GLAZERS DISCUSSION! Fancams @ Old Trafford

  • Published on Jul 4, 2019
  • More snippets from the time Peaky Pundit headed down to Old Trafford to meet Andy Tate, Darren Webb and ARGHKID - David Scott.. This time to discuss the Glazers!
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Comments • 52

  • Simon wadsley
    Simon wadsley 5 months ago +1

    Ole is a glazer yes man and will be out by Xmas, our squad is absolutely shocking and Ole is resorting to sound bites

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 5 months ago +2

    Great interview technique mate, well done, ego parked in preference to several sensible discussions. Love It. Please do MORE!

    • Peaky Pundit
      Peaky Pundit 5 months ago

      thanks mate glad you enjoyed the video.

  • Rowen James
    Rowen James 5 months ago

    Why ftd always have the bet365 ads unskippable? Bit irresponsible for gamble addicts who follow football... which is lots

  • Mark wein
    Mark wein 5 months ago

    TBH this is best Andy Tate interview I seen.

  • Next Machina
    Next Machina 5 months ago +1

    It doesn't matter how many players United buy. With Solskjaer and this board in charge, nothing will change. We need a clear out in both these positions with a top manager and not a cut price novice in charge. Sorry Ollie but you are out of your depth.

    • farakhhanif
      farakhhanif 5 months ago

      Every great manager started out as a novice. Take Guardiola and Zidane as an example. The only coaching experience they had before taking over Barca and Real was coaching their team's respective B teams/youth teams.

  • Ramsey comics
    Ramsey comics 5 months ago

    They have backed every manager, can’t argue with that.

  • L.A. BRIT
    L.A. BRIT 5 months ago

    People saying resistance to the Glazers will “hurt the team”... oohh let’s all keep quiet then, someone might get upset. What on earth are they smoking? What can hurt the team more than 6th place for chrissake!!! Sheep 🐑 🐑!

  • Colin Mc
    Colin Mc 5 months ago +2

    I’m Irish and like Andy Man United is my family I live and breath MANCHESTER UNITED. I live in Canada but tell Canadians not to buy jerseys or not to go to games if they are in Europe it’s not going to happen, United’s fan base is what drives the Glazers. Unfortunately people in Manchester who support United don’t matter to them

  • Richard Carnahan
    Richard Carnahan 5 months ago +1

    I agree with the first Gentleman you spoke too. All United Fans need to stop Buying the Merchandise. I don’t believe that you should give up you season passes or stop going to the games. The players need to know that we support them. But hit Woodward and the Glazers in there Wallets and they will Change. Or best of all they will sell.

  • Karl Thomson
    Karl Thomson 5 months ago

    Stopping match-day merch wont ever happen, the non season ticket holders are from far and wide and are not going to refuse their kids the merch for a protest. We are our own enemy. Quite simple Glazers wont sell until they have ringed every last drop out of us, an unsuccessful team will suffer a drop in its fan base, so expect relegations before change... Sorry to say

  • Flacko 7
    Flacko 7 5 months ago

    I wanna meet the fool who buys full time devil merch. Could make that myself

  • D G
    D G 5 months ago

    Glazers Out muppet brigade lasted 5mins, 25 people turned up and no one gives a fuck. We are spending, stop crying .,..

  • SuperRed Fan 15
    SuperRed Fan 15 5 months ago +1

    I'm a young man utd fan and these owners and woodward need to go

  • Danny Chan
    Danny Chan 5 months ago

    This guy is dumb.
    A mass walkout is exactly what's needed.

  • Aleksandar Ignjatovic
    Aleksandar Ignjatovic 5 months ago +1

    Paeky looks like Iznogud.

  • Wengi Simmons
    Wengi Simmons 5 months ago

    This guy talking a lot of shit. The club has not backed the mangers. Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho have already come out and said that the club DID NOT buy ANY of their first choice, second choice or even third choice players that they wanted. The signings you see there are Ed Woodward's signings. Now you got Ole Solskjaer bringing in average English/British players. The club is in trouble and the results will prove my point.

  • Nikolozka
    Nikolozka 5 months ago +15

    I see this guy for the first time and have to say he's doing a good job,less self centered guy and more journalist type, unlike "some" I won't name the names. So, well done mate

    • Peaky Pundit
      Peaky Pundit 5 months ago +1

      thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the video mate.

  • Rich Greene
    Rich Greene 5 months ago

    Camaraderie? Was that the Italian boy?

