Sending The Internet Through Water So I Can "Surf" The Web

  • Published on Dec 22, 2021
  • I send the internet signal through water
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  • Reavenk
    Reavenk 5 months ago +19804

    We've spent so much money laying trans-oceanic internet cables when all we needed were alligator clips into the ocean!

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi Month ago

      @W_ldan lmao i mean sometimes we just learn dumb shiť from teachers and realise our minds are more capable.

    • chantelle.mp4
      chantelle.mp4 Month ago

      @Le Parrain fromage yeah i guess that’s true, it’d be a complicated thing to actually figure out and implement in practice but in theory there definitely are ways it could work, good point

    • TheBlueSalamander
      TheBlueSalamander Month ago

      Slowest Internet speed possible xd

    • Le Parrain fromage
      Le Parrain fromage Month ago

      @Awareqwx Diamond Nah, you could use multiple access techniques like you have to do anyway with a wireless communication medium (WiFi, cellular etc.). You can distribute connections over different time slots, frequency slots or use different spreading codes like CDMA/UMTS used to do until nearly everything started using OFDM. This is hypothetically speaking of course, there is no way to overcome the attenuation without sacrificing bandwidth. If you use acoustic waves of low enough frequency they can travel pretty far through water, but you probably couldn't even transfer a kilobit per second. The carrier frequency has to be high for high data rate (that's why optical can easily achieve several Gbit/s)

    • Le Parrain fromage
      Le Parrain fromage Month ago

      @chantelle.mp4 In principle there is, you could always use frequency-, time- or code multiplexing like with any other communication medium, but not sure how much bandwidth you'd have available to work with. (For example any wireless communication is always sharing the medium with other devices if they aren't far enough apart from each other)

  • Siderealplague
    Siderealplague 2 months ago +120

    Watching this video helped me realize that my internet is actually worse than transmitting it through water.

  • Axysty
    Axysty 2 months ago +254

    This takes the meaning of "You have dog water internet" to another level.

    • Jessy Lindsey
      Jessy Lindsey Month ago

      Makes me think of hot dog water , he should try hot dog water

    • Khaliil bin Ammar
      Khaliil bin Ammar Month ago

      @Wysiwyg - 👍

    • Wysiwyg
      Wysiwyg Month ago +3

      @Khaliil bin Ammar it's usually like "you're dog water at this game" as a trash talk that basically means you suck

    • Khaliil bin Ammar
      Khaliil bin Ammar Month ago +8

      I still don’t know the first level meaning.

    • pipebombmailer1978
      pipebombmailer1978 Month ago +14

      i have literally never heard that in my entire life

  • gayatri enterprises
    gayatri enterprises 5 months ago +1331

    He literally has insane amount of unbelievable topics to cover every day

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi Month ago

      @Master how you know that secret.

    • tinker bell
      tinker bell Month ago

      the mind of a scientist

    • i need more sleep
      i need more sleep 2 months ago

      @Marvin Reimer salt dissolves into ions in water.

    • Catalyst - D B
      Catalyst - D B 2 months ago +2

      @Master Boyfriend here 💪🏽 I don’t use parental restrictions.

    • Shin Vincent
      Shin Vincent 2 months ago +4

      @●Tanjiro Kamado-竈門炭太郎● attention seeker probably

  • Covert cat
    Covert cat 5 months ago +5358

    Jeff-"Max why you weren't online yesterday?"
    Max-"I forgot to pay the water bill"

    • Ok
      Ok 2 months ago +1

      @Covert cat me

    • RealNameNeverUsed
      RealNameNeverUsed 2 months ago +2

      That first line reminds me of Yahoo Messenger days when we used to wait for each other to be online, buzzing each other and stuff lol memories

    • Uniku DeSu
      Uniku DeSu 2 months ago +1

      😆 😂 😂

    • IceeFish
      IceeFish 3 months ago +2

      @Grimm Reaper sitting in my room and making Candice Nuts jokes to my imaginary friend and start crying after they get angry at me and stop being my friend while my family worries about my mental health

    • Grimm Reaper
      Grimm Reaper 3 months ago +2

      @Covert cat should have had your imaginary friend's name be Candice

  • Todoriko
    Todoriko 2 months ago +194

    "So i can surf thr web"
    Dads: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caelan Holder
    Caelan Holder 4 months ago +975

    “I cut this cable”
    Looks like you chewed through it 😂

  • JustASerbianDoomer
    JustASerbianDoomer Month ago +7

    Question: If you were to add more salt, would it make the internet faster or will nothing be different?

