Nadler issues sharp rebuke of Trump administration in letter Thursday

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler issued a sharp rebuke of the Trump administration Thursday. Sean Sullivan, a CBSN political contributor and national politics reporter for The Washington Post, joins CBSN to discuss Thursday's news.
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Comments • 93

  • Jethro Tulle
    Jethro Tulle 29 days ago

    I hope the stress of his failure causes Nadler to eat himself to death.

  • Kokozo
    Kokozo Month ago

    This dude is sick, I mean just look at him. I call him "The Ring Master" because he leads the circus and the clowns that surround him. Apparently he thinks people are listening to him. Amazing what ego can do to people and how delusional they become! So pathetic!!!

  • raymond weaver
    raymond weaver Month ago

    Have the Democrats done anything, promoted any bills unrelated to Trump or proposed anything to benefit regular people this term?

  • Karen Carr
    Karen Carr Month ago

    He is a stupid little man .

  • Friend
    Friend Month ago

    Men of Nadler's stature are in "short" supply. No Trump there are those who think "little" of him.

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor Month ago +1

    You Dumbassocrats and their supporters are dumber than a collective bag of hammers. And behold Nadler, one of the greatest jackasses of the age...

  • Sonny Seidt
    Sonny Seidt Month ago +1

    Nadler and his fellow echo'ers show what is wrong with the house democrats.... intelligence not required.....i'm ashamed to be a democrat because of people like Nadler

  • Closeoutracer
    Closeoutracer Month ago +1

    Jerry Nadler = McArthy .. Wild swings with wild accusations.

  • wingnut jack
    wingnut jack Month ago

    nadler is another idiot that needs to go

  • Inka-Christine Walker
    Inka-Christine Walker Month ago +1

    Whoop whoop Trump in 2020 !!!

  • Rani Rich
    Rani Rich Month ago

    What it means Nadler, is you're playing games and abusing power! It also means We The People will take Democrats out of power 2020. Attempting to overthrow The Peoples vote by trying to impeach our duly elected President plus DNC's involvement in the attempted Coup de'tat is an Act Of Treason for which we will seek justice!!!

    • Donna Valentino
      Donna Valentino Month ago

      Nadler is acting like a tyrant because he has hated Trump for decades. He needs to be recused.

  • DB Donovan
    DB Donovan Month ago

    "Penguin Wadler" Jerry Nadler is playing his part for the Democratic crime syndicate. He is still demanding the same thing & expecting a different response from Barr. How dumb does he think Barr & the American public is? Does anyone get it yet? "Keep them busy so they don't come after us for TREASON." This really exposes the corruptness, futility & low intel INSANITY of the LEFT.

  • stenka razin
    stenka razin Month ago

    USA is a joke worldwide for allowing Trump this ridiculous narcissistic episode of Reality TV.

  • Adi-LMNOP
    Adi-LMNOP Month ago

    nadler, you slovenly rube

  • K Gian
    K Gian Month ago +1


  • Naomi Ogle
    Naomi Ogle Month ago +2

    Nadler, Schiff, and their committees are a weak, and useless joke.

  • RC RC
    RC RC Month ago +1

    Talk about fake spinning news

  • Darwin Penning
    Darwin Penning Month ago +1

    President Trump is duly elected and doing a great job. The right man for the moment. Let's all help him.

  • Agusta Sister
    Agusta Sister Month ago


    • Agusta Sister
      Agusta Sister Month ago

      I know why...because u are owned by a hostile foreign group
      ..a buried as the teuth is in at least 47 layers of FAKE.COMPA IES TO.HIDE THE REAL.OWNERS..AND HIDE THE BOARD OF.DIRECTORS....CNN AS 120 LAYERS AND IS HARDER TO GET AT...

  • Giovanni Soave
    Giovanni Soave Month ago +3

    Keep going Congress. Fight the Trump Cover-up.

    • Malloc
      Malloc Month ago +2

      Delusional. The noose is tightening around corrupt Obama and Hilary, which ones gonna flip first do you think?

  • Fiona Fairechild
    Fiona Fairechild Month ago +1

    That and $5 will get you a Happy Meal. Sheesh!

