Dedicate - Day 5 - Flow | Yoga With Adriene

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • Welcome to your Day 5 Dedicate practice! This 28 min practice focuses on the marriage of movement and breath to help guide you to a balanced flow state.
    The journey continues. Enjoy the pace of these early days, gather everything you need to move with intention and go with the flow! Trust the practice, trust the process and remember to enjoy! I will see you tomorrow!
    Let us know how you are feeling in the comment section down below!
    #YWAdedicate #30daysofyoga
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Comments • 2 409

  • Yoga With Adriene
    Yoga With Adriene  2 months ago +428

    The practice picks up just a bit today engaging you in the vocabulary we have learned thus far, while inviting transformation and progress.
    Day 5 can be a tough one to arrive for. The hard part is over. You are here. You are doing great!

    • Loren Hampshire
      Loren Hampshire 9 days ago

      Thankyou so much adriene. I found youby accident but immediately realised what a talent you have. You make me feel you are in the room with me and guiding me along. I feel connected in your practice and in 6 mths following you i have improved more than in 10 years of occasional classes which were too expensive to do daily. Thankyou so much for what you do. You make a huge difference in my lifeand i really feel like we are friends.
      Is it still possible to access the yoga for all series? I wanted to get my husband started on it but we didnt sign up in time and missed it.

    • Brian Wagner
      Brian Wagner 18 days ago

      Adriene you rock!!
      Thank you for the gift of yoga you share

    • zoo yoga
      zoo yoga 18 days ago +1

      I loved it I feel strong

    • Brian Wagner
      Brian Wagner Month ago +1

      So thankful to have found you Adriene My wife and i are just beginning or venture into yoga i had no idea how much my body has become so tied up like one big knot as time has pasted in my life i`m 57 years young and on to 5th day of your program so thankful to have you in our life from this day forward.

    • Bernie Crump
      Bernie Crump Month ago

      Hi Adrienne, after three knee and one shoulder replacement and three back surgeries including two fusions I was looking for something to do daily. Tried post back op yoga routines but I just find your practice so so enjoyable and fulfilling. I am challenging myself to do the full 30 days. So far so good. By the way way I have two puppies that usually lick my face every time they get a chance! Thanks Bernie

  • Isaac Rayment
    Isaac Rayment Day ago

    go with the FLOW ! Day 5 Motha-Yoga - feels good

  • Adriana Montagna

    Day number five feeling very alive!!!


    This felt like a great energetic workout people !!

  • A Jump-Long
    A Jump-Long 2 days ago

    My body, mind, and Spirit thank you, Adriene for posting these amazing practices. I am enjoying them so much. I am also referring my massage clients to do some in home practices. thank you

  • Sophie Bromberger
    Sophie Bromberger 2 days ago

    "Don't worry if you switched into puppy pose here" Adriene says, in the exact moment I thought "fuck it I'm doing puppy pose"

  • Sandy Swartzentruber

    Adriene, this is the first time in my 53 years that I have ever actually looked FORWARD to exercising. Ever since they made us try to run the mile in 6th grade and my skinny body couldn't do it, I've had no confidence in my abilities. I feel things changing!

  • Ashley Sowers
    Ashley Sowers 3 days ago +1

    Thank you Adriene, today I felt absolutely radiant by the end of this practice. I'm grateful for you.

  • mythought96
    mythought96 4 days ago

    Today was a weird one. Last time I did this I loved it. But today I got really angry at the end. By the time namaste came around I was sobbing. Lots of strange unexpected emotion came up as I just flowed with it.

  • Kurt Morris
    Kurt Morris 4 days ago

    I love it. i think im starting to move a bit easier already. Great videos, great job! thanks

  • Madaline Olson
    Madaline Olson 5 days ago

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I am really enjoying this 30 day journey and really "re-learning" the flow of yoga. I really appreciate all the free content. You are an amazing teacher! Namaste!!! :)

  • Sarah Bratcher
    Sarah Bratcher 5 days ago

    Hello all the way from Italy...spreading the word on the 30 days of Yoga...discovering yoga with you is such a pleasure and is making my days start out right! Thank you

  • Sarah Herfet
    Sarah Herfet 5 days ago

    Truly amazing! Thank

  • Armindo Ribeiro
    Armindo Ribeiro 5 days ago

    Will I rap like Biggie after this session?

