High On Fire Wins Best Metal Performance | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Watch High On Fire's speech for Best Metal Performance at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
    Full winners list: bit.ly/2SnSTFG
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Comments • 563

  • Theo Cruz
    Theo Cruz 4 days ago

    Matt Pike sounds like the Dude.

  • Collin Clark
    Collin Clark 15 days ago

    I can't stand the lack of respect Matt and the boys got, pisses me off

  • boiled koolaid
    boiled koolaid 17 days ago

    ffs that's a lotta empty seats

  • William Munson
    William Munson 24 days ago

    I noticed that Deafheaven got nominated, and thought, "Well, it's good that they didn't win the award."

    Also, congratulations, Matt.

  • unboundwildride
    unboundwildride 28 days ago +1

    Grammy's are such a joke

  • The ABacross
    The ABacross Month ago

    Deafheaven should've won.

  • Jose Arriaga
    Jose Arriaga Month ago

    I’m just glad High on Fire won even if it’s not the best song. I was glad Megadeth won also. I’ve been following these bands 14+ years so I’m just happy some type of recognition was given

  • Mexi Sexroid
    Mexi Sexroid Month ago

    Are they... Are they.. playing Tomahawk????

  • God
    God Month ago

    I can't remember the last time I saw Matt with a shirt on.

  • odibex
    odibex Month ago

    a shirt AND a jacket? jfc wave a Grammy in someone's face and it's sell out time

  • NOOGIE 420
    NOOGIE 420 Month ago +1

    Dig deep 2018 was a really awesome year for music, but you probably didn't notice it. Sleep, YOB, At the Gates and Voivod put out awesome albums. There is so much better music than the mainstream pushes on us. Geez Daughters, Jaye Jayle, and Fotocrime look them up and see if you like them. 🍺 and stay a fan and keep an open mind, you'll never know what you might discover and like.

  • Zach Hoiland
    Zach Hoiland Month ago

    Damn, they sat all the way in the back with a bad toe!

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker Month ago

    Snakes for the divine is such an awesome

  • Collinteague Teague

    Trivium should have gotten this hands down.

  • addrenalinedrummer
    addrenalinedrummer Month ago

    Deafheaven & BTBAM were robbed. Underoath & Hell on Fire were the two worst nominees in this category

  • stonerdemon
    stonerdemon 2 months ago +1

    What a bad joke of a show this has become. I'm happy for HOF, but I would be happy too if the guys had decided to throw the prize on the floor and give a big middle finger to the producers of the show.

  • Δzazil Warrior
    Δzazil Warrior 2 months ago

    Maybe always in my dream CC will won in grammy.
    And who CARES?

  • Sorg Michael
    Sorg Michael 2 months ago

    The first time I heard ELECTRIC MESSIAH...I thought to myself this sounds like VENOM.

  • demigodlike
    demigodlike 2 months ago +1

    In one respect the Grammys were sorta cool this year..electing a band that 99% of metalheads never even heard of (unless they blindedly picked the name out of a hat in not giving af ). Ghost were prolly sitting there thinking to themselves wtf are these guys(?). They're 20yr vets..

  • Stooge's Metal Boutique

    What gets me the most if that 90% of the audience doesn't clap after the announcement. I'm sorry, I was taught to clap for anyone getting recognized whether I like them or not. When you get mugged on the street or trip and fall in a puddle getting your designer shit ruined, I'm going to clap for you.

  • Patrick  Donahue
    Patrick Donahue 2 months ago

    Great for HOF. Shame on the Grammies for putting metal on the pre show. They at least used to do BMP on the main TV show. WTF.

  • Mark Bailey
    Mark Bailey 2 months ago +1

    Could you imagine a live performance by HoF? Minds melted. Sure love to see that!

  • M Rivera
    M Rivera 2 months ago +1

    Truly a shame that metal is not televised. Great that a true rock band is recognized. The academy still has a LONG way to go by way of giving credit to real music...

