Things to do for FREE with your friends!

  • Published on May 31, 2019
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  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams  6 months ago +25333

    Hey guys. I hear you and it breaks my heart that the idea of this video hurt anyone’s feelings. The goal of my video was to show that you don’t need money to have fun with your friends and I wanted to show that in a fun way. I changed the thumbnail and title because I completely agree that it looked intensive and I should have thought that through much better. Ive gone through financial struggles myself and I didn’t even know what Gucci was for most of my life. I never want people to think that having money makes you happy because it doesn’t. I’m grateful and proud that I was able to work hard and afford things I never could as a kid but that doesn’t equal happiness. Spending time with my friends for free was the most fun I’ve had on my channel in a long time and I hope that message shines through. I’m so sorry for offending anyone and I really do just wanna make you guys happy with my videos. Looking back I should have focused more on the message rather than trying to make it funny. Please know my heart is always in the right place.

    • Antisocial Aimee
      Antisocial Aimee 4 months ago


    • Jose Meraz
      Jose Meraz 4 months ago

      Fuck you bitch for attacking Twaimz just for taking a break! You dumb cunt Shane did the same thing! He literally sold out after making bank on the few series that he did! I don't give a fuck if he told us about the break he was going to be taking because he still sold out at the end of the day! Fuck you! You dumb fucking fake ass twat! Burn in hell bitch! I never liked your fake ass!

    • cheeto dawson
      cheeto dawson 4 months ago

      Ryland Adams ❤️

    • cheeto dawson
      cheeto dawson 4 months ago

      Ryland Adams LAST COMMENT

    • Miley Seliquini
      Miley Seliquini 4 months ago

      @natalia heredia He was only doing this for entertainment purposes. I really don't think it's that offensive, but you have a right to your own opinion..

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim 7 hours ago


  • scott davies
    scott davies 10 hours ago

    An advert of turkey came in when garret said I now present your lunchen and I was like wow garret you made that


  • MrNoizeHD
    MrNoizeHD 12 hours ago

    I have a crush on morgan

  • Sarah Olson
    Sarah Olson 13 hours ago

    Round Rock Donuts in Texas is the best Donuts!! It is WAY better than Krispy Kreme!!

  • Marcos Morales
    Marcos Morales 13 hours ago

    I had to subscribe after this u guys!

  • Bj Draco
    Bj Draco 14 hours ago

    Wtf why is Garrett getting blamed he wasn't even there

    • Bj Draco
      Bj Draco 14 hours ago

      The only thing he did was invite them to his house he wasn't at the dumpster and ryland fuck everyone else you do you

  • dweeb123 4
    dweeb123 4 18 hours ago

    A half hour of my favourite youtubers! IM HERE FOR THE JURNY

  • S H
    S H 20 hours ago

    Garret is so cute and kind😂

  • Cross Equine
    Cross Equine 22 hours ago

    Ew ewwww - eh I would of done it

  • A -
    A - Day ago +2

    I’m late to this video. Does anyone know what was offensive about the old thumbnail?

  • Isabella Restrepo
    Isabella Restrepo 2 days ago +1

    I miss Garrett

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u 3 days ago +2

    Wait who the hell is holding the camera

  • MissRico5286
    MissRico5286 4 days ago +1

    Andrew can you just marry me .... he is like the perfect husband

    • A -
      A - Day ago +1

      I see. I must’ve replied right before that

    • MissRico5286
      MissRico5286 Day ago

      @A - he is towards the end he makes ryland a pb&j

    • A -
      A - Day ago +2

      I don’t think Andrews in this video

  • Jaime-ann Cosme
    Jaime-ann Cosme 4 days ago

    This video has been recommended so many times this past 2 weeks lol finally clicking on it .

  • Stacy Harryman
    Stacy Harryman 4 days ago +2

    I don’t understand why anyone thought this was offensive. When I saw this I actually thought it was really cool for Ryland to make a video like this and put this Much effort into a video that shows everyone they don’t need to spend money to have fun!! Like most youtubers do, going out and buying thousand dollar items in vlogs.

