It is never too late to offer a draw! Don't miss the end of this video!

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Top seed IM Arghyadip Das made a 'draw offer' immediately after noticing he got flagged. His opponent Shaon Chowdhury accepted it without looking at the clock.
    This is called presence of mind and utilizing years of experience.
    Video: Shahid Ahmed
    #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #TataSteelChessFestival
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Comments • 119

  • Shadab Rahimi
    Shadab Rahimi 28 days ago

    Yes yes 😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

  • Karthick Kumar
    Karthick Kumar Month ago +1

    I don't know anything about Chess
    That's why I'm asking why did the other guy accepted the draw.

  • Immortal Wazir
    Immortal Wazir Month ago +2

    Such sportsmanship should not be promoted it sends a wrong message to the youth! The title and description of this video needs to get changed!

  • chiru
    chiru Month ago

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Bobby Chaudhury
    Bobby Chaudhury Month ago +6

    My humble request to all social participants who wrote comments.
    Pls delete the comments where Cheater is written. If you open again and go through the comments then please remove the comments where Cheater or cheating is written. If somebody says cheater to my son I will feel bad similarly his parents Will also feel bad.
    No body is cheater.
    It happens while playing by inertia or momentum.
    Maradona scored goal with his ✋ but that was not cheating, that happened.
    Garry Kasparov also left the knight and picked up and placed on other square that was also not cheating, it happened.
    So here also incident happened.
    Pls pls delete all negative comments.
    It is our humble request to everybody.
    Arghyadip is a nice cool jolly guy as I have seen him in other videos.
    He cannot be cheater.
    I am writing and appealing you to delete all negative comments.
    I am father of Shaon Chowdhury, writing in his mother's account as I dont have separate smart phone. I wish success to Arghyadip and all sports person.
    With best wishes.
    Jaidip Chaudhury

  • Sidharth Soman
    Sidharth Soman Month ago +1


  • pilsyppah
    pilsyppah Month ago

    He cannot offer a draw after handling the clock! The arbiter should have given the full point to black. - Even though he did not deserve it. ;)

  • meddy77 truth
    meddy77 truth Month ago +6

    This Im how can he look at himself in a mirror or play chess again he never been a good player after that game

  • meddy77 truth
    meddy77 truth Month ago +2

    The title of the video is more worse than what happened

  • Bobby Chaudhury
    Bobby Chaudhury Month ago +4

    @ Filmy beat As per Chess Base India - subject below the Caption -Utilizing years of experience.
    What experience has been utilised here, is shown in the video, rest you go through the comments you will understand.
    One more thing there is no hell in the universe.
    On one side there is poisoned half point and on other side simplicity.

  • Dopamine
    Dopamine Month ago +9

    You can’t offer a draw after you ran out of time, because you literally lost the game.

  • Joel Vaz
    Joel Vaz Month ago

    At 2.14 wasn't there a chance for queen to checkmate the black king??? Actually from 1.50 onwards there were so many chances for white to checkmate

    • Ankit Thakur
      Ankit Thakur Month ago

      There is no queen, you fool. Only rook and king

  • Targa Aziz
    Targa Aziz Month ago


  • Vinod Antony
    Vinod Antony Month ago +20

    As per the video description:"This is called presence of mind and utilizing years of experience." This is not presence of mind but taking advantage of your opponent's ignorance. There is nothing honourable in achieving a draw like this. If he had played fair then he would've accepted that he lost. I don't understand why ChessBase India is promoting such a shameless feat.

  • Urban Squire
    Urban Squire Month ago +7

    Real presence of mind would have been to offer the draw before pressing the clock. What he did is stretching the laws of the game, since he has distracted the opponent from claiming the win on time.

  • shardul deshpande
    shardul deshpande Month ago +5

    Offers a draw after getting flagged. Hats off to the sportsmanship of the lower rated player. Salute. 🙏

  • Abhishek Jha
    Abhishek Jha Month ago +9

    There is difference between presence of mind and cheating he lost on time he can see that its shameful to offer a draw like that. And you are supporting it.

