Opie Funeral Scene (Greg Holden-The Lost Boy)

  • Published on Oct 15, 2014
  • Opie funeral scene on Son of Anarchy season 5 episode 4, the best heart touching part. ;(

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  • Nali Mikari
    Nali Mikari 3 days ago

    Give me a break. They are criminals, all of them. Great show but still criminals. Iam not sorry for any one of them. 1 procenter, ya right😏

  • Romeo Herrington
    Romeo Herrington 5 days ago +1

    Gets me sad everytime ☝️💯

  • Emily McKagan
    Emily McKagan 7 days ago

    Bobby looks like something from The Hobbit

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green 10 days ago +1

    Just finished watching soa and for a ex con to break down in tears just says everything about soa amazing and heartbreaking

  • keithm11112
    keithm11112 10 days ago +1

    Amazing acting by Charlie Hunnam at the end when he shuts the door. You can see the pain and rage in his eyes

  • keithm11112
    keithm11112 10 days ago

    I hate that those shitbag Nomads had to be there

  • Danielle Nichols
    Danielle Nichols 11 days ago

    If all you SOA lovers think this is hard for you, imagine being born...raised and lived in it most of your life. It's hits a place in me that no other show EVER has. The men (and women) that occupy these motorcycle CLUBS (not gangs) are for the most part great people who would DIE for you and when one of them does or for whatever reason you're no longer in that life.....it twists at your insides. I was emotional watching this show but NOTHING compared to Opie dying.

  • Jordan23 1992
    Jordan23 1992 11 days ago

    I miss this fucking show!!!!

  • Chris Mccarty
    Chris Mccarty 14 days ago +1


  • my hobby is
    my hobby is 17 days ago

    A lot of saddest moments in this show

  • Kerran32
    Kerran32 19 days ago +1

    Still in tears 2019 :(

  • Teardrop Perkinz
    Teardrop Perkinz 19 days ago

    You know Tara let Jax put it in her butt that night after the funeral. Nothing eases pain more than some good butt sex.

  • Běla Kyselová
    Běla Kyselová 19 days ago

    Synové bomba💣

  • Lucas Bollinger
    Lucas Bollinger 20 days ago

    Jax lost it all here

  • justin pigg
    justin pigg 21 day ago

    Id hope when i make that ride to sky my club does this for me i want every state to send at least 2 patches and shut my city down for us

  • MrPhillyfan09
    MrPhillyfan09 24 days ago

    the best 2 scenes of the series involved Opie... This one and him killing Stahl!!!

  • F B
    F B 24 days ago

    Raymond Lee Ferris. Ive missed you a lot. Sunflower needs her father. Lil tray. You know who i am. F.

  • Valerie Alobaidi
    Valerie Alobaidi 25 days ago

    I came here to cry

  • Valerie Alobaidi
    Valerie Alobaidi 25 days ago

    I'm not crying

  • Alex Bunker
    Alex Bunker 25 days ago

    i cried like a baby first time a saw the scene

  • Don L
    Don L 28 days ago

    Man i felt this hard rip to my bro R ball in paradise 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Douglas Pittman Jr.
    Douglas Pittman Jr. 29 days ago

    I never cried this hard before.

  • Reper1483
    Reper1483 Month ago

    I own the hole series. I watch it a lot. And still cry over Opie, Bobby, Tara, and REALLY sob at the end. It is one of the best series I've seen in a long time. Love to the hole cast. They did a fantastic job.

  • Danny Phillips
    Danny Phillips Month ago

    Still get chills watching the powerful scenes from this show.

  • Ms. Browneyez
    Ms. Browneyez Month ago

    This gets me every time, this song makes it so real😥😥😥

  • Oscar Berglund
    Oscar Berglund Month ago +2

    the most touching scene in tv history, gets me all the time.. anyone agree?

  • Sene #_#
    Sene #_# Month ago +1

    Ok. I will start soa again :(

  • Manuela
    Manuela Month ago

    Chayla wo sind den unsere Krieger im Schiff sind die ne bei Mama

  • Tarius Shinobi
    Tarius Shinobi Month ago +3

    Opie, Tara & Bobby's Death drove Jax over the edge!

