Jo Koy Calls Out His Son For Spending Too Much Time in the Bathroom | Netflix is a Joke

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Jo Koy takes dad jokes to the next level. Watch Joe and his son break down jokes from his latest special Comin’ In Hot.
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    Jo Koy Calls Out His Son For Spending Too Much Time in the Bathroom | Netflix is a Joke
    Comedian Jo Koy takes center stage in Hawaii and shares his candid take on cultural curiosities, filter-free fatherhood and more.
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Comments • 825

  • Jasonomnia
    Jasonomnia 2 hours ago

    Jo Koy nailed it on the head when he predicted his son would ask him for an expensive car one day. I remembered when Jo was on either a radio show or a podcast years ago and said that his son doesn’t ask for much growing up and that he was worried his son would ask for an expensive car to make up for all the times he never ask for things. Well shit looks like the dad is right, the boy now wants a Porsche.

  • Y Sanchez
    Y Sanchez 19 hours ago

    I think as a comedian he's good but to expose his child like that ...I think that's out of order from his behalf, his mother treated him like crap that's why!! I dotn think that is a good comedy ,I can't stand my dad talking me like that and I'm 46...screw that , he just humiliated him in front of the world..

  • Nye
    Nye 2 days ago +1

    The son looks humble but come on, he wants a Porsche??!

  • MC Flores
    MC Flores 2 days ago

    Oh my when I was a kid my dad would always watch documentaries on tv and mostly about Africa and I am sk fascinated about everything about Africa that I even wanted to be a black then I realized that will not gonna happen then I will marry a black guy so I could have black kids! And now I will have a chance to live and work in the states as a PT I think I will marry a black guy and this is for sure 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Jasree M
    Jasree M 3 days ago

    ting ting

  • Gregory Nelson
    Gregory Nelson 4 days ago

    Jokoy actual looks like a light skin black guy

  • Kyler
    Kyler 6 days ago

    Just finished it and I laughed a lot

  • Tinsrandomday
    Tinsrandomday 6 days ago

    Hahaha so funny 🤣 I can relate, my son is half white from his dad and half Filipino from me of course and in school people would ask if his black or sometimes Mexican. No one ever asked neither of his real race 😄

  • Grace 9 Helava
    Grace 9 Helava 7 days ago

    Love you Jo Koy
    To good 😂😂❤❤

  • Joseph Ibarra
    Joseph Ibarra 9 days ago

    The clout pods

  • Twanna L Wilkerson
    Twanna L Wilkerson 9 days ago


  • K0I F1SH
    K0I F1SH 9 days ago

    I honestly love Jo and how calm and humble he seems, and idk if he’s embarrassed by his dad’s jokes but those funny stories his dad makes of him just makes me wanna meet him more. He seems like a really cool dude

  • Tamara Jones
    Tamara Jones 10 days ago

    They the realest

  • Forgiven
    Forgiven 11 days ago

    This kid looks like lil xan.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 11 days ago +1

    Hahaha! Cool son and dad!

  • PS Mozbaby
    PS Mozbaby 11 days ago

    Who TF would think his son is half black

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 11 days ago

    So adorable. Ya two...are going to grow up to be the best of of wishes..Thank you for sharing. Your boy is a sweet boy...and I am saying this as a mother of 4 ...❤ With 22 yrs and 19 and the rest are younger .

  • Maleick Fleming
    Maleick Fleming 13 days ago

    Lil Jo is big Jo now wtf where did the time go! I’m getting old

  • T J
    T J 14 days ago +1

    Do one with the mom now 😂

  • Xander Alex
    Xander Alex 14 days ago

    His dad is ratting him out and he's like "yeah that shit's true" 🤷‍♂️

  • iinvitedmyself 12
    iinvitedmyself 12 14 days ago

    His skin ain’t that dark

  • ALRO
    ALRO 15 days ago

    Lets all just take a moment that lil joe just absorbed all the insults like a boss

  • Eva Flowers
    Eva Flowers 16 days ago

    His son is so handsome

  • Breanne Doria
    Breanne Doria 17 days ago

    Woah~ THAT'S HIS SON!? He's adorable~

  • Costarica 1700
    Costarica 1700 18 days ago

    So let me get this straight. Dad for my 16th B Day, I want a Porsche dad should say ok I’ll get it and give him a VW ( Volkswagen)

  • Vision Hanzo OFFICIAL
    Vision Hanzo OFFICIAL 19 days ago

    God damn, a Porsche!? Do you think money grows in trees!? Ha !? Something jokoy would say 😆

  • nadia orpilla
    nadia orpilla 20 days ago

    He's very shy boy

  • erika payne
    erika payne 21 day ago

    He is a cutie pie, his son but I don’t think he is dark enough to say he is black.

  • wolfen4966
    wolfen4966 21 day ago

    by the way y'all Pnhilippino's have African blood lines, but who freakin cares lol

  • john troy
    john troy 21 day ago

    Little ting ting... you're lucky to have Jokoy as your dad. He loves you so much. It shows. Take care of your old man!

  • Aubrey Vasquez
    Aubrey Vasquez 21 day ago

    To think this is the same child that colored his ting ting green and drew eyeballs on his balls with a sharpie lol

  • parislu1
    parislu1 21 day ago

    Smart kid, he knows what he is talking about. Doesnt matter the shade of color, heritage is important.

