Handheld Induction Heater Melts a Lock!

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
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    Ive always wanted to make my own induction heater, but this one is only the beginning. Im planning to make a more powerful one to do more stuff with molten steel!
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    Thanks Lindsay Wilson for the neat idea to modify capacitors- www.imajeenyus.com/electronics/20120512_film_capacitor_dissection/index.shtml
    And thanks to www.GensTattu.com for the batteries!
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  • brent with 120 subs
    brent with 120 subs 10 hours ago

    Are you high

  • Zach Boucher
    Zach Boucher 22 hours ago

    Stop polluting the environment save the turtles

  • Chicken Nugget Not Cold

    I love your vids they bring me so much joy every day and I love learning with you. Because of you I want to be a scientist.

  • Riptidegamer 333
    Riptidegamer 333 Day ago +1

    Lol 6:35 sounds like when you take fall damage in Minecraft

  • Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogen

    Tuchless beer opener

  • Skinnylegs Alien
    Skinnylegs Alien 4 days ago

    I like his shirt but I’m not nerd enough to own own.

  • Giorgino Bro
    Giorgino Bro 4 days ago

    This guy is basically Florida man with a PhD

  • charles koh
    charles koh 5 days ago +1


  • DonutYT
    DonutYT 6 days ago

    But you already have fans hehe

  • Da Meck
    Da Meck 6 days ago

    You should have started a watermelon counter in the beginning of your Channel. No subscriber specials. Just watermelon specials :D

  • Ansh GamerForFun
    Ansh GamerForFun 7 days ago

    Can I have the laptop 😂😂😂........... Seriously can I?

  • Kazimierz Różański

    with light bulb you should first short circuit pins ?

  • Critter Count
    Critter Count 7 days ago +1

    He looks like a cool Howard wolowitz

  • guy c
    guy c 7 days ago

    It's like he has the vertiigo war cry lol 😂

  • Isaac Zavala
    Isaac Zavala 7 days ago

    Jonahw10 "put mercury in it😂😂😂

  • Gangster Taco
    Gangster Taco 8 days ago

    The noice sounded like a ghast

  • metallitech
    metallitech 8 days ago +2

    6:51 I thought that his balls were hanging out.

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  • Thomaz Manzinano
    Thomaz Manzinano 8 days ago

    You have to be the coolest need I've ever seen😂😂

  • TCE _Ragie
    TCE _Ragie 9 days ago

    Pauses it on 744

  • toy freddy
    toy freddy 9 days ago

    I’ve watched this video again and again love the vids

  • Alex Beigelman
    Alex Beigelman 10 days ago +1

    cool project bro.
    i know you gonna kill yourself dude, and that make me sad.

  • Phillip Rhodes
    Phillip Rhodes 10 days ago

    I just hope all this leads you to a Nobel Prize, and not a Darwin Award...

  • Kyle Delaplane
    Kyle Delaplane 10 days ago

    Vary nifty to see
    Electricity is cool 👍

  • CyruS PlayS
    CyruS PlayS 11 days ago

    2:12 how to cook a hot dog

  • Chad Burden
    Chad Burden 11 days ago

    in more new's Florida man found passed out in back yard from inhaling toxic fumes! Brain damage anyone?

  • hellyeah66613
    hellyeah66613 11 days ago

    That’s odd, as silver is best metal conductor it should get warmer faster. Perhaps it’s becaus the gold ring was smaller and more in the middle of the coil

  • PastaBoiii Jr.
    PastaBoiii Jr. 11 days ago

    Fix my broken marriage

  • scrat 106 tomlinson
    scrat 106 tomlinson 11 days ago

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  • Ardiansah GTI
    Ardiansah GTI 11 days ago

    Video on thumbnail start at 9:45

  • Cyrion Burnett
    Cyrion Burnett 11 days ago

    Who else would’ve wanted to have seen him put magnesium in it

  • Mohammadreza Atashzar
    Mohammadreza Atashzar 11 days ago

    How are u alive?

  • Alex AF
    Alex AF 12 days ago

    You need someone to handle the camera better

  • Fraser Elsby
    Fraser Elsby 13 days ago

    The bat art was awesome

  • walkabout16
    walkabout16 13 days ago

    How do you melt a hard drive?

