NEW Legendary Card: Incan Craig

  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • The drums and pan flutes of war have heralded the arrival of the Legendary new card - Incan Craig! Complete this weekend's event for a chance to earn this brand new card!
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  • Jennifer Corbett
    Jennifer Corbett 19 days ago

    "I will sacrifice you"
    Tweek: Sacrifice me daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Woffili
    Woffili 2 months ago

    Nobody except for Cartman:
    Craig: *i will destroy civilisation*

  • and I Yeet
    and I Yeet 3 months ago

    I will destroy civilization

    *Literally killing 3 people with laser eyes*

  • Pote2froui fruité
    Pote2froui fruité 4 months ago

    if I could have incan craig level 2 I would be sooooooooo happy

  • Victor Suarez
    Victor Suarez 6 months ago

    Incan dont do sacrifice that's the Aztec.

    • Victor Suarez
      Victor Suarez 6 months ago

      The only reason they did sacrifice was during the plague which started killing millions of incan, the emperor believed it was the wrath of god so they did sacrifice children but during that time the Spanish where battling the incan tribes and villages

  • Chunmyguy
    Chunmyguy 6 months ago

    Dude don't fucking sacrifice me.

  • Gülay Fırtına
    Gülay Fırtına 7 months ago

    Did anyone see Liane Cartman? At background 1+

  • the crapper
    the crapper 8 months ago

    This is the worst legendary, pls uby buff this Craig and kenny inuit(3 cost, no 4 and 5 cost)

  • Janny Animation
    Janny Animation 10 months ago +1

    Anyone that is a fan of South Park? Like meh comment!

  • basketball 2k expert
    basketball 2k expert 10 months ago

    Dude why won't they do the event again

  • perséphone spárks
    perséphone spárks 10 months ago

    what game is this

  • Valor
    Valor Year ago

    *I Will sacrifice you*

  • Valeria Salette
    Valeria Salette Year ago +2

    Good... I love being peruvian right now 💕 My bby Craig.

  • Craig The Meme God

    Tf? Eric’s mom is getting crucified!!

  • Scram Marketing
    Scram Marketing Year ago

    you can destroy civilization i believe in you

  • Kirb’o King
    Kirb’o King Year ago

    On the card is that cartman’s mom back there burning?

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker Year ago


  • Its Yuri! uwu
    Its Yuri! uwu Year ago


  • NotNotAHuman
    NotNotAHuman Year ago

    No one is questioning Cartman’s mom in the background

  • Henry Hung
    Henry Hung Year ago


  • TheSoullessOne
    TheSoullessOne Year ago

    I realized that Craig's hair color doesn't match with neither of his parents so is he adopted

    • スカハシSquish
      スカハシSquish 8 months ago

      That's just ridiculous, Ever heard of passing on gentic traits? Either one of his parents could've easily been carrying a black hair gene.

  • Ryuk The Darkrai
    Ryuk The Darkrai Year ago +2

    If you look in the back, you can see Cartman’s mom T-Posing.

  • panta sy P H
    panta sy P H Year ago

    Holy shit im going to get that charecter

  • Sapphicwyn
    Sapphicwyn Year ago

    Good. I’m proud of you.

  • Yocline Rosa
    Yocline Rosa Year ago

    Season 22 is about to come out in South Park still hasn't did a video

  • Hassan Tube
    Hassan Tube Year ago

    Dat stronge boi but i am stronger

  • Eddie Guerrero
    Eddie Guerrero Year ago +1

    South park studios why did u stop the show

  • Kartoski Karto
    Kartoski Karto Year ago

    Surely i wont find it before 2021

  • Cure Hoenn May
    Cure Hoenn May Year ago

    I love you craig

  • brayden amazing gameplays

    When is the next season of south park coming out?

  • Max Arellano
    Max Arellano Year ago +1

    Is this game good

  • BEAV E
    BEAV E Year ago

    shity wok take a order preaaseee

  • – G–O–T–G


  • Necro
    Necro Year ago

    rly sick of all the trump bs........ havnt watch the latest episodes at all....... welldone matt and trey. hope u go back to some normal episodes cba with this propaganda bs.

  • Kapitan Zupka
    Kapitan Zupka Year ago +3

    He’s actually Aztec.Incan’s we’re sacrificing llamas and quinea pigs(and kids but very rare).The pyramid in background is actually Aztec pyramid.

  • Happy Soul
    Happy Soul Year ago


  • Sabrina Williams
    Sabrina Williams Year ago


  • Davion Brennan
    Davion Brennan Year ago

    Is that cartmans mom

  • Birthday Boy Blam

    will there ever be a 3rd south park game
    hypothosis: maybe return to imaginationland or a prequel to stick of truth/fractured but whole

  • Otaku NLM
    Otaku NLM Year ago

    We're is the new south Park episode we're we're we're plzzzzz

  • Otaku NLM
    Otaku NLM Year ago

    We're is the new south Park episode we're we're we're plzzzzz

  • Sienerics Sinerics

    I cant wait for the new season i just hope
    Kenny is more of a main charecter
    And chef either comes back or the
    darth vader or chef fights south park

  • ChogiwaChen
    ChogiwaChen Year ago


  • KamuiPan
    KamuiPan Year ago

    Hope that the commie authors of this show die. Globalists puppets, trash people.

  • yaboiGav
    yaboiGav Year ago

    Did the show end

    • gruz 777
      gruz 777 Year ago

      PlsFixMyHomePage no, they just confirmed that season 22 will premiere at September 26 in Comedy Central

  • Scyther Sight
    Scyther Sight Year ago

    When will there ever be more South Park episodes?

  • yourfutureboyfriend

    Where's season 22😁😁😁

  • AllType Gaming
    AllType Gaming Year ago

    Pls make season 22 pls

  • Mr.Gintil
    Mr.Gintil Year ago

    "I will sacrifice you!!"
    "I will destroy civilization!!"

  • Shaun
    Shaun Year ago

    I see Cartman's Mom XD

  • Mxruvn
    Mxruvn Year ago

    Too bad I don't have storage :')

  • The Freed Demon
    The Freed Demon Year ago

    Season 22?

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker Year ago +1

    My boy

  • the mini gamer tv

    I want more south park

  • Queenscene 16
    Queenscene 16 Year ago

    Can you create a Trent Boyett 2 when there all tennagers and Trent gets out of juvie hall

  • FBI Open up
    FBI Open up Year ago

    *creek shippers incoming*

  • ghost wanna die
    ghost wanna die Year ago +2

    22 seasons ???

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick Year ago

    If you are Matt stone and trey Parker are you making season 22

  • Joshua Richards
    Joshua Richards Year ago

    So what's this, Fate/South Park?

  • Special Loser
    Special Loser Year ago

    Is there any chance that toy guys would be porting stick of truth to switch, you recently did it for Xbox and PlayStation. So what’s stopping you from asking Nintendo about getting the best- seller of 2014 on the go