Honest Trailers - A Wrinkle In Time


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  7 months ago +793

    Which book do you want to see made into a movie next?

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    • The Proclaimed
      The Proclaimed 15 days ago

      Screen Junkies THE BELGARIAD

    • William Roper
      William Roper 17 days ago

      Bohemian Rhapsody

    • William Roper
      William Roper 17 days ago

      Screen Junkies bohemian rhapsody

    • klimmr3021
      klimmr3021 17 days ago

      Full Tilt by Neil Shusterman

    • M_ Hub
      M_ Hub 17 days ago

      Starship Troopers, a REAL DAMN movie of it, not the previous crap

  • Joshua Dixon
    Joshua Dixon Day ago

    Do "Once Upon A Time". This show is for people who love drama and know nothing about magic. :-D

  • Alok Hota
    Alok Hota 8 days ago

    Book was good.
    Movie, Naah!

  • Queen Tron
    Queen Tron 8 days ago

    the Lisa franktrix 💀

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 9 days ago

    I like that one about the wound. Didnt even catch it when i watched the movie.

  • Bob A Linx
    Bob A Linx 11 days ago

    The costume designs seriously gives me a Crystal Gems vibe...

  • Dakota Rain
    Dakota Rain 12 days ago

    *LOVE?* ew.

  • Movie Corner
    Movie Corner 13 days ago

    Please say stuff in a Matthew McConaghy voice

  • Chad Eldridge
    Chad Eldridge 15 days ago

    Shut up Meg? What about "Shut up, Patrice!"

  • ShadowTBlack
    ShadowTBlack 15 days ago

    "ThEy SpEaK iN CoLoUr"

  • JJcomics100
    JJcomics100 15 days ago

    I have noticed that this review wasnt as funny as it should be for this stupid movie common guys is it because representation or because disney? You have done better impove it.

    • JJcomics100
      JJcomics100 12 days ago

      ​+FeministKilljoy i was trying to say that maybe they didnt make this review funnier because there is some kind of diversity in the movie specially the main character and also the director

    • FeministKilljoy
      FeministKilljoy 12 days ago

      what do you mean by "because representation"? How does that automatically = funny?

  • Jelle D van Rinsum
    Jelle D van Rinsum 16 days ago

    The quotes are magnificent ^^

  • guilherme siqueira
    guilherme siqueira 17 days ago

    Oprah is a 3 handed witch, witches come in three. Ask her

  • Kelly Gleeson
    Kelly Gleeson 17 days ago

    Could you please do the rocky horror picture show?!

  • inkmeal
    inkmeal 18 days ago

    This movie was so damn bad. It makes you wonder what the producers were thinking. I swear, every time a crapball like this is made, we get one step closer to Springtime for Hitler, the movie.

  • William Nichols
    William Nichols 18 days ago

    Free Willy? Remember?

  • Pedro Valente
    Pedro Valente 20 days ago

    Mindy Kaling part of many flops this year.

  • Tashiko Weinstein
    Tashiko Weinstein 21 day ago

    Please do galaxy quest and the dark crystal

  • Tía América
    Tía América 21 day ago

    The only think that I enjoyed in the movie was when they mentioned Miranda and... I think is all, inclusive I don't enjoy that in all was more like a: "Ey, I know him... Cool, I guess". Technically is one of most boring movie I have watched. I don't remember any name or what the heck happened, the only character I think I like was the girl of quotes and she is who less appear

  • Jennifer's truecolors
    Jennifer's truecolors 23 days ago

    *"ENOUGH! - Epic Voice Guy, the internet"*

  • Abigail Milro
    Abigail Milro 24 days ago

    Exactly how the movie went.

    SEXY CUTE TRAP LOLI 24 days ago

    I hate this movie with a passion

  • Eduardo Huang
    Eduardo Huang 25 days ago

    After watch this movie, I got wrinkles in my face!!!

  • 1Chasg
    1Chasg 26 days ago

    This movie looks so bad.