  • Gladiator Spear
    Gladiator Spear 22 days ago +1

    It’s fun how American Filipino kids try to be black in high school . Lol. 🤣🤣🤣

  • LaLa xo
    LaLa xo 23 days ago

    How come you never speak about the mother of tour son???

  • Amir Rashed
    Amir Rashed 24 days ago

    🙊🙊🙊💀💀💀 bruh I wanna barf jo koy's son is so gross

  • Alana Rodriguez
    Alana Rodriguez 24 days ago

    Western bagel ain’t gonna give u Porsche money lmao

  • Devin O
    Devin O 24 days ago

    Not saying I expected him to be ugly, but his son is actually cute (17 btw)

  • Yesi Nichole
    Yesi Nichole 25 days ago

    That was exactly what I pictured him to look like

  • LegaZ
    LegaZ 26 days ago

    If my dad is Jo Koy, I'll probably hate him too for always roasting me.

  • D Mason
    D Mason 26 days ago

    JK good, Netflix bad ... canceled

  • Azhel
    Azhel 28 days ago


  • yup yup
    yup yup 28 days ago

    Tingg tinggggg!!!

    AC PIPING Month ago


  • Tony Bacigalupi
    Tony Bacigalupi Month ago

    *sigh* Jo Koy is a dilf and his humor makes him even sexier. ❤️

  • Caesar Alpuerto
    Caesar Alpuerto Month ago

    Good looking kid! Like father like son!

  • Ambereen Tahir
    Ambereen Tahir Month ago

    He is so cute

  • Meg Paguyo
    Meg Paguyo Month ago

    Good-looking kid

  • Dennise Ericka
    Dennise Ericka Month ago

    Yung tawa bes

  • Capri Toons
    Capri Toons Month ago

    His son... is kinda cute....

  • Just For Fun
    Just For Fun Month ago

    Lil’ jo is lowkey cute tho

  • BANGWOOL to the ARMY

    Little Jo is actually cute.

  • Bill Louis
    Bill Louis Month ago +4

    My favorite Jo Koy stand up. I couldn't stop laughing from begining to end.

  • raven roth
    raven roth Month ago

    Fuck his son is fucking handsome

  • Hastati ™
    Hastati ™ Month ago +1

    Technically Filipinos has black in their DNA since their ancestors originated from the Aetas which are black indigenous tribes in the Philippines

  • Nana Kay
    Nana Kay Month ago

    I legit thought jo was sitting next to logic😂😤😤 its his freaking kid❤️❤️

  • Reyna Elena
    Reyna Elena Month ago

    Hi Jokoy! I first saw you in Santa Rosa, California. I drove there from San Francisco just to watch you. Do you know that the theatre where you performed got burned down that night? It must be you. It's gotta be you that influenced the wind. Anyway, I even had a pic with you because I was seated upfront. And then the next time I saw you were in Bensalem just right outside Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. I'm a super fan! I have a suggestion, and this came about watching this video of your son. I think your Mom is hilarious as well. I wonder if she comes up on stage with you - and there you were - completely shocked - then she takes over the mic, and tells us about the funny stuff about you. I thought that would be a super Netflix moment. Sige! Ingat sila saiyo!

  • ImBored2k
    ImBored2k Month ago +10

    They forgot the most embarrassing joke about his son... his growing hair

  • Picca Cho
    Picca Cho Month ago

    His a good sport and good son

  • LDRLoveNotes*Gerlyn&Arek Polish&Filipino Couple

    Jokoy is the best dad family will always be family

  • Peter Michael Paints

    Best dad.

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna Month ago +6

    How did his son not die of shame during that shower bit.

  • MariaLareina_babygurl Oribello

    Sweet...Dad and son realest bond!🤩❤👏

  • Mmina Maclang
    Mmina Maclang Month ago +4

    They didn't even show him THE REALLY HUMILIATING PART

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan Month ago

    yo thats a cool ass kid. he seems like an awsome dad too but the kid has a sense of humor, good for him.

  • Badkitty Twerk
    Badkitty Twerk Month ago

    His son is FINE AF🙈

  • odafamily oda
    odafamily oda Month ago

    He’ll be a super idol in the Philippines wow good looking !

  • Belle Advincula
    Belle Advincula Month ago

    Hahaha. Jokoy is so funny.
    Fellow Filipino here 🖐

  • Rita M
    Rita M Month ago

    Joe Jr. has a lot of resemblance from his grandmother Josie. 🤓

  • Dramatic Cristina
    Dramatic Cristina Month ago

    I fell in love with his son 😍😂

  • Rj Lobitos
    Rj Lobitos Month ago

    Joe is handsome 😘

  • Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad Month ago

    Lil Joe looks like your mom Jokoy!

  • not a BTS fan
    not a BTS fan Month ago

    Damn i wish Jo Koy was *my* dad

  • Jordan Kim
    Jordan Kim Month ago

    Porsche? Hah

  • Kate Hall
    Kate Hall Month ago +1

    He’s so hot

  • mai fromthecity
    mai fromthecity Month ago

    He looks latino because of his filipino descent