Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Jan 22, 2018
  • Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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  • Zekezoid123
    Zekezoid123 6 hours ago

    I love watching the fails

  • The tender tenderlion
    The tender tenderlion 6 hours ago

    "got a hat rack for a reason" It's right in the middle of the office.🤔🤔

  • Muhammad Iqbal
    Muhammad Iqbal 6 hours ago

    I liked the xbox shot

  • Nate D
    Nate D 7 hours ago


  • Tyler Blakely
    Tyler Blakely 7 hours ago

    Man I wish my normal life was like that

  • Tuấn Đức
    Tuấn Đức 7 hours ago

    Hay quá má ơi

  • Velicu Mihai
    Velicu Mihai 8 hours ago

    0:49 Wot

  • Danny Lai Danny Lai
    Danny Lai Danny Lai 8 hours ago

    Who is in the panda

  • Musical Baadshah
    Musical Baadshah 9 hours ago

    Who's that 🐼

    THE BRYAN 9 hours ago +1

    Hey there~
    There was a spider-man~

  • RangeGamer Official
    RangeGamer Official 10 hours ago

    2:25 is my favorite is it your favorite too? 2019!!!

  • Pumpkin Syl
    Pumpkin Syl 10 hours ago

    That's coooool

  • Meliodas Soma
    Meliodas Soma 11 hours ago

    The most hard part is the coin

    FAIZAN VINES 12 hours ago

    I m loving it bro....

  • Michelle Valenzuela
    Michelle Valenzuela 12 hours ago

    i want tyller

  • Muhamed Games
    Muhamed Games 13 hours ago

    in The Arabek

  • DiSa KiNg
    DiSa KiNg 14 hours ago


  • Siddharth Banga
    Siddharth Banga 15 hours ago

    2:13 should I call him lazy or smart?

  • Emiliano Zapatos
    Emiliano Zapatos 15 hours ago

    Like. Si so. Pro

  • Skitz
    Skitz 15 hours ago

    Oh Yeah yeah

  • Danielle Concepcion
    Danielle Concepcion 16 hours ago

    Add load

  • Daniel Garza
    Daniel Garza 17 hours ago +1

    This has to be clickbait😮😮😮😮😮

  • Juliet Washburn
    Juliet Washburn 17 hours ago

    I want dude perfect to be my mailman

  • Jennifer Lam
    Jennifer Lam 18 hours ago

    It'd be cool if at the end of these videos you could list in order how long each task took! My guess is the scarf one would be dead last :P

  • Rey Velasco
    Rey Velasco 19 hours ago


  • Keaton Bauer
    Keaton Bauer 19 hours ago

    Could Ty teach me how to play the guitar

    ETHAN KENDALL 20 hours ago

    The ring shot is the best!!

  • Brenda Butler
    Brenda Butler 20 hours ago

    this vid was cringey

  • Bee Swarmer If justice
    Bee Swarmer If justice 20 hours ago

    This is basically a montage of them showing how they clean their place

  • Gummy bear Lover
    Gummy bear Lover 20 hours ago

    My favourite one is the one when this stick a knife in the cutting board and throw a tomato

  • Kavy Dave
    Kavy Dave 21 hour ago


  • Tom Kohls
    Tom Kohls 21 hour ago

    Playin' Battlefield eh man? 1:50

  • Alex Pellot
    Alex Pellot 22 hours ago +1

    You guys are talented😱

  • Jacob Frame
    Jacob Frame 22 hours ago +1


  • jaaky jaadf
    jaaky jaadf 22 hours ago


  • jaaky jaadf
    jaaky jaadf 22 hours ago


  • TTV_wArrior_a2z K
    TTV_wArrior_a2z K 22 hours ago

    U are my favorite of all time

  • Jayden Shafer
    Jayden Shafer 22 hours ago


  • Stephanie Trujillo 503
    Stephanie Trujillo 503 23 hours ago

    My favorite shot was the game shot

  • Max Reis
    Max Reis 23 hours ago


  • Sr. PooL
    Sr. PooL Day ago +1

    Pensa em uns caras preguiçosos

  • Katia Helen
    Katia Helen Day ago


  • Derpy Livesteams

    1 like = 10 views 5 likes = 32 views 10 likes = 56 views!

  • Savannah Thies
    Savannah Thies Day ago

    Half of me feels like this is lazy then i realize that i cant do theese cause

    Im lazy😶😶

  • Emily Bowkett
    Emily Bowkett Day ago

    We neeeeeddddd more of these

  • Ahmad Hasan
    Ahmad Hasan Day ago

    This video describes 1 word wow

  • kingpenguin_ thethird

    ya channels cool but your just lazy😂😂

  • Zaza Kvachantiradze

    its not real.
    no one can do dis.

