THIS is The Future Of Arsenal!

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
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Comments • 179

  • Max YT
    Max YT 2 hours ago

    Arsenal are still bad😂

  • Matei Cumpatescu
    Matei Cumpatescu 2 hours ago

    And Dino Mavropanos

  • Miskr Teame
    Miskr Teame 3 days ago +2

    What about Pepe he is only 24

  • Louis Jones
    Louis Jones 5 days ago +2

    Imna come back here in a few years and check: I’m predicting Only Saliba and Saka make it

    • Louis Jones
      Louis Jones 5 days ago +1

      Xtra Crispy what I mean is make it at arsenal, I think players like guendouzi and martinelli will go on to better things

    • Xtra Crispy
      Xtra Crispy 5 days ago +1

      Louis Jones nice negativity

  • Oliver Plomer
    Oliver Plomer 6 days ago

    8 ads 11 minutes. Revolting

  • Subhadip Das
    Subhadip Das 6 days ago

    Really? Arsenal have future 😆😂

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 10 days ago

    they will leave arsenal juste before their peak. As always. Cause Arsenal isnt a top club

  • Linkan
    Linkan 11 days ago

    8 ads on videos you don’t own the rights to

  • Jayden xOGx
    Jayden xOGx 12 days ago +2

    Saka will be 3x times better than iwobi

  • William Selman
    William Selman 13 days ago +1

    william saliva has never even played for the club

  • magnus buus
    magnus buus 13 days ago

    Well they dont have a future #coys

  • Big Al
    Big Al 14 days ago +3

    Future team
    Maitland niles /Holding /Saliba /Tierney

    NR FOOTBALL 16 days ago +1

    Nelson is better than saka

  • hisham abeid
    hisham abeid 18 days ago

    whats the name of the last song played to saliba?

  • Death To Atlantis
    Death To Atlantis 18 days ago

    Intro song?

    EDDZYOUTUBE 18 days ago


    EDDZYOUTUBE 18 days ago +2

    Yeah okay we are good but we cant even beat Southampton

  • Nkoy Lofonge
    Nkoy Lofonge 18 days ago

    What about Reiss Nelson

  • Nkoy Lofonge
    Nkoy Lofonge 18 days ago

    What about Reiss Nelson

  • Fauzan Hanif
    Fauzan Hanif 18 days ago

    Once we had miyaichi, vela, denilson, fran merida, miquel, frimpong, chuba akpom; more and more future starlet in each of their generations. First we feel very lucky to have them all. Later on we argue to better spend some money on high-rated players than the potential ones. Been like this for years for Arsenal, and it will be remained like that in the future

    • Kevin Moreno
      Kevin Moreno 15 hours ago

      @Fauzan Hanif I really don't see the comparision between them and these players tbh, I reckon Martinelli, Saliba and Nketiah have the potential to be world class, but football is uncertain for sure, Wilshere for example had a lot of injuries and that is decisive

    • Fauzan Hanif
      Fauzan Hanif 18 days ago

      And oh, we've had also wilshere, ox, walcott; surprisingly sold when they were still capable to enhance the game and lead the youngsters

  • Zeena Jeetun
    Zeena Jeetun 19 days ago

    arsenal all players or goalkeeper is the best

  • Youl Amanuel
    Youl Amanuel 19 days ago +5

    Martinelli has a bright future in Arsenal if he keeps up his good performances.

  • Gareth Piggott
    Gareth Piggott 20 days ago

    Is guendouzi that good? Still has some improvements to make going forward.

    • Lexxi HD
      Lexxi HD 18 days ago

      Gareth Piggott He‘s still extreme good.

  • Simon Hobden
    Simon Hobden 20 days ago +13

    If Emery stays in charge:
    Saka - DM
    Saliba - ST
    Martinelli - LB
    Guendouzi - CB

    • a . k
      a . k 19 days ago

      I can see that happening to guendouzi

  • henok redid
    henok redid 20 days ago

    Bs. So many potential players we didn’t do shit with their talent in the past..

  • MrElite
    MrElite 21 day ago +3

    if only our first team were like that (apart from laca and auba. don't forget ozil)

  • sunny97modi
    sunny97modi 22 days ago +1

    This club has no Future with current managing staff..

  • DJ Fury DejaVu
    DJ Fury DejaVu 22 days ago

    Returned 8.56. Guendouzi got bumped.

  • DJ Fury DejaVu
    DJ Fury DejaVu 22 days ago

    Sound cuts 6.07

    SEA DOGS 22 days ago

    No one leaving a comment has ever been to 1 arsenal game.