  • JustANobody
    JustANobody 4 months ago +274

    This guy is over here answering all the questions we didn't know we even had.

  • Kelsomatic
    Kelsomatic 2 months ago +26

    When is my VPN gonna let me select “Pacific Ocean?”

  • David
    David 2 months ago +46

    "Why is your ping so bad?"
    "Sorry i accidentally ran the router cable into my water line"

    • Ekl Haft
      Ekl Haft Month ago

      The metal pipe could help 🤔

  • Zach Goebel
    Zach Goebel 5 months ago +85

    This can happen naturally with cables in the ground being cut/damaged, they can have variable amounts of resistance and interference based on the amount of groundwater which translates to better/worse service depending on the weather. As some other mentioned though, please don't ever purposefully do this, interference ANYWHERE in the system can potentially f up a decent area depending on what you do.

    • Bradley Irving
      Bradley Irving 2 months ago +2

      no it doesnt

    • Dark Star
      Dark Star 3 months ago +7

      Well so thats why my internet works so well when i water the garden.

  • Chris Larson
    Chris Larson 4 months ago +9

    Gotta say, I love these experiments and such, they have really peaked my interest in science and just how things work in our world and the overall universe. Keep it up!

  • Hi
    Hi 5 months ago +5

    NASA: "accidentally dropped internet cable on the ocean"

  • Zack Carl
    Zack Carl Month ago +3

    I am a CS engineer, i knew it would work but still 🤣 i was amazed to see it like a kid , your videos are always so engaging

  • Human Probably
    Human Probably Month ago +3

    Imagine if he just instantly short circuited the entire world’s internet…

  • 3zOzDark
    3zOzDark 2 months ago +6

    "we add salt to this water"
    *Starts crying*

  • DocV
    DocV Month ago +4

    This is the most nerdiest and scientificest dad joke i have ever seen

  • Tyler 8898
    Tyler 8898 3 months ago +2

    Most internet outages are either due to technical issues, or digging accidents. If we had inspectors at every digsite, this could be prevented.

  • Ramash440
    Ramash440 Month ago +3

    "Damn, why is the latency so damn high today?!"
    Meanwhile the neighbour with your internet cable :

  • akshay kumar
    akshay kumar 4 months ago +1

    Man you always take things to next level 🔥

  • Anti yt shorts union PLS READ DESC

    This brings me back. Did anyone else have those little circuit pieces that you could arrange on a board as a kid? I remember losing the board and using a glass of water to transmit the electricity.
    That board was probably what got me interested in coding and engineering.

    • Hydra V2
      Hydra V2 Month ago

      You talking about the cardboard circuits with the springs as contacts? Hell yeah I remember those, although as a kid I never actually got mine to work (it was supposed to be a radio and I never actually completed it o don’t think) but looking back I wanna get another one so I can make it work

    • Farrell Raafi
      Farrell Raafi Month ago


    • Tone Loc
      Tone Loc 4 months ago

      I don’t know if it’s what I had but I remember the board had connections that were little springs that would hold the stripped ends of wire allowing you to make different circuits, radio receivers, etc. it was a really interesting toy that would really spur your imagination!?

    • Shaun Clarke
      Shaun Clarke 4 months ago

      @NNapples theres loads of them, the one I had was called hot wires

    • NNapples
      NNapples 4 months ago

      do you know what it was called?

  • DarthAsthma
    DarthAsthma 4 months ago +4

    The little planktons that finally get to watch TheXvid: thank you kind sir🙏

  • polydural music
    polydural music 4 months ago +2

    What if you make the salinity of the water super high by warming it so it absorbs the salt better, how high will the speed be?