  • Aleksandra Dzombic
    Aleksandra Dzombic 6 days ago

    day 5 in the books, march 16

  • Isabel Maryam
    Isabel Maryam 6 days ago

    Amazing practice Adriene! You have got such a calming effect on me it's unreal. I always feel better after hopping on the mat with you :)

  • Kenzie Montagna
    Kenzie Montagna 7 days ago

    starting dedicate was the best thing i've done (thanks to my bestie who did it and encouraged me to do it too!) my body and mind feel more connected than ever, and in all honesty this flow had me sweating more than most hiit workouts ive done recently!

  • MsVelandra
    MsVelandra 7 days ago

    i welcome the Heat :) energy is awaken! thank you!!

  • Kaspars Ulanovs
    Kaspars Ulanovs 8 days ago

    Day 5complited 14. of March 2019. Love, Peace, Happiness and Harmony. This is the second course with Adriene. In complete 35 days. :-*

  • True RomanticMind87
    True RomanticMind87 8 days ago +1

    OH MY!!😏🍑👍
    Besides that cute peach, you feel like a free spirited girl.🌹
    The annoying one for my yoga practice stretch is the one that you call cobra. Laying down and raising your upper body can be tough!
    Keep up the greatness Adri!😘🌹
    Get the squats! Ha.

  • Carolinka
    Carolinka 8 days ago +1

    I loved this one! Flowing was a nice feeling and this also was a bit more of a „workout“; but a fun and gentle one, looking forward to tomorrow! 🥰

  • Ffion Gifford
    Ffion Gifford 8 days ago

    the best yoga practice online. i get so much out of this. thank you

  • priyanka jaising
    priyanka jaising 8 days ago

    Day 5 felt really lovely, refreshing and healing. Thank you for this

  • Mara Semenescu
    Mara Semenescu 8 days ago

    I am picking up Dedicate in March once more. January was a rough month for me due to illness. Finally feeling strong enough to complete one video a day. This flow practice was amazing! 💕

  • Tammy Glaim
    Tammy Glaim 8 days ago

    Beautiful practice, just what I needed. Thank you adrienne! 💛😊🦄☮

  • Hippiechickbarbie70
    Hippiechickbarbie70 9 days ago

    Adriene THANK YOU SO SO VERY MUCH for your gift to the world! I have been developing my home practice for s couple years and continue to come back to you. You are a beautiful light in the world and I am so very blessed to be able to practice with you every morning. Thank for for making a tremendous difference in my life! Much much love to you dear sweet friend. Namaste!

  • Bonk O' Bronco
    Bonk O' Bronco 9 days ago

    Doing this in March. I had about a week without practice, but I am coming back. I guess this time I am trying to not let the bad week turn into a bad month for this little thing. Anyone on board?

  • joellepepe
    joellepepe 9 days ago

    Day 5 sick but did it anyway 💞

  • Jessica Pirrone
    Jessica Pirrone 10 days ago

    I randomly found Adriene on youtube about 6 months ago, I was at a very low place in my life transitioning between cities, working on applying for permenenat residency in Australia, ending a relationship and dealing with some mental health challenges. I started with the 30 days of yoga and the videos literally saved my life. After doing yoga everyday with Adriene I found my smile, i found my laughter. For the first 30 days it felt like the yoga was the one bright part of my day. Now 6 months in, I still look forward to my time on the mat and love sharing the journey with Adriene and everyone in the community. the best part about the videos is you can do the series more than once and I find that I learn something new each time. Thank you so much for sharing your time and energy with everyone on the internet and from the bottom of my heart thank you for helping guide me back to me!

  • Kristen Corbisiero
    Kristen Corbisiero 10 days ago

    This flow was awesome to wake up to this morning. My body is buzzing and I know the universe has got my back and wants to bring me allllll the love and light today. It wants to bring it to you too! We're all connected and this flow really put things in alignment for me today. I'm going to bring this peace with me into the day ahead.

