Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2012
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    Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
    Video Featured in this Episode:
    My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm
    This episode featured the following teenagers.
    eric, age 15
    Iia, age 15
    adam, age 16
    alix, age 16
    DJ, age 16
    rachel, age 16
    victor, age 16
    Madison, age 17
    Rumor, age 17
    Tom, age 17
    Isaac, age 18
    Teens React #26 - Bullying
    This is the 100th episode of the REACT series.
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Comments • 5 034

  • FSN_TiMiD
    FSN_TiMiD 3 years ago +283

    How did she die and however did that is messed up

  • Shamso1818 Abdi
    Shamso1818 Abdi 3 years ago +136


  • ethan quirico
    ethan quirico 3 years ago +15619

    I feel so sorry for her, she didn't deserve that

  • K. Smiley
    K. Smiley 4 years ago +18626

    RIP Amanda Todd i miss you everyone loves you!β€πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’˜

  • Sophia D.
    Sophia D. 4 years ago +10070

    Well at least she was able to end her suffering and move on to a better life where all haters could never eternally reach her. They shall go down to the depths with the devil

  • Kristine Kidd
    Kristine Kidd 4 years ago +4434

    Why?!?! :(

  • Q-sister
    Q-sister 4 years ago +4765

    RIP Amanda Todd

  • OnlineGamer2104
    OnlineGamer2104 4 years ago +5281

    Rest in peace Amanda Todd

  • George Turner
    George Turner 4 years ago +10499

    Everyone alive needs to see this✊

  • Eskil Bredesen Wagelid
    Eskil Bredesen Wagelid 4 years ago +1320

    R I P Amanda

  • Jake Xiang
    Jake Xiang 4 years ago +3255

    R.I.P amanda

  • Elliott Pearson
    Elliott Pearson 4 years ago +3721

    This is sad, RIP Amanda

  • Cartoonlover 447
    Cartoonlover 447 4 years ago +9822

    I feel sorry for the parents of Amanda Todd.... They have to go on without their baby. :(

  • Galaxy.pearl
    Galaxy.pearl 4 years ago +6106

    Why would people do that R.I.P

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 4 years ago +8729

    Those who are bullied ,stay strong,Don't let someone's opinion destroy who you want to be or who you are right now

  • Tatyana Brown
    Tatyana Brown 4 years ago +15516

    rip, Amanda Todd
    you are an angel

  • Olga Piedad Ruiz
    Olga Piedad Ruiz 4 years ago +3473


  • Theater, Music, Movies and More _________

    can't people be happy and good together? We all need to stop this.

  • Te'a Harris
    Te'a Harris 4 years ago +325


  • boodhd
    boodhd 4 years ago +2978

    Rest in Peace Amanda

  • Irena Oluic
    Irena Oluic 4 years ago +194

    r.i.p amanda

  • Achilles Trevor Salumbides
    Achilles Trevor Salumbides 4 years ago +220

    R.I.P Amanda todd

  • Marayah Mendieta
    Marayah Mendieta 4 years ago +6941

    If I were in one of her schools I would have been a best friend but sadly I'm a kid

  • The Angel Of Darkness
    The Angel Of Darkness 4 years ago +19510

    God Bless Amanda Todd! :'( D':

  • Emma Tuss
    Emma Tuss 4 years ago +4607

    Rest in peace, Amanda Todd. Bless your heart.

  • Jovanna
    Jovanna 4 years ago +5090

    I would've stood up for her xc

  • Mariah Kriz
    Mariah Kriz 4 years ago +4047

    I can not stop crying now Omg

  • Anita Lin
    Anita Lin 4 years ago +13723

    stopppp being a buuullyyyyy

  • Softstar AJ
    Softstar AJ 4 years ago +12359

    I hope those bully receive a punishment and see this and/or the original. Do you feel happy, that someone who made two mistakes died? I certainly hope not. That's not right, at all.

  • epic moma
    epic moma 4 years ago +7278

    So sad made me cry and I don't cry a lot

  • Sarah  Martn
    Sarah Martn 4 years ago +3574

    I hope here friends feel sad because she died and Amanda Todd friends weren't true friends and now she dead and her friend be sad and saying why did I leave her or something and I will be a true friend and stand up for her I'm only ten years old and if my friends get bullied and they can't fight back I stand up and let the bully know don't mess with my friends

  • Sami Spark
    Sami Spark 4 years ago +484

    No one deserves this problem in life, Amanda was so young and she had her whole life to live for. If you are being bullied please tell someone.

  • anna fiona
    anna fiona 4 years ago +2773

    If somebody told me to kill myself, I'd fake my death (of course having the people I care knowing) leaving a note saying: "You got what you wanted."
    I wonder what'd happen then, eh? Would you continue bullying people to their death? Can you just imagine that even before you punch that kid or call her names?