  • Spaghettios
    Spaghettios 4 months ago

    He spent his day and loads of effort to make a dad joke.
    This is the man we should all aspire to be.

  • Crypto News
    Crypto News 4 months ago

    I wonder the max distance this would work at. Interesting that most underwater cables might have breaks but not far apart to disconnect.

  • Zakumei
    Zakumei 5 months ago +11899

    "Aye bro your ping is trash"
    "Sorry mate, usin a water dish for me cable"
    " *YOU WHAT* "

  • Dana Chalha
    Dana Chalha 4 months ago

    Please never stop doing these projects ♥️

  • Vaani Vijay
    Vaani Vijay 4 months ago

    I’m thanking Dr.STONE for the knowledge I got before watching this video. They made the internet and sent their wires through the ocean. So this is a great way to try that at home!

  • This username is currently taken

    I like how the internet transmitted through water is still better than my internet connection

  • Reflectivish
    Reflectivish 2 months ago

    He went through so much to get it working just for a pun 😂

  • Dave dave
    Dave dave 4 months ago

    Imagine having a signal that can connect internet reliably and fast thru the ocean imagine all the free wifi from the sea on beach lol

  • Hex
    Hex 4 months ago

    The attenuation of the signal would suffer incredibly if you were to use this medium, but yeah saltwater is conductive.

  • BenjaminGeorge
    BenjaminGeorge 5 months ago

    That's so weird, I literally had a thought about transmitting data through the sea yesterday 😂

  • Odd_Gott_6260
    Odd_Gott_6260 Month ago

    You'd look like an absolute boss if you found yourself in a situation where the cable was damaged and someone needed the internet desperately with no other solutions and you pulled this on em. Chances of a situation like that actually occurring is very low tho unfortunately lol

  • Wellington Almeida
    Wellington Almeida 5 months ago

    Fun fact: I live in Brazil and his internet going through water is actually way faster than my normal internet 🤡

  • Jessssss
    Jessssss 5 months ago

    That's awesome! But... As a radio nerd, it's terrifying to think of the sheer volume of radio noise that must be generating, like wow... You would struggle to use radio equipment around it is my theory, maybe something to test?

  • H R
    H R 3 months ago

    This is good news. It's a relief to know if there was a major flood effecting the world, we'd still have internet access

  • imouse1
    imouse1 4 months ago

    This should have come with more of a warning. I can already see someone shocking themselves doing this

  • Brandon Borges
    Brandon Borges 4 months ago

    I find it absolutely insane some of the stuff you do and the things you show us. Imagine this but on massive scales. The world could be changed in monumental ways. If we can do it at home we can do it on a hyper refined large scale and apply it to a truly massive number of things

    • Brandon Borges
      Brandon Borges 4 months ago

      @Marvin Reimer I didn't at any point say I had the technical answers but that wasn't the point or direction my comment took, again if you can't even understand that then I'm sorry. For your small mind

    • Marvin Reimer
      Marvin Reimer 4 months ago

      @Brandon Borges oh master then please elaborate your divine thoughts on this superior technology. How do you plan to shield your signal in water? How much freaking current do you want to blast through your node so you can barely get a shitty signal?
      I'm really curious now but let me guess, you won't tell me?

    • Brandon Borges
      Brandon Borges 4 months ago +1

      @Marvin Reimer I apologize you have such a small mind

    • Marvin Reimer
      Marvin Reimer 4 months ago

      The stuff is only insane because you dont understand it. This isn't doing anything good bro 😂😂

  • GustavGans80
    GustavGans80 4 months ago

    I had a slow internet connection (2mbits/s) for like half a year. But it varied a lot depending on the weather. Turned out the signal was transferred in partly through the soil, since some cables were damaged due to roadwork.