  • Joanna Montana
    Joanna Montana 10 days ago

    Adrienne due to a medical problem I can't raise my arms above my head. How important is this move in Yoga? If I can't do this can you suggest an alternative? Also do you have a video that shows the viewer how do certain poses rather than a routine? I don't know all the names for the poses but I was thinking of Warrior & Warrior 1, then the pose where you stand on one leg & you put the other foot on your inner thigh. I love your videos. I especially like Benji. My dog does Yoga with me too.

  • Ty Bowen
    Ty Bowen 10 days ago

    Day 5. Thank you so much for making this accessible to us.

  • Lisa Marie Giertz
    Lisa Marie Giertz 11 days ago

    I went into child pose a few times when I felt I just couldn't do this any longer, but always returned to the respective poses after one or two breaths. Thanks for this journey!

  • Charles Gremillion
    Charles Gremillion 11 days ago

    I feel relaxed, but sore.

  • sunday lemon
    sunday lemon 11 days ago

    My back went from a 2 x 4 to a rubber band. thank you! Recommend her classes for lower back and neck issues

  • Chloe Caseday
    Chloe Caseday 12 days ago

    The flow today felt amazing!! Thank you so much Adrienne for making this accessible!

  • Izannah Schaffer
    Izannah Schaffer 13 days ago

    Lots of heat today!! Excited for tomorrow:) thanks Adriene ❤️❤️

  • greenbyu
    greenbyu 13 days ago +1

    started Dedicate a while ago and then came back to it today! I loved Day 5 so much! Thank you, Adriene, for a wonderful practice today!

  • nyeac nyeac
    nyeac nyeac 14 days ago +2

    towards the end i grew a bit frustrated because my upper body is still weak so i wasn't able to do all the poses properly. i had to remind myself that this is what it's all about, i'm improving myself every time i jump on the mat. of course i'm not perfect, that's why it's called a practice. thank you anyways, i feel so good once again after challenging myself!

  • Alejandra Palacios
    Alejandra Palacios 14 days ago

    This practice was all i needed today!! As always thank you so much Adriene !! 💗💗

  • Kellie Osburn
    Kellie Osburn 15 days ago

    Finished day 5 at 2 this afternoon. I love your videos!!!!

  • Spiced by Maggie
    Spiced by Maggie 16 days ago +35

    Day 5 complete on March 6, 2019! Never to late to make a change. 🥰

    • cosminx x
      cosminx x 3 days ago

      +Janna it's amazing that yoy're doing this thing for yourself, janna!! i asked myself before practice on day 7 "how strong can i be?" physically, the answer was "not so much", but mentally is a WHOLE different story!! the yoga is some kind of magic, for sure!!

    • Janna
      Janna 4 days ago +1

      +cosminx x its my first time doing yoga and i am anything but good but i can see improvement already! 👏🏻

    • cosminx x
      cosminx x 4 days ago +1

      +Janna well done, janna!! were you a regular yoga practitioner before this, or is "dedicate" a brand new thing for you??

    • Janna
      Janna 4 days ago +1

      Day 5 complete on March 17th

    • cosminx x
      cosminx x 5 days ago

      +Joy Aileen hey there, fellow late-starter!! how are you getting on??

  • Julie Coleman
    Julie Coleman 16 days ago

    What a great way to start my day. I love the alternative vinyasa we're doing. Really felt the balance of grounding and energy in this practice.
    Grateful to have you as my guide.

  • Sandra Carlborg
    Sandra Carlborg 16 days ago +1

    Adriene, you´re an angel! Thank you for your presence, positive and funny energy. You have helped me during hard/dark times in my life. BIG thank you

  • Anvah AH
    Anvah AH 16 days ago

    Didn't expect to get emotional, but this is just another reason why I love these practices. No matter how I feel when arrive to the mat, I always come out feeling calm, centered and strong. It's cleansing as well as toning. I'm happy to notice that the more I do lunge poses the stronger my foundation is and it keeps me going.

  • Madison Pritchard
    Madison Pritchard 16 days ago

    I can't believe its only day 5 and I can already feel the differences from each day now than I had not participating before. I feel so great that for some reason I wanted to tear up when the music started playing I think in my head I just keep saying "you did it, you've accomplished another day in a row" this was a struggle yet simple on myself, I loved it. see you tomorrow!