  • Will Smit
    Will Smit 5 months ago +3

    The Glazers HAVE to spend money, they know they couldn't get away with not spending seeing as we are one of the richest clubs in the world, but for the money the club makes we are a joke compared to Barca and Real and that is because of the board the glazers have installed, led by woodward. We are being run by amateurs who haven't got a clue about their 'brand'😠
    I work around OT and the place is a gold mine. There are apartments being thrown up around Trafford, the quays and Salford...the potential to add another few thousand on to the attendance is evident but the glazers have no ambition, but as long as the dividends keep rolling in!!
    The ground is tired, the frame should be cladded in red and lit up so it can be seen for miles around, more should be done for fans and families on matchday by the club so it isn't just go to the game and go home. The club needs to move with the times, compare United with PL clubs who are constantly trying to evolve...apart from sponsorships we just seem to stand still.
    That is the problem, Owners with money buy clubs and take on their debt then improve (like the blue scum's record PL debt that magically vanished?) but United got paupers for owners who saddled us with debt...THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!
    It was a disgrace the glazers were allowed to do what they did...and even tony blair admitted as much (the only honest thing he said as PM) that is our problem, after Fergie we should have built and stepped up a level to enable the success to continue, instead we are going backwards. I sincerely hope Ole has a plan and gets the team he's our only hope.

  • Wendy Grant
    Wendy Grant 5 months ago +1

    In the next few years when the TV contracts are up, football teams will be looking to stream games. United has a huge fan base world wide. Imagine if 10 million fans pay 5 to watch each game and there are 40 games to stream, how much would the Glaziers make per year? Why would they look to sell now.

  • Darren Young
    Darren Young 5 months ago

    you hurt the glazers by damaging the united brand. embarrass the fuck out of them in front of millions of tv viewers and sponsors all over the world and all the football press by not going to 1 home game.could you imagine united playing a home game in front of a near empty stadium? it would be headline news all over the world. But the season ticket holders won't do it .why is that? that's why the glazers do whatever they want.

  • devil of a red
    devil of a red 5 months ago +6

    The only reason the Glazers have backed managers is because they don`t want the hassle or the expense of appointing new ones, also the board and Woodward are so incompetent that they don`t know who to appoint and only wish to pacify the shareholders and the fans by appointing old boys so as to deflect attention from themselves. I fear Ole will be made the scapegoat when things go wrong. Glazers out.

  • Lee Murf
    Lee Murf 5 months ago +5

    Empty stadium live on sky let that do some damage "we have tried it all before" I have never seen old trafford empty on sky. Damaging the share price or club value if that starts to go down the Glazers will cash out. Enough is enough and it is time all united fans get together and ruin the yank bastards if we have to damage the club in the short then so be it once the Glazers go and we have owners worthy of man utd the club will recover massively. United is fucked under the Glazers nothing will change whilst they still own the club. Look at the Tampa bay bucs the Glazers absolutely destroyed them. The fans saying the Glazers have backed the managers are a joke, have they really? Pep gets what he wants straight away, cock head woodworm tries to bargain buy, taking months to sign players not once have they bought everything that team needs. Typical gullible as fuck united fans thinking Ole will take the club to greatness again, he was sacked by CARDIFF. Woodward and the Glazers know exactly how to play the United fans that's why Ole got the job to cheer up the fans and shut them up. He will be sacked halfway through the new season not because of him directly but those above him who in the words of Van Gaal "don't have a clue how to run a football club". The only thing they are good at is taking every penny out of the club whilst laughing at the United fans. Andy Tate what a clown he is all it does is hurt the team, having owners like the Glazers does more damage because the longer they have ownership of the club the worse that team will get and the harder it will be to get quality players into the club. Saying that we are already passed that, no world-class player in Europe is coming to utd anytime soon. We are laughing stock of European football look at Barca saying joining Utd is like Joining a Chinese club! Anyway, let's be positive eh "oles at the wheel" I am looking forward to the new season when City and Liverpool smash us of the pitch. When we lose 6-0 at Old Trafford to City all that anger you feel just remember all of it is down to the Glazers and Woodworm but don't forget to chant "oles at the wheel". The saddest part of all this shit is the United fans will wake up and find some fight once the club finishes 16th in the league, no doubt your thinking that will never happen but when united last won the premier league did you think a few years later we would be struggling for a place in the Europa League? I admire City and wish we had an owner like that imagine what we could have done with the 1.8 billion the Glazers have taken out of Utd? We would have been the strongest team in world football and Old Trafford would look totally different. FUCK THE GLAZERS AND FUCK ED WOODWORM.