  • Bárbara Lummertz
    Bárbara Lummertz 5 months ago

    I love that science is essentially tha shit that you do when you are a kid, but with actual data, explanation and safety lol

  • 1 plus 1 is 32
    1 plus 1 is 32 2 months ago

    Somehow even when connecting to the internet with water, his internet is still better than mine

  • LilReaper1010
    LilReaper1010 5 months ago +3727

    Now splash the water and see if it gives lag. Blow bubbles in it!

  • Charitard
    Charitard 4 months ago +2

    So this is how school computers were connected to the internet

  • Joshua Fowler
    Joshua Fowler 3 months ago

    Lol. Imagine spending years on sending internet through the ocean to make a pun.

  • mr.nobody
    mr.nobody 4 months ago +2

    Imagine being the parent of this guy when he was small lol

  • S V
    S V 5 months ago

    I l love the experiments this guy does.

  • Roelf Joubert
    Roelf Joubert 2 months ago

    This dude must be like the coolest dad to have ever. Lol

  • Lithex 343
    Lithex 343 5 months ago +1

    Next Video: So today we're gonna be testing if you can connect two wires via interstellar space travel. So first, you put 1 tablespoon of salt on the hyperdrive-

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 5 months ago

    As a low voltage technician I'm just thinking how pissed the FAA would be to see this video lol! But seriously don't ever do this!

  • Adrian Dizon
    Adrian Dizon 5 months ago +1

    Oh wow. That's still faster than my internet 😂

  • NeonGT
    NeonGT 5 months ago +910

    now thats the definition of “wireless” im looking for

    • Shaun Clarke
      Shaun Clarke 4 months ago

      no WiFi is what you're fucking looking for 🤣🤣

    • tomsterBG
      tomsterBG 5 months ago

      Wireless as in bluetooth... hmm

    • divitiae victoria
      divitiae victoria 5 months ago +8

      @DuX gaming ratio

    • Train Cam
      Train Cam 5 months ago +1

      @SoCalSaf bravo !

    • DuX gaming
      DuX gaming 5 months ago

      @Lol • 10 Years and if you paint shit in blue, it doesnt become blueberry, if you have wires it cant be wireless whatever you do to it, also coax cable is ancient tech, same as water conductivity research...

  • Harris Dogra
    Harris Dogra 2 months ago

    There was once a time where that internet speed was faster than what I had.

  • donavon thompson
    donavon thompson 2 months ago

    Can you do a speed test before and after. Also can you test how far apart the wires can be in water

  • Yuyah
    Yuyah 5 months ago

    Alternative title:
    "Never replace your broken/damaged cables ever again"

  • Marcus Casagrande
    Marcus Casagrande 2 months ago

    So my internet goes off when "it rains too much", while this guy's internet LITERALLY goes through water!

  • Journeys Dreams
    Journeys Dreams 5 months ago +940

    Taking surfing the internets to a whole new level

    • Paulo Martins
      Paulo Martins 4 months ago


    • ReCh1299
      ReCh1299 4 months ago +1


    • iliketurtles
      iliketurtles 5 months ago +1

      That is literally the point of the fucking video...

    • Seangle
      Seangle 5 months ago +2

      @YourmomsnameisKaren did you see his profile name? ;))

    • YourmomsnameisKaren
      YourmomsnameisKaren 5 months ago +3

      @It's Not Time To Stop Don’t encourage these bad jokes.

  • Abdulla
    Abdulla 3 months ago

    The question I couldn't ask my teacher. What if we use ocean water to transfer Internet? It will be better than optical fiber.

  • Christopher Woods
    Christopher Woods 3 months ago

    We always knew it’s a series of tubes, now we know what’s happening inside

  • Dragonburst
    Dragonburst 3 months ago

    Some how when he puts his cable through water it is still better than my internet

  • Stig Cruise
    Stig Cruise 3 months ago

    I just imagine we're gonna be seeing small coaxial tubes on WISH claiming noise free Internet, high speed and security improvement with the power of salt water.

  • Matthew Chalfant
    Matthew Chalfant Month ago

    This guy never runs out of ideas!
    Stay Curious!