  • gutzduken Val
    gutzduken Val 16 days ago

    I figured I'd combine day 4 and 5 just to catch up with the calendar thinking to myself they're not that long and oh my gosh I forgot how intense those 10-15 minutes can be but it was totally worth it and I feel amazing

  • Mike Sierra
    Mike Sierra 16 days ago

    This is giving me life, thank you!!!!!

  • Judith Goetsch
    Judith Goetsch 17 days ago +1

    Anyone with me on Day 5 today?

    • Kellie Osburn
      Kellie Osburn 15 days ago

      I did day 5 today so I'll finish day 30 on the last day of the month

    • Mailis Kokla
      Mailis Kokla 16 days ago

      Me too :)

    • Judith Goetsch
      Judith Goetsch 17 days ago

      +McKenna I had my practice this morning and I really loved it. Maybe let's connect?

    • McKenna
      McKenna 17 days ago

      yes!!! I hope your practice is refreshing and challenging, and that you have a wonderful day!!

  • Lucy Chad
    Lucy Chad 17 days ago

    So far the only thing I've managed to 'get' is downward dog but I like to think I've perfected it for me. When I think I'm not getting something. I'm usually not, but then I get to have a laugh when Adrienne says "don't worry. Do it. Don't do it. Whatever works for you. You're here" so I keep going.

  • Anihihi
    Anihihi 17 days ago +3

    I've been putting off the 30 day yoga journey this year... It's the beginning of a new month, so I'll give myself this opportunity to start 😃 thank you for being a consistent presence in my life, even when I'm inconsistent 🌍💞

  • Brian Kivuti
    Brian Kivuti 17 days ago +1

    😄 as soon as you said 'baby shark fin', my mind began to enthusiastically sing "BABY SHARK DODODODO BABY SHARK DODODODO!"

  • Sean Young
    Sean Young 18 days ago

    I feel good. Oddly sluggish today though. The exercises felt very difficult but then Adrien said it would be because "we are bringing integrity to the positions" and that's when I realized she was exactly right. I was moving with my breath, my bones were staying stacked, and every movement had intention. Great job everyone! 25 days to go!

  • Lielia Lo
    Lielia Lo 18 days ago

    I really feel good 😊

  • Grace Wallace
    Grace Wallace 19 days ago

    So grateful to be on this journey! Today was hard for me. I felt stumbly (is this a word?) and distracted. When I lifted my thumbs to my third eye at the end, however, I felt so happy. Day five in the books. Gratitude radiating towards all. Namaste.

  • Natalie Wiggins
    Natalie Wiggins 19 days ago +4

    Omg! This practice had me sweating!! But it was really an enlightening experience for me. Some time in the practice Adriene make you whisper to yourself "I am strong". And from there that kick started something in me to keep pushing and digging and I made it through the practice proud of my progress.
    Thank you Adriene, your practice is such a warm smile for my mornings. With this and daily meditations it really helps me show up for myself in the darkest of times. 💕

  • Chaimae Jeddou
    Chaimae Jeddou 20 days ago

    you make me love yoga so much, although I'm so not flexible and i do most of it wrong :(

  • simone knowlden
    simone knowlden 20 days ago

    Thank you and namaste, I really needed this today.

  • Peter McPherson
    Peter McPherson 20 days ago

    Was a great morning workout. I've been doing Yoga for a few months now and this is the first time I've done a 30 day challenge. Highly recommend to everyone! Bring on day 6 :-)

  • Анна Черкасова

    This is awesome. Thank you, Adriene. I know it's March already and I'm on the day 5 but I feel so inspired.

  • Adela
    Adela 21 day ago

    I just wanted to also tell you how much I enjoy your videos and how grateful I am that you are giving us this opportunity to do yoga at home, free of charge, at any hour of the day that suits us. I have always been drawn in a weird way to yoga, but never felt like I found a comfortable teacher or class, as the atmosphere for me is very important. You create that awesome, calming, nature-like feeling in every video, you have such a calm and sweet voice, and I can set my room and concentrate only on my improvement and not think about anything else. I do most of the video with my eyes closed, as this seems to be what my body wants. You are so great and we appreciate you so much! You do absolute wonders for my power to meditate and visualise, and I absolutely felt the need to thank you! I wish you all the good and health in the world! Namaste Adriene!

