Final Verdict - $1500 Gaming PC Secret Shopper pt4

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
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    In fourth and final episode, we take a closer look at all the machines and finally benchmark them
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Comments • 11 136

  • Panic Farts
    Panic Farts 6 hours ago

    i had an ibuypower. easy web site. tons of free gear. amazing deals. lots of bang for your buck.
    no aftersales support.
    so im fine, system worked. got a ton of stuff and upgrades. get cheap gear, dont call tech support.
    they win in my book.

  • Aravind Sridhar
    Aravind Sridhar 18 hours ago

    Why the Hell does Ivan stay silent throughout the whole video??? If you do not have scripted dialogues on the teleprompter for Ivan, why bother keeping him in the frame itself? He speaks only in the last 2 minutes, that too only a handful of words. I felt genuinely bad for Ivan when he was just standing there nodding and hand-waving at the camera. Linus easily could have shifted either 2 or 3 build's content for Ivan to explain. And it will also help Linus is not stressing his throat soon. Was agitated at this so I'm posting this comment, otherwise a great video series guys. You should definitely make one for 2019! #LinusTechTips

  • mtgayrek
    mtgayrek 23 hours ago

    I bought a PowerSpec G224 at my local MicroCenter. It was a floor model, the salesman didn't need to tell me the history, but did; said it was on the floor for about a month before it was pulled because new hardware went out- was maybe never even connected to the internet. Retailed for $949.96 USD, I bought for $615 USD.
    Wonderful CustServ experience, and I'm loving my new Best PC I've Ever Had.
    Please someone tell me why I would ever (assuming I had the money) spend an extra $900+? Honest question.

  • Rey Garcia
    Rey Garcia Day ago

    This was one my favorites mini series, you guys should do it again soon.

  • ThexWITCHxMaster
    ThexWITCHxMaster Day ago +1

    I said this in all the other parts... DONT BUY A DELL... 😂🤣....

  • pvphacks101
    pvphacks101 Day ago

    Just realised I've watched this video 3 times in a week 😂😂😂

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V Day ago

    been subbed for years never heard about this series

  • Maximillian Morrison

    This is the most important and influential linus video yet

  • Papa Labman
    Papa Labman Day ago

    This was a $7,500+ test. And I'm sitting here like "I'd be happy to afford a new GPU"

  • BedwarsBeast12
    BedwarsBeast12 2 days ago +2

    u dint like origin eh? Yet u accept sponsors from them lol

  • HF Z
    HF Z 3 days ago

    have you tried reinstall windows?

  • Davethreshold
    Davethreshold 3 days ago

    Somebody HELP ME. LOL, I just binge-watched the whole Secret Shopper series. Linus Tech Tips, it was FANTASTIC. I love the way that you did it, from the viewpoint of your lovely, "customer" who did not, "know much" about this stuff. People like them are what tech help is for. I once talked to a guy at Samsung for my 950 Pro, M.2 problem. He was so good. If all tech help was like that guy, the world would be a better place! BraVO LTT!

  • Jun T
    Jun T 4 days ago

    dude Canada Computers's brand Aeon have a similar build for just 1 k Canadian, half of what Origin PC's price, imagine what kind of case u can buy with that extra $1000.

  • NotABerger _
    NotABerger _ 4 days ago

    Why did origin decide to sponsor linus after this? Linus completely exposed how overpriced their prebuilts are.

  • The nextinline
    The nextinline 4 days ago

    I do not understand why do these things (prebuilt GAMING PCs) exist. Are there GAMERS out there who have no idea how to build their PC? I mean seriously, if you call yourself GAMER,the PC building and managing ability comes with the territory. In the end, if you want to just play games and know nothing about PCs, go get a console.

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer 5 days ago

    This should be a yearly thing.

  • Cody Benzie
    Cody Benzie 5 days ago +1

    I was more interested in what Linus kept touching under the table.... that was driving me insane.
    Please do more of these!!

  • senor135
    senor135 5 days ago +3

    ibuypower is disqualified in my book. that tech support was completely unacceptable.

  • Arco Llorens
    Arco Llorens 6 days ago +1

    need final charts -- good -> bad - build quality, and place prize awards. (1st, 2nd, etc.) last frames.

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown 6 days ago +10

    Imagine spending $1500 on a gaming pc that can't run gta 5 at 60 fps

  • Michael Goldberg
    Michael Goldberg 6 days ago

    so, cyberpower wins right?

  • SwitchBladeEVO
    SwitchBladeEVO 7 days ago

    So what I gathered from this is take my business to Maingear when I go to get my next rig because they actually listen to you instead of just shoving a bunch of high end parts into a box for benchmarks. Lol.