  • Jack W
    Jack W Month ago

    Trump may be the most corrupt President ever, but he's not going to be talked out of office. And that's all the Democrats seem to be offering. A Republican Party without morals and a Democratic Party without balls.

  • dane taylor
    dane taylor Month ago

    we just wanna keep fishin anybody got dynamite they just aren't bitin

  • V
    V Month ago +1

    Fake af president.

    • Adi-LMNOP
      Adi-LMNOP Month ago

      you mad? yeah you mad !!!

  • Claudette S
    Claudette S Month ago +4

    Oooo... a sharp rebuke.

  • jake pryor
    jake pryor Month ago +1

    Greatest show on planet.
    Where the clowns go learn,
    to become a politician !
    As usual.....
    is the biggest clown !
    At end of the day !
    If you help traitors ,
    you a traitor .....
    For Life....
    No mercy
    Reelected 45

  • V. Lee Walker
    V. Lee Walker Month ago +1

    It's beginning to look like time to storm the White Supremacist house, remove the cockroaches, fumigate and put a true American Patriot in!

    • Closeoutracer
      Closeoutracer Month ago +1

      A Patriot is currently in the White House. Brennan voted communist in 1980. Comey was a communist in college. The scope of their KGB-like spying operations is coming to light .. Smarten up.

    • Atticus Finch
      Atticus Finch Month ago +1

      Make sure you abort your offspring.

    • Naomi Ogle
      Naomi Ogle Month ago +1

      Big talk from weak cucks.

  • Jeffrey My
    Jeffrey My Month ago

    "in letter" No republican even read that letter. No one takes democrats seriously because they are weak af.

  • Joanna Radacina
    Joanna Radacina Month ago


  • Stifled Voice
    Stifled Voice Month ago +4

    The more trump stonewalls, the worse it looks when the bad news, tax fraud, emoluments criminality, etc. comes out in the inevitable Committee Hearings.

    • raymond weaver
      raymond weaver Month ago

      I wish Democrats would put some effort unrelated to Trump, to help people

    • Closeoutracer
      Closeoutracer Month ago +1

      Mueller looked at Trump's taxes and found nothing. Manafort went down for Bank Fraud and Taxes. 40 FBI agents including forensic accountants have just looked at Trumps bank and tax records and found nothing.. over 2 years. Nadler is a fraud.

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean Month ago

    oh that care about is impeaching Donald Trump the most evil President we ever had not only that he is calling war war 3 with Iran for no reason both play false play as seen this through the news for the next last three week three months salary 3 months my back hurts so I watch the news and this is what I've see and this is what I've heard Donald Trump needs to be impeached fat if not we will not have an economy it is crashing and it will crash people if you do not tell Nancy pelosi to impeach Donald Trump you're at fault if you do not call Pentagon and tell him about the war you're at fault too I can't do that because I don't have a phone I wish I did maybe I'll borrow my neighbor so next thing I know China why are we at war freaking stupid s*** at China all we've been paid so much yes we have McDonald's phone is acting like he can overcome this and why our economy is falling people wake up now only that not only that immigration he is so freaking racist and a bunny if you don't talk English you cannot live in the United States held him how did that man I'm sorry if you fall for him go ahead go ahead phone for him the Lord's coming dude and when he does you will worship the no more stress you ever had in your life in Jesus name I pray amen.

  • Barry O'Connor
    Barry O'Connor Month ago +4

    Trump will not resign, he will have to be impeached. Trump is not as smart as Nixon was.

    • Closeoutracer
      Closeoutracer Month ago

      There is no crime .. Dems whipping themselves into a Joseph McArthy froth is not an impeachable offense.

    • Richard Ralph Roehl
      Richard Ralph Roehl Month ago +1

      Impeachment by the House will NOT remove Donald Trump from the White House. Obviously... you haven't read the US constitution.

