To All the Boys I've Loved Before | Hot for Peter Kavinsky | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • What's just as wonderful as a holiday yule log? Five glorious, uninterrupted hours of Peter Kavinsky shirtless in a hot tub. You. Are. Welcome.
    Watch To All the Boys I've Loved Before, starring Noah Centineo, only on Netflix:
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    To All the Boys I've Loved Before | Hot for Peter Kavinsky | Netflix
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Comments • 1 800

  • Just A_name
    Just A_name 12 minutes ago

    Why the frick is this a thing

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith Hour ago

    What the crap Netflix?

  • Bobby Carr
    Bobby Carr 3 hours ago

    this is weird

  • Emese Konyári
    Emese Konyári 6 hours ago

    that's crazyy

  • Tanya Kapoor
    Tanya Kapoor 9 hours ago


  • lucy
    lucy 9 hours ago +2

    LOL gotta admit 😂 this is a great ASMR video
    the backround noise is sooo soothing... i’m sure that netflix just wanted to follow the trend and make an ASMR vid hehe

    SIDDHARTH SAXENA 19 hours ago


  • Erdiana Damayanti

    Bulu keteknya Noah ampe kering dah begitu terus

  • Arif Chowdhury
    Arif Chowdhury Day ago

    I think Netflix is in love with Peter K

  • Anissa Berrachide
    Anissa Berrachide 2 days ago

    What the fuck 😂

  • Jenny Quigley
    Jenny Quigley 2 days ago

    Thought this was just the normal clip and I was like wait this going on for to long, look through the comments than I realise myself it's just 5hrs of.....Well This

  • Natalie Toh
    Natalie Toh 2 days ago

    its winter. you're wrapped in a blanket, on your sofa, reading a book, drinking hot chocolate music playing softly in the background. everything is good. everything is peaceful.
    when out of the corner you see him

  • Maithe Munoz
    Maithe Munoz 2 days ago

    This is kinda well more like really creepy

  • Nurizzah Farahiyah Sofia

    omg the earth still preserves some nonsense humans here. good job.

  • Dinisha Dinesh
    Dinisha Dinesh 3 days ago

    okay, no one is so desperate to see this guy for 5 hours in a tub.

  • Pineapple Immy
    Pineapple Immy 3 days ago

    I’m sorry but
    2.did you really make this poor man sit in damn hot tub for 5 hours for “content”

  • Maria Prenga
    Maria Prenga 3 days ago +1


  • Ivanka Riddle
    Ivanka Riddle 3 days ago

    Now it's creepy.

  • Zivana Djukic
    Zivana Djukic 3 days ago

    He's so hot😁

  • Non Existent
    Non Existent 3 days ago +2

    Coal Sprouts did it again...
    This video is the thing we needed but don’t deserve.

  • Azam Khan
    Azam Khan 3 days ago

    Straight out creepy.

  • Audrey Lol
    Audrey Lol 4 days ago


  • Audrey Lol
    Audrey Lol 4 days ago


  • Audrey Lol
    Audrey Lol 4 days ago


  • Audrey Lol
    Audrey Lol 4 days ago

    Lol I am uncomfortable

  • Laura Ellla
    Laura Ellla 4 days ago

    Apart from this,are you ok netflix haha ?

  • Daniela Grgurić
    Daniela Grgurić 4 days ago

    Is it full film?

  • Marcel Styles
    Marcel Styles 4 days ago +1

    This video isn’t long enough 😭😂

  • Janelle
    Janelle 4 days ago

    Oh my goodness haha and yet I cringed when I first saw this.

  • Gregory Broussard
    Gregory Broussard 4 days ago

    This is iconic.

  • Marina
    Marina 4 days ago

    wtf why does it sound like 1. he's farting and 2. he's breathing reallly heavily like it creeping me out 😂 but he's such a cutie soooo

  • breanna
    breanna 4 days ago

    Imagine if Lara Jean was on our screen for 5 HOURS HELL no. Fuck this

  • breanna
    breanna 4 days ago

    and why are people saying this is a double standard? If it was a girl, we would be complaining too.

  • breanna
    breanna 4 days ago

    Who watched all of it? It's literally just a GIF! GOSH

  • edits Queen
    edits Queen 4 days ago

    Is it just me or is Netflix running out of ideas

  • O. Szymanska
    O. Szymanska 4 days ago

    Wtf Netflix

  • Ju Pari
    Ju Pari 5 days ago

    Its called going way too far. Who actually watched this

  • jun casilang
    jun casilang 5 days ago +2

    The worlds need to update!

  • Kandy
    Kandy 5 days ago

    Welllllllllllllllllllll thannn

  • Vero Agustine
    Vero Agustine 5 days ago

    sees the title

  • Stella Ahn
    Stella Ahn 5 days ago

    I don’t want him to get boiledddddd noooooooo😭😭😭😭

  • Miguel González Garrido


  • vivaliva xoxo
    vivaliva xoxo 5 days ago

    what is this

  • R E W
    R E W 5 days ago

    the fact that the video has 300K+ views... r yall that thristy or just that jobless? 5+ hours? i mean i love the movie but damn.. this aint it

    • breanna
      breanna 4 days ago

      You know it counts the views after the 30 second mark right? They could've clicked off it. I would cause this is CREEEPY

  • Cherlissa Sellman
    Cherlissa Sellman 6 days ago


  • tataboi nossaj
    tataboi nossaj 6 days ago


  • Nabilah Audah
    Nabilah Audah 6 days ago

    the water sounds give me that peaceful asmr feeling

  • its sad boi hour
    its sad boi hour 7 days ago

    Netflix snapped

  • Cemre Şenol
    Cemre Şenol 7 days ago

    Second movie iş coming ı think

  • Björg Erla
    Björg Erla 7 days ago

    What the fuck am i watching

  • min min
    min min 7 days ago

    This is way too funny 😂

  • Jahnessa Davis
    Jahnessa Davis 7 days ago

    This is such a pointless video. Wtf. Who enjoys this crap?