  • Richard Welsh
    Richard Welsh 4 months ago

    Wait so all those advertisements for “cutting the cord” showing literal scissors about to chop a cable were actually legit

  • cooper zooper
    cooper zooper 2 months ago +1

    So this is how I can talk to my friends over seas! Awsome

  • FakadaMaLDada
    FakadaMaLDada 4 months ago

    I am quite impressed he still uses a coaxial cable instead of fiber optics

  • Moshe D
    Moshe D 5 months ago +676

    "This one trick your ISP doesn't want you to find out"

    • Zack Davis
      Zack Davis 2 months ago

      @yamspaine to interfere with received signal, you need interference on the same frequency and that interference has to be at the common point for multiple addresses to be affected. So if a neighborhood is getting nothing for a channel range, you check the common point for that area and make sure everything is tight and undamaged, then you use scanners to find the interference source.
      Damaged lines in a house will kill the returning (upstream) signal but the ingress point must be in the main line to affect multiple locations

    • Platerpus7
      Platerpus7 4 months ago

      I don’t think they care with your 1994 dialup speeds.

    • Xero SFS - SFS Content
      Xero SFS - SFS Content 4 months ago

      I thought this was a joke about rocket engine ISP and it still made sense

    • yamspaine
      yamspaine 5 months ago +2

      @Zack Davis I was just warned about something like that when I was a cable tech... I may have been not understanding something, but we had a few houses that could not get certain channels and we suspected neighbor houses.

    • Zack Davis
      Zack Davis 5 months ago +13

      @yamspaine that’s not how that would go down. The most noticeable thing affected would be the upstream bandwidth. The noise floor would elevate significantly and it would affect the entire node. For the broadcast channels to be affected there would have to be a large source of RF noise transmitted near the exposed cable line.
      I’ve seen an antenna hooked up to live cable and it didn’t cause a level of interference that could induce a fine

  • I am, made in The Creator's image.

    It's free floating everywhere and just needs a funnelled direction to catch it?
    Water is truly amazing🤩

  • YwY 1234
    YwY 1234 2 months ago

    The internet is literally the real life equivalent of the spirit realm... It's like there but it's not exactly together with the physical world...

  • Mike Hutch
    Mike Hutch 3 months ago

    I was a cable electrician. The copper wire has a small current running through it. The white stuff is called dielectric and actually carries the signal for cable and internet. Think about it as a train and rails. The copper wire is the rails while the dielectric is the train. The salt water helps the dielectric complete the signal. However if you cut out a section of the dielectric out and leave the copper wire intact there will be very little signal speed if any at all. It will in fact send a signal to the cable provider there's a problem in the line and a lineman will put a device on the tap (box on the wire that splits signal to houses/apartments/etc) that will last about 30 days. Then your cable and internet won't work well and you'll call for a guy like me to come out and fix it. I'll spend anywhere from half hour to 5 hours to locate and fix the problem before I take the device off. Depending on where the problem is located depends on the length of time it takes to fix. We usually start at all the fittings and replace them. Then run a test and see if the problem is fixed. If not we have to start checking lines, sometimes just replace lines throughout the house. Mice and other rodents are a cable guys best friend for giving us work, but we hate them as the damage is usually in the walls.

  • rewinder2008
    rewinder2008 5 months ago +1

    He took the surfing the web thing too seriously

  • Martilix
    Martilix 5 months ago +336

    My question is, how far can these cables be from each other and still work?

    • Daan Offline
      Daan Offline 4 months ago

      @Platerpus7 well yeah, salt conducts well

    • Platerpus7
      Platerpus7 4 months ago

      @Daan Offline salt water is a very good conductor

    • Platerpus7
      Platerpus7 4 months ago

      Well less than a foot away he was getting like 1994 dialup speeds so what do you think?

    • Hernan Pastenes
      Hernan Pastenes 4 months ago

      @GOAT OF DUTY I have optical fiber in my house so it's not possible in my behalf

      GOAT OF DUTY 4 months ago

      @Hernan Pastenes why dont you test it yourself?

