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  • Yoga With Adriene
    Yoga With Adriene  12 days ago +317

    The practice picks up just a bit today engaging you in the vocabulary we have learned thus far, while inviting transformation and progress.
    Day 5 can be a tough one to arrive for. The hard part is over. You are here. You are doing great!

    • Myn La_Gasca
      Myn La_Gasca 4 days ago

      I thought this would be an easy 28 min workout, but I ended up sweating!! Felt good !

    • Andrea Davis
      Andrea Davis 7 days ago +1

      Loved it today! I'm 5 days behind because I was on a trip early in January...but this is great and I really appreciate how Adriene is carefully building each practice on the last. I've been doing yoga for many years now but this is definitely deepening my practice. Thanks and Namaste.

    • Neil Pickering
      Neil Pickering 10 days ago

      Thanks you. Adriene 🤩🤩🤩

      SAN ART STUDIO 10 days ago

      Yoga With Adriene I can do it if I don’t draw all the time⭐️🙏🏻

  • Tammy
    Tammy Day ago

    These are really great. Got my fiancé doing it too with me after the kids are in bed!

  • Caitlyn Bullard
    Caitlyn Bullard Day ago

    I legit don't think I've ever commented on a youtube video before but I just had to for this series. I have never been particularly physically active in my life, which gave me concerns starting this series, not to mention that I started a bit late in the game (5 days ago). Adriene makes things so approachable that even if I can't flow nicely, or do the moves the exact same way due to my physical limitations, I find myself looking forward to practicing. I hope that I can stick with this long term because already I am feeling muscles being used that haven't been used in years, and feeling good about embracing a practice.

  • Aleksandra Michałowska

    I cried today, because it was all to hard to me, too fast, I cant even breath and do things with the breath and I feel kinda shitty, but I will stay and try the next day and next and next, because I really love the way you get us through this experience, thank you

  • Taylo Mannetti
    Taylo Mannetti Day ago

    Thank you!

  • alyshalauren
    alyshalauren Day ago

    Im getting back into practice now, I am in recovery from anorexia nervosa and am using this as my self soothing, I actually feel emotional after taking this time for myself, thank you so much xx

  • redvelveet
    redvelveet Day ago

    I wasn't feeling very well today, thought I should skip todays yoga but it helped me release the tension and emotions. Got to cry out a little during the hardest parts! Thank you for doing this❤💙

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green Day ago

    My favorite thing about your channel is that you’re not constantly telling people to subscribe to your channel, I don’t think I’ve even heard you say those words. You genuinely want to share this with everyone and have everyone come together as one. It’s truly beautiful. 🙏💜

  • Renee' Aucoin
    Renee' Aucoin Day ago

    Day 5 and my back pain cut in half. It's amazing

  • Claire Westfall
    Claire Westfall Day ago

    At the end I was really struggling with giving myself encouragement. What do you do when you’re alone and telling yourself your strong isn’t doing the trick?

  • Maja
    Maja Day ago

    It was so hard to get on the mat today. had a pep talk witg myself, twice. But it was the perfect practice for a tough morning; first a reminder that not all days will be easy, then slowly some strong movements and ending with peace. Thank you!

  • Jacqueline Todie

    Definitely the most impactful so far! There were moments I didn’t think I could hold the pose any longer but I did it :) thank you for this amazing practice!

  • Maeva Alexander
    Maeva Alexander 2 days ago +2

    I feel awake, and connected. Connected to none other than myself! Thank you for bringing so much beautifully honest presence to this practice!

  • lu wong
    lu wong 2 days ago

    Somehow the slower the pace, the more energy is involved. I love how this series scaffolds. Great for recovering from holidays. I can't express my gratitude towards Adriene my teacher!

  • Francisco Muñoz
    Francisco Muñoz 2 days ago

    Day 5 in my book, the initial seat is a hard test for me, I'm not flexible, but I'm trusting the process for my soul and athlete career. It's my challenge, thanks Adrienne...even I can not set my foot between my palms, my psoleus suffer, my entire body suffer. Thnks again, regards from Chile.

