Phil Spencer DESTROYS Toxic Fanboys and Talks Xbox Scarlett Power and Price | Xbox X019 News

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Phil Spencer DESTROYS the Toxic Fanboy Rhetoric Surrounding Xbox Game Pass in Interviews During X019!
    Head of Xbox Talks Xbox Scarlett Price and Power vs Sony PS5!!
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  • Rand al Thor 19
    Rand al Thor 19  21 day ago +102

    Phil basically tell the toxic turds out there to "Shut Up and Play Your Games"

    • kajun k1ng
      kajun k1ng 6 days ago

      Two words Windows phone 😉

    • Hades Black
      Hades Black 14 days ago

      Only thing I wanted to know was the xbox scarlett price... I didn't learn that and instead heard a 10 minute rant about anti consumer fan boys that I've never even heard about until today. Not really impressed you have alot of anger towards these "toxic clowns".

    • Nathan G
      Nathan G 17 days ago

      @Don't Call Me White Oh, I finally understand why you guys like you defend Xbox no matter what, it's "The Great White Hope" console.

    • toppdogg2k17
      toppdogg2k17 17 days ago

      Rand you need a woman.

    • Aazaad Gass
      Aazaad Gass 18 days ago +1

      Marcus Moore aren’t you the ones that got salty when they announced Death stranding was gonna be on PC

  • Bill Washington
    Bill Washington 2 days ago

    Xbox is big on cloud and game pass Playstation is big on single Triple A games that's cost millions to make. Xbox is Microsoft and they are way richer than Sony they can take a good loss to win on the long run. Sony is not as rich as them infact their main source of revenue is Playstation while Microsoft is not Xbox. What I understand from Sony is that they spent all this money making these Triple A games putting it on a cheaper service will hurt them more than it will hurt Microsoft, being that Microsoft is behind Sony when its comes to this gen they are ready to do anything to win over consumers. Sony's Triple A titles cost so much to put a new game on a cheap service. Sony is one of the few companies now that still believes in single player story driven games and not going crazy like EA and Bathsheba that only wants microtransactions on online multiplayer games. So Sony is still willing to spend a lot and make a reasonable sum of money from the title and not going crazy for excess profits. U dont expect them to Spend 100M - 150M to make a game and put it on a $10 a month services. How do u expect them to survive? Microsoft might be willing to do it and take heavy loss for a profitable future cos they have other bigger source of revenue. Even at that I'm waiting to see what happens next gen with them and the game pass, putting all this their triple A title on game pass day one. let's see if they will keep the promise and for how long.

  • Danteramirez981
    Danteramirez981 5 days ago

    Ironic that you’re bashing on toxic “ fanboys “when you seem to be on yourself. You’re basically the jaytechtv of Xbox

  • Nathan G
    Nathan G 8 days ago +1

    Dear gamers, after the X019 and E3 fails expect many more of these desperate videos from Rand, Smooth and Dealer as Xbox sales plummet as (real)Xbox gamers (not Phil groupies) wisely jump ship.

  • Jordan x
    Jordan x 11 days ago

    Sony they people are talking about how the ps5 will be better but just wait till xbox arrives. Best console is coming!!! Xbox one won this generation maby not with games but everything else.

  • MrHuckabst
    MrHuckabst 13 days ago

    Phil step on the crapper again? Good. Can’t stand that idiot ass clown.

  • Elijah Aldape
    Elijah Aldape 13 days ago

    When you’re concerned with Microsoft with making money yet Xbox isn’t the main money maker for Microsoft. It’s Oracle and SQL databases.

  • Pavlos Voulgaris
    Pavlos Voulgaris 14 days ago

    Psn is full toxic and ps4 console is crap with alot noise disc reading i preferre Xbox one X no noise with reading disc free games with gamepass at least 200+ in library and plus 4k that sony doesn't have only on ps5 has 4k and Scarlet 8k hahahahha and ps has combatible ps4 only sucks Microsoft had combatible all Xbox gen and of games that's why i prefer Xbox than ps

