Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 5

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
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    The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator Eric Linden to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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Comments • 4 233

  • Khirk Luis Eparwa
    Khirk Luis Eparwa 8 hours ago

    Hot rod's prob the one of the most underrated films of all time

  • Jumble Drops1029
    Jumble Drops1029 15 hours ago

    Okay, one gripe about the Subaru WRX STI.
    It had different sounds that were NOT a flat six.
    Unless it's been engine swapped, cause it sounds like an RB26 from my perspective, then why would you get rid of that beautiful flat 4 rumble?

  • Na Ain’t Ok
    Na Ain’t Ok 18 hours ago

    Edna Mode: NO CAPES!!!

  • SUU Aviation
    SUU Aviation Day ago

    You guys inspired us!

    We made a helicopter react video with actual helicopter pilots reacting to movie scenes.

  • Garrett Kisamore
    Garrett Kisamore 3 days ago

    Hot rod is one of my favorite movies of all time glad they reviewed it. Scenes one of my favorites

  • Anthony Gergory
    Anthony Gergory 5 days ago

    You should do a stuntman reacts to Dom vs Hobbs fast 5

  • Th3Espr3ss0
    Th3Espr3ss0 6 days ago

    Why don't they use pressurized air for squibs?

  • Argon
    Argon 9 days ago +2

    John Wick cannot have a practical bullet hits to the body because Keannu's character always hits the head of his enemies and you cannot put the practical effect/bullet effect pads to the head.

  • sike3000
    sike3000 10 days ago

    can you react to the "one shot" scene in ARROW Season 8 Episode 6

  • Zainul Anam
    Zainul Anam 10 days ago

    Stuntman React on "Raid2" pls

  • Shan Anees
    Shan Anees 11 days ago

    6:16 made me subscribe

  • Admiral IsorokuYamamoto

    You Giuseppe need to react to jackass no CGI or rubber padding there

  • Axel Buckets
    Axel Buckets 11 days ago

    Something I hate in car scenes is when they put engine sounds that don’t belong to a certain car... wrx needs turbo boxer engine sounds not v8 or turbo inline 6 sounds

  • Ravi morya
    Ravi morya 11 days ago

    You r absolutely right im watching and haven't subscribed
    And not going to.

  • The Bat Films
    The Bat Films 12 days ago

    12:03 When your mom says ( get the trash out ).

  • andyroosky
    andyroosky 13 days ago

    React to Police Story!

  • Neil A
    Neil A 13 days ago

    If you're not aware, baby driver is an amazing movie.

  • Stephen Proctor
    Stephen Proctor 14 days ago

    You should review the ridiculous fight scene in Step Brothers

  • Adam Guajardo
    Adam Guajardo 15 days ago

    do pinnaple express forest scene where their running through the forest haha please

  • Premier Giant Productions

    Or, Sound Designers react to sound design

  • Oracle
    Oracle 16 days ago

    Wtf why am I not subscribed?

  • Ilikesnow
    Ilikesnow 17 days ago

    Batman V Superman was the biggest disappointment ever and I watched Tall Girl start to finish

  • ResidentEvil302 Rican215usa


  • Gavin Wheeldon
    Gavin Wheeldon 19 days ago

    I love Baby driver but for Christ's sake, why did they dub a boxer-engined, 4-cylinder subaru with a straight 6 sound from a nissan RB26 engine (skyline engine for you non car guys).. I'm think the sound is just taken from tokyo drift's sound collection/library, anyone know? Baby Driver is a film about car stunt driving, car guys are definitely gunna watch it and EVERYONE knows what a subaru sounds like. Really annoys me haha. EDIT: maybe one of the sound guys got fired and did this on his last day? 😂😂

  • Arishok Qunari
    Arishok Qunari 19 days ago

    Those blood scenes in Django....that was disgusting

  • Doyle Burton
    Doyle Burton 19 days ago

    4:12 Movie just ends

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 21 day ago

    What retards these stunt coordinators must be to allow the landing ramp to be something solid enough to hurt someone if something goes wrong. Moronic.