  • Judah Burkett
    Judah Burkett 14 days ago

    Can of WD40 please

  • Coil Smoke
    Coil Smoke 14 days ago


  • RC Shenanigans
    RC Shenanigans 14 days ago

    Why didn't you where a respirator???

  • Maxy_ Vando
    Maxy_ Vando 14 days ago

    Subtitulo un spanish?

  • TheSteveoizzle
    TheSteveoizzle 14 days ago

    i got lung cancer watching this

  • Unicorn Crystal n.n
    Unicorn Crystal n.n 14 days ago +1

    My birthday 🎁🎁🎁🎆🎆🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊😚

  • Corn_4
    Corn_4 15 days ago

    5:50 when a girl touches ur inner thigh

  • Smokey James
    Smokey James 16 days ago

    How many times have you burnt the bejesus out of yourself electromagnetic plasma pyro guy? Maybe actually use those welding gloves?

  • brad vankoughnett
    brad vankoughnett 16 days ago

    there is nothing more florida than the line "I wanna blow up this watermelon so im gonna put a bullet into it"

  • jaster mereel
    jaster mereel 16 days ago


  • sheetmaster jdmfreak1738

    Are you teaching the burglars how to make a lock melted

  • Anthony Carlyle
    Anthony Carlyle 16 days ago

    Woooooah maaaan I'm on fiiiiiiiiiire broooo

  • Woody Boi
    Woody Boi 16 days ago

    never mess with alkali metals

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 16 days ago

    "Oh God!" (Runs away) LOL

  • Joe's Caribbean Van
    Joe's Caribbean Van 16 days ago

    watermelon silencer next please

  • gamer boy
    gamer boy 17 days ago

    who melts locks on small fences?
    backyard scientist: me
    *modern probpem require modern solutions*

  • Gamer 95
    Gamer 95 17 days ago

    It's just exploded. That was awesome

    SS would like to know your location

  • Mollie Burkle
    Mollie Burkle 17 days ago

    Is he aware of the fact that he is next to a WOODEN

  • Mollie Burkle
    Mollie Burkle 17 days ago

    Rip watermelon 6:35

  • Equalizer Plays
    Equalizer Plays 18 days ago

    Can it melt titanium

  • SirKitten the 5th
    SirKitten the 5th 18 days ago

    5:50 me on Dec 1st

  • JM53 BEL
    JM53 BEL 18 days ago

    Genuinely interesting videos! I am 39 an wish I had the brains you had! My kids watch your videos and showed me them, you and SMARTER EVERYDAY make science interesting m, watching from Scotland

  • ricardo
    ricardo 18 days ago

    This is looks like real 5:54

  • Squishpop Panda_Gaming

    What was the Thing you were Pressing ?

  • Jd Jd
    Jd Jd 19 days ago

    Simple disposable camera flash capacitor is enough to kill a computer

  • Gregory Larkman 5646
    Gregory Larkman 5646 19 days ago

    Oh so the copper tube has water running through it to cool it down? Smart idea!

  • Josh Cassidy
    Josh Cassidy 20 days ago

    Hey Howard, sorry about your mom. How's Raj been? If you know, you know, you know.

  • ABS VlogS
    ABS VlogS 20 days ago


  • Knetic
    Knetic 20 days ago

    Could you cook a hotdog by wrapping it in aluminum foil and constantly moving it back and forth through the coil?

  • Beata Gettemy
    Beata Gettemy 20 days ago

    it's shaving cream snow!!!

  • Helix Algorithm
    Helix Algorithm 20 days ago

    Gold is actually worse conductor than copper. And silver is the best one. The silver ring has the least resistance, thus heating slower. But cool experiment.

  • Non- Existent
    Non- Existent 21 day ago

    U know that monitor prob contained 2% mercury soooooo

  • TheWatchDog22
    TheWatchDog22 21 day ago +1

    I like wix with a T behind it... :)

  • Angga Syaputra
    Angga Syaputra 22 days ago

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    Clint Whalley 22 days ago

    4:07 Did the wood get harmed?!!!?!!??!?

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    Steel Alsbury 22 days ago +1

    1 like: 1 watermelon blown up

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    Hello the backyard sincetist could you pls tell me what the red button button that you hold in your hand(pls reply)🙂