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean Month ago

    Okay Nancy listen to me antique John Trump now he's causing a false flag war the reason why is BeBe is real is wanting Donald Trump to cause war with Iran you know how I know this my back hurts and I lay here and I watch news all of it not Fox cuz it's fake let me tell you right now missy you need to impeach Donald Trump ASAP or will be in world war 3 knowing that we're going to crash narco near me you understand this I'm not being mean to you Nancy but we need to do something fast if you don't care Vine fine we're going to war whether you like it or not woo or 3 I'm sorry over in the golf for no reason Donald Trump has no evidence at all not a Mike pence or or the state never sell Joe Biden does Joe Biden bupp

    M that guy named Joe be there in a military person give but bull double he wants to cause war there's many people if you would pay kitchen use you noticed you I'm sorry raniand are innocent people who are going to get killed you must act now if you don't yeah we know where you stand

  • Six Delta
    Six Delta Month ago +2

    Communist Nadler --> GITMO --> Military Tribunal --> Treason Conviction --> Military Firing Squad

    • MiamiOle
      MiamiOle Month ago

      I bet $50 you have some sort of ailment that has you taking opiates for pain. You sound crazy.

    • James Oxford
      James Oxford Month ago +1

      If the government won't do it you better hop in your tacticool costume and do it yourself!

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean Month ago

    No one icare

  • TheDesert IsPatient
    TheDesert IsPatient Month ago +3

    Dem’s Talk is cheap. The Dems should actually ‘do’ something other than shuffle papers in committee.
    Mueller should man-up and go call his own press conference. Justice needs him to come forward. Or are his hands clean now that the report is off his desk? He did his job; he’s outta here? Is Mueller just a lawyer after-all, or is he a Marine?

  • Stoney Curtis
    Stoney Curtis Month ago +1

    The Trump administration is a criminal organization who refuses to comply with congressional oversight investigations of his criminal behavior, (obstruction of justice et-al)..
    Trump thinks e is the King of the United States of America, when in reality he is a paid public servant, (as long as we don't allow him to become our King)
    Vote our democratic republic back in 2020~!

  • Tom Manley
    Tom Manley Month ago +1

    *Over 2 years and 40 million dollars looking here, there, everywhere and you idiots came up with nothing.*
    Now you idiots want to do it again, *who is getting a kick back is what I want to know.*

    • Daisy Elmir
      Daisy Elmir Month ago +1

      @Hawks Fan
      Hawks Fan.👋🌼
      Don't confuse the Trumpturds with facts, their heads can only hold one thought at a time! 😏

    • Hawks Fan
      Hawks Fan Month ago +3

      The investigation made a profit of 12-15 million. So whats your excuse for it not to happen now.

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl Month ago +1

    Aside from 29 years of fecklessness in Congress, Jerry Nadler is the paragon example of a self-hating Jew. Nadler belongs in a nursing home with $enile Pelosi, Maxine the Wig, Diane Fein$tein, Creepy Joe the 'Fondler'... and Bernie Sanders, a multi-millionaire communist that wants to make the United States like Venezuela.

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean Month ago

    Really his cousin both plays for war spend the night country downhill an economy no yeah he's doing that he's saying all immigrants that speak English to stay to me this is enough proof to impeach the b**** where's the next Nancy pelosi if you don't do this we're going to lose that I'm trying to another country not only that download has a middle East plan two great war with Iran which will be world war II do you understand this are you guys ignoring it I'm sorry Irani hasn't done anything to me I've seen for months and months about all this crap Donald Trump's mysterious plan buddy let me tell you about that Bebe whatever he calls name have total Donald Trump and protect them for rear end bring your warships in here I heard this I've seen it over the news many uses you want to go back 4 months ago and look at it all go ahead if you don't believe me June twenty-three watch out oh my God you all don't understand what's going on and I do because I've heard it from don't trust mouth to chill your buying to Mike pence some more in the Congress that's why they Congress Rapunzel cake girl for this why is there civil war flag flag flag dude listen to me you might think I'm ignorant and stupid but I'm not thank you very much

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis Month ago +8

    Nadler putting Trump & his lawyers in their place. Remember , Pelosi owns Trump. She delights in tormenting him. Trump's petulance will be his undoing.

    • Closeoutracer
      Closeoutracer Month ago +1

      Pelosi/Nadler are leading the Dems off a cliff. 1st the Coup attempt by Comey, Brennan and the Demogoons. then 2 years of fake Trump/Russia. .. Now the Nadler subpoena circus. What a platform.. if the idea is to attract anarchist instead of middle America.