    • Tarius Shinobi
      Tarius Shinobi 26 days ago

      @Chris J.P. Black -
      Nah! They had Nero Padilla! Who was probably Fucking the Shit out of Wendy @ His Ranch in Norco!

    • Chris J.P. Black
      Chris J.P. Black 26 days ago

      Yup. Jax's boys grew up fatherless.

  • Bailey Saxton
    Bailey Saxton Month ago +3

    Just finished season 5. Please, no more deaths.

  • theinfamous2101
    theinfamous2101 Month ago

    The fact people say Charlie hunman cant act he has a white resume in this series

  • jackie boy
    jackie boy Month ago

    Jax.teller was a great man

  • jackie boy
    jackie boy Month ago


  • andy rodas
    andy rodas Month ago +2

    About 10 years ago my uncle got a puppy and named him Opie after this show. My family loves soa and we always said when the time came we would get a dog and name him Jax. Fast forward a few years and we got a puppy named Jax. For some reason my dog Jax never got a long with any other dog but Opie. They were the best of friends since the moment they met. Yesterday Opie was put down after a battle with cancer. We miss you Ope, especially Jax.

  • DTR Gaming
    DTR Gaming Month ago

    His face at the end is everything, no tears but vengeance

  • Holly Hale
    Holly Hale Month ago

    I legit cried thru this whole scene!

  • F B
    F B Month ago

    My boy you gotta run.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Month ago

    I just watched this episode today. So many feels

  • Manuela
    Manuela Month ago

    Bablo ist hier bei mir

  • Callum Lewis
    Callum Lewis Month ago +2

    This was the start of Jax’s down fall and the road to his death

  • Nancy Weliczko
    Nancy Weliczko Month ago +1

    I love SOA and Opie was my favorite, I miss watching this show.

  • Kimberly Wrightson
    Kimberly Wrightson Month ago +1

    still brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch this and I've watched more than 4 times and it's 2019

  • badmanner190676
    badmanner190676 Month ago

    The song is great!!

  • LionsGate1997PT
    LionsGate1997PT Month ago

    How could they find such a fcking perfect song that fits this scene 1000%? I've cried watching this

  • Salvo Famularo
    Salvo Famularo Month ago

    Mi emoziona ogni qualvolta lo rivedo...Opie gran bel personaggio!!!!...😍😢

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Month ago

    When it’s my time this is one song I want played

  • Car Addict
    Car Addict Month ago

    It's Humbling.

  • temporarysanity
    temporarysanity Month ago

    Fucking low life criminals. You play a little sad music and this changes? Boo hoo you fucking murderous, degenerate assholes.

  • misiek666joemonster

    I love this :(

  • James Garrity
    James Garrity Month ago

    I’ll see u later brother was so so fukin 😢

  • chronic Sway
    chronic Sway Month ago

    bro i can't get over how good this fucking show is

  • Mohammed Javid
    Mohammed Javid 2 months ago

    Always makes me teary 😥😥

  • SnookerFan2012
    SnookerFan2012 2 months ago

    Saw this recently R.I.P. Opie.

  • Darkprince 305
    Darkprince 305 2 months ago +2

    The last time I cry over the death of a fictional character was in Lion King. But when Opie Died, damn

  • James Baker
    James Baker 2 months ago

    Fuckin puts things in perspective doesn't it dam this life.

  • scottishvplfan
    scottishvplfan 2 months ago

    Those tears are so genuine 😢

  • Felipe Silva
    Felipe Silva 2 months ago

    Melhor série de todas 👏🏼

  • Gilbert Vela
    Gilbert Vela 2 months ago


  • Angry Vader
    Angry Vader 2 months ago +2

    You can feel the pain in Jax’s eyes at the end 😞

  • Volcy Thoughts
    Volcy Thoughts 2 months ago

    From someone who grew up on rap his whole life, this song is dope af bruh. I lost my best friend back in 2007 to a car accident and this scene bought back tears.