  • uploadingjess
    uploadingjess 2 days ago

    I got bad news today about the health of a family member which was tough. Doing this yoga practice was really helpful. Thanks for day 5!

  • Eman Jamal
    Eman Jamal 2 days ago

    25:09 thats when i broke down right away to an extended child pose lol. doubling the practice to twice a day so i can keep up with you and my fellows around the globe

  • Michelle Clare
    Michelle Clare 2 days ago +1

    I can’t lie. I stopped at least twice in frustration. I am overweight and my body just doesn’t bend the way I want it to. When I do the low lunge I find my knee is touching my ginormous boobs and it irritates me lol. I was not in the moment at all today and found myself being finicky with everything. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

  • Amy Paquette
    Amy Paquette 2 days ago +5

    Day Five i believe i am right where i am suppose to BE, not fretting that most of the community is days ahead, celebrating in Day 5. Loved learning about the flow, loved closing my eyes and just listening to follow. Appreciating the flow, off to flow through out my day with breath and following the lead of WHOM i believe. Hugs to the community

    • TCcards
      TCcards 2 days ago

      Amy Paquette I am here with you on day 5!

  • Jaime Riley
    Jaime Riley 2 days ago +2

    Loved this one! Was good to do some moves I’ve done before with the new focus on their foundations. I am strong!

    • Amy Paquette
      Amy Paquette 2 days ago

      I’m with you Jamie....Ya with Day 5!!

  • Deanna Ramirez
    Deanna Ramirez 2 days ago

    What's the purpose of closing your fists and raising your thumbs to the air!?! We do this often and always wondered that!?! Great video. Tough but very purposeful allowing us to do it with intention!

  • Em Pat
    Em Pat 2 days ago

    Currently in the middle of quite an active Crohn's flare and feeling weak, but finding much solace in your gentle flow sequences. Thank you!

  • Michelle Marie Sripranaratanakul

    5 months after a lumpectomy and removal of 18 lymph nodes under my left arm I am finally able to do down dog! It is still challenging and on the last down dog of this practice I started to shake but I held strong and then the tears started to flow. Yesterday I had to have an emergency mammogram and ultrasound after finding new lumps near my scar on my left breast. I get a biopsy on Friday and the thought of having a recurrence so soon and going through surgery again after getting to a place of healing just overwhelmed me with emotion. Thank goodness I have yoga with adriene to center me and calm my spirit. xoxo

  • Foolish Passions
    Foolish Passions 2 days ago

    Yoga with Adriene is a marvelous practice I picked up before i found this fabulous 30 day challenge. This practice changed my life. Thanks Adriene!

  • ApplePie521
    ApplePie521 2 days ago

    k this one kicked my ass

  • Gertrude Abarentos
    Gertrude Abarentos 3 days ago

    Thank you, Adriene. You don't know how much you're saving my life each day. Namaste :)

  • J Webber
    J Webber 3 days ago

    Thanks for the great workout today! I really felt the strength during the poses today.

  • Kadri Veski
    Kadri Veski 3 days ago

    Today I am thankful for you, dear Adriene, and for your inspiring videos :* Thank you!

  • charlelesV
    charlelesV 3 days ago


  • Mary Samuelson
    Mary Samuelson 3 days ago

    Thank you, Adriene!

  • Анфиса
    Анфиса 3 days ago +1

    this one was hot and hard and now I feel like jelly but it's great♥

  • Dimey
    Dimey 3 days ago +1

    Day 5 done! Coming on my mat today I had no energy. Coming off my mat I’ve been restored. Thank you ☺️

  • Tohar Larea
    Tohar Larea 3 days ago +4

    Thank you so much dear Adriene! I am so grateful 💖 Trying to catch up with you guys after a stubborn cold🤒

  • nalleli rivera
    nalleli rivera 3 days ago +1

    Wow this was truly beautiful!

  • Amber H
    Amber H 3 days ago +3

    Day FIVE feelin’ alive! (I’m sure that’s YWA quote) Short but mighty flow. Oh so good.