  • Neon Blackstorm
    Neon Blackstorm 2 months ago

    Humble and down to earth for a man who writes pummeling songs for the apocalypse.. Congrats HOF

  • ominous thoughts
    ominous thoughts 2 months ago

    wtf.. empty house

  • Sandwitch
    Sandwitch 2 months ago

    What was with the Tomahawk intro? Not complaining tho haha

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson 2 months ago

    Yes finally!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ja Fo
    Ja Fo 2 months ago

    I like the band but Trivium’s 100% better.

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G 2 months ago

    that is a fantastic album

  • Wilford Grimley
    Wilford Grimley 2 months ago +1

    Im a little surprised Matt was even willing to get on that stage

  • Haikal Emir
    Haikal Emir 2 months ago

    Matt Pike you nailed it!

  • Andrew Ingram
    Andrew Ingram 2 months ago

    High on Fire is not a bad band by any means but Trivium? Underoath? WHAT YEAR IS IT? 2008?

  • transmit13
    transmit13 2 months ago

    Wow! They actually got it right.

  • Hating me is conforming
    Hating me is conforming 2 months ago +1

    Should've been BTBAM

  • Paul Daluz
    Paul Daluz 2 months ago +1

    The Grammys actually making a good decision? Wow. Hell is freezing over today!!

  • Rob G.
    Rob G. 2 months ago

    Why in the hell was the mic stand so low? The guys had to bend down to talk. They should've brought it up like Lemmy's mic. Anyway, congrats again to High On Fire!

  • sludge1974 kaka
    sludge1974 kaka 2 months ago

    That was awkward as fuck. A more than half empty hall, making them walk up to the stage from half a mile away. completely winded from that stroll having to give some kind of speech. Love this band to death and i'm stoked they got one for all those years of hard touring and work but Fuck the Grammy's once again for making this fucking awkward. There's just no respect for this kind of music there. This feels like giving the ugly kid a reward at a beauty contest so no one feels bad.

  • John Tracy
    John Tracy 2 months ago

    Whats he sitting in the nosie bleed sec where the people lol

  • [TallGreyMan]
    [TallGreyMan] 2 months ago

    So many empty seats in the hall. Yep, the internet pretty much killed the music industry.

  • Was it TheChad
    Was it TheChad 2 months ago

    Grammys are ass same with the MTV music awards. Neven been the same for years bring back the good old days.

  • gabriel barblay
    gabriel barblay 2 months ago


    • Trane Sonic
      Trane Sonic 2 months ago

      the Grammys are lame in general

  • Goat of Ill Omen
    Goat of Ill Omen 2 months ago

    Ahhh so salty, it's a so salty

  • Filthy Pickens
    Filthy Pickens 2 months ago

    haha it's just like 3 regular dudes who don't really know what to say

    • Mike Roth
      Mike Roth 2 months ago

      Better than doing all the shitty acting.

  • Mayla Putro
    Mayla Putro 2 months ago

    get well soon matt

  • Lda J5th
    Lda J5th 2 months ago

    You call "high on fire" a metal?? Seriously?? Trivium are the best

    • Lda J5th
      Lda J5th 2 months ago

      +Trane Sonic u dont even know what you are sayin.. right?? Metal born again 25 year ago

    • Trane Sonic
      Trane Sonic 2 months ago

      metal died 25 years ago

  • Chodda
    Chodda 2 months ago

    never even heard of this band lmfao.. shitty political bs. Underoath should have gotten it

  • Angel Maximus
    Angel Maximus 2 months ago +2

    Grammy sucks but nice for high on fire

  • The Juan
    The Juan 2 months ago

    How i feel when i get enough points from 711 for a free pizza. Just me, the cashier and the security cameras 🤘🏻

  • Mike Lariviere
    Mike Lariviere 2 months ago

    Bet the crowd lost their minds over cardi b though..

