I Think I'm Going To Move To Miami For Her... **Mystery Girl**

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
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  • The DDG Family
    The DDG Family  7 months ago +2348

    I'm tripping??? 5,000 Likes and i'll reveal Mystery Girl...

    Ps. You can see her in the buffies a little.

  • E.J 2 Cool
    E.J 2 Cool Day ago


  • C -Dion
    C -Dion 4 days ago


  • C -Dion
    C -Dion 4 days ago


  • C -Dion
    C -Dion 4 days ago


  • C -Dion
    C -Dion 4 days ago


  • Lil Xay
    Lil Xay 17 days ago

    Boy with them 30 ads just to get your cherios😂😂

  • mishalae perry
    mishalae perry Month ago +1

    its Tiana watch the Wendys mukbang she live in Miami

  • Gilligan 123
    Gilligan 123 Month ago

    Capping bout moving on

  • Gilligan 123
    Gilligan 123 Month ago

    You was that NIGGA til you got back to Kennedy town....
    And you said it's nothing but zombies there and you got siked again......if you stayed you ass in Miami on some real true vibes you'd be that NIGGA again and than you could have faced yourself in the mirror once again.....just admit it you liked to be dogged by an L.A. chick....thats why you like doing those gold digger pranks.....cause Kennedy is pranking you every moment she's with you.....she don't need to do pranks on anyone else.....she got you......lmao

    • Tameka Roberson
      Tameka Roberson Month ago

      All that energy u using trying to tell him about what he should or shouldn't do. Who he should or shouldn't be with. U need to apply that energy to your own miserable life. That man out there living his life to the fullest, accomplishing all the things he said he wanted to do. And with the woman he wants and life. And yet u always in the comments talking crap. Looks to me he making out alot better than u r. Stop sitting on the sidelines of life talking crap and accomplishing nothing. And before u say u r doing good in life. Its a lie. Cause everything about your energy says otherwise

  • Martha Clark
    Martha Clark Month ago

    Text gang miami love the beaches

  • Milton
    Milton Month ago

    I miss Tiana

  • Isabel Peña
    Isabel Peña 2 months ago

    Might as well starting selling crack out this bitch 😭 hell no, that shit got me dead

  • Elizabeth Blanchard
    Elizabeth Blanchard 2 months ago

    DDG dont make one toxic relationship put you in the mind set because there are girls out there that cherish the floor walk on .

  • sasha sanabria84
    sasha sanabria84 2 months ago

    Just live your life she is beautiful stay with her ❤️ you look and love 💕

  • Hippielongstockins World

    "bubba go catch himmm"

  • Antohiaa a
    Antohiaa a 4 months ago +1

    Libra men are so corny 😩😆😆

  • Alex Joyner
    Alex Joyner 4 months ago

    Ddg.... what the hell is a life size spider ? 😂

  • Anthony Chattergoon
    Anthony Chattergoon 5 months ago

    Yh you tripping

  • RaisKing
    RaisKing 5 months ago

    who is he?

  • bongo
    bongo 5 months ago

    Tf happened at 24:27 lmao

  • Tish Tish TV
    Tish Tish TV 5 months ago +1

    We can see her in your glasses 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AlmightyDae __
    AlmightyDae __ 5 months ago

    Been living in Orlando since birth

  • Morgan Farmer
    Morgan Farmer 5 months ago

    Need more tats

  • swaggypjr 98
    swaggypjr 98 5 months ago +1

    Dig talking about the stove like he be cooking 😂😂

  • Jessy Cendejas
    Jessy Cendejas 5 months ago

    Y’all so immature ain’t nothing wrong with that place and you’re sitting there giving those peoples home bad press for what? Half your followers houses not even that nice, humble yourself.

  • Karl Alexis
    Karl Alexis 6 months ago

    Why is there so much publicity in this video🤨

  • blaccat
    blaccat 6 months ago

    21!!! When they were getting in the rental, I thought them two were in their late 30’s early 40’s. I actually thought they were his uncles or something.