  • saph201
    saph201 4 years ago +4993

    People have no Heart. ._.

  • Faith Brown
    Faith Brown 4 years ago +236

    I feel really bad and people should not bully

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis 4 years ago +23013

    If Amanda was still alive today, i would be her best friend, No one deserves to be alone

  • Cesar Kenobi
    Cesar Kenobi 4 years ago +42

    Rip Amanda.

  • β€’YBN LEYβ€’
    β€’YBN LEYβ€’ 4 years ago +5699

    Amanda Todd is a person that held strong but fell she never had a chance to correct

  • Emily Bikowicz
    Emily Bikowicz 4 years ago +8477

    And what's sad is that adults also bully. People in my neighborhood have been bullying me for 5 years and even when the police got involved nothing was done. It is important to stay strong. People love you, even when it seems like you have no one, you really do. There is no reason for anyone to degrade another person.

  • allysa beam
    allysa beam 4 years ago +14959

    I hope the bullies live with the guilt that they killed a sweet girl who didn't mean to do anything wrong.

  • Olivia Norman
    Olivia Norman 4 years ago +11827

    ok the people that bullied her their minds are messed up! who would do that to a poor girl

  • Misty Parrales
    Misty Parrales 4 years ago +17902

    Rest in peace Amanda

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 4 years ago +5032

    Omg I was almost crying this is so sad

  • It's Olivia πŸ˜‰
    It's Olivia πŸ˜‰ 4 years ago +5037

    I wish I was her bff 😭😭😭😭😭 why do that? She had her whole life ahead of her and she was so beautiful

  • Alex Edits
    Alex Edits 4 years ago +8710

    R.I.P Amanda Todd

  • Matthew Harryman
    Matthew Harryman 4 years ago +5009


  • Fresco
    Fresco 4 years ago +79


  • Meadow Marie
    Meadow Marie 4 years ago +8700

    The thing about going to adults about bullying is that most of the time they don't do anything about it. I must have gone to the same adult about the same person at least ten times in about three months, with witnesses and everything, and he didn't even talk to her about it. I remember him saying to me "At this point I wouldn't call it bullying." when I'd come in repeatedly and told him everything, and even cried. And even after that, I went to almost the entire office staff, even the guidance counselor, and nothing came of it. It's ridiculous, and we need more adults that will actually do something REAL about it.

  • Paulina Sepulveda
    Paulina Sepulveda 4 years ago +770

    ... y ? y r people so mean...πŸ˜”

  • Der Reiter
    Der Reiter 4 years ago +501

    Bullying is also one of the main reasons that leading to school Shootings. (So, I think)

  • Katie maise
    Katie maise 4 years ago +2144

    3:24 that's true

  • Trish Ruller
    Trish Ruller 4 years ago +9324

    I appreciate REACT for showing them this video. That's a wonderful thing to do.😊 God bless Amanda and the REACT team.

  • Let Us Play GAMES
    Let Us Play GAMES 4 years ago +5215

    I would have stand up for her

  • Let Us Play GAMES
    Let Us Play GAMES 4 years ago +4663

    Omg I'm crying so much

  • muiltie girl
    muiltie girl 5 years ago +6329

    I have been bullied for 9 years so since i was 2 but i lived on. if heaven is real i hope Mirranda is watching this. I have nearly died 4 times people trying to strangle me or sufficate me or throwing stuff at me. I have wanted to die 17 times but i diddent do it. By the way IF YOU BULLIED MIRANDA YOU ARE HORRIBLE U MAY HAVE PROBLEMS I HAVE BUT I DONT BE AN ASS TO EVERYONE. SO STOP THE BULLYING.

  • Alkemy
    Alkemy 5 years ago +170

    Makes me wonder if anyone is worth being with. That may sound really bad, but to me...it makes enough sense.I hope she isn't hurting anymore.

  • Christine Evans
    Christine Evans 5 years ago +4395

    poor Amanda poor poor Amanda she's in a better place

  • agito24able
    agito24able 5 years ago +3420

    For you Amanda Todd R.I.P
    Even in death you rich use all an that what they did is pitiful an they should be held for it but of corse people like that are nothing but children them selfs I understand that the pain u had wouldn't go away or the pain u gave your self would help but for little because there would be someone reminding u for what u r but they were wrong because you are the women that touch use all but for the chose u did is sad an shouldn't have done it but for now we the people that have watch ur story will carry it with use an teach are children that this is for not you to do or to put others down in that way u help them by picking them up and by standing by them an telling the bully's to F off for that they are lower for what they are doing to them so Amanda Todd I'm sorry for what they did an how you delt with the pain because of fullish persons or person an good night Amanda Todd hope u find piece.

  • Sugah
    Sugah 5 years ago +4572

    omg this is so sad!

  • Leonardo Mazza
    Leonardo Mazza 5 years ago +3307

    Rest in peace Amanda we will remember you