  • Shaggy Fox
    Shaggy Fox 15 days ago

    GP good for consumer... On price maybe but not for quality of (at least current gen MS exclusives) games themselves, except for shit that predates X1.
    And how you gonna hype up Scarlett after the talks of XCloud only exclusives which is now only tied to Game Pass? The only thing I took away from MS was that they are more focused on Game Pass than the actual next gen console... And the past shows that as well.
    Pretty much all MS exclusives this gen where sold not only for both physical and digitial sale but also released on Game Pass same day. Forza Horizon 4 was apparently really good and Sea of Thieves has made a comeback but at time of release?
    Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 was a rip off at full price for anyone who doesn't have Xbox Game Pass, cause it wasn't worth full price but sure as hell was worth the subscription for not only those games but also pre-exisiting games that were and still far better than it.
    Hell, even the most recently released games for Halo and Gears of War were on Game Pass Day 1 too and in GoW5's case, fits the same narrative for Crackdown 3 and the other games I mentioned. Not fucking worth full price.
    I'll go back to playing some games now but hey, you guys do you. I'm merely speaking from a observational position not as a fan of the product so whatever.

  • Synergy2900
    Synergy2900 16 days ago

    Gamepass is amazing, i hope every title comes to it.

  • Will Hutton
    Will Hutton 17 days ago

    I agree with this video. Do people think Microsoft is only games? They have a pocket full of cash they can use, why not use it to make something that makes our consumers very happy?

  • Chris ******
    Chris ****** 17 days ago

    pc is free, and console pays......enjoy your subscription and your game pass.lul

  • demonpride1975
    demonpride1975 17 days ago

    i pay for the Xbox game pass ultimate, because i play games on both platform and PC. i like the price it seems more then fair. i do have 2 issues with game pass, that seem more of a minor gripe then anything, and i am sure others will dispute them.

    1. games on game pass can be a lot different on PC. even if said games have a port for both platforms.

    2. i don't like the idea that i am paying a fee to get access to some games that are not AAA such as indie games. i get some can be good, but if i wanted that i would buy the indie games. i want all the games to be AAA.

    other then that, i find game pass to be a much better rich feature then ps now, and no i am not being a fanboy. because i hate the idea that i can't download and install all games, there is lots of ps3 games that i have no choice but to stream, and i hate that idea.

  • Nathan G
    Nathan G 17 days ago

    In defense of MBG, Crap, Next Gen
    and now MM2K, these are former Xbox fans like me who accepted that we're no longer Xbox's target demographic.

  • David Tirado
    David Tirado 18 days ago

    Death stranding is up for GOTY clown.

  • ian philip yule
    ian philip yule 18 days ago

    Repeating endlessly that it's a good thing for Xbox owner's to have the option of paying more money to use a console they already need a membership to use online is utter stupidity, Game pass should be for PC users , And any games that prove worthy should be filtered into the games for gold scheme we are already being charged for and calling people trolls for being concerned about how the infrastructure of their consoles is being eroded by the penny pinching taking place to subsidise any improvements is just CONTEMPTUOUS of YOU

  • Marcko
    Marcko 18 days ago

    if microsoft gives acess to new games in their game pass im swithing to xbox from ps no problem. I just want to play games, try recent games. From all games given to me by ps plus I think I played 2

  • Griff __14988941
    Griff __14988941 18 days ago

    GamePass is an excellent service & a great value for xbox gamers.
    But $60 > $1
    Good thing MS is so wealthy they can afford to give their products away for free...

  • Caleb Turner
    Caleb Turner 18 days ago +1

    Don’t talk about Crapgamer like that Rand. Lol

  • qwicxs
    qwicxs 18 days ago

    There is only a handful that are worth playing. All Xbox cares about is lame game pass. PlayStation games are going to kill the Xbox they are just better. God of War and Spider-Man was just a taste.

  • aznpanda510x
    aznpanda510x 18 days ago +1

    I'm a sony person and I respect how he stand his ground. people hate phill but He making my stock go up. Soooo yeahhhhhh

  • LordMaledict
    LordMaledict 19 days ago +1

    Someone sounds like a toxic turd in this video.

  • Joker
    Joker 19 days ago

    Stop the Shill Spencer worship the guy is a bullshitter, his main focus is PC and mobile games with co-op, he hates single player gamers.

  • David Liggins
    David Liggins 19 days ago

    Both Subscription services have just a few top games and the rest which you are paying for is utter 💩 which you never touch. We buy just top games on release and do not waste money on this money making con?