    • Adi-LMNOP
      Adi-LMNOP Month ago

      doubtful, sweet-pea

    • Malloc
      Malloc Month ago

      @Patchwork Girl its what happens to low IQ tards when they are spoon fed by CBS, CNN etc

    • David Ellis
      David Ellis Month ago +1

      @Patchwork Girl Trump is under her thumb. She is the teacher , he is the poorly behaved student.

    • Patchwork Girl
      Patchwork Girl Month ago

      David Ellis That is delusional. Pelosi "owns Trump"? Huh?

  • Make Racists Afraid Again

    Nadler >>>> Failed Trump
    Charge the entire Un American Trump Crime Family Syndicate.

    • Donna Valentino
      Donna Valentino Month ago

      Boy you are really buy this aren't you. Watch Mark Levin's and Victor Davis Hanson's analysis
      on this. Nadler is really in the wrong and will be shot down in a legal battle. Trump did ultimately
      let the investigation go to conclusion, cooperated in handing over a million documents , anyone
      that Mueller wanted to interview Trump did not stop from testifying Barr released all of the
      Mueller report that could be legally be released. It was sitting at the DOJ for review yet no
      DEM has reviewed it until it was read aloud. The Trump team did everything by the book,
      it is Nadler that is asking for document they have no right to review and they are asking
      Barr to hand over documents that are illegal and Barr will not break the law

    • Rizalina Maiorana
      Rizalina Maiorana Month ago

      PpI'll be .llc the same

    • Closeoutracer
      Closeoutracer Month ago +1

      There's no crime to charge them with. And Nadler's immitation of Joseph McArthy is getting old.

    • Rizalina Maiorana
      Rizalina Maiorana Month ago

      M is that loopholes r we

    • Rizalina Maiorana
      Rizalina Maiorana Month ago

      Ok right to the

  • Sandi Billingsley
    Sandi Billingsley Month ago

    A narcissist uses the appearance of victimization when they are losing Donald Trump will use impeachment to make him look like a victim. Congress needs to interview Mueller to get the American people a better understanding of how Bill Barr lied for Donald Trump.

  • Jerry Mays
    Jerry Mays Month ago

    Wake up you idiots,the demonacrats have lied and wasted your time,watch who gets locked up for starting this!! Vengeance is mine saith the LORD I will repay.What you sow that shall he also reap! Be born again; receive the Lord Jesus Christ today.Acts 16:31

  • Michael Jean
    Michael Jean Month ago

    I'm sorry again the problem is getting to go to war with Iran for no reason and you doing nothing but talking I say in pizza b**** I don't care if you have an investigation make new rules for the next president in peaches b****

  • DJ Kool T Killers
    DJ Kool T Killers Month ago +5

    There are plenty of Americans who own guns who or not Republican impeach Trump and in prison the Republican's

    • Closeoutracer
      Closeoutracer Month ago +1

      I'm GOP .. Imprisoning based on Politics is Joseph Stalin/Fidel Castro communist stuff... Not American values. Hunters, Military, NRA are about 95 percent Conservative .. Math is a great subject when you apply it.

    • Adi-LMNOP
      Adi-LMNOP Month ago

      I don't think you thought that one all the way through, cupcake

    • Darc MeDastro
      Darc MeDastro Month ago

      there are more Republicans with. . .come and get us

    • jake pryor
      jake pryor Month ago +3

      In your dreams......

  • DJ Kool T Killers
    DJ Kool T Killers Month ago +12

    I guess we're going to have to March on Washington to get Trump out of there

    • Christopher
      Christopher Month ago +1

      @Hawks Fan ..It must be fairly effective, since I have about 100 of you "liberal" Dixiecrat, George Soros paid "commenter" bots trailing me every inch of the way....see ya at the bottom of the ocean in 2020, Dixiecrat.

    • Hawks Fan
      Hawks Fan Month ago +2

      @Christopher You really need to come up with a new tag line. Typing the same thing every day on every video just shows youre nuts.

    • Christopher
      Christopher Month ago +6

      Liberals seek to protect their TRILLION DOLLAR Hollwood/ Silicon Valley "racism" empire.

    • Stoney Curtis
      Stoney Curtis Month ago +2

      If thats what it take~!

    • I'm gone
      I'm gone Month ago +1

      Make sure you wear your white hoods.
      You can always borrow one from the governor of Virginia. ☻👻

  • Bandit 1
    Bandit 1 Month ago +4