  • Kay Kay Awesome
    Kay Kay Awesome 27 days ago

    I am so upset that the cut out literally everything good about the book and replaced it with unrealistic cgi

  • Laura M
    Laura M 27 days ago

    The worst movie I have ever seen. The director's take on this book was appalling.

  • Mohamed Bilal
    Mohamed Bilal 29 days ago

    Do game of thrones season 6-8

  • Cristina Jimenez
    Cristina Jimenez Month ago +2

    This movie sucks, I'm glad that I didn't go to the theater to watch it 😂

  • Riot !!
    Riot !! Month ago

    Do dreamcatcher

    IRFAN KAZMI Month ago +1

    Say pepperoni pizza paper for pilot picking up planes.

  • RomneyGack
    RomneyGack Month ago

    Would someone just make a straight forward adaptation of the book? It may look like the Scooby Doo gang meets a middle school science class but at least it'll make sense and money.

    • FeministKilljoy
      FeministKilljoy 12 days ago

      this is the second time Disney adapted this book and the second time they fouled it up. The first A Wrinkle in Time was in the mid 2000s.

  • kennedy thedford
    kennedy thedford Month ago

    How do you mess up a movie twice?

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    you are freaking out...man.

  • Paul Brennan
    Paul Brennan Month ago

    The Matthew McConaughey part was amazing.

  • Dusan Miljkovic
    Dusan Miljkovic Month ago

    Edgar Alan Po - Eureka

  • Psycho Bergmuis
    Psycho Bergmuis Month ago

    "A list stars" more like some list stars

  • Bob McGuffin
    Bob McGuffin Month ago

    0:21 Why do the captions spell niche as Nietzsche?

    AKIF 'AISY Month ago

    Never heard of this movie

  • Camden Gamble
    Camden Gamble Month ago

    Say "Super Easy Barely an Inconvenience".

    FRED THE THOT SLAYER Month ago +2

    The movie was GARBAGGE

  • Sasha Ambrose
    Sasha Ambrose Month ago

    "Who found her dad on set of Drake's hotline bling video" 😂💀

  • Semira
    Semira Month ago

    i’m pissed because it had so much potential. it was so bad tho

  • AndrewTheAwesome100
    AndrewTheAwesome100 Month ago +1

    Such a stupid movie

  • shadowspider9
    shadowspider9 Month ago +7

    The worst part about this movie.
    The director is now the director of DC's New Gods movie and now has a milti-film 100 million deal with WB.
    In Hollywood you always fall up.

  • layla Gonzales
    layla Gonzales Month ago +1

    I actually loved this movie

  • stormthrush37
    stormthrush37 Month ago +1

    Ok, so I'm not just an old fogey. Yeah, I wanted to like this movie so much but it just didn't work. Reasonably strong start, but started falling apart somewhere in the middle.

  • Ace _of_Tokiwadai
    Ace _of_Tokiwadai Month ago

    Say "sector is clear; not clear not clear!"

  • golden majestic
    golden majestic Month ago +1

    Im glad this movie bombed. Stop forcing black characters on us!!

  • Slayerlord0
    Slayerlord0 Month ago +4

    They said it couldn't be done! They said I was mad! They said no film could display all of Oprah's ego at once on screen. BEHOOOOOLD!!!

  • Chris !!!
    Chris !!! Month ago +2

    Tge white godmother looks like Giselle from Enchanted and when she trasforms she looks like the green lady from fantasia😂

  • Alonzo T
    Alonzo T Month ago

    Lmfao “shut up meg”

  • Archie Allen
    Archie Allen Month ago

    "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind" is literally a Shakespeare quote from AMND

  • Nihaal Sandim
    Nihaal Sandim Month ago

    I'm just tired of these happy fucking kids movie

  • 99999drake
    99999drake Month ago

    0:42 in fact, I think this is more like a monster of Yugioh XD

  • Emmanuel Cadichon
    Emmanuel Cadichon Month ago

    “suicide would actually be a better option than watching this shitshow” like if you agree

  • Austen Cobine
    Austen Cobine Month ago

    Could you do She-Ra (2018)?