  • OfficerDabble
    OfficerDabble 3 days ago

    I found this one quite tough especially the lunges which I couldn't hold for as long as I wanted, but still managed to complete the session :) Thanks Adriene

  • cinemascope02
    cinemascope02 3 days ago

    It was so hard at the end of practice, but I made it! :) I love Benji, so cute

  • Abby Last name here
    Abby Last name here 3 days ago

    Definitley experienced some emotional release with this one. We did it fam.

  • JuliaKatMusic
    JuliaKatMusic 3 days ago

    I feel amazing after this session:)

  • Crystal Clarke
    Crystal Clarke 3 days ago

    As Benji was coming to see you on your mat my kitty came to see me on mine. For some reason my animals decide that yoga time is play time! I try not to list it distract me too much. 🧘‍♀️

  • Colleen Widder
    Colleen Widder 3 days ago

    hi adrien i did todays it calmed me down alot now i can go in and teach my group yoga i was on 4 and 5 today and they realy realy comed me down

  • Maylegn Holguinua
    Maylegn Holguinua 3 days ago

    Struggled today with breathing but I will become stronger even when I feel I can’t anymore...

  • Isabella Reilly
    Isabella Reilly 3 days ago +2

    I'm definitely a little late to the party, as I started this series about a week into the new year after doubting my ability to commit to it. Today I almost gave myself a "day off", but forced myself to get on the mat and push myself to work through the mental block I was experiencing. So glad I did. I can't wait for tomorrow so I can keep pushing myself to grow:)

  • Ravi Chandra
    Ravi Chandra 3 days ago

    I feel great. I had the same feeling when i did 30 days of yaga --initial 9 episodes.

  • Aubrey J
    Aubrey J 4 days ago

    This practice was difficult for me today but your words of encouragement pulled me through. Saying “I am strong” truly gave me strength, you’re awesome Adriene! I’m so glad I found you

  • theflyingslippers
    theflyingslippers 4 days ago +1

    I feel so strong!! I can't believe how much I've improved in a year, not just in the asanas but mentally, I didnt second guess and stuck with it! I'm so proud of myself for that, so thankful for your gentle and loving encouragement, so in love with this community and this practice!

  • Silvia Juliana
    Silvia Juliana 4 days ago +1

    How grateful i am for this challenge! I feel so much better after i finish every practice. Thank you, Adriene!

  • Fanfan MentalistFictions

    Very great marriage of movement and breath as well as balance I lost a bit. Anyway, I did like very much. Focus is complete during the pratice.It's just you and yourself and it feels good. Thank you Adriene.

  • TheMintBox6
    TheMintBox6 4 days ago +1

    Today was my favorite, I felt super strong. Thank you Adriene for helping me rediscover what yoga can do for me :)

  • cinnymoon
    cinnymoon 4 days ago

    My arms, Adriene, are wet noodles ._. But thank you for pushing me. I can't always hold all the poses, but I'm trying. I am taking less breaks though. Hope I can keep that up. Oh also since I see a lot of people saying it, this is my morning routine :) I have a tendency to roll over and go back to bed after I get my spouse out the door to work. I've been trying to keep up with doing this instead.

  • Emz Rodz
    Emz Rodz 4 days ago

    Feeling Great Inspired with YWA! Thanks Adrianne

  • Ali Perdomo
    Ali Perdomo 4 days ago

    Absolutely loving this series so far!!! Feeling great on day 5😁

  • Pradeep
    Pradeep 4 days ago +1

    this session I really enjoyed myself. I shifted my yoga session from evening to morning today. I feel really grateful for that decision now. Thank you so much for all this yoga.

  • TheVarpuli
    TheVarpuli 4 days ago

    This was a very lovely morning practice!! Woke me up, but not too much sweat and activity

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 days ago

    This is really what I needed today!

