• Published on Feb 28, 2018
  • A new series i'm starting where I pick out my best edit from 'NEW-IN' and share it with you! I hope you enjoy!
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  • Tessa Handy
    Tessa Handy 5 months ago

    Hi Sammy, where is your mirror from? love it! and love these hauls - I've gone back to binge watch them all.

  • Fabigail
    Fabigail 6 months ago

    that white shirt though! gorgeous!

  • SuperDiamondGH
    SuperDiamondGH 6 months ago

    Hey, Samantha! Can you do a summer swimwear haul? :)

  • rebeccavbarclay
    rebeccavbarclay 6 months ago

    urban outfitters!!!!!!!!

  • lilyflwrr
    lilyflwrr 7 months ago

    Love that you tried the clothes on! And describing the material and how it feels. Have a great day 💘💘💘✨✨

  • D K
    D K 8 months ago

    Can we get a link for the trousers you are wearing

  • Sandra Pierce
    Sandra Pierce 8 months ago

    Can you PLEASE try OhPolly?

  • Denise Arellano
    Denise Arellano 8 months ago

    I’m definitely new to your channel but already love this series/video!

  • MissSeaworld8
    MissSeaworld8 8 months ago

    And end view of Frank 😂 With his back against you.. 😂

  • Mikitq
    Mikitq 8 months ago

    Hello :D in what size you wear white stripe tie front crop top ?😘

  • Kasey Kesel
    Kasey Kesel 8 months ago

    The peach tones look so nice on you!!!!

  • Mssmais
    Mssmais 8 months ago

    Mango would be a good one!

  • Mona Meesha
    Mona Meesha 8 months ago

    My dog is named Franklin too lol

  • Katarzyna Wrobel
    Katarzyna Wrobel 8 months ago

    Great legs Sam :)

  • hedvig kronblad
    hedvig kronblad 8 months ago

    Is Frank ok?

  • Meghan Kruskopf
    Meghan Kruskopf 8 months ago

    I had to go buy that checkered jacket, but it looks so much nicer on you! Any styling tips for it?

  • laurencairns23
    laurencairns23 8 months ago

    What size did u get the white body in?

  • maxi2561
    maxi2561 8 months ago

    Loooved this video sammi! More like this plz x

  • JIDDUH r
    JIDDUH r 9 months ago

    😂 9:01 is Frank alive???

  • madeleinedreams
    madeleinedreams 9 months ago

    i love your opening outfit!!

  • Shadi Guzman
    Shadi Guzman 9 months ago

    I love that you’re really honest about the type of material and the practicality of each piece.
    You should try tigermist. I love their stuff!

  • Senam Okpattah
    Senam Okpattah 9 months ago

    You're so beautiful and your spirit is so beautiful

    MHILK 9 months ago

    Do more of these

  • Allie Marie
    Allie Marie 9 months ago +1

    Doesnt Sam have two dogs? I vaguely remember her having Frank and another dog, but I never see him. Did she get rid of him or?

  • Maxine Vyle
    Maxine Vyle 9 months ago

    Frank = mood

  • Gaby Reyes
    Gaby Reyes 9 months ago

    Franklin ❤ he needs to be in every video!

  • El Birch
    El Birch 9 months ago

    Only just discovered you and wow, I love your channel! You have such a lovely vibe & you’re gorgeous! X

  • young fabulous and broke

    what style of levis were you wearing in the try on?

  • Na Hs
    Na Hs 9 months ago

    Where did you get your jeans from youre wearing with your outfits? 🌸✨✨

  • Summer Jade
    Summer Jade 9 months ago +1

    Love love love the pink jumper 💗 you’re stunning!! what lights do you use for filming?? Xx

  • Lulu
    Lulu 9 months ago +1

    Samantha, where are your jeans from in this video? They fit SO nicely, and I love the high waist on them...!! I can hardly find a pair like them :(

  • lyricsvideosbyl
    lyricsvideosbyl 9 months ago +1

    Try romwe!

  • not french
    not french 9 months ago +1

    asos next please!❤️❤️

  • Brooklyn Londoner
    Brooklyn Londoner 9 months ago +1

    You got some really cute things!!!

  • ozzie Leyla
    ozzie Leyla 9 months ago +1

    I actually can’t explain, but like I love you soo much. When I watch your videos I feel sooo calm and happy 😂❤️

  • Clarissa Ferguson
    Clarissa Ferguson 9 months ago +1

    I love the jeans you wear when you try on the nude bodysuit!! Where are they from? I need to know!