  • Ryan Lewand
    Ryan Lewand Month ago

    Why am I watching this and only seeing the WIZ without the catchy songs?

  • Joshua Huq
    Joshua Huq Month ago

    Anyone else rather looking forward to Wreck it Ralph 2 right now!?

  • Trinexx360
    Trinexx360 Month ago +2

    This is hippy bullshit propaganda. Looks disgusting. No blood, no gore, no action, no death and no right to exist.
    If you introduce hippy bullshit propaganda like this you have to include blood, gore, action, and death in the writing. Oh yeah and genocide too. It's called balance, and everything must balance out. Everything has balance. Good and evil, life and death, reality and fiction (which applies to this), slavery and freedom, sanity and insanity, creation and destruction, war and peace, etc. Reality is to be balanced as everything is a balanced concept.

    • Trinexx360
      Trinexx360 12 days ago

      You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.

    • FeministKilljoy
      FeministKilljoy 12 days ago

      lmao you sound like one of those trendy 8th graders who tries way too hard to be edgy by getting a rat tail haircut and smoking some Marlboros once.

  • L Ryuzaki
    L Ryuzaki Month ago

    Fucking Yes! 0:52 0:55
    Oh my god 😂🤣🤣🤣 This shit's hilarious. Very brutally honest trailer!
    Yeah, she's the new fucking new plant/flying pokemon that makes their trainer high as fuck called Hash! Lmao What edibles were they, shrooms, if so can I have some? 2nd viewing watch it high. This movie was drug trip in itself and I loved it although the storyline was fuckin' weak. And the Lebanese chick who kept quoting shit was annoying. Charles Wallace possessed by It was entertaining.

  • jimjimmyjames59
    jimjimmyjames59 Month ago

    Because they couldn't just tell the story....

  • Paper Boat
    Paper Boat 2 months ago


  • dizzydean1000
    dizzydean1000 2 months ago +4

    The bad news is, the book it's based on is basically universally regarded as impossible to adapt to film, the good news is, they gutted the book's material and replaced it with modern touchy-feely squishiness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antônio Malavolta Andrade

    Say this : " EXCELSIOR! "

  • barbaro267
    barbaro267 2 months ago

    What is your guys's favorite Madeline L' Engle book? Mine is *Many Waters* :) I had read *Wrinkle in Time* as a kid but I barely remember it. I read *An Acceptable Time* a lot more recent, and was very disappointed in that one. When you have time travel, human sacrifice, and hot druid guys, you make a good story! Don't throw it away like L' Engle did lol.

  • number 22
    number 22 2 months ago

    Look like me on 3 lb of drug :l

  • Harrisone9502
    Harrisone9502 2 months ago

    The only thing I respect about this movie is the hamilton quote at the end

  • Cristian Guerrero
    Cristian Guerrero 2 months ago

    You guys need to be harder on this movie...or are you being paying by Disney to be gentle?

  • Reece Robinson
    Reece Robinson 2 months ago +1

    0:55 Shut up Meg.

  • vincent salt
    vincent salt 2 months ago


  • Mark William Reid
    Mark William Reid 2 months ago

    Do Robin Hood Men In Tights

  • Ryan Gonsior
    Ryan Gonsior 2 months ago +1


  • Anahi R
    Anahi R 2 months ago +1

    This movie was such garbage

  • carlotta4th
    carlotta4th 2 months ago

    Saw the film. Hated it. Now don't get me wrong--I actually think films SHOULD be willing to edit book content to make it more appropriate/interesting for theater and the actors did fine for the most part. However, this film took everything interesting about the book and downsized it while taking everything NOT interesting about the book and playing that up. No one's favorite part of Wrinkle in Time is "the happy medium scene." No one's. But sure, go ahead and spend forever watching our child actors try to stand on one foot instead of building up the creepy pulsating brain that controls a whole planet. I'm sure we'd all rather see the characters fly on a green thing around Oprah for 20 minutes then find out the lore behind the witches and what the darkness (and whole point of the movie) they're fighting against symbolizes.
    But without a doubt the worst decision was making Meg refuse to leave out of stubborness rather than go back alone out of love. By god, you've ruined her entire character arc! She's supposed to accept her flaws and USE those to save her little brother, not fight stupid neuron snakes and wait around 'til he snaps out of it. UGHSHGHGHg.