  • KiKi S
    KiKi S 4 days ago +1

    Coming to this after a week of pausing... I started strong and then, my cat Milo (of 18 years!) took a quick turn and sadly I had to say goodbye to him last Monday. 😿 It's been an extremely challenging week. I know my fellow fur-baby mamas & papas can relate. In honour of Milo, I return to my practise and continue with his spirit. He loved joining me on the mat. 💗

    • Yoga With Adriene
      Yoga With Adriene  4 days ago

      Sending love and light to you, my friend. Cheers to Milo and the wonderful memories you have with him. xo

  • isabelleyab
    isabelleyab 4 days ago

    Loving the Dedicate series. It reminds me of the Commune 14 days which I love.
    Feeling so grateful as always Adriene. 🙏🏻💕

  • Erin Waters
    Erin Waters 4 days ago

    This practice has brought many joyful and unexpected moments. Today, in the kitchen where I work, I'm talking to a friend about yoga, and the next thing you know we're on the ground, using our aprons as yoga mats and practicing right then and there! Fits of giggles. :-D I am enjoying this journey!

  • Jeanne Renfro
    Jeanne Renfro 4 days ago

    Glad I am alive for Day 5! Thanks for a beautiful time of yoga!

  • Lori Fuller
    Lori Fuller 4 days ago

    Omg my favorite thus far ❤️

  • Christine McCloud
    Christine McCloud 4 days ago

    A few months back, I pulled my shoulder pretty bad. The past 2 months, my mobility has been tightening up. Today, I did this practice--albeit modified for safety--and I started to feel some of that mobility come back. I'm so grateful & will continue to be patient with where I'm at & to listen to my body. Thanks for YOUR patience & encouragement, Adriene! And to Benji for his cuteness!

  • Rebecca Palmer
    Rebecca Palmer 5 days ago

    Really enjoying this series and journey. 🙏🏻💫💕

  • Violet Purple
    Violet Purple 5 days ago

    Done my day 5!!!! I can say that
    "I am stronger now" Thank you Adriene!:)

  • Ron T
    Ron T 5 days ago

    Hello from the past! I just finished day 5 because of a new years flu, but I am back here working hard. Thank you Adriene!

  • Harlie Pruder
    Harlie Pruder 5 days ago

    This was the best part of my day, xoxo (and extra xoxo's for Benji)

  • Lisa Defazio
    Lisa Defazio 5 days ago

    Day Five alive!

  • francine magnan
    francine magnan 5 days ago

    I feel great!!thank YOU!!!!

  • Nayemma
    Nayemma 5 days ago

    I did not expect to sweat so much! Third shower of the day much required! Thanks Adriene :) x

  • carolyn watt
    carolyn watt 5 days ago

    So happy I got on my mat today , day 5 in the bag , what a wonderful practice that is , really feeling great after that , thankyou 🙏 💖

  • dollyah ayaman
    dollyah ayaman 5 days ago

    Day 5 done... namaste

  • Vika Saf
    Vika Saf 5 days ago

    It is an awesome practice! It was hard, but i felt this energy flow in me, it was very cool! I feel strong! Thank you

  • Pauline Hubbard
    Pauline Hubbard 5 days ago


  • Sandra Zahirovic
    Sandra Zahirovic 5 days ago


    BOOF MOOSE 5 days ago

    I feel pretty neat thanks adrienne

  • McLaughlin Callan
    McLaughlin Callan 5 days ago


  • Kyra Hudspeth
    Kyra Hudspeth 5 days ago

    Feeling like a I got a long way to go...and just need to feel like I am accomplishing something in my fitness lifestyle. But sticking with it!

  • Shelby Dillon
    Shelby Dillon 5 days ago

    I can't believe this is free! Adriene 2020 Find What Feels Good Again

  • Tiffany Lopez
    Tiffany Lopez 5 days ago

    Thank you for this lovely contribution to my practice! It is SO greatly appreciated.

  • Charlotte Stocker
    Charlotte Stocker 5 days ago

    Thank you 🙏

  • Simone Boonstra
    Simone Boonstra 5 days ago

    What a different feeling at the beginning and the end of this practice in my back when you have te sit with your legs crossed. At the beginning everything feels so tight and not comfortable and at the end it feels much more soft and relaxt. Thank you again for this opportunity and great feeling. Have a nice sunday

  • irma adyatni mawardi

    Hey Adriene, I'm slacking today, wait till sundown to do my practice, and doing it in my summer dress too (cheeky me, and it's always summer here in equator :D). I'm a bit breathless today but this flow I love! (I'm doing Yoda voice while typing). I have chronic right shoulder pain, and this flow open it up. You have no idea how I feel right now. Lots of Thanks and Love!