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott 7 days ago

    Dells almost always have about an order of magnitude too much thermal compound on the CPU... I'm not sure I have ever seen one at the shop that was done correctly. It's pretty amazing that the dell can push ten times the performance on such a meager PS, chuckles.

  • redz geronimo
    redz geronimo 7 days ago

    i rewatched the series just for the intro...

  • KenTheVyondGamer3000

    Next yr NZXT BLD vs Walmart vs Lenovo vs Xidax vs Acer like if u agree

  • D C
    D C 9 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that was wondering what the heck Linus kept checking in his pocket this whole video? It started to get very distracting.

    • D C
      D C 2 days ago +1

      @Bruno Nicolino HE may want to find a better location or better way to do it because it looks like he is scratching himself in this video.

    • Bruno Nicolino
      Bruno Nicolino 4 days ago

      D C it’s his prompter controller. He does it every video.

  • iou787
    iou787 9 days ago

    I mean, I get it. They did their due diligence. But they only got 1 customer support agent. I think they should have tried 3 or 4 times. I'm a technician by trade and I know we can get really overloaded with dumb questions. I know it's not best for business, but I can see where the IBuyPower guy is coming from. Yes, he was inconsiderate, but any support person having a bad day can do the same. (as a side note, I can see LTM had a limited time schedule, but they could have at least mentioned it).

  • Ice Guy
    Ice Guy 9 days ago

    BTW, it's long been known that Alienware is overpriced crap. So is iBuyPower. My experience with HP is that their systems are very streamlined (i.e. the power supply is exact to the draw & limited fans) and the MSI motherboard variant they've been using for years is limited in upgradability, but they work great as-is (and must have had some deal with NVidia with 1070s.)

  • Ice Guy
    Ice Guy 9 days ago

    Not a huge fan of this channel, but this series was excellent.

  • Anthony Calcaterra
    Anthony Calcaterra 9 days ago

    Even Though cyberpowerpc didn't make the cut because of no recommendations, I think they are freaking amazing at their configurations/build/ build quality/ price. CyberPowerPC all the way!

  • Guala Nejo
    Guala Nejo 10 days ago +6

    This episode would be really great if the other guy talk as much as linus

  • bryan grelle
    bryan grelle 10 days ago

    Although origin cheaper out the most, and many people are correct in saying they can hand pick better components for the same cost, remember the pre built PC guys are trying to make money off it, they assemble for you and want to get paid for it and their knowledge.

  • lui858
    lui858 10 days ago

    Why dont you guys build and sell gaming pc for us

  • Greger0091
    Greger0091 10 days ago +1

    Bring this series back for 2019!

  • Khalid Hebshi
    Khalid Hebshi 10 days ago

    12:24 why does it say i3 8100 tho?

  • Kavas
    Kavas 11 days ago

    i would still recommend maingear after everything tbh

  • audiogarden21
    audiogarden21 11 days ago

    I want to know why Linus didn't go with the name "Lisun" so he could start the show off with, "Alright, Lisun here kids!..."

  • Okwaho
    Okwaho 11 days ago

    I wonder if Origin took a hit from this?

  • Byeohazard
    Byeohazard 11 days ago


  • Fishinacup246
    Fishinacup246 13 days ago


  • steve clark
    steve clark 14 days ago +1

    Do cyberpower PC. Had some mixed results in QC but their cable management and tech support are great.

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 14 days ago +1

    Best set of vids you've ever made. Essential viewing for people like myself who want to get into pc gaming but don't know enough about it and can't afford to risk getting screwed. THANK YOU

  • Ven183
    Ven183 14 days ago

    Jeez, when i used to work for a system builder, If i treated a customer that bad i'd be eating through a tube.

  • Andras Jonas
    Andras Jonas 14 days ago

    Origin put the smallest/least of everything + zap at the back

  • UNR3AL
    UNR3AL 15 days ago

    they should review a karuza pc

  • TheCoolTable
    TheCoolTable 16 days ago

    Origin should be embarrassed...their $1500 gaming PC performed about as well as some of the $300-$500 scrapyard wars PC's...I really hope nobody is foolish enough to give them money. Go buy a wal mart PC for that price. At least you can return it, lol.

  • Omega Beta
    Omega Beta 16 days ago

    These computer companies are just as bad as some car companies. all about the exterior to screw over consumers

  • littlelamp100
    littlelamp100 16 days ago

    didn't origin sponsor you guys before? lol

  • Dustin Hendrickson
    Dustin Hendrickson 16 days ago

    I just wanna get a pre built PC for destiny 2 cause they are doing cross save. What would be best?? Dont wanna spend more than 2000

    • gecko
      gecko 14 days ago +1

      Probably HP. Best specs. Maingear has great support, you could go with them. I'd just go to their webpage and compare both spec sheets. I'd suggest going with the company that has the new ryzens on board. Like the 3700x fits greatly in your budget.