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 2 months ago

    They tolk Jesus out of the miove right?

  • MrToa510
    MrToa510 2 months ago

    0:46 You are freaking out.... Man!

  • Usman Chughtai
    Usman Chughtai 2 months ago

    S h u t. U p. M e g.

  • jerry stainbrook
    jerry stainbrook 2 months ago +1

    Shut up meg

  • sarrjel
    sarrjel 2 months ago

    I think I'm going to read the book. Movie wasn't very good.

  • InSpyre
    InSpyre 2 months ago

    The book and original movie were better

  • Quentin Johnson
    Quentin Johnson 2 months ago +3

    I'd rather watch the wrinkles in my shirt!



  • KA17
    KA17 2 months ago

    Just another piece of Hollywood dodo for those still enjoying the mind bending drugs that make this crap tolerable.

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 3 months ago

    that matthew mc whatshisface voice

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 3 months ago

    The book was way better🙄

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 3 months ago +2

    i didn't even watch the movie i need REFUND

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 3 months ago

    say budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga budanga lungalanga POOF

  • Anna der Hirte
    Anna der Hirte 3 months ago

    In my opinion the movie was really boring. But good animated

  • YamiPoyo
    YamiPoyo 3 months ago

    my only problem was they shortened it too much both times they didnt explain the women used to be stars that exploded to push back the darkness losing their forms losing essence and the planets full of life that orbit them. a sacrifice to temporarily push back, reese's character is a newly exploded star.

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 3 months ago

    Who else is exited for Aladdin (2019)?

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 3 months ago

    That moment when you are the only person in the universe who actually enjoyed this film

  • Titanic Truths
    Titanic Truths 3 months ago

    *THANK YOU*. Finally, someome got the family guy "shut up meg".

  • Jessica willis
    Jessica willis 3 months ago

    honestly as much as I love Oprah and Reese Witherspoon, I prefer the low budget 2003 Wrinkle In Time

  • Altrunchen
    Altrunchen 3 months ago

    "My gift...is my command."

  • John Bainbridge
    John Bainbridge 3 months ago

    Finally saw this movie and... I kinda liked it. It wasn't deep, or complex, or... Well, it wasn't much of anything really, but it also wasn't horrible, or devisive, or cruel, or punishing, or heart-wrenching, or atrocious... It was light, fluffy, a little sweet, and generally inoffensive... It was vanilla cake. I'm not gonna buy it at a restaurant (theatre), but if it's free-ish (on Netfix), I'll eat it.

  • Sierra Alice
    Sierra Alice 3 months ago

    I actually enjoyed this movie because the dad ACTUALLY came back

  • James Yu
    James Yu 3 months ago

    when I see these three black fairies who just seem to fit perfectly with the black women stereotype, I knew there must be something wrong.

  • It All Starts With Gilgamesh

    that matthew mahogany (yes that's how you say it) ending was too good man.

  • sw3g3rplayz
    sw3g3rplayz 3 months ago

    This movie was terrible they change so many things especially Calvin I don’t think he said moron once also they took away that adorable forest scene with meg and Calvin then C.W ruined it wich made me laugh also aunt beast wasn’t in it and they deleted the kiss scene

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 3 months ago

    movie can be summed up as
    "We spent so much time patting ourselves on our back over our diverse casting, we forgot to make a decent movie"
    followed up by
    "I don't care what white men critics have to say, we only care what they have to say when they support diverse casts, like the new Star Wars films, or gender bent films like Ghostbusters. When they disagree.....then we call them out cause they can't be right"