    • Delano Blanco
      Delano Blanco 5 months ago

      We don't need to spend like city, we just need to be smart enough to do the right things. Rashford getting 250k is nonsense, retaining Mata, degea etc. I don't know who the fuck is giving contracts but they need to get fired.

  • Romil Patel
    Romil Patel 5 months ago +1

    All we need is a world class CB and Fernandes. That will solve half our issues on the pitch

    • Romil Patel
      Romil Patel 5 months ago

      @The Real Zlatan agreed but i doubt we'll able to make those signings given our slow planning and execution

    • The Real Zlatan
      The Real Zlatan 5 months ago

      Romil Patel Add a CDM and a Right Winger to that as well... A defensive mid should be a high priority this summer. Can’t stress how important that position is...

  • beatsprodbycm
    beatsprodbycm 5 months ago +2

    Going on tour with 2 signings when Real Madrid Have spent over 200 million on 4 players already. Its a shambles. Ole is doomed.

  • Gregory Rasmussen
    Gregory Rasmussen 5 months ago +5

    The Glazers have backed the managers which is fine but they haven't invested in the internal structure of the club. THE INCOMPETENCE IS ASTOUNDING !!! The consequences of that are spilling out on the pitch.

  • Noel Kelly
    Noel Kelly 5 months ago

    LOL ... ah lads, not exactly new, you can nearly play spot the difference with this and the WAN-BISSAKA BID ACCEPTED! Fancams from June 26th, obviously recorded the same day.

  • Samuel Sogbesan
    Samuel Sogbesan 5 months ago +1

    FANCAMS but with the same people all the time. Could have just done this over skype!

    • Dave Ryan
      Dave Ryan 5 months ago

      Samuel Sogbesan Couldn't you have done something as well?

  • Desmus Otieno
    Desmus Otieno 5 months ago +1

    What's wrong with some manchester United fans? Wait and see what glacer is going to do at the club. Some of them are not manchester United fans they want to destroy our club.

  • JLPC13
    JLPC13 5 months ago +3

    I couldn't take Old Trafford being renamed

    • Northern Crusaders
      Northern Crusaders 5 months ago

      New Trafford lol

    • Mcr is RED
      Mcr is RED 5 months ago +1

      As a proud manc Red,I would rather be relagated then change the name of our stadium.

    • Pat William
      Pat William 5 months ago +1

      @JLPC13 well there you go then

    • JLPC13
      JLPC13 5 months ago +1

      @Pat William League title. Easy.

    • Pat William
      Pat William 5 months ago

      Renamed old Trafford or a league title?

  • Jonas Loïc
    Jonas Loïc 5 months ago +4


  • Simon Cowie
    Simon Cowie 5 months ago +14

    Andy Tate is spot on I have been saying this since the Glazers Out campaign started the protests don’t work boycotts don’t work they just hurt the team do I want the Glazers at the club he’ll no
    & I would pay for a successful team
    Like Andy Man Utd was passed down to me

    • L.A. BRIT
      L.A. BRIT 5 months ago +1

      Simon Cowie So we should just accept their incompetence and greed year after year while meekly watching the degeneration of our club. How can resistance hurt our team worse than finishing sixth? It’s an opinion, but I personally will continue to boycott them and foment resistance every way I possibly can, as I have done for years, until they are gone. Any uprising looks impossible to many until it happens.

  • Stelios P
    Stelios P 5 months ago +7

    lmao everyone has a brand and making merch these days. what a farse.

    • peter scott
      peter scott 5 months ago +1

      The only farce is how you spell farse. you!

  • Delano Blanco
    Delano Blanco 5 months ago +5

    I just can't believe that they gave Radford 250k weekly, cant believe that Mata got two years extended, can't believe that they are looking to extend degea stay even though he is checked out mentally at United, can't believe that the deadwoods are still here. fuck ole and the glazer!

    • L
      L 5 months ago

      Ole lacks balls.

    • Josh Ong
      Josh Ong 5 months ago +1

      Delano Blanco spot on mate

    F GUN BARRIE 5 months ago

    Iam here first please give me alike

  • DDG
    DDG 5 months ago

    Asking the same person