TVJ News: Boy Struggles to Cope with Loss of Parents - August 22 2019

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
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  • krissy chris
    krissy chris 14 days ago +1


  • PAul Henry
    PAul Henry 14 days ago

    Lord covered him and his family under the blood of Jesus.

  • Yellow 876
    Yellow 876 14 days ago +4

    Wow, my heart goes out to this baby boy 😭. Father God help!!!!

  • Delroy Graham
    Delroy Graham 19 days ago

    Dem better get that child some help hopefully god change him life or him ahgo turn out badddd.

  • Antre Warren
    Antre Warren 19 days ago


  • Lorenzo Myrie
    Lorenzo Myrie 20 days ago

    please take him to get some psychological treatment he needs some greaving couseling too this is chronic he have a long road ahead of him ask if people can sponsor u with some funds to take him to some places that will help the soothing of his young mind it will go away he will eventually get over it while he is growing his greaving is different from a teenager a adult or a middle age person and also a senior that left with memories stuck in the mind, just keep on occupied his time by taking him over seas even to Disney land please just hug him comfort him and keep telling him that u loves him he will get over it he is a child his mind is still developing u will make the connection with the changes it will eventually takes its time slowly and fade away u won't even will hear him speak about it because it erase from the memory ,be the mother that he loss ,may God comfort him and also u while u both greaves together .

  • Angella Brown
    Angella Brown 20 days ago

    Poor baby oh God !!!! It’s so sad 😞

  • Lee Chin
    Lee Chin 21 day ago

    Bit it’s sad to see one lil country like this full of all these dunce.this government he will undergo at some point this kind of bullshit in his eye sight then he will make a move the devil is pushing on these people in Jamaica so hard can not anyone of you government heads sitting in there come up with a solution? just the way I can suggest an option.... trust me I don’t think all of you in that house are so dumb omg

  • A. Henry
    A. Henry 21 day ago +1

    Omg 😡, this is why the country will get worse because the youths are growing with bitterness and revenge in their hearts because of things like these!!! And if you check it, most of these gruesome killings are being done by very very young adults and this boy will grow anticipating to also kill, just to get a satisfaction of matter whose life is taken. This is exactly how Jamaica is running and it WILL GET WORSE. Smh...May god help us all and may he comfort the tender heart of this little boy.

  • K Nyansa
    K Nyansa 21 day ago

    Stop foolin the yutes dem bout god and devil

    • K Nyansa
      K Nyansa 13 days ago

      @Melli Berry ugh its numb nuts at it again. Why don't u get a 12guage and saw your head off idiotic robot whose mind is as empty as shell.

    • Melli Berry
      Melli Berry 13 days ago

      @K Nyansa I will highlight it to you again: The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.
      Psalms 14 v 1 KJV

    • K Nyansa
      K Nyansa 13 days ago

      @Melli Berry like i said precondition homo erectus species you need to evolve. You're 1 of those old folks who still look to skies for a supernatural with wings flying. And still believe a hornlike figure exist below a subterrain boiling hot with lava. You still believe in talkin mules, that a virgin can conceive, that a man fed 5000 people with 5 fish and barley, and defies the law of nature by walking on water. You're an educated fool who have lost touch with reality and self. You have no knowledge of self or true history. " You're so googly eye"- John Henrik Clarke

    • Melli Berry
      Melli Berry 13 days ago

      @K Nyansa like I said only a fool said in his heart there's no God.

    • K Nyansa
      K Nyansa 14 days ago

      @Melli Berryright there is no god and no devil. We are making these decisions. Grow up little kid.

  • Alex Halliburton
    Alex Halliburton 21 day ago

    This is so very sad,now going grow up in all that pain and maybe turn into a muderer,I hope he get the help he need and have a good support around him.🙏🏽

  • Former K.G.B.
    Former K.G.B. 21 day ago

    The point is a madman naah trouble yuh if you don't trouble him!!!!some ting ina some ting!!!😒

    • Melli Berry
      Melli Berry 14 days ago

      @Detta Betta God bless your heart. You know what I've come to realise is arrogance and illiteracy is high among these commenters on social media, therefore, please let ignorant souls be and don't waste your energy and time trying to educate them about what their small minds cannot accommodate. Be bless and stay intelligent. ✌

    • Former K.G.B.
      Former K.G.B. 20 days ago +1

      @Detta Betta ....Thank you!!!👍😊💕

    • Detta Betta
      Detta Betta 20 days ago +2

      @Former K.G.B. Smh🤦🏾‍♂️ and then ppl wonder why the crime rate keeps rising exponentially. It's because of mentalities like urs. C'mon man

    • Former K.G.B.
      Former K.G.B. 20 days ago

      @Detta Betta .....Fallow in their footsteps and see if it's not the same thing reach you!