    SVCKK MYY SWAGG 6 months ago +1

    *😂 When You Always Slip & End Up Showin Yo Judgmental Parents The Type Of Thot Hoes You Be Fuckin Around Wit : 🤭😅 25:12

  • Drew Stammer
    Drew Stammer 6 months ago

    I have one bad grade but you are very coool

  • Rodney B
    Rodney B 6 months ago

    Little tip, you can see her through ddg shades lol

  • Loïs KURT
    Loïs KURT 6 months ago

    30:30 We love a good pep talk in front of the mirror

  • Giovanni TheDon
    Giovanni TheDon 6 months ago

    You should nigga. Let’s all get right

  • Drip Depot Jewelers
    Drip Depot Jewelers 6 months ago +1

    Self motivation is EXTREMELY important to good mental health!

  • KBdaPrimal
    KBdaPrimal 6 months ago

    I booked an airbnb for my 27th birtyday. It was trash. Shit had no A/C. San Antonio was hot in the day. Nothing but alcohol. Only good thing was jacuzzi and pool table. Females love the jacuzzi. Never again get airbnb without seen the place first lol. I feel you bro on having someone. Did a lot of things with my ex now single. Sucks but more time to focus on my book writing, music, gym and etc.

  • Christian Alino
    Christian Alino 6 months ago

    The mystery girl is Tiana lol

  • lil_kikii boss
    lil_kikii boss 6 months ago +1

    I been living in miami all my life um its not that lit its all right like when i was looking at this video i was like smh if only if he really stay here to see its lame i stay in the gardens by 207

  • Spectre Gaming
    Spectre Gaming 6 months ago

    "We might as well start selling crack out this bitch"🤣🤣🤣

  • Tetrayona Knight
    Tetrayona Knight 6 months ago

    Tiana 💕

  • Q fire
    Q fire 6 months ago

    Fuck Kennedy this girl wayyyy badder no Cap shit 🔥

  • Semik420
    Semik420 6 months ago

    Ima rob you when I catch you

  • Semik420
    Semik420 6 months ago

    Smh all the money you get bro you can’t give little kids some money smh

  • Semik420
    Semik420 6 months ago +1

    So much money n my guy tripping over 100

  • Semik420
    Semik420 6 months ago

    Smh ya some stingy ass niggas !!! Yo cousin mostly

  • Can i get 1k to get a good start for youtube?

    0:09 we could see her throught ur glasses

  • soul my soul
    soul my soul 6 months ago +1

    Woo Hit a shit no cap

    Ddg these folks got to got hit a shit no cap

  • ToxicNature
    ToxicNature 6 months ago +5

    Lol everyone need to have a conversation like that with themself from time to time. Give yourself compliments, remind yourself that you better than what the haters think or say about.

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee 6 months ago +1

    Who were u with that was toxic? Do u mean Kennedy? Was Kennedy toxic??? for real? U all never let us see that. U had us thinking Kennedy was so sweet and u all were always good. Wow...never knew.
    Ur right DDG. Negativity comes but send it packing. One way trip. . Do u DDG. Live ur life DDG style. Who for u will be for u. Jump on DDGs vibe. I hear ya brother man. U r that Ni....gg.....a🤓

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee 6 months ago

    DDG... who hurt u and when?

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee 6 months ago

    Wts the difference in pretty and beautiful?

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee 6 months ago

    She sounds very very white.

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee 6 months ago

    R u serious? I thought ur cousin was in his 40ties. He looks really old for his age.

  • Dashod Crates
    Dashod Crates 6 months ago

    DDG you got to show us ha cuz dat 23k likes plz. Can u show us come on plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • najma mohamed
    najma mohamed 6 months ago +2

    I miss Kennedy, I swear I can see y’all have a future together. Watch! Y’all are gonna be together again. I swear I’m still re-watching you and Kennedy’s videos together

  • レアFitment.
    レアFitment. 6 months ago


  • Jahzeria Dalynn
    Jahzeria Dalynn 6 months ago

    I love ddg when he drinking 🤣🤣🤣

  • Katherine's Kastle
    Katherine's Kastle 6 months ago

    Boyy I know who it is and she fine asf and fuck mfs opinions you famous broo who gives a fuck everyone got sum to say.

  • Free Truth
    Free Truth 6 months ago

    She sounds like Kennedy 🤔

  • jocelyn aguirre
    jocelyn aguirre 6 months ago

    stop being races kid it does not matter about there skin coler

  • jocelyn aguirre
    jocelyn aguirre 6 months ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hold up if you live in mimia florida i am going there on july all my family is coming and my cousins are a big fan of you toooooooooo!