  • Billy Cain
    Billy Cain 2 months ago

    So they don't want Hard Rock and metal bands to be on TV but yet they show this hip hop rap artist that talk about killing people doing drugs degrading women yeah that makes sense

    • Trane Sonic
      Trane Sonic 2 months ago

      Jews run the entertainment industry. hip hop is easiest way to keep people dumb


    HAHAHAHAHAHAAH.. The Grammy is for RETARDS who DOESN'T understand anything about music , specially Metal

  • sickb2200
    sickb2200 2 months ago

    This was either 3pm or 3am.

  • Axel Royer
    Axel Royer 2 months ago

    Grammys are a joke

  • Yiorgios Vazouras
    Yiorgios Vazouras 2 months ago

    Holy god there was no body at the oscars this year look at all those empty seats damn

  • undertheradar
    undertheradar 2 months ago

    Shit, those guys were all the way in the back...LOL
    I kinda wish Sleep would get a Grammy just to see Al proud, cause they deserve it

  • Bry
    Bry 2 months ago

    Hundreds of millions of people like metal music yet the grammys is the closest I've ever seen it be acknowledged anywhere close to tv and they normally mess it up. Congrats tho

  • Turk 182
    Turk 182 2 months ago

    In your face rappers pop pers mthfckrs!!!!

  • C Carroll
    C Carroll 2 months ago +2

    Can't believe a deserving band won a Grammy.

  • Majesty D
    Majesty D 2 months ago

    For metal?! Lmao trash

  • O.O.S
    O.O.S 2 months ago +1

    They play instruments,can you belive that?!?!

  • Otto Nomicus
    Otto Nomicus 2 months ago

    Weird thing is, I don't know who any of those bands are. Well I have heard of Trivium, they suck. If you want to see the REAL metal performance of the year search the Venom Inc Bloodstock 2018 video.

  • Super Unknown
    Super Unknown 2 months ago

    They should just leave metal out of the Grammys in general its embarrassing for the artists by the looks.of things by no one clapping empty seats it really sucks for any band too be in that situation I'm.glad they won though awesome band!!

  • Mo Baldy
    Mo Baldy 2 months ago +2

    Congrats to Matt, Dez, & Jeff for the award. HOF is such a massively talented band. The trip Matt was talking about was the hike they had to make from the seats given to them in the balcony. Disrespectful. What? They couldn’t play a HOF track from the album as they walked up? Why should I be excited about a boring Tomahawk song like some people on here? None of those dudes were ever in Tomahawk. Absolutely lame. And disrespectful. At least the proper band got the award this time. Baby steps I suppose.

  • The Red Republic
    The Red Republic 2 months ago


  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 2 months ago

    A few things:
    1. I would have loved if the Deafheaven boys won the award but that's my personal bias.
    2. The Grammys don't celebrate metal (nor do they do hip hop) the same way majority of us fans have for several years, so it's kinda disheartening to see all those empty seats.
    3. Matt Pike deserves as much recognition as possible, I know he's not Deafheaven or whatever, but I'm a huge stoner rock/metal fan and I'm glad him of all people in the category was nominated *and* won.
    4. Grammys will never get anything right, but this was a step up from the last.
    5. The Grammys don't celebrate metal (nor do they do hip hop) the same way majority of us fans have for several years and yet the wonder, why people like Kendrick Lamar or Drake, pillars of hip hop won't perform nor do they give eyes to the metal acts around the world, as seen by the previous award, they always and will forever go for the safest options. It's sad. I mean, that's what happens.

  • Dave Arndt
    Dave Arndt 2 months ago

    Congratulations guys. It ‘s a killer CD.

  • Robert Fraser
    Robert Fraser 2 months ago

    Well that was sad.

  • Mike Westfall
    Mike Westfall 2 months ago

    Good to see Matt moving around. Stay healthy Pike.