  • More Cloud tech USA
    More Cloud tech USA 19 days ago

    Toxic fanboys should actually be worried about their stone age physical disc dying

  • Zain844
    Zain844 19 days ago

    I just want more games. and more CURRENT games on the service, I would like to see Doom Eternal on game pass within maybe 6-12 months of release, I would like to see more games that came out this year on the service. The thing with gamepass is most of the games that are on it are old games, games I have no interest in, or games I already own. I only subscribed to gamepass for a couple months just so I could play Gears 5. and I only played the single player, I really don't give a a crap about multiplayer. That one game isn't really enough to keep me subscribed. They need more games that I'm interested in if they want to keep me subbed. It's awesome that Xbox is getting the Yakuza games but again.. those games are already a few years old and I already own them on PS4. Rage 2? yeah that's a newer game, but it's a 65 on metacritic not enough, The Witcher 3? That's great, but that's a game from 2015, and I already own it. They need newer games and better games.

    • xhawk
      xhawk 19 days ago

      DMC 5, Metro,

  • Alkalineknight6
    Alkalineknight6 19 days ago

    He kill them all 🤙🏻😀

  • Jose Luis Aguirre Revuelta

    I thought that the cost of Game Pass for 1€ or 3€ were ridicoulus but was very very happy for the service and the games. Then they launched the Game Pass Ultimate and was amazed. Now I have Game Pass Ultimate until Feb 2021 for 5€/month which is the Gold price if pay a year. Is not a bad trade to them because I could find a game that was not really interested but after playing it I'll buy it. That's where the money is and in the monthly earns from subcribers. Such great service and not that "free" but enough to make it worth

  • Mark
    Mark 19 days ago

    I’ve already paid for two years of gamepass

  • Handicrap03
    Handicrap03 19 days ago

    Fake news to the people that hate game pass

  • david lee Seel
    david lee Seel 19 days ago

    Microsoft gamepass has to be one of the best ideas ever as not only the quality of games put price its easier for people who can't really afford to pay full price straight away for high price games but gives them the chance to see what value they get if they save for the games they lo e most great work Microsoft your awesome

  • Durand Peavley
    Durand Peavley 20 days ago

    Did u just compare xbox gamepass to Disney and netflix? 😭😭

  • vanpride64
    vanpride64 20 days ago

    if I can give some feedback. A lot of these videos focuses too much energy on haters and gamepass value. Can you just talk about xbox now, xbox coming , xbox accessories, gamepass games sleeper hits, gamepass games coming/wishlist, games now , games coming and if you like it , or speculations, and reviews. Haters have no effect on my enjoyment of xbox, they don't live with me or sign my paycheck.

  • Kevin Mercado
    Kevin Mercado 20 days ago

    The only one thing that would be crazy and blow these cockroaches minds would be a price hike . lol

  • Kevin Mercado
    Kevin Mercado 20 days ago

    Lol Cockroaches. Awesome

  • Kevin Mercado
    Kevin Mercado 20 days ago +1

    Awesome video

  • middleage gameguy
    middleage gameguy 20 days ago +1

    Rand that was the best video I've seen all year.

  • Butch
    Butch 20 days ago +1

    Don't forget the toxic turds that fear monger people for paying full price for the game as well cause I see that on Twitter as well

  • Justin
    Justin 20 days ago +3

    Game pass has wowed me.

  • Diégo Gilbers
    Diégo Gilbers 20 days ago +1

    7:13 what game is this

  • justerthought
    justerthought 20 days ago

    Hey Rand sound toxic to me. You claim people are ill informed about Game Pass and worry unnecessarily about game funding. OK you're the smart ass, you got the mic, how about you tell us how devs can spend millions making a AAA game and get their money back. It's not good enough to say you don't care and insult those that do care. Phil Spencer couldn't tell us. He basically said "mind your own business, if I'm scamming people, that's my business, not yours." So come on Rand, step up to the plate, No more toxic insults. Explain where the money is coming from to make big budget games. A bargain is nice, but you get what you pay for. We are waiting. Enlighten us. Explain what Phil couldn't, without resorting to cheap insults as a defence.