  • Ricardo Burbano
    Ricardo Burbano 21 day ago

    Hello Adrienne I love your yoga. I have a question. What is the difference between the True and Dedicate series?

  • Adrienne Pitts
    Adrienne Pitts 21 day ago

    Hi Adriene! I've just found your classes and am really, really loving them - thank you. I'd not done yoga in about 5 years so am really starting as a total novice. I have a question - I"m finding that when doing downward dog and any of the poses which put weight on the wrists, the outside of the palm of one of my hands gets incredibly painful, as if something is being sprained. The pain is only on the outside part of the palm though.

    Would you have any idea what this might be and what I could do to help it? I've tried switching up where I put the most weight, and putting more weight on my fingertips, but it doesn't seem to help.
    Thank you again so much for these classes!

  • Dylan walker
    Dylan walker 21 day ago

    I always feel emotional at the end. Much love from Florida!

  • PantologyByLarren
    PantologyByLarren 21 day ago

    I saw a fairy fly behind you playing around in the trees. Always a good omen. 😉

  • Just Call Me Wah
    Just Call Me Wah 21 day ago

    Namaste, thank you

  • Patricia Adams
    Patricia Adams 22 days ago

    Day 5 and feel amazing - I haven't practised yoga for years and this is getting me back on track . Thank you

  • Megan Wanders
    Megan Wanders 22 days ago

    I started this practice with amazing energy. I was sooo excited to start as this has become my favorite time of day! However, my french bulldog puppy kept coming in and giving me kisses during downward dog, and as much as I love puppy kisses, I kept losing focus and became really frustrated. I handed my frenchie a greenie treat, hopped back on the mat, refocused, and I was amazed at how fast I can fall back into it! I used to never be able to do that, I'd have to meditate for a few minutes to get back in the 'flow' of things. The practice and the experience today made me feel wonderful. thank you 💜

  • Madeline Shell
    Madeline Shell 22 days ago

    Adriene I love your videos so much! I'm in middle school so its hard to destress and take a bit of me time, and im CONSTANTLY feeling down on myself, but your gentle encouragement and your kind words makes me want to keep doing yoga and it helps me know that everything I do is for me, and me only. thank you

  • Katie Howard
    Katie Howard 22 days ago

    I was worried about this one before starting it - I tend to get frustrated with vinyasas if I'm not going fast "enough" or if I'm not able to hit the poses just right. But not only did I take little mistakes in stride today, but this practice made me feel amazing!! I'm so much stronger than I was five days ago - barely feeling comfortable in a seated position. Thanks for being you, Adriene!!

  • Terrasha Morgan
    Terrasha Morgan 22 days ago


  • Jincy Thomas
    Jincy Thomas 23 days ago

    From my ❤️ to yours.. absolutely love you Adriene. Thankyou.

  • Creative Team
    Creative Team 23 days ago

    Hii Adriene ! I am Jyotsna from India. This is my fifth day. Feeling great. I am 79 kg of weight but i can do yoga with u. I am glad i met u and started my yoga journey with u. I am blessed yo have u in my life.

  • Blueshift
    Blueshift 23 days ago

    This one was intense! Definitely felt the intense heat come through in the legs during those lunges!

  • Izzy Bell
    Izzy Bell 23 days ago

    So I couldn’t play the video out loud because of where I was, and I had my Bluetooth headphones in while doing the practice, and I could hear your heart so clearly throughout the practice. It was so warming to hear your heart beat change as more challenging poses where coming and I could hear your hear slow down too. Just thought I’d share. You are amazing❤️

  • Sue Inkslinger-Gypsy
    Sue Inkslinger-Gypsy 23 days ago

    Still loving it, but I had trouble keeping up today. Trying my best ♥ Thank you

  • Tee EM
    Tee EM 23 days ago

    Favourite fire song....Bruce Springsteen, I'm on Fire. Just like my wrists. ;-).

  • christian mims
    christian mims 24 days ago

    At home yoga is the yoga I did not know I needed. In practicing with others, I always felt in competition with everyone else. The 30 day dedicate is incredible. Thank you!!