  • 10,000 subs no vids

    Can I have a sub

  • Holly Stroup
    Holly Stroup Day ago


  • Always Hungry
    Always Hungry Day ago +2

    1:26 badass

  • Karhtikeyan Ramadoss

    Xbox one shot

  • Darren Gerlach
    Darren Gerlach Day ago

    Do it blindfolded

  • Donovan Price
    Donovan Price Day ago

    My favorite shot is when Garret threw BATTLEFIELD 4 in the XBOX 1 and I love you guys and your show!!!

  • Klava Kulikova
    Klava Kulikova Day ago


  • MaxiMilius army
    MaxiMilius army Day ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Alasdair Walker-Cox

    Rucksack shot. Love it

  • はるか
    はるか Day ago


  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Abhishek Tiwari Day ago

    How can you did it ooooh fuck

  • Equatro
    Equatro Day ago

    Me: Yaaaaaaaas I got the paper in the bin from the couch!

  • Tomasz Wozniak
    Tomasz Wozniak Day ago

    How long were the behind the scenes

  • FadhLan SatYa Husnan

    Keren keren buaget

  • first name last name

    I wish I was that lazy and that cool at the same time

  • Awesome Dudes
    Awesome Dudes Day ago


  • Awesome Dudes
    Awesome Dudes Day ago

    This is a normal day for dude perfect

  • Matthew Russell
    Matthew Russell Day ago +1

    What is the toy Cody used??

  • เบิดร์ รักเดี่ยว


  • 御格子開
    御格子開 Day ago


  • Rahul Dhiman
    Rahul Dhiman Day ago

    Loved 😍 it

  • Raquel Miranda
    Raquel Miranda Day ago

    Ì m

    WHITE STAG Day ago

    The money bank's probably empty I think. Before he threw the coin in it.

  • descriqtion
    descriqtion Day ago


  • Mr Redhand
    Mr Redhand Day ago

    Get bless to you. 2019 anyone???

  • Melody Greenbaum

    Why do you put "real life"?

    Does it mean all other videos are FAKE????????!!!!!!!!!!

  • The team children Vs the teen

    That dude is perfecto!

  • Lego Adventure time

    2:19 THAT'S what happened to my package!

  • Fatima Rodriguez

    I hope John Wick doesn't die if he dies im going to cry

  • Kristian Murphy
    Kristian Murphy Day ago

    Has ty ever done a bow and arrow shot behind the back

  • Kristian Murphy
    Kristian Murphy Day ago

    I like when Garrett catch that game behind his back

  • Justin Stephen
    Justin Stephen Day ago


  • Michael Feathers
    Michael Feathers 2 days ago


  • Awesomedude 27603
    Awesomedude 27603 2 days ago

    What the real ._.

  • Hamizan Mulki
    Hamizan Mulki 2 days ago

    Keren jirrr,

  • Player One
    Player One 2 days ago

    Wtf! Someone explain to me how these guys do all of this? Is this real or a camera trick?

  • Make _Out_ Bill
    Make _Out_ Bill 2 days ago

    [3:49]wait if they broken the picture how did they get the shot of them making it.

  • Lamar MacTavish
    Lamar MacTavish 2 days ago

    Crazy guys :)

  • Martin en Stijn Miete
    Martin en Stijn Miete 2 days ago +1

    The views it just me or is it just a good vid?

  • the fun zone
    the fun zone 2 days ago

    You blocked my reaction video asshole

  • Brad Marsden
    Brad Marsden 2 days ago

    1:39 when your dad says you out of pizza rolls

  • KSP4Kids
    KSP4Kids 2 days ago

    Looks at box

  • Kaleb Ledesma
    Kaleb Ledesma 2 days ago


  • Ahmad Kora
    Ahmad Kora 2 days ago

    Nice schref arabich

  • Maria Guevara
    Maria Guevara 2 days ago

    Hockey trick

  • baconlivesmatter bacon

    3:00 was the hardest trickshot from ty

  • jyothi kamat
    jyothi kamat 2 days ago

    You guys are cool man..

  • Garrett Cowan
    Garrett Cowan 2 days ago


  • ابن الهيلا
    ابن الهيلا 2 days ago

    هظول الي سارقين حظوظنا

  • Kristi Estes
    Kristi Estes 2 days ago

    you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tati Nurhayati
    Tati Nurhayati 2 days ago

    You can lay battlefield

  • Liz Holzinger
    Liz Holzinger 2 days ago

    Why do you play on Xbox