  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark 9 months ago +1

    Do urban outfitters!!! please

  • Mirela Mirela
    Mirela Mirela 9 months ago

    What Levi's jeans do you wear? Great video btw 😍

  • Stefany Allison
    Stefany Allison 9 months ago

    Forever21. It’s so trendy and I’d love to see how you pick and style their pieces to make it more classy + appropriate? 💕

  • Jay Chadderson
    Jay Chadderson 9 months ago

    Those denim jeans look stunning on you. Now I need a pair

  • Heather Bovino
    Heather Bovino 9 months ago

    What style Levi jeans are you wearing in the try on portion?? I love them!

  • bonbonzz
    bonbonzz 9 months ago

    Why did you cover your boobs in the jumper? Was it see through?

  • Santi Shares
    Santi Shares 9 months ago

    Can my channel get to 2k subscribers for International Womens days? 🌟 X
    p.s Love this vid, looks are super cute!

  • Dilaam Beauty
    Dilaam Beauty 9 months ago

    love love tjis new series

  • Gillian Lochhead
    Gillian Lochhead 9 months ago

    Monki, Amazon fashion, lidl clothes, asos, and maybe unknown shops too, give your placement a way to expose some new designers!

  • Céline Leclercq
    Céline Leclercq 9 months ago

    Please do and other stories!!

  • Sarah Kat
    Sarah Kat 9 months ago


  • 321 cheetham hill road sardar azer Saleem khan

    that looks like a girl called jana from talian again if she's claiming anything to do with me it's a lie and she sposed to have married karam Hussain sons naveed from Bradford district 3 there doing all this and it's not fair these people need to be arrested

  • Lene Jay
    Lene Jay 9 months ago

    Pink jumper is the best of the lot!!! 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  • Carina Rees
    Carina Rees 9 months ago

    loved this video!!! keep them coming! would love to see topshop, asos, monki etc

  • calistabc5
    calistabc5 9 months ago

    new look x

  • Jade Callaghan
    Jade Callaghan 9 months ago


  • Valerie Camilo
    Valerie Camilo 9 months ago

    Girl your body is out of this world! Definitely motivation to get my ass in gear haha love the pieces you went for. You're definitely a huge style inspiration for me and probably one of the reasons why I feel excited about finishing my tattoo sleeve

  • Jennie Brian
    Jennie Brian 9 months ago

    where di you get the jean's that you wore in the try-ons? i've been looking for a pair just like those!

  • Lauren Hamilton
    Lauren Hamilton 9 months ago

    i really like this series!!

  • Diamond Shine
    Diamond Shine 9 months ago


  • Linzy Aboudiab
    Linzy Aboudiab 9 months ago

    Can you please do a video on the different type of bras you would wear with low cut, backless, etc. type of tops! I feel like there are so many cute trends coming out this spring/ summer and we should know what to wear under them you know?

  • Tiffany C.
    Tiffany C. 9 months ago

    Laurasboutique 🙈 There isn't much hauls on it and I really like the style clothing they have 😍

  • Maui Carbonell
    Maui Carbonell 9 months ago

    I would love more of this Sammie! xoxo

  • ceilidhx3
    ceilidhx3 9 months ago

    Sam, are you wearing the wedgie fit Levi's? I love how they look on you!

  • Salahudeen Bin Sulaimaan


  • Gabriela Oliveira
    Gabriela Oliveira 9 months ago

    Hi, anyone knows if the balmain blazer style from missguided is nice quality?

  • Silke Wiersma
    Silke Wiersma 9 months ago

    Where did you get those earrings? I love them 😍

  • heheusofuni
    heheusofuni 9 months ago

    This is a Patrica Bright Vid !!

  • Melany Jimenez
    Melany Jimenez 9 months ago

    I loved this!!!!

  • Linda G Vasquez
    Linda G Vasquez 9 months ago

    Everything fits you nice

  • Jade Daniels
    Jade Daniels 9 months ago

    ASOS and pretty little thing please xxx

  • Rae Buckley
    Rae Buckley 9 months ago


  • J A
    J A 9 months ago

    Zara por favor!!

  • Lily Maria
    Lily Maria 9 months ago

    I love you xxx

  • liviusss
    liviusss 9 months ago

    That pink colour looks lovely on you!