  • Anthony .O
    Anthony .O 20 days ago +3

    Great, games on gamepass day one full of microtransactions ! How many crap games you have for one Gears 5 ? Anybody interested in those cartoons low quality Zelda copies ? Netflix has 200 M subscribers and losing money, you think Disney is going to put their big budget movies on Disney+ day and date ? NO ! They're going to wait for it to make BILLIONS in the theaters and blu-rays BEFORE putting them on there, same as Sony, you will NEVER get God of War, TLOU2, Red Dead 2, Cyberpunk QUALITY caliber games on a 10 dollars subscription service. Enjoy your games on gamepass, but high quality prenium experiences ARE NOT CHEAP. Death Stranding destroys Gears 5 in terms of quality ANY DAY, has no Microtransactions and is not plagued with bugs. YOU ARE WRONG.

    • Straightcherry D.
      Straightcherry D. 17 days ago

      @xhawk Yes I know even this video is a part of it all, but usually Rand is a rational sort.

    • xhawk
      xhawk 19 days ago

      Here's one right now.

    • Straightcherry D.
      Straightcherry D. 20 days ago

      I admit, I'm loving monthly subs. But I fear that the monthly subs look good right now because we're in a "transition period", and we might eventually have to pay $60+ through microtransactions. It's hard to cut through the background noise of the console war though, so views like ours are getting drowned out.

  • Power Gamer X
    Power Gamer X 20 days ago +3

    So far, 155 toxic fanboys have disliked this video 🙈

  • Mr B
    Mr B 20 days ago

    HI who thinks Forza Motorsport might come back

  • Sim Plex
    Sim Plex 20 days ago

    Best way to kill toxic trolls is to share figures, income, etc.
    Attacking the messenger instead of the message is a well known diversion.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 20 days ago

    Microsoft compete with Ubisoft, not Sony. But even Ubisoft are too much strong for them.

  • Elvin Cruz
    Elvin Cruz 20 days ago

    I love Ganepass.

  • DZurV
    DZurV 20 days ago

    Drink bleach fat lady man child

  • NightNight 801
    NightNight 801 20 days ago

    You're literally getting new games for free, why are people getting mad over that

  • Knache 38
    Knache 38 20 days ago

    Love game pass.

  • punch180
    punch180 20 days ago

    Power and price but the games arent there........
    The games that was shown looks low budget and doesn't seem like the games that will take lots of time to make. They want games that can develop quickly so they can put it on game pass it seems. Ill wait until next e3. Maybe the next next e3 like...

  • CreedX360
    CreedX360 20 days ago +1

    I really hope Microsoft comes out swinging and announces several AAA games at E3. IMO they really need to if they are serious about going head to head with Sony.

    • Kkdex
      Kkdex 18 days ago +1

      Every yr right? This will be the one tho, for sure lol. Nah but rly they know the gen is done, finished. They ramping & rly geared up for next gen. That's where my expectations are. Next gen, fresh start, fierce battle. No way they're gonna outdo TLOU 2 & maybe Ghost of Sushi, it's GG already. I'm expecting next gen to be like 360-ps3 era each throwing KO blows. Gonna be great for us as consumers.

    • TheKittenSashimi Meow
      TheKittenSashimi Meow 19 days ago

      CreedX360 Yep, XBOX needs more exclusives.

  • B Gamer V
    B Gamer V 20 days ago +1

    awesome video

  • Flemming Allan Thomsen

    congrats on RAND THE MAN with 30K SUBS! LOL

    JFKTV 20 days ago +5

    I’m glad I don’t see people call Game Pass trash. It’s objectively false. This is comin’ from a heavy Sony and Nintendo consumer.

  • Terranigma
    Terranigma 20 days ago +1

    I'm not really into Xbox but the Xbox Game Pass on PC is a great value and I'm loving it.

    • David Correia
      David Correia 19 days ago

      Me to, never was the console guy, but now i m on xbox side , for the atention that they give to PC

  • snakey oshio
    snakey oshio 20 days ago +1

    im worried about these people procreating !

  • Nathan G
    Nathan G 20 days ago +7

    Poor Rand is dead set on going down with the Titanic, while trying to convince the rest of us not to jump, because the ship is actually a submarine designed to sink.

  • Donell
    Donell 20 days ago

    What game was that being played at the end? COD?

  • Joel Monserrate
    Joel Monserrate 20 days ago

    Well said my brother, The game pass is a crazy deal. I guess the people are upset because Xbox as it down packed, but PlayStation now is wack.