  • Venkatesan Anand
    Venkatesan Anand Month ago

    There are many comments against IM... its totally wrong way. Many chess players will face this situation in blitz or rapid games. Its absolutely OK to offer a draw after you noticed your clock is flagged down, unless until arbiter interferes. On the other hand, even after accepting the draw, you can still claim win if you notice the opponent's clock is down.
    Here, You can feel for this player, but no rights to blame IM.

    • Venkatesan Anand
      Venkatesan Anand Month ago

      @Bobby Chaudhury I can understand your feelings for your son, but its not going to change anything. Moreover, there wasn't anything happened as you said, IM was just offering the draw, not talking unnecessarily. Everything is OK within the rules of the game.
      I'd say, take this is an experience and move forward. Good luck for your sons' future chess.

    • Venkatesan Anand
      Venkatesan Anand Month ago

      @MONOJ BRAHMACHARI IMO, there is nothing unethical.. Vilayatla Ellame sahajam. Positive aa eduthuttu pona nalladhu... Idhu oru anubhavam anthapayyannukku..avlothaan...

    • Bobby Chaudhury
      Bobby Chaudhury Month ago +2

      You too greedy for points? Is it absolutely OK to talk with your opponent when your opponent is thinking of move? Is it OK to distract your opponent?
      Is it OK to take advantage from 400 below rating player?
      Ask yourself.

      MONOJ BRAHMACHARI Month ago +3

      shut up. Dont try to promote unethical activities. khel me hara nahin saka toh bheek mangne laga. phele shatranj ka kanoon sheekh phir baat karna. darpok kahin ka. you als lack confidense.

  • Dr. Chandan Banerjee

    IM Arghyadip Das was flagged before Shaon Chowdhury offered a draw


      Shaon Chowdhury didnt offer any draw. see the video again and edit your statement.

  • Battleground Arena
    Battleground Arena Month ago

    Who won

  • Bh Lp
    Bh Lp Month ago +2

    It's called cheating

  • Man Co
    Man Co Month ago

    Hahahahahahahaha dying

  • Lorcan Mc Auley
    Lorcan Mc Auley Month ago +2

    IM cheated .

  • aneet_chess2000 Videos

    I feel bad for that guy :(

  • aneet_chess2000 Videos

    Poor guy :(

  • wasif saffat
    wasif saffat Month ago +3


  • ameya chavan
    ameya chavan Month ago

    That's interesting! Good incident to record. #KheloChessIndia

  • e honda
    e honda Month ago

    I tried the same in a blitz tournament but the opponent checked my flag before reacting to it:)

  • Scott Mulligan
    Scott Mulligan Month ago +33

    Technically an illegal draw offer as he offered it on his opponents time....

    • Scott Mulligan
      Scott Mulligan Month ago +3

      @Levent Acemi article 12.6, It is forbidden to distract the opponent by unreasonable offers of a draw.
      Pharaphrased, I'd consider this a highly unreasonable draw offer haha

    • Levent Acemi
      Levent Acemi Month ago

      Lol but some situations it is legal

  • Nepoet Nepoet
    Nepoet Nepoet Month ago

    Very awkward play for both. Very unexperienced players. 2382 for white???

  • Amine Dz
    Amine Dz Month ago

    1ز36 ؤاثؤنكضفث

  • Bala Chander
    Bala Chander Month ago +16

    @ChessBaseIndia Please don't call this attitude as presence of mind and glorify it. It is the worst thing to do and take advantage of in that situation.
    Please don't set a bad example to chess enthusiast by glorifying this attitude. One should respect the game and the opponent and i could see neither of it happening here. I am extremely disappointed with the way you have portrayed this.