  • Olivia Odom
    Olivia Odom 2 months ago

    So many empty seats😳

  • lowlife74
    lowlife74 2 months ago

    CANNIBAL CORPSE should of been nominated for the RED BEFORE BLACK album

  • Broncopotamus
    Broncopotamus 2 months ago +3

    They should have made a comment about the lack of attention metal gets at the Grammy awards

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 2 months ago

    Que triste que los grammys realizen estas premiaciones en el previo , por eso ni los veo XD

  • Jim Feldman
    Jim Feldman 2 months ago


  • Ethan Stephens
    Ethan Stephens 2 months ago

    Yes!! By the way, MISSED YOU AT THE SPEED OF THE WIZARD TOUR!! Hope all is well. Come on over to Montana sometime soon! And FUCK the grammys! My ears are all I need!

  • big pod
    big pod 2 months ago

    Give that back to Trivium

  • John Nobles
    John Nobles 2 months ago

    theres no one there??

  • Hefipale Burp
    Hefipale Burp 2 months ago

    Thats fucking unreal HoF winning a Best Performance! Well deserved Mike Pike and the whole band are underrated then again this is a musical world with auto tune sound cloud and crappy kids on stage.

  • Marcus Carkus
    Marcus Carkus 2 months ago

    99 percent sure noone with the Grammies Org.has ever heard High on Fire in their life.

  • pauliescott
    pauliescott 2 months ago

    The Grammys are a joke. Who cares.
    The crowd is proof that no one cares

  • max angga
    max angga 2 months ago


  • Indio Peltier
    Indio Peltier 2 months ago

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this rules

  • Tommy Patch
    Tommy Patch 2 months ago

    Kurt Ballou keep up the amazing work. So glad you're starting to get recognition for the work that you do.

  • 4840 hB.t AO
    4840 hB.t AO 2 months ago

    There were like 14 people

  • Scott Prince
    Scott Prince 2 months ago

    Yeah i saw where they interview him before.surprised hes not in some kinda disguise

  • Troy Jones
    Troy Jones 2 months ago +3

    man... i'm not even a big fan of hof, but holy shit i think i wanted to knock the shit out of everyone in that audience who didn't clap out of respect and instead chose to turn their nose up. again, not their biggest fan, but i can guarantee you those 3 guys have more musical talent than just about anyone else who won a grammy combined. what a bunch of twats.

  • GooD LucK
    GooD LucK 2 months ago

    more like Album of the Year... same doorstop either way I guess.

  • simen30
    simen30 2 months ago

    trivium should have won

  • Jeroen Verbeeck
    Jeroen Verbeeck 2 months ago

    Nobody gives a shit about the Grammys but still way too fucking cool to see Pike and the boys get the recognition they deserved for so long!! High on fire slays album after album

  • Djerry
    Djerry 2 months ago

    They should make a music award ceremony like the grammys held in Brazil

  • Cma K Rajesh
    Cma K Rajesh 2 months ago

    Why do metal bands have to stand such disgrace? They should have boycotted the stupid grammy..Pathetic audience too..

  • HELLYEAH 1313
    HELLYEAH 1313 2 months ago +4

    The Grammy's are ridiculous, they have no respect towards bands in the Metal genre

  • capt ScoobySnack
    capt ScoobySnack 2 months ago

    The place is so empty .

  • jason weird
    jason weird 2 months ago

    San Jose California!!!!! Let's goooo

  • Micit20
    Micit20 2 months ago

    Start televising Metal.

  • ChiefJustice Middleton
    ChiefJustice Middleton 2 months ago

    Make the Buddy with Kane walk for miles just to get a stupid award

  • thundertower
    thundertower 2 months ago +1

    im happy for high on fire, good job
    guys! congratulations!

  • danimourinho
    danimourinho 2 months ago

    why there are so many empty seats?

  • gaber gabe
    gaber gabe 2 months ago

    I’m glad they don’t televise metal awards. Less douchebags will get turned on to the bands, less douchebags will copy the sound and less douchebags will be at shows

  • Jay BB
    Jay BB 2 months ago

    That was beautiful man.

  • keith lamm
    keith lamm 2 months ago

    I've been listening to metal since it began and listened to this song on youtube. it is crap. a lot of EMPTY seats