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 21 day ago

    100% of these "stunts" are CGI on green screens into foam

  • LucasArg
    LucasArg 22 days ago +3

    Why does Niko laughs so much at a guy breaking his femur? 😂😂😂

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin 22 days ago

    On that Batman cut, that happened later, so it was the closest he'd come to using a gun so far. lol.
    More you look at that head slam, the more it could have gone wrong. He pivots the wrong way and he's in a wheelchair or dead.
    I want to say a majority of that fall is wired. He looks to bounce but he's actually rolling over them without making contact.

  • Dimas Mursyid
    Dimas Mursyid 25 days ago

    "60% aren't subscribing"
    Me:"lol what" *checking im subscribe or not*
    Me: "yeah, i definetly subscribe" *click subscribe button*

  • simran gill
    simran gill 25 days ago

    Baby driver car stunts are mostly CG.
    How could they not know?

  • Wade until they getta load of me

    Closest? That Batman used most. Why he's the worst lol.

  • nas taran
    nas taran Month ago

    How Batman got stabbed with a knife , isn't it bullet proof

  • William Horner
    William Horner Month ago +7

    "cracks his femur" *hysterical laughing*

  • Ian Scott
    Ian Scott Month ago

    Can you react to some Jack Reacher fight scenes?

  • Fun Times
    Fun Times Month ago

    I thought Batman doesn’t kill people

  • Nina Maria
    Nina Maria Month ago

    God I hate to be THAT guy but... Eric is so beautiful

  • abigail calanog
    abigail calanog Month ago

    I can't help but appreciate the commitment it took to make that sponsor segment. I mean the bar was about to explode 👏

  • Daniel Talbot
    Daniel Talbot Month ago

    Jake style sponsorship competition please, like the yearly gif competition

  • CJ Tinline
    CJ Tinline Month ago

    The King

  • Khristofer Dickover

    I am so glad to see you guys at almost 3M subs. Ive been with you from pretty early on. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Jordon
    Jordon Month ago

    Wait did fucking Ansel Elghort do the driving stunts Baby Driver??

  • MNF Vlogs
    MNF Vlogs Month ago

    React krissh-3,fan,ra-one Bollywood movies like these

  • AronFigaro
    AronFigaro Month ago

    I hear that jacked Ragnarok sound effect. You don't think we notice this stuff? LMAO.

  • Assassin Mudkip
    Assassin Mudkip Month ago

    At 12:04 in the video I hear is “the law of physics don’t apply to me

  • Anakin Sepherd
    Anakin Sepherd Month ago

    yeah daredevil stunts, where is the analysis i wanna see!

  • Rabbiturtacorn
    Rabbiturtacorn Month ago

    I worked in the area of Sandy Springs, GA where they filmed some of this and we got to watch them film it, it was wild.

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter Month ago +1

    please react to Ruruoni Kenshin live action, action sequences. PLEASE

  • Arian S
    Arian S Month ago

    Do mission impossible ghost protocol.

  • Aditya tiwari
    Aditya tiwari Month ago

    Drive with Ryan Gosling

  • Raul R
    Raul R Month ago

    Maybe the last one I see from this channel . You guys put way too much advertising in between.

  • *Matthew Noneya*
    *Matthew Noneya* Month ago

    Can't believe I wasn't subscribed. Was wondering why I haven't seen a video from y'all in a long while.

  • Jugglenaut
    Jugglenaut Month ago

    I heard somewhere that the reason the woman gets pulled backwards in a weird trajectory after being shot is an homage to old western movies where the few times women where killed onscreen they had to leave it as soon as possible because it was too upsetting to show a dead woman. :D :D

  • pigeonkill blah
    pigeonkill blah Month ago +9

    "...and that dude cracked his femur, haha"

  • bahrsoap73
    bahrsoap73 Month ago

    I didn't know Jon Hamm was a stuntman!

  • Dan N
    Dan N Month ago

    Some people just shouldn’t wear tank tops.

  • ya boI church
    ya boI church Month ago

    I subscribe to u and node

  • Nico Estilo
    Nico Estilo Month ago

    do man from uncle for stuntman reacts the scene where the car drive on top of water

  • Zephyr Nyx
    Zephyr Nyx Month ago react to this my hero academia fan project by christopher cohan
    ive never seen such seamless transitions that shouted Anime while staying live action in my entire life before and its amazingly impressive