      Or what I'd really do is watch some youtube tutorials on how to build a PC, and build a banger PC for 1500 with the new ryzen 3700x.

  • Herobrine Gaming
    Herobrine Gaming 17 days ago +1

    It'll probably teach some companies a lesson.

  • TheBorkBork
    TheBorkBork 17 days ago

    love = linus

  • takochako
    takochako 17 days ago


  • Akash Medishetty
    Akash Medishetty 18 days ago

    Gift me one of them man

  • fadola panoli
    fadola panoli 19 days ago

    My 350€ pc has a 1050ti wtf, prebuilt pcs are the scams, you better off by yourself watching a youtube video how to make one, study components a bit and aleluia you saved 40% the price of ur machine :)

    RETRO GAMER 19 days ago


  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson 19 days ago

    My vote is maingear

  • CincyRaz
    CincyRaz 19 days ago

    This series came across as an ad for Maingear. They really blew the others out of the water imho.

  • Mitchell Allen
    Mitchell Allen 20 days ago

    I would like you see you build me a PC Workstation. Me pay you $4000 CND, you build and send me flawlessly working piece of art. Thanks in advance.

  • Martin Houlton
    Martin Houlton 20 days ago

    Linum PI has to be a TV show

  • Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel

    I would definitely be willing to sacrifice a small amount of performance for the incredible customer service of maingear.

  • JägerTheBaker
    JägerTheBaker 21 day ago

    Literally my laptop. Ive tried everything within my power to delete and uninstall McAFee and it forces itself to stay. It's like a virus itself lmao.

    • Jugginator 12
      Jugginator 12 20 days ago

      You should be able to, ive gotten rid of many norton and mcafee installs through control panel/programs. You can always try a hard uninstaller like wise care 365 too

  • Wolf Darkrose
    Wolf Darkrose 21 day ago +1

    i just find it odd they didnt touch cyberpower pc

  • Wolf Darkrose
    Wolf Darkrose 21 day ago

    usually unless your a 2K plus buyer they dont usually put your build first i see with most these pre phabs but usually if you pay over 2K or more they do a decent job or if you get a custom build from them then a pre made they have to do a good job or they get shafted by the buyer but all in all its just luck i guess

  • Rodriquez Camese
    Rodriquez Camese 22 days ago

    the laugh at 26:03, i'm sold lol!!! sub! like!

  • Ultimate GameKing
    Ultimate GameKing 22 days ago

    Linus: Handcuffing his employees since 2018

  • 1st. STTI
    1st. STTI 22 days ago

    really Im pulling in 120Frames per sec on an FX8350 processor, Asus M5A78L-m Motherboard, 32 gig memory, and a GTX 1060 6gig GPU, BenchMark says it is a UFO and its my Suitcase Gaming pc, all air cooled.

    • 1st. STTI
      1st. STTI 22 days ago

      BTW its a trillion times faster than a "Gameing" Laptop.

  • The Trashman
    The Trashman 23 days ago

    It's crazy this video was made 6 months ago and my custom has an r7 2700x 16gb of 3200mhz rgb ram and a rtx 2070 msi gaming z and was $100 more. If u don't want to build your own pc buy the parts and pay your local computer repair shop to build it for you

  • mrwombator
    mrwombator 23 days ago

    I wonder if they fired that guy that was responsible for mounting the memory into memory slots ;)

  • Quinn H.
    Quinn H. 24 days ago

    I got the same spec list for the Origin with an HP for like $400. WTF!!?

  • Sergio Studdard
    Sergio Studdard 24 days ago +2

    If you look at 12:23 you will see that the Origin actually only had a Core I3-8100 CPU. Shame on you Origin.

    • Troy Carvell
      Troy Carvell 23 days ago

      @Sergio Studdard to be fair the upgrade to i5 was from another video and wasn't gone into much here :) but that's the reason in the testing results the origin has two coloumns

    • Sergio Studdard
      Sergio Studdard 23 days ago +1

      Troy Carvell sorry, It wasn’t mentioned on the spec list. My oversight.

    • Troy Carvell
      Troy Carvell 23 days ago

      It came with an i5 cause they bought the upgrade but it pushed it over budget. They just also did testing with the i3 that would have been the default. The i3 actually performed better than the i5 though

  • thevoyager63
    thevoyager63 24 days ago

    Can somebody post the 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st please? I'm scrolling through the end of the video, can't find it easily, they're talking a LOT!

  • shecoda
    shecoda 24 days ago

    Be cool to see you check out various gaming laptops!