  • Stacy Harryman
    Stacy Harryman 4 days ago +1

    Morgan is literally all of us.

  • TheRequestedSongs
    TheRequestedSongs 4 days ago +1

    Wow Morgans got a nice ass apartment

  • Sophia Cook
    Sophia Cook 5 days ago

    I love Garrett.

  • Angela Taylor-Venables
    Angela Taylor-Venables 5 days ago +1

    Ryland, I know this video came from a good place for you. Thank you!

  • Zoe Dorito
    Zoe Dorito 6 days ago +1

    Garret Has Raided The Comments

  • Universerose
    Universerose 7 days ago +1

    Garret is so adorable. He is so sweet and kind to his friends. He gets so excited to take care of people.
    He is low-key awesome!

  • Alicia V
    Alicia V 7 days ago +1

    Garrett is stressed and proud🤣❤❤

  • Alicia V
    Alicia V 7 days ago +1

    Morgon "Ew EWW eh I would have done that"

  • ZeldaSunflower AWW
    ZeldaSunflower AWW 7 days ago

    Okay please tell me you actually look at these comments but yes this is one of the best videos

  • Kavik Runner
    Kavik Runner 7 days ago +1

    omg the zooming in and out all the time made me feel sick

  • Megan Hausman
    Megan Hausman 8 days ago +1

    I just adore Garrett.

  • Asher Burns
    Asher Burns 8 days ago +2

    I think people getting mad have never been in a terrible situation with money. I grew up poor, I’ve lived in my car before, and now I barely make enough to get by with two jobs. I thought this was really funny (as all of his videos are!). I don’t understand the hate, but people always have to find something to be mad at 😒 keep doing you Ryland! 💕

  • Anna Belton
    Anna Belton 8 days ago +3

    Why is Garrett literally hot in this

  • Skwinny
    Skwinny 9 days ago +2

    Garret is a cool kid
    Garret is a cool ki
    Garret is a cool k
    Garret is a cool
    Garret is a coo
    Garret is a co
    Garret is a c
    Garret is a
    Garret is
    Garret i
    Garret i
    Garret is
    Garret is a
    Garret is a c
    Garret is a co
    Garret is a coo
    Garret is a cool
    Garret is a cool k
    Garret is a cool ki
    Garret is a cool kid

  • April Sturgeon
    April Sturgeon 10 days ago +1

    Ryland i knw this is an old video but ya did gd but i think you shud really do a video of wht its like to be wht so many ppl (jus in Cal.)live ..Homeless..really show ppl wht yur reaxtion an whonever you want to share experience wit? Do it for a full 24hrs Remember not everyone whos homeless chooses to be?? TRY IT id wanna see tht

    • A -
      A - Day ago

      April Sturgeon
      Tlk t.o txtt.. (I spelled it like you would)

    • April Sturgeon
      April Sturgeon Day ago

      @A - To the rude got wht i was sayn ? Right...So whrs the prob..its my ph bc its an old android #1 #2 its also bn dropped ...irs cracked severely so screen over my key pad is very sensitive an will type a letter tht i want but the ph also puts in its own word tht it wants whwn i hit space for next word. My bad self isnt the type of person whos used to proif reading a msg before i send...thts jus plain hunan error. Not ignorance..Fyi i wasnt afffended or thot ill of the video! I did an do however think ppl who do utube vids they could actually do something gd..something tht this Whole country has in their communities. Homelessness....ppl who truly do have to dumpster dive bc they NEED whtever it is tht they're looking for....hey i dont have shit..ive struggled all my a single workking mom..still do...but we've thankfully havent had to live tht way....but i do have to do rhings without $$$ every day ...i go with out lots of nice things even just needed things ..but not living line like many not everyone chooses tht for their life..ppl would knw tht also if they did their homework on homeless ppl an not everyone on streets are addicts either..Tne END.....