  • KxyToast
    KxyToast 4 months ago

    I like how the internet speed he has using water is the same as mines lol

  • Nagito Koameda
    Nagito Koameda 2 months ago

    Wait. So you can technically make oceans into a huge wifi box?

  • M A
    M A 5 months ago +1

    Bro just took dad jokes to another level 💀

  • Oscar'less Oscar
    Oscar'less Oscar 2 months ago

    His upload speed through water is stronger then mine most days lmao

  • Bud Satterwhite
    Bud Satterwhite 4 months ago

    Awesome experiment. But I'm more than certain you had crazy insane noise ingress back feeding through the plant to the Node. 😂 Definitely not good for the neighborhood service.

  • Teetriplekay Animates
    Teetriplekay Animates 5 months ago

    I think I now understand the reason I'm such a science nerd

  • NoalFarstrider
    NoalFarstrider 4 months ago +1

    Does this mean we can just pump the internet into the ocean?

  • SilentEcho TWD
    SilentEcho TWD 5 months ago

    That moment when saltwater internet is faster than my office internet...

  • Isaac Brumfiel
    Isaac Brumfiel 5 months ago

    Puts a whole new meaning to micro waves lol

  • Nazmul Hasan Alif
    Nazmul Hasan Alif 5 months ago

    Sad thing is his water connection is still faster than my cable internet

  • TheKyleBrah
    TheKyleBrah 5 months ago

    Me: Man, my fibre optic line is so freakin' cool!
    Action Labs Guy: You were saying?

  • Teekay
    Teekay 2 months ago

    I'm not even gonna bother explain why this doesn't work in practice to those that think we can just put alligator cables into the ocean. Nice experiment but an expected outcome really.

  • Abel, totally not DNS client or spaghetti

    Reject 4G/5G
    Return to *_Water LAN_*

    • Loop
      Loop Month ago

      Can't tell if that's a pun or not.

    • Dreaming Square
      Dreaming Square Month ago +1

      Water LAN fuckin slew me

    • Akromeo
      Akromeo 2 months ago +3


    • Joaquin Gamarra
      Joaquin Gamarra 4 months ago +6

      This implies that once upon a time we actually used Water LAN for everything.
      And I would love to be there

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell 4 months ago

    This dude has better internet when using water than I do on a good day.

  • Ifyoureplytomycommentyouaregay

    This guy is freak of nature I love it mad scientist status

  • matythebuny
    matythebuny 3 months ago

    legend says he actually uploaded this video using his underwater internet

  • Brian M
    Brian M 5 months ago

    When they told you to surf through the Internet, this is what they meant

  • Widget222
    Widget222 5 months ago +19

    Would be interested to see the comparison of different salts. You could probably just derive that data mathematically from their different conductivity characteristics though. But that beyond me though.

    • Daveee
      Daveee 5 months ago +2

      it doesnt make a noticable difference, the amount of salt changes the conductivity of the water. Internet speed changes so much, you dont see a difference until the 3rd decimal place

  • Spec tator
    Spec tator 5 months ago

    Imagine having wireless internet throughout yourl home just fully submerged under salty water

  • Will Stroud
    Will Stroud 2 months ago

    What if we just had really giant cable dipped into the ocean instead of on the sea bed?

  • rando man
    rando man 4 months ago

    Came for the science, liked for the pun. It was a good trip

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune 4 months ago +1

    Today we’re going to see if we can use a toaster in water

  • Nathan Antonio
    Nathan Antonio 5 months ago +1

    Note: *DON'T DO THIS AT HOME.*

    YOUNG FOREVER 4 months ago

    Imagine the noise he’s feeding back into the cable plant. Later that day he was disconnected from the plant.

  • Average JoJo Fan
    Average JoJo Fan 2 months ago

    Funny thing is, his internet speed while being connected in water is still faster than mine

  • Luca Marino
    Luca Marino 5 months ago

    Wow, that test result is even higher of my cabled internet connection

  • mitchell jones
    mitchell jones 3 months ago

    That internet is still faster than mine 😂😂

  • Elliott Day
    Elliott Day 4 months ago

    The most subtle product placement at the end there😂