  • 平均以外のものN.Y.A.R

    Lol the omen. My laptops more powerful and less expensive

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy 25 days ago +1

    For $1500 get this.
    Ryzen 2700X
    RTX 2080
    It’s A Great PC

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy 25 days ago +1

    So your future sponsor (Origin) is a *scam*

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan 26 days ago

    Just skimming through Origin PC's website and holy hell, they take their customers to the cleaners. They currently have a $1500 Mid Tower PC that has $900 worth of parts if you were to buy them yourself and as a company they buy in bulk and get supplier prices... by the time you pay taxes and shipping you're into it for close to $1700 for a PC that Origin built for probably $600-700. For the love of god people, take a half hour and watch a couple build tutorials and build it yourself. You can literally get a similar PC for way cheaper or a MUCH better PC for what you would of spent. Win Win.

  • sicmic
    sicmic 26 days ago

    Linus said 'bloody graphics driver'. Shout out from Oz bro!

  • Majin Yama
    Majin Yama 26 days ago

    This video made me realize ijust need to build my own pc

  • Dalton Kimbro
    Dalton Kimbro 26 days ago


  • USALove COD-OtherGames

    *no pc can run age of empires 1 and microsoft chess*

  • The WeedWeeb
    The WeedWeeb 27 days ago

    Please do this again next year.

  • Null Ptr
    Null Ptr 27 days ago

    awesome videos, hope you will repeat it!
    2 sugestions: compare premade pcs with your own build. I wonder how much more performance you can get with these money if you really know how to build pc
    and it would be cool if you add links to other parts of videos in description so I can easy find all of them

  • Anthony Caballero
    Anthony Caballero 27 days ago

    So I am switching over from console to PC. With that being said, I know NOTHING about the PC world. Long story short my buddy is selling his PC for $2K. Can you guys tell me if he is giving a good deal?
    Here are the specs:

    - i7 8700k Overclocked to 4.9GHZ
    - EVGA RTX 2080 Overclocked to 2050 MHZ Core/ 8200 MHZ Mem
    - Trident Z RGB 8GB x 4 (32GB) Ram Overclocked to 3700 MHZ
    - Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi Motherboard
    - Corsair LL RGB 120 Case fan with Lighting Nod Pro x 6
    - Corsair H150i CPU Cooler
    - Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic ATX Full Case
    - EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850 W Power supply
    - Samsung EVO 860 500GB Solid State Drive
    - Windows 10 Pro Licensed Less Read Less

  • Shayashi of Myth
    Shayashi of Myth 28 days ago

    As an American spending American dollars this made me appreciate building my own rig... For a little over $1250 US dollars (watching sale prices on pcpartpicker) got to piece together an Asus z390, Asus RoG RTX 2070, an 8700, and 32gb Gskill Trident Z, among all the other pieces... And I didn't even talk down to myself while putting my RAM in...

  • Dado S
    Dado S 28 days ago

    Do another one for 2019

  • Zeus Olympus
    Zeus Olympus 28 days ago

    This was an amazing video..... Next time they should include Digital Storm.... Price range $1500 as well as comparisons.

  • Rusty Potato
    Rusty Potato 28 days ago +1

    You guys should have done this with the Puget Systems company and seen what they come up with

  • Ygaz gge
    Ygaz gge 28 days ago

    IBP tech support diagnosed a motherboard issue on a pre build. it was a faulty hdmi cable.

  • Ulla
    Ulla 28 days ago

    This was an amazing series! The confrontation between consumer and cooparations is going to be the third world war :/ Keep making these series please!!! :S

  • hamzahullah
    hamzahullah 29 days ago

    do this again, Ryzen style....

  • bonob0123
    bonob0123 29 days ago

    origin RIP

  • Guy Jordan
    Guy Jordan 29 days ago

    do it again looking for the "sweet spot" of custom builds. What should I get?

  • Thomas Groh
    Thomas Groh Month ago

    Ya all are A++, really enjoyed the video. Thanks guys keep up the great content!!

  • Duncan Tyree
    Duncan Tyree Month ago

    Almost like alienware and origin have been selling overpriced pcs forever

  • hhy2k
    hhy2k Month ago

    Great series, really! Congrats!

  • Manan J
    Manan J Month ago

    woah was the origin i5 worse than the origin i3? 🤔

  • Roger Snow
    Roger Snow Month ago

    Any ideas on how much $ Linus makes per month with all his youtube activity?

  • Roger Snow
    Roger Snow Month ago

    I would like to see this for a $2,000 system. I think most serious buyers, for a serious gamer would be spending closer to $2k, I think 2k is the min. to come up with a quality 'ultra' 60fps system.

  • Mainor Ramirez
    Mainor Ramirez Month ago

    It seems iBuyP. is sponsoring you guys, and that's good for you.

  • 1bryanmv
    1bryanmv Month ago +1

    Please do more like this. Also, if you didn’t, get employee names of those that performed well and let the company know they did a good job. It makes a HUGE impact for retail type employees.