakheet
      Aseel Bakheet 2 years ago +1

      This person is the perfect teacher
      Ther is no way iam going to sleep or lose focuc in his class

  • Lynda Nance
    Lynda Nance 4 years ago

    I think I have an obsession... Cannot stop binge watching ZeFrank videos. 😱💟😱

  • Surfing On Squarewaves

    I recon snails might be able to hear via vibration. Their skin is very sensitive, so much so that they can conform to any surface, including razor-blades and nail beds. So it's not unrealistic to consider they might detect low end sound this way.

  • scared daffodils
    scared daffodils 5 years ago +4

    "even if the junk is right there in your face it's not nice to laugh-"
    i fucking love these videos so much

  • Chrono
    Chrono 4 years ago

    I had a snail in my grandmothers house I would feed on the daily as a kid. It had a special shell so I would know it on sight. That kill guy came back for the longest time and I would just study how they ate etc. He would hang around until I left then my grandmother would say she would not see it once until I came back. He stopped coming around one day and I just figured he found a mate but looking back it was probably a bird or something... Strange things you can befriend as a kid.

  • Experience With Me
    Experience With Me 6 years ago

    this guy is great, he makes it interesting and funny

  • Francois Loedolff
    Francois Loedolff 8 months ago

    Halfway through a Binge into nature videos. The Bebes,love darts, and Great attention to sperm transportation mechanisms just does it for me

  • kibty
    kibty 6 years ago

    I used to have a snail club where me, my friends and a few others would take snails from the the school yard, and bring them home in the tiny pockets of our backpacks.

  • Christina
    Christina 4 years ago

    I laughed so much. The narrator did a great job!

  • Luis Ogushi
    Luis Ogushi 6 years ago +2

    "It breathes air just like the people do" I don't know why I giggle when I see this 😆

  • Your guy Khonshu
    Your guy Khonshu 8 years ago +2

    Here are snails from the snail horror film, simply entitled the French... I laughed WAY too hard

  • Dorothy Evans
    Dorothy Evans Year ago

    Love this video and the factual humor!!!

  • AceAttorney9000
    AceAttorney9000 7 years ago +1

    I have a crippling fear of snails, and I managed to watch this video with no problems whatsoever. Is that weird?

  • TungstenWhizard
    TungstenWhizard 6 months ago +1

    I saw a video about a snail parasite that infests their eye tentacles and I'm still scarred from that.

  • hanna.
    hanna. 2 years ago

    the fact that im deaf and i want a snail just makes me want it ten times more

  • Tyggz the Nomad
    Tyggz the Nomad 8 years ago +16

    "they then shoot each other with love darts, I wish that a metaphor, but it's not". LOL

  • Butter
    Butter 6 years ago +5

    I found this very informative.

  • Eibon Antorian
    Eibon Antorian 7 years ago +1

    Ooh lord I was laughing by whole mommy daddy parts and the darting thing...freakin loved this XD

  • Erin McMullen
    Erin McMullen 5 years ago +1

    We watched this in class because the teacher didn't check it out before and I'm glad she sloped most of it but everyone laughed even the teacher at the part where he said that snakes had penis's on their face it was so hilarious

  • mevanz
    mevanz 8 years ago

    Love his videos, but snails can self-fertilise. It means the offspring are exact clones and makes for poor genetic diversity, but does happen.

  • Gao Ster
    Gao Ster 4 years ago

    That was hilarious! Thank you for the facts.

  • Limerence
    Limerence 10 months ago

    I wish we could all reproduce like snails. It would solve so many problems.

  • William Afton / Dave Miller

    here are some stills from the snail horror film, simply titled "The French" my got that ending was funny.XD

  • Cube of Meat
    Cube of Meat 2 years ago +6

    Snail: *whips out his love dart*
    Other Snail: *whips out hers too*

  • Paper
    Paper 2 years ago +3

    Snail Wife: I want kids
    Snail Husband:
    *So anyway, I started blasting*

  • julia råbe
    julia råbe 8 years ago +10

    someone give this man a cookie!

  • Sarah Fields
    Sarah Fields 2 years ago +11

    "at least you don't have to worry about getting a dart in the head"
    Me: "or do I?" 🤔

  • CallMeKes
    CallMeKes 2 years ago

    Didn't mention that when 'darting' each other they are basically fighting for who gets to be the daddy snail. I mean, it was implied but audiences are vast and not everyone picks up on things that aren't spelled out for them.

  • Rowanheart
    Rowanheart 10 months ago

    My partner keeps common garden snails and she has four of them. She had five, but one of them, Abigail, died.

  • Bethany Stauffer
    Bethany Stauffer 2 years ago

    Interesting and entertaining as well as educational...thanks!

  • Rachel P
    Rachel P 2 years ago +1

    Once when I was little, I threw mating snails that were all over each other down an old toilet in my great grandmas backyard. I’m not kidding

  • Stella A
    Stella A 8 years ago +5

    You have to make tons more!

  • Zentraxius
    Zentraxius 8 years ago +10

    lol between this and the frog I don't think zefrank takes the french seriously

  • See Me Rolling
    See Me Rolling 11 months ago +2

    Wow literally the shortest video ever... Snails deserve more than that

  • Iutub Gugal
    Iutub Gugal 7 years ago

    That's hilarious! Thank you for the posting :)

  • Persephone Parker
    Persephone Parker 8 years ago

    I never realized how badass a snail was xD they take darts to the face and keep going... I'm dying xD

  • Ihere123
    Ihere123 9 months ago +1

    A certain, speedy snail would approve of this

  • Chibu
    Chibu 3 years ago +1

    Snails sometimes like to eat the manparts after mating. I once saw a third one eat away these parts while the two were mating.

  • Mauricio Ahumada
    Mauricio Ahumada 6 years ago

    So funny and informative, great job

  • TY Creations
    TY Creations Year ago +1

    *My son is on television oh my god-*
    Also I have a land snail named Gary who looks basically identical to the snail in the thumbnail.