  • Melanie Egelhoff
    Melanie Egelhoff 24 days ago

    This is awesome I just started yoga I wanted something to do and I found this and I feel awesome!

  • John Blaine
    John Blaine 24 days ago

    Thank you A... I live for Benji in the video's.

  • Lovenia Williams
    Lovenia Williams 25 days ago

    DAY 5 What a prize :) Thanks!

  • Susan Leaver
    Susan Leaver 25 days ago

    Thank you.

  • wanderingdryad
    wanderingdryad 25 days ago

    Did you get a new studio Adrienne?

  • Jhamil Levingston
    Jhamil Levingston 25 days ago

    You have truly helped me my spiritual sister keeps flow in and out of my life out with the old in with the new flow it out

  • Amy Gold ring
    Amy Gold ring 25 days ago

    So good! I feel like there is a fire in me that i have missed, easing me back into yoga after having kids and being out of practice xx

  • Federica Mariani
    Federica Mariani 25 days ago

    Thank you Adriene! Love doing yoga with you! Ciao from Italy :)

  • Abigail Markwyn
    Abigail Markwyn 25 days ago

    Love this!

  • tonia vanderhelm
    tonia vanderhelm 26 days ago

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and your dedication. Day 5, so glad I found your site.

  • Alyssa Moses
    Alyssa Moses 26 days ago

    Well that kicked my ass

  • Kuda Manhando
    Kuda Manhando 26 days ago

    Hi Adriene, I initially started yoga as a post work out stretch and meditation sort of all mixed up in one, I enjoy the practice and now my body craves it, but I face one challenge and that is in seated position, my back starts to really ache, is that normal ???

  • Stinger-1 Harmony
    Stinger-1 Harmony 27 days ago

    Day 5 completed! Felt great! Thank u Adriene & Benji . :) Thank u for explaining as u go as reminders of postures n positions for the belly button etc. Great Yoga guide u are Adriene. Thanx so much! From Eastern Townships , Quebec , Canada xxx :)

  • Sümeyye Kavuncu
    Sümeyye Kavuncu 27 days ago

    Thank you! This made my day!

  • Leo Babi
    Leo Babi 27 days ago +1

    This playlist ( compliments Adriene's voice so beautifully. I find such music adds a new meditative dimension to the practice. From now on I'm marrying the both. Try it! Namaste

  • Mette Nielsen
    Mette Nielsen 27 days ago

    Dearest Adriene, - this is the third time you help me come back to personal greatness through a yoga challenge, and true to past experience the first four days I felt weak and heavy while releasing all kinds of gerk. . . . .
    Day 5 and a bit of clarity and strength shows up half way through...
    I am back on track.
    Thank you for your dedication - Namaste

  • Erin McConahy
    Erin McConahy 28 days ago

    I'm very far behind in this series, but I am loving it so far! I truly appreciate the affirmation "I am strong, I am strong" because I truly felt in that moment that I would not be able to do a full plank, but I did! Thank you, Adriene!

  • Kristina Isakovic
    Kristina Isakovic 28 days ago

    Today's yoga practice was really difficult for me. I was super sweaty and struggling but I feel myself getting better and stronger with every day. I used to do your beginners 30 day yoga but I like these videos a lot more. Yoga really helps my anxiety and overthinking so I am pushing myself to be less lazy and do it every day. It is a great way for me to start my day off and no matter how I felt in the beginning of the practice at the of it I am really focused on breathing and nothing else.

  • rhapsodyandtea
    rhapsodyandtea 28 days ago

    I've been on and off yoga pratice for a while. Came back to it a week ago and dedicated myself to do yoga every morning. I often have a hard time getting out of bed and starting my day. But for the past week, with yoga to start, it's been going well. I hope to keep it up, for my mental and physical health. Thank you Adriene for all the beautiful videos to chose from! 💗

  • Amanda Sørensen-Mølgaard

    You're great Adriene, thank you for teaching all of us.

  • a nader
    a nader 29 days ago


  • Carmen King
    Carmen King 29 days ago

    Day five!!! Woohoo! 🧘🏾‍♀️