English Conversation 18

  • Published on May 31, 2017
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  • Amina Abdallah
    Amina Abdallah 4 hours ago

    Just wwww iliket thanks love from somalia

  • Easin Arafat
    Easin Arafat 6 hours ago +1

    Very good and halpfull for English learning and thank you

  • Easin Arafat
    Easin Arafat 6 hours ago +1

    I like this story

  • Kansas n
    Kansas n 16 hours ago

    It is a greatest video for learn English

  • umair212 malik
    umair212 malik 21 hour ago +1

    Wonderful Story, Amazing Acting Love From Pakistan

  • Gabrielle Hanna
    Gabrielle Hanna Day ago

    A romantic story
    I love it ❤

  • Rui Albano
    Rui Albano Day ago

    Is "that Scarlet" an alien? What galaxy???

  • Rui Albano
    Rui Albano Day ago

    Very good job. Thank`s a lot

  • Josh Wei
    Josh Wei Day ago

    I love to learn English from the beautiful story.

  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    Can I help you? Indeed make coffee

  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    How much is that? Exorbitant

  • Malekunxa Kirati
    Malekunxa Kirati 2 days ago

    good job I m from Nepal

  • elena gheorghe
    elena gheorghe 2 days ago

    Hello. Thanks!

  • Manas Majhi
    Manas Majhi 2 days ago

    it's great for me learning woww nice

  • What a perfect Henry!

    is that TOM HANKS?!!!!!!!!!

  • Pu Mon
    Pu Mon 3 days ago

    I love this video so much.

  • Kool Cat
    Kool Cat 3 days ago

    It seems love story thn normal story

  • Adi Panmei
    Adi Panmei 3 days ago

    Its very similar with mine lol....

  • Nur Mah
    Nur Mah 3 days ago

    Nice story.

  • Neeraj Kumar
    Neeraj Kumar 3 days ago


  • Sopheak Shares
    Sopheak Shares 3 days ago

    Good English.

  • sameer rout
    sameer rout 4 days ago

    can you give download link of script...

  • ALK
    ALK 4 days ago

    Practice English with native speakers on Cambly. Here's a 10 minute free lesson. Use code: albin69

  • Pankaj Rajbhar
    Pankaj Rajbhar 4 days ago

    I will say that this is video very good for bieggines i seen for a while

  • Filmy Tadka
    Filmy Tadka 4 days ago

    Thanks a bunch for make a bonderful video in this story mark ryder and alie love him & i abosurb mark is a good person for allie and last in mark wants t say something to allie..

  • Sarwar Hossain
    Sarwar Hossain 4 days ago

    Thanks a lot for create a good video... This is very helpful to learn speaking English ...

  • ebebebeb cherif
    ebebebeb cherif 5 days ago

    she look like she has 40 years what the hell

  • Dương Nguyễn
    Dương Nguyễn 5 days ago

    có tựa đề phim này không ạ? cho mình xin với. thanks

  • นา
    นา 5 days ago


  • Ahmed Nour
    Ahmed Nour 5 days ago

    I wish to have the same luck of mark .محظوظ يا مارك ياجلب

  • Laura Andrés
    Laura Andrés 5 days ago +3

    Great video and story, very entertaining and good at keeping a low intermediate level in all the situations. Congratulations! just one thing... she,s 27 and he,s 34?? Come onnnn

  • anhngoc tran
    anhngoc tran 5 days ago

    i can understand

  • anhngoc tran
    anhngoc tran 5 days ago

    it's good it help my english very much thanks


    Thank you so much. This video very helpful for me. I'm from Azerbaijan😊

  • Kazim Ali
    Kazim Ali 6 days ago

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is just awesome for teaching English Language. If possible please send me the transcript of this video. My email address is kazimali.8600@gmail.com.

    I shall be grateful to you.


    Kazim ALI

  • Saloni Vishwakarma
    Saloni Vishwakarma 6 days ago

    Good vedio for english learner

  • Neel Livera
    Neel Livera 6 days ago +4

    This is such a great creative video with a story , love it.

  • Eido parkour
    Eido parkour 6 days ago

    Very niceeeeeeee❤

  • Prodip Das
    Prodip Das 6 days ago

    Nice video thanks

  • Mohd Danish
    Mohd Danish 6 days ago +5

    Really mark and allie Both Of You so sweet In last Ending.

  • Mohd Danish
    Mohd Danish 6 days ago +1

    Keeep Going Love From India Lots Of Love.

  • Mohd Danish
    Mohd Danish 6 days ago

    Thank you To Everyone Who all Are You in This English Teaching movie I love Mark and Allie Thanks Both you To Teaching us For everything...

  • kamal kumar
    kamal kumar 6 days ago +1

    Thanks you so much for a great videos....
    Good job all team members... may God blessed you.✔✔✔

  • Wake up Friends
    Wake up Friends 7 days ago


  • al jajra Bangladesh al jajira Bangladesh

    Sir, I understand everything but I can not say.

  • manjeet kaur
    manjeet kaur 7 days ago

    Nice video

  • manjeet kaur
    manjeet kaur 7 days ago

    Nice video

  • manjeet kaur
    manjeet kaur 7 days ago

    Nice video

  • Juanita Miguel
    Juanita Miguel 8 days ago


  • Đào Anh
    Đào Anh 8 days ago

    Love Story

  • Jhonathan Hnerique
    Jhonathan Hnerique 8 days ago

    Wonderful history

  • mungara yesuratnam
    mungara yesuratnam 8 days ago +1

    what a wonderful story, it's really nice, i like it.

  • Mr. Factman
    Mr. Factman 8 days ago +2

    Very good easy to under stand not very fast thanx
    Love from india

  • Kumar Chandan
    Kumar Chandan 8 days ago

    I can't see the letters , what u r writing in English because of white letters.

  • Tera Fufad
    Tera Fufad 9 days ago

    It seems like romantic movie

  • Thangadurai B
    Thangadurai B 9 days ago +7

    I really want to thank you for your helping to make sure speaking English fluently with these videos & you have done a great job...

  • Koutilya's Accouts -Arunkumar

    Really great job... I am !Arunkumar from India.

  • henog wedi Luul
    henog wedi Luul 9 days ago

    Woww realy

    W SMYTHE BATES 9 days ago

    Brad such a creeper lol

  • Redwan ahmmed
    Redwan ahmmed 9 days ago


  • โพธิ์ไทร ไชยสิงห์

    Thank you so much for this video. I like and help me for learn English.
    I'm from Laos 🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦

  • Jagannath Lohar
    Jagannath Lohar 10 days ago +2

    I love this movies good story

  • Al amin Haque
    Al amin Haque 10 days ago


    SUMAQ BEL 10 days ago +17

    Thank you so much, this video is very helpful for students who want to learn english

  • Lincy Raju
    Lincy Raju 10 days ago +5

    i love this movies very interested with easly learning english .great work thank u somuch from india

  • Thôi Nguyễn
    Thôi Nguyễn 11 days ago +1

    So great i appreciate you

  • Sanu Sanu
    Sanu Sanu 11 days ago

    Thank you for your outstanding lesson. I am waiting for your next class

  • Sky Batoo
    Sky Batoo 11 days ago

    Thank you for sharing video. And I love your movie somuch it's very good.

  • abdul Korim . BD
    abdul Korim . BD 11 days ago +1

    I like video I am from Bangladesh I really really like video Great amazing

  • Allritch Clermont
    Allritch Clermont 11 days ago +1

    Ally is awesome!