  • Rounak Guha Roy
    Rounak Guha Roy Month ago


  • Chippe S
    Chippe S Month ago +1


  • Bobby Chaudhury
    Bobby Chaudhury Month ago +38

    Draw cannot be offered when opponents time is running. It is simply disturbing and unsportsmanship.
    In the title it is written never late to offer draw.
    But does the organiser know the rules of agreement draw?
    1. It is late.
    2. It is illegal.
    3. It is unsporting.
    4. Greedy for points.
    5. Already flagged and illegal way of approach ing draw when opponents time is running.
    IM should learn the rules of chess and ethics of play.
    For some moment if we think IM's flag not down as if game continuing then also draw offer is illegal as he was distracting his opponent after tapping his own clock. IM should be aware of this ethics.
    Shame to IM.

    • Lord X
      Lord X Month ago +1

      @Vits K yeah

    • Vits K
      Vits K Month ago +1

      Did you notice his time is 0. ?☺️

  • Chandramauli Chakraborty

    Lucky to have witnessed it live.

  • Aang
    Aang Month ago +5

    0:22 Re6 and h6! 🤔

    • roshan ghadge
      roshan ghadge Month ago +1

      Was thinking the same...But the opponent would have gone for the exchange

  • Guz Man
    Guz Man Month ago

    I will try this one

  • SmellyRacoon101
    SmellyRacoon101 Month ago +1


  • Yash Srivastava
    Yash Srivastava Month ago +7

    I will try this trick ones in my chess career lol

    • Bobby Chaudhury
      Bobby Chaudhury Month ago

      Cowards try these. It would be better if you leave chess, because if you get caught in camera then You will similarly titled as Cheater, as IM of this video achieved a new title 'Cheater'.

    • Adam bowen
      Adam bowen Month ago +1

      *career. integrity

  • Kaj Bendix
    Kaj Bendix Month ago +6

    Very bad and unsportsmanlike behaveur. I Hope he never become a GM

    • Peregrine Falcon
      Peregrine Falcon Month ago +3

      Lmao. There is no reason to get soo upset about it. :) Its only a game. Concerning the GM title... If he keeps playing like this, he wont get one. Thats for sure. :D

  • Zoki Kuzmanovski
    Zoki Kuzmanovski Month ago

    Trash... Disgusting.



  • shobhit gupta
    shobhit gupta Month ago +8

    He was flagged before offering a draw.. insane

  • Rishi Gayle
    Rishi Gayle Month ago +3


  • Sayan Roy
    Sayan Roy Month ago +4

    I thought Sagar shah was playing with white pieces in the thumbnail

  • Mick and Rorty
    Mick and Rorty Month ago +5

    That's strategy out of board

  • Exasperated farrago
    Exasperated farrago Month ago +16

    2:25 lol

  • Exasperated farrago
    Exasperated farrago Month ago +20

    2:22 that look

    • Exasperated farrago
      Exasperated farrago Month ago +1

      @Bobby Chaudhury
      I'm obviously not laughing at the guy's oversight, it was that look at 2:22 that shook me with laughter, you can infer that as an insult, derisory, or anything else you want.

    • Sadananda Hazra
      Sadananda Hazra Month ago

      @ exparated. you idiot projecting cursing face by time. come to the field show you the look......

    • Bobby Chaudhury
      Bobby Chaudhury Month ago +2

      @ Exasperated sometimes curse can turn into boon.
      Nothing to point with time and nothing to laugh about. Millions of games are won and lost and such reactions happen the only difference it is captured in camera and others captured in mind.

    • Peregrine Falcon
      Peregrine Falcon Month ago +1

      It was at this moment, that he knew, he should not have taken the draw.

  • Vikrant Banerjee
    Vikrant Banerjee Month ago +16

    I DISAGREE, I think he knew that the opponent was low on time but still decided to take the draw with the kindness because the position on the board was drawish. He is a fair player who doesn't wanna win just because of time.

    • Bobby Chaudhury
      Bobby Chaudhury Month ago

      @Lando Norris Thats not fooling that is managing by unfair means.
      Poor organising atleast when video available.
      In cricket also runout decided by camera.