    • A -
      A - Day ago

      April Sturgeon
      Try correcting your spelling and grammar it’s hard to read your comment 🙃

  • Grace Lyncan
    Grace Lyncan 10 days ago

    I am honestly really disappointed that Garrett and Morgan wont be an actual ship

  • Ambs Johnson
    Ambs Johnson 10 days ago +1

    Shane had the biggest makeup release and Ryland dumpster diving at Ulta. 🙈

  • Sarsfe Afronzi
    Sarsfe Afronzi 10 days ago

    Shane in the background at the end. XD

  • Blane_88
    Blane_88 11 days ago

    Garrett: I'm gonna watch avengers endgame.....again.
    Garret is literally meeee😂

  • smtz19
    smtz19 11 days ago

    Why does garret have to be gay and I have to be married haha love him

  • alessandra gonzalez
    alessandra gonzalez 12 days ago

    garret is the cutest omgggg he got so exited like idkkkk he just seems like he would be such a good friend I love youuuu😭🥺

  • Luna LaRose
    Luna LaRose 13 days ago

    I think I'm in love with Garrett.

  • Colour With me
    Colour With me 13 days ago

    I just clicked on this video and not even joking the ad before it was a Gucci ad😂😂😂

  • Robin Wheatcraft
    Robin Wheatcraft 13 days ago

    I love mr beast and you Ryland

  • Lindsey Kathleen
    Lindsey Kathleen 13 days ago

    Garrett is my grandma reincarnated

  • Wallynette Lopez
    Wallynette Lopez 14 days ago

    Oh it was a great and funny video. I love Garret he is a good friend. Can I have Andrew for free Ryland?

  • Llama Comedians
    Llama Comedians 14 days ago +4

    It hurts my soul when people spell Garrett’s name like Garret😣He has to “T’s”

  • Erin Moriarty
    Erin Moriarty 15 days ago +5

    I would like whatever garret smokes.

  • amy joy
    amy joy 15 days ago +1

    I miss garrett so much, i am grateful for any small cameo he makes. And bloody-benjamin was a sweet surprise.

  • Carlos Calderon Sanchez
    Carlos Calderon Sanchez 15 days ago +4

    I'm so tired of Rylan letting this people affect him, like do your videos and stop pain attention to your haters

  • YoloAbe
    YoloAbe 16 days ago

    this is how I live my life lol

  • Ally Matamoros
    Ally Matamoros 16 days ago

    umm what happened to garrett? like did i miss something? did garrett do something? i’m confused someone helppp

  • Trish Seigfried
    Trish Seigfried 16 days ago

    I grew up poor and this video didn't bother me? Idk.

  • Robert The 3rd
    Robert The 3rd 16 days ago

    Sir...the best way to get coffee is to go to an apartment complex's clubhouse or a gym.

  • Danni Neal
    Danni Neal 16 days ago

    Get you a friend like gerrit

  • Sofia Padilla
    Sofia Padilla 16 days ago

    Who's behind Morgan at 16:33

  • SakuraBlossoms1111
    SakuraBlossoms1111 17 days ago +2

    I wish I had friends to do this with. Lol

  • Jennifer Nicole Schroeder

    Once you throw something out it becomes trash which is legal to go through. So I don’t know how you can label your trash as no trespassing private property when legally it’s not.

  • marixa310
    marixa310 18 days ago

    You guys made Garrett's blood pressure high. Lol

    When Andrew made the sandwich for Ryland made my heart race. What a dream to have... Andrew making me a sandwich! Lol

  • Heer Modi
    Heer Modi 18 days ago +1

    Title: Things to do for FREE with your friends.
    On the thumbnail:
    Morgan: Ryland's sister
    Garret: Ryland's present boyfriend's ex boyfriend (no offense though)

  • Abby Ramsey
    Abby Ramsey 18 days ago

    can I have that jeep though :) please

  • Ally L.
    Ally L. 18 days ago +6

    when Andrew made Ryland a sandwich and Ryland didn’t know it was for him🥺

  • alee blaikie
    alee blaikie 18 days ago

    Garrett is me as a gay male

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 19 days ago +3

    get someone who makes u a pbj sandwich like Andrew...