  • Beth Gillette
    Beth Gillette 9 months ago

    new in h&m!! loved this :) that pink top looked GORGEOUS on you - might have to pick it up! :)

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen 9 months ago

    I definitely want more of these,but to be honest any fashion relates videos from you is always welcome hahah. You are such a fashion inspo for me 🙈

  • Holly
    Holly 9 months ago

    Please do a prettylittlething .com or oh Polly x

  • MinxLaura123's Wacky World

    cool vid! hugs

  • Jolieanne
    Jolieanne 9 months ago

    You are and have always been my style inspo! Been watching your fashion videos from waaay back when you started them. I love seeing how you piece items together. I have learnt alot from your videos about my own style. Can you do asos and plt. Lots of love!xo

  • Brooke Young
    Brooke Young 9 months ago

    Would love to see you pickup some fresh and in pieces, but from a local consignment or thrift store! I think thrifting is a very cool way of seeing what people within a community don’t want anymore. It would be rad to see what you would find! People don’t often realize what they’re letting go. Curious to know what you would be drawn to. Take care xx

  • Marina Henriksen
    Marina Henriksen 9 months ago

    this is SUCH a good video idea! like reviewing the new in items! please keep doing this series! I'd love to see asos!!

  • bkay604
    bkay604 9 months ago

    I love your videos. What lip gloss are you wearing? It looks lovely.

  • Crop Up Ent. By Innominate

    Wearing a body suit is whats girls did back in the 90's so they could sag their pans lmao, it was the cutest shit

  • Crop Up Ent. By Innominate

    Wearing a body suit is whats girls did back in the 90's so they could sag their pans lmao, it was the cutest shit

  • Crop Up Ent. By Innominate

    Idk how you are but girls used to wear their body suits with the thigh showing, you know? Like with their jeans/shorts buttons open with th suit looking like a bathing suit. They'll just let their pants hang down a little so that their leg/hip area where the leg is shows. lol if that makes any sense.

  • Crop Up Ent. By Innominate

    Idk how you are but girls used to wear their body suits with the thigh showing, you know? Like with their jeans/shorts buttons open with th suit looking like a bathing suit. They'll just let their pants hang down a little so that their leg/hip area where the leg is shows. lol if that makes any sense.

  • Takziee mayhem
    Takziee mayhem 9 months ago

    bor-dis bor-dis (bodice ) not body lol

  • GCeeStyle
    GCeeStyle 9 months ago

    That pink sweater!!! Love a great exposed back.

  • HaLev Sheli Shelkha
    HaLev Sheli Shelkha 9 months ago

    Please your hair details??? looks fabulous

  • Thea Marie
    Thea Marie 9 months ago

    I followed you for at least four years now and I can’t get over how sweet and genuine you are! 💘 you definitely one of my favorite youtubers. Love the new series btw, would love to see Zara!!

  • Safra Khan
    Safra Khan 9 months ago

    sam you look so stunning!! you seem to be back into your zone

  • Bekaheartsyou
    Bekaheartsyou 9 months ago

    H&M!!! :) love you

  • AllAtousa
    AllAtousa 9 months ago

    Peach one looks gorgeous on you! So hot!

  • Saarlevie
    Saarlevie 9 months ago

    Sammiee I love all your clothing. What size was the scoop neck body from missguided?

  • Bellaflorencia15
    Bellaflorencia15 9 months ago

    Love your style and hauls! Do more like this please! 😍

  • NEXUS 6-6-6
    NEXUS 6-6-6 9 months ago +1

    What an ugly dog! You look like absolute shit! Get your retarded arse off you tube, get a proper job, and stop scaring children with that ruff dog shit looking face!

  • Catherine Lawler
    Catherine Lawler 9 months ago

    Sam nipple covers are a life saver when you're free boobing it

  • Lauren Van Hoof
    Lauren Van Hoof 9 months ago

    TOPSHOP!!!!!!! I know it's a super basic store in the UK, but we don't have one in Belgium so I'm always curious!!!

  • Catherine Lawler
    Catherine Lawler 9 months ago

    The checked jacket I don't like

  • athena bates
    athena bates 9 months ago

    My fav thing you purchased with the pink sweater :)

  • maggie
    maggie 9 months ago +2

    lol franklin sitting and staring at the wall is a mood

  • Abiola Roberts
    Abiola Roberts 9 months ago

    Just wondering what size of the clothes you got? and I lovvveeee you xxxx

  • Tsvetelina Samohodova
    Tsvetelina Samohodova 9 months ago

    loved this idea! New in Zara or Asos pls ! xx