  • NerdTaku
    NerdTaku 22 days ago

    The Guendouzi portion of the video has no sound

  • Greg575TPN
    Greg575TPN 22 days ago

    Where is wilock???? OMG and you have spend time to make this video!

  • Dreonix
    Dreonix 22 days ago +4

    If martinelli becomes more and more consistent and keeps scoring honestly he might become the new Ronaldo in the prem

    • Tommo
      Tommo 20 days ago

      *next pele

  • Alex Tolfrey
    Alex Tolfrey 22 days ago

    Everyone of you giving Saka shit can fuck right off, kids unbelievably talented

  • Atiksh Singh
    Atiksh Singh 22 days ago +4

    can we just sim forward to 5 years pls

  • owoeye oladotun
    owoeye oladotun 22 days ago

    Swears, I fucking love this guy....
    What a Bully at age 18!!!

  • Erik Morales
    Erik Morales 22 days ago

    Don’t forget more Europa league!

  • Malik Carter
    Malik Carter 23 days ago +2

    10:45 thought he was tackling a ref not gonna lie

  • Hannerhan
    Hannerhan 23 days ago +2

    tfw you have to use clips from the loss to Liverpool's youth academy

  • Dydy In Game
    Dydy In Game 23 days ago

    Nelson over Saka wtf is Emery doing

  • Davide Oricchio
    Davide Oricchio 24 days ago

    What about Reiss nelson

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 24 days ago

    What the name of the music of William Saliba

  • Prisha Sharma
    Prisha Sharma 24 days ago +1

    There is no future for arsenal

  • Ether Nas
    Ether Nas 25 days ago +2

    Super Talented ashame that Arsenal is in a toxic situation right now

  • The Answer
    The Answer 25 days ago

    Great future but we need better management

  • daniel muoki
    daniel muoki 25 days ago

    Add Miguel Azeez,Joe Willock,Smith Rowe,Nketiah & Sam Greenwood

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 25 days ago +4

    I agree with all of them except David Luiz.

  • Dahir Abdille
    Dahir Abdille 25 days ago +14

    3:02 I love this commentator he was the one who said "Lionel Messi remember the name" and see what he says about Martinelli

  • Bilbo
    Bilbo 25 days ago +2

    more like the future of bad haircuts

    • Guts
      Guts 25 days ago


  • Saskashi
    Saskashi 25 days ago

    What about nelson and smith Rowe

  • King Khan
    King Khan 25 days ago

    If this is the future we are fucked we have been trying to give youth a chance for over a decade with wenger wer has it got us no where just the same old bullshit

  • GolazoFirst
    GolazoFirst 26 days ago


  • Zahra Zizo
    Zahra Zizo 26 days ago +17

    For better future:
    1.change that stupid manger
    2.bring mahrez
    3.start ozil

    • DaGamer YouTube
      DaGamer YouTube 14 days ago

      Daniel Newman yeah prioritize defense but Mahrez still isn’t worth it because he have young guys like Reiss Nelson and Martinelli so Mahrez would not be worth it.

    • Andy Yeung Yee Wing
      Andy Yeung Yee Wing 23 days ago

      We should buy hakim ziyech

    • Daniel Newman
      Daniel Newman 23 days ago

      DaGamer TheXvid that’s why I said we should prioritise defence, but if we had the money them it would be a good buy.
      read before writing

    • DaGamer YouTube
      DaGamer YouTube 23 days ago +2

      Daniel Newman yeah he’s good but he would just be wasted on the bench when we could spend that money somewhere else like in the midfield

    • Daniel Newman
      Daniel Newman 23 days ago +1

      DaGamer TheXvid ye but mahrez is good I’d take him any day

  • oluwaseyi subair
    oluwaseyi subair 26 days ago

    Guy, wats wrong guen clip has on sound/beats

  • Yme Ypma
    Yme Ypma 26 days ago +3

    ight lets wait ten years so we can win some trophies

  • binga del feruzi
    binga del feruzi 26 days ago

    What is Saka do🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️??

  • Tommy Lim
    Tommy Lim 26 days ago

    Another bunch of over pampered failures is all I see. Can't wait for the fan cams to explode again. Arsenal of the best when it comes to off field entertainment 👏

  • sean otobo
    sean otobo 26 days ago

    No audio for guenduzi's part

  • Pierre
    Pierre 26 days ago +1

    Rubbish players

  • Hypixel nerd
    Hypixel nerd 26 days ago

    8 ads????????