Never forget when Kelsey Plum absolutely LAUNCHED this 😅🚀|

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • Never forget when Kelsey Plum absolutely LAUNCHED this 😅🚀|
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Comments • 5 568

  • The Millennial Gardener

    And here I was proud of myself for clearing my fence tossing a rotten tomato from my garden 🤔

  • Dustin Is Driving

    Damn she’s better than the air guns. She’s hired


    "Yeah she's definitely into me"

  • LilRoc Nine

    That’s a beautiful throwing motion and shows some real skill.

  • Cat M Z
    Cat M Z  +1

    “You throw like a girl!”

  • spenny
    spenny  +167

    The slow mo really lets you feel the transition from "pfff, I could throw it that far" to "oh, it's still going... ok, I can't throw it anywhere near that far"

  • Breez Tha God

    The fact that the air cannon doesnt even get the shirts that far says something. What an arm.

  • Zy Unlimited

    She belongs in right field.

  • Kingquis 84

    The Cleveland Browns should draft this woman. I love how she climbed the pocket. Good spiral.

  • Jimbo 03

    She threw that thing like a whole acre that’s actually impressive af

  • Chris
    Chris  +4

    "This isn't even my final form."

  • Sekushu
    Sekushu  +73

    I was imagining it hitting some random guy enjoying his popcorn thinking ain't no way a shirt will land there. Would've been funny.

  • dojo
    dojo  +1

    For only a moment the basketball arena was transformed into a football field, what a throw.

  • N O
    N O  +116

    A Lefty!!! Such power in that throw. Go ahead and say “you throw like a girl!”

  • uraveragemike

    "you throw like a girl!!" Then you show them this!! 😳

  • friscoHub415

    Hey Detroit Lions I don't have all the answers for you but I would look into this lady for a quarterback

  • KB
    KB  +2

    남친한테 정확히 줫네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Alisha Piekarski

    "This one is for the back row"

  • OGeeKUSH110

    Them: “You throw like a girl”

  • NiceNice Nice

    Damn! Great throw! And as always, clutch catch by Manu.