  • HEMMA Mistry
    HEMMA Mistry 5 days ago

    This is perfect 👌🏽 💜 Thankyou so much Adriene 🙏🏽

  • Ayah
    Ayah 5 days ago

    On day 5 Today, working at my own pace and finding what feels good. Namaste! 💛

  • Fanny Verwoerdt
    Fanny Verwoerdt 5 days ago

    I tried Day 5 yesterday, and it was a disaster. I wasn’t getting the flow and was in child pose for most of the practice. But today I felt more energy waking up and tried again, it was so much better! Thank you Adriene!

  • begüm
    begüm 5 days ago

    for some reasons I quitted after the day 4. but yesterday I bought a yoga mat and today here we go again. no more excuses ...

  • Lara G
    Lara G 5 days ago

    I’m loving this Dedicate series. I just did Day 5 today and it was particularly beautiful. I’m loving the background in this series - being able to see outdoors and the river is pretty special. And of course loving Benji. Thanks, Adriene and team - I’ve been loving your at-home yoga practice since 2015. Much love from Australia xx

  • Natalieth Arcos
    Natalieth Arcos 5 days ago


  • Brenda Manchester
    Brenda Manchester 5 days ago

    You are so fabulous Adriene ~ loving the 30day challenge ~ what a gift you've given us xxx from New Zealand!

  • Kathryn Powell
    Kathryn Powell 5 days ago

    Day 5 and I'm still here with it! Today I noticed my arms and upper body, especially when pushing up into downward dog and coming back down for cobra. I'm excited to work on these exercises so that my arms etc can be stronger. One day I'll be able to do a push up! One day.

  • Shannon Fenton
    Shannon Fenton 5 days ago

    This was incredibly tough for me to do today. I have been slacking and missed 3 I hatefully caught up and I'm feeling so strong!

  • Alaina Trofler
    Alaina Trofler 5 days ago

    Namaste. . . My wrists are feeling stronger and my breathing is becoming deeper and longer (:

  • Rosalie Addison
    Rosalie Addison 5 days ago

    After being sick for over a week I decided I needed to jump back in today, back pain, runny nose and all. It was a little tough but I amazingly did more than I thought I would be able to. Thanks for the encouragement in just the right places. 30 days may take me 40 but it’s all good.....

  • Judy Lee
    Judy Lee 6 days ago

    Thank you! namaste 🙏

  • Every day is candy Yay

    I struggled with this today; felt frustrated with my downward dogs and felt like giving up but kept going to the end! At end I had a realisation that for me today, flow means sometimes just going with the flow and just accepting where I am and how i’m feeling in the present moment, some days will be a struggle and thats ok❤️

  • Emma Lamb
    Emma Lamb 6 days ago

    This was amazing! Loved every minute 😁 thank you Adrienne 💕

  • Kate Kauffman
    Kate Kauffman 6 days ago

    I'm coming off of a 6+ month back injury and am trying to be gentle with myself as I ease back into exercising regularly. Thank you for starting this 30-day journey off slowly and building it up as we go. I started a little late (oops!) but I really appreciate the pace and am trying to take one day at a time with you as I rebuild my flexibility and muscle strength to where it used to be! Thank you for all you do Adriene

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. 6 days ago +1

    It's 10pm here but that flow of energy made me feel alive!!! I'll probably describe day 5 in a not so good way but it's like the energy I felt had a body of its own and I could feel its vibrations. Beautiful practice, I must say!
    (really glad and also proud not to have given up during the difficult poses or when I couldn't find my breath because what comes afterward is like a lovely gift to yourself!

  • Maria Fernanda Cotrim
    Maria Fernanda Cotrim 6 days ago +2

    After 5 days practicing I feel that I can keep my balance better, it even helped me to focus more during swimming class :)

  • ChellyTheGreat
    ChellyTheGreat 6 days ago +1

    Day 5 done ✅! I’m so behind but that’s not gonna stop me!! ❤️❤️