    • Former K.G.B.
      Former K.G.B. 20 days ago

      @Detta Betta .....Then stop all killings from happen then from now on!i need to know how skill full you are.)

  • F. Marshall
    F. Marshall 21 day ago +1

    This poor little boy OMG. I am heartbroken

  • Marsha Myers
    Marsha Myers 21 day ago +2

    Take control Lord. I beg you.😩😭

  • Anthony Coe
    Anthony Coe 21 day ago

    Better toughing up jamaica DON'T PLAY!!!!

  • أندرو كولا
    أندرو كولا 22 days ago +2

    Seriously I never imagine jamaica crime rate would really get this bad I really hope they try to figure out a way to reduce it

  • Angela Barret
    Angela Barret 22 days ago +4

    poor baby cover him lord please amen

  • Norton Blake
    Norton Blake 22 days ago

    Oh Andrea, I watch the news just to see you. You are so palpitating, it hurts. I just love to see you!

  • Rachael Holness
    Rachael Holness 22 days ago

    How old is this little boy? The little boy needs help They murder and rape their own community. Blame racism.

  • Kadian Lewis
    Kadian Lewis 22 days ago +8

    Oh father god cover him jesus wish a could say something to make this little boy feel better oh god what a world we living in smh

  • Allanzo
    Allanzo 22 days ago +4

    I'm not surprised to see this kid's life solely only for revenge.

  • mafia city entertainment
    mafia city entertainment 22 days ago +1

    rip jimbo

  • latty brown
    latty brown 22 days ago +2

    O lord

  • Sanya Simpson
    Sanya Simpson 22 days ago +6

    And there is no psychological therapy for the poor child, dutty Jamaica!!

    • Rupert Creighton
      Rupert Creighton 14 days ago

      Not dutty Jamaica mi fren, it's just the wicked one's dem that live there.

  • Grace Abel
    Grace Abel 22 days ago +1

    O my..this move me..

  • Caroline Washington
    Caroline Washington 23 days ago +5

    Please get this child all the help you can possibly offer
    As a matter of fact the entire family .Grandma has a lot to cope with . My prayers are with u son and grandma .my God will heal in due time .keep courage

  • Odaine Lee
    Odaine Lee 23 days ago +1

    cover him Lord

  • Dalton Chambers
    Dalton Chambers 23 days ago +1


  • daughterofzion Israel
    daughterofzion Israel 23 days ago +3

    This world is cold as ice ,pure evil ,but what could cause the murders 🤔

    • Melli Berry
      Melli Berry 14 days ago

      What causes the murder is no justification for the murders. What is going to be done to prevent these from happening more frequently and at all is the important factor in all this.

    • Terry C
      Terry C 22 days ago +1

      No disrespect but its not the world (although i understand your sentiments) its some of the PEOPLE in this world.

  • Gaza kingpin
    Gaza kingpin 23 days ago +10

    That lil boy will never forget what happened and he's gonna hurt the people that killed his mom ,That's if they're still living by then

  • Marcia Thomas
    Marcia Thomas 23 days ago +1

    This is so deep too much for himhe need early help a long tearm one too it hert bad

  • Akilah Alexander
    Akilah Alexander 23 days ago +5

    I don't hear anyone give a solution. Let truly keep him in prayer. God can heal all wounds. What is impossible with man is possible with. James 5:13-18 (what happened to praying Grandmothers, don't they exists anymore) 😔

    • Pauline Bell
      Pauline Bell 22 days ago

      Don't judge grandma, how did you know she's not a praying grandma?

  • chanthesmoothest
    chanthesmoothest 23 days ago +9

    Awww Bless Him So Touching They Don't Realise That It Effects The Kids HURTS💔😢🙏🏾Gran Thankfully He Has U🤗

  • Maggie Edwards
    Maggie Edwards 23 days ago +2

    It’s loss not lost TVJ
    this is to tragic to comprehend
    Mommy I am so so sorry for you great loss ,please give him some much needed counselling and support , 😭god I pray for him smh

  • glenford shaaw
    glenford shaaw 23 days ago +2

    Rip ter

  • Sparta 4ever
    Sparta 4ever 23 days ago +5

    God keep him up please