    • Vikrant Banerjee
      Vikrant Banerjee Month ago +1

      @Lando Norris he is 1900 who managed to play well the entire game he is not that clueless

    • Lando Norris
      Lando Norris Month ago +5

      No bro that IM fooled him he clearly saw he got flagged down so he offered draw

    • tejas joshi
      tejas joshi Month ago +2

      Mere ko Lagta hain Das ne usko chutiya banaya

  • vishal varma
    vishal varma Month ago +4

    It is a defeat but he offered a draw and other guy accepted

  • Milan Kotevski
    Milan Kotevski Month ago +82

    Very unsportsmanlike of IM to offer a draw in such situation. He should have accepted defeat with a little more dignity.

  • Aman Prasad
    Aman Prasad Month ago +2

    What does a flag mean? Isn't this a win for black as white ran out of time?

    • Bobby Chaudhury
      Bobby Chaudhury Month ago

      This is not fide rule dear.
      Draw can only be claimed in 2 scenarios.
      1. Draw can be offered before the flag falls.
      2. Draw offer should be given when your clock running not your opponent's. You offer draw and then press the clock not that you pressed the clock and then disturbing opponent when opponents clock ticking away.

    • Kunal Krishna
      Kunal Krishna Month ago

      @Hiro Higuchi that was really helpful insight. Otherwise, I thought white should've automatically declared "lost"

    • Aman Prasad
      Aman Prasad Month ago

      @Pablo Espinoza thanks for the info!

    • Aman Prasad
      Aman Prasad Month ago

      @Hiro Higuchi okay so that means one has to basically 'claim' a win on time?

    • Hiro Higuchi
      Hiro Higuchi Month ago +4

      USCF rules: draw agreement ends the game in a draw, as long as Black doesn’t claim flag
      FIDE rules: arbiter are the only spectator that can call a flag but since a draw was agreed and no arbiter called flag, it’s a draw in both scenarios.

  • Joe Joseph
    Joe Joseph Month ago

    Couldn't black have played Re5 when white's pawns were first horizontal on the 5th rank? wouldn't this win a pawn?

    • Joe Joseph
      Joe Joseph Month ago +1

      @Pablo Espinoza Oh I see now, 1. Re5 h6+ 2. Kf8 Ra8+ 3. Ke7 Rg8 and white is defending the both pawns.

    • Pablo Espinoza
      Pablo Espinoza Month ago

      1. Re5 h6+

  • dpistons149
    dpistons149 Month ago

    White blew it

  • Shah Rahul
    Shah Rahul Month ago +19

    Didn't get it..what was so funny!?

    • Arjun
      Arjun Month ago

      @bionicpotato , I still don't understand. I'm not much familiar with rules and I don't know how to play good chess. Please tell me how to take command over this game and rules.
      Thanks in advance.😀

    • Tharesh ins
      Tharesh ins Month ago

      @PRASHANT KUMAR flagged means running out of time

      PRASHANT KUMAR Month ago

      what is flagged meaning?

    • Tommy1
      Tommy1 Month ago +1

      @bionicpotato Thx for explaining :-)

    • bionicpotato
      bionicpotato Month ago +3

      Kunal Krishna
      Like the other guy said, there isn’t an automatic loss on time in over the board chess, unlike online; the opponent would have to declare on a win on time. As long as your opponent does not notice you have run out of time, you are allowed to keep moving until they claim the win.

  • piyush patankar
    piyush patankar Month ago +12

    What hopeless rook endgame....none of them has a knowledge about rook game

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar Month ago +7

    Cant stop laughing!

  • Desmond Toppo
    Desmond Toppo Month ago +32

    That laugh though🤣. The reaction is priceless.😌 Has to be one of the funniest video on chess I'v ever seen. Hard luck for the player.

  • EvilSecondTwin
    EvilSecondTwin Month ago +1

    LOL!! BTW, great channel!