  • Lauren B
    Lauren B 7 days ago


  • Pillsinmyshoes
    Pillsinmyshoes 7 days ago

    I thought there was a another glitch in the system for a second there

  • Lorda Joseph
    Lorda Joseph 7 days ago

    please tell me no one sat here for five hours and actually watched this

  • Tania Chowdhury
    Tania Chowdhury 8 days ago

    this is not ok lmao

  • Melly Melly
    Melly Melly 8 days ago

    This kinda sick tho 😮😮5 hours?

  • Sugarfoot :3
    Sugarfoot :3 8 days ago

    What the hell am I doing with my life

  • Luna
    Luna 8 days ago

    *_Netflix_* actually posted this I’m fucking shooketh

  • Hugo Jugo
    Hugo Jugo 8 days ago

    Why he isn't looking on me? tf?
    Yeah...i get it, he is looking on another chick,right? those 5 fcking hours, like i am imagining this for real in the bath and i realise that he isn't looking on me, fuck

  • ilham rhamadan
    ilham rhamadan 8 days ago

    is he really staying like that for 5 hours straight?

  • mooks
    mooks 8 days ago

    tf is this

  • vishreadsalot
    vishreadsalot 8 days ago

    Peter.jpg + water.gif

  • xx Sneha xx
    xx Sneha xx 8 days ago

    Woah woah woah

  • lmaosilvia
    lmaosilvia 8 days ago

    can someone watch this entire thing like that one girl watched this 5 hour spongebob clip?

  • Charlotte 139
    Charlotte 139 9 days ago

    ok but who actually watched the whole thing call 911 lmaoooo

  • Luanda Tavares
    Luanda Tavares 9 days ago

    what the fuk

  • Angel Sanchex
    Angel Sanchex 9 days ago +1

    He should be gay

  • por qué
    por qué 9 days ago

    This is fucking weird. Just imagine what shitstorm would take place if it was a girl instead. Weird ass fetishism.

  • por qué
    por qué 9 days ago

    Netflix nowadays: "omg look at that cute white boy with brown hair in the newest movie! Lets post pics of him in instagram and make weird extended videos of him doing some sexy stuff oh yeah that's so great Katie!"

  • Mirella Margaret
    Mirella Margaret 10 days ago

    Do this with Cole Sprouse, please.

  • Sophia •
    Sophia • 10 days ago +5

    Netflix is drunk 🥴

  • Miti Saxena
    Miti Saxena 10 days ago

    It's creepy cause he doesn't move

  • Cameron Halliwell
    Cameron Halliwell 11 days ago

    Why is this even a thing

  • toy fun Sock
    toy fun Sock 11 days ago

    netli are you sure your ok

  • Jeselin Marizan
    Jeselin Marizan 11 days ago

    this is very uncomfortable after a while

  • Antoine Breuillaud
    Antoine Breuillaud 11 days ago


  • Crystal Jennings
    Crystal Jennings 11 days ago

    I truly hope that they delete this shit 🙄

  • Kennedy Tobias
    Kennedy Tobias 11 days ago

    I think Noah is beautiful too but this is sort of terrifying

  • Caitlin So
    Caitlin So 11 days ago


  • Jacob Massart
    Jacob Massart 11 days ago +2

    literally all the views r from tween girls

  • J For Jacqy
    J For Jacqy 12 days ago

    This feels so wrong!!! What the hell Netflix, You pervert 😑

  • Isabel Charlton
    Isabel Charlton 12 days ago

    This makes me uncomfortable

  • Marta Vite
    Marta Vite 12 days ago


  • LeDouxTube
    LeDouxTube 12 days ago

    If this is just the trailer, I think I'll skip the actual movie.

  • Gooogle Cooper
    Gooogle Cooper 12 days ago

    Play this at my funeral.

  • Sir Castic
    Sir Castic 12 days ago +1

    IS THIS PORN....

  • Tadeja Zakrajšek
    Tadeja Zakrajšek 12 days ago +2

    Didn't expect this video coming

  • Delphina Michael Kapoor

    It won’t be surprising if some ppl with actually put this on a bigger screen and somehow watch this while being in a tab themselves 😂😂😂😂

  • Surreal Ann
    Surreal Ann 12 days ago

    Salute to those ppl who watched the whole video😂

  • Ananya Kesh
    Ananya Kesh 12 days ago

    5 hours of my life....blessed xd

  • Purba Mukherjee
    Purba Mukherjee 12 days ago


  • fionaishiar
    fionaishiar 12 days ago

    Ok ok Netflix were not THAT obsessed lol jkjk 😂

  • gabi gabs
    gabi gabs 12 days ago


  • sing_angel.60 S
    sing_angel.60 S 13 days ago +2

    Ok this is funny and all but who would watch this for 5 hours

  • Ella Harris
    Ella Harris 13 days ago


  • tooooooooooooota
    tooooooooooooota 13 days ago


  • T Q
    T Q 13 days ago


  • Diogo
    Diogo 13 days ago

    Not only does he look dead af, but he's going to get trench foot now

  • Vogue Vibes
    Vogue Vibes 13 days ago

    By the end of this he will have no skin