Vitamin D levels advised

  • Published on Nov 16, 2021
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    Deficiency of vit D limits the performance of systems resulting in, increased spread of diseases of civilization

    Reduced protection against infections

    Reduced effectiveness of vaccination

    Covid fatality rates correlate with,

    Elderly, dark, black people, comorbidities, winter

    Blood level of 20 ng/mL, (50 nmol/L) sufficient to stop osteomalacia

    Preferable, 40-60 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L)

    Vitamin D3 receptors





    Immune system cells

    Vitamin D is a powerful epigenetic regulator

    Influencing more than 2,500 genes


    Diabetes mellitus

    Acute respiratory tract infections

    Viral lung infections that cause ARDS

    Chronic inflammatory diseases

    Autoimmune diseases

    Multiple sclerosis

    Immunomodulatory properties

    Regulating innate and adaptive immune systems

    D3 receptors


    T cells

    B cells

    Natural killer (NK) cells

    Dendritic cells (DCs)


    Without calcium supplementation, even very high vitamin D3 supplementation does not cause vascular calcification

    Vitamin D3 supplementation in the range of 4000 to 10,000 units (100 to 250 µg) needed to generate an optimal 40-60 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L)

    has been shown to be completely safe when combined with approximately 200 µg vitamin K2

    However, this knowledge is still not widespread in the medical community, and obsolete warnings about the risks of vitamin D3 overdoses unfortunately are still commonly circulating.

    ARDS and cytokine release syndrome

    Vitamin D3 is able to inhibit the underlying metabolic pathways

    Vitamin D3 has a protective role against ARDS caused by SARS-CoV-2.

    A rapidly increasing number of publications are investigating the vitamin D3 status of SARS-CoV-2 patients,

    and have confirmed low vitamin D levels in cases of severe courses of infection

    and positive results of vitamin D3 treatments


    we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L)

    to prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity.

    At a time when vaccination was not yet available,

    patients with sufficiently high D3 serum levels preceding the infection were highly unlikely to suffer a fatal outcome.

    This correlation should have been good news when vaccination was not available but instead was widely ignored.

    the lower threshold for healthy vitamin D levels should lie at approximately 125 nmol/L or 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3,

    which would save most lives, reducing the impact even for patients with various comorbidities.

    This is-to our knowledge-the first study that aimed to determine an optimum D3 level to minimize COVID-19 mortality

    Implications for herd immunity

    It seems clear that a good immune defense,

    does not prove protection against physical infection

    but rather against its consequences

    This “protection” was most effective at ~55 ng/mL

    Traditionally living populations in East Africa have a mean serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration of 115 nmol/l

    natural vitamin D3 levels seen among traditional hunter/gatherer lifestyles,

    in a highly infectious environment,

    were 110-125 nmol/L (45-50 ng/mL)

    WHO advice may not be correct

    30 ng/mL D3 value considered by the WHO as the threshold for sufficiency

    Future mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, vaccine immune escape

    the entire population should raise their serum vitamin D level to a safe level as soon as possible.

    As long as enough vitamin K2 is provided, the suggested D3 levels are entirely safe to achieve by supplementation.

    Selenium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A and E should also be controlled for and supplemented where necessary to optimize the conditions for a well-functioning immune system.

    Next study

    test PCR-positive contacts of an infected person for D3 levels immediately, i.e.,

    before the onset of any symptoms,

    and then follow them for 4 weeks and relate the course of their symptomatology to the D3 level,

    the same result as shown above must be obtained

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  • LBPreviews

    Not only is Dr. John Campbell a great source of objective information, I also find his videos oddly calming in these times of constant misinformation.

  • Dr. J
    Dr. J  +237

    This was one of the very best, most exciting, and hopeful Vit. D

  • Alice Cole
    Alice Cole 14 days ago +22

    I am an advanced practice nurse in the US. I wish this man had been my lecturer in nursing school. Amazing!

  • Claudia Carlsen

    I listened to you, Dr. John, at the beginning of COVID in Jan/Feb 2020 about the importance of vitamin D, and I then increased my D3 intake to 4,000 units per day. When I got COVID in April 2020, my symptoms were fairly light. I had a dry cough, I had one night of having to prop myself up to be able breathe and sleep at night, prickling sensation in my lungs at the back, and was uncomfortable up to three days and then I was okay again. And I attribute my not being heavily affected by COVID to the vitamin D levels I had increased, so I want to 💚 THANK YOU 💚 for the heads up you gave us right from the beginning.

  • Allison Wilson

    Now I feel happy that I've been taking Vit D for nearly a year, beginning in winter last year. It's a pleasure to listen to you,John. Thank you for the interesting information.

  • Silver Wraith

    Thank you, John, for bringing this revelatory study to us and explaining it so well. I'll start taking my Vitamin D/K2 again daily. Perhaps I get enough Vitamin D in summer because among other outdoor activities I drive a convertible. But now it's winter. All the more important to take those daily winter walks with the dog, the neighbor, the family. Anyway, I'll inform my internist of this study (as we might all consider doing). My MD has a large circle of patients as he also is the company doctor for us and other companies. If such a simple test and readily available supplement can save lives, save suffering, save hospitalisations, it is worth spreading the word as well and as fast as possible. It is so important that we, as patients, take an active role in our health. It is also important that we, as citizens, take an active role in the administration of our health policies and practices. And you are helping us in this regard so valiantly. And you couldn't be more right -- This Vitamin D "thing" is another example of how government has completely failed its citizens, failed to carry out its basic functions such as protecting citizens safety, citizen health, citzens rights and citizens freedoms. It seems that few if any of their policies aim at these fundamental tasks anymore, so no wonder they haven't bothered with this. Our politicians and administrators seem to have "better" things to do -- much of which not only seems to be arrant nonsense, but seems to do us more harm than good. You can't even book a holiday at a good hotel as they are all "occupied". We, the citizens and patients (how prescient this pairing has become under Covid) ought become aware, active and vigilant, and commit to taking best care of our selves, our families, our own communities, and to voting out politicians failing in their basic duties. It seems our lives will depend on it! Anyway, thank you so very much. God bless!

  • HouseCallAutoRepair

    Hi John!

    ANDREA  +78

    I never took Vit D3 prior to 2019 and when I started I noticed a very pleasant mood increase.

  • Vickie Crabtree

    In August 2020, my PA recommended that I begin taking Vitamin D3 and Zinc in high doses. In November 2020 I contracted Covid, but even with several risk factors, I had a mild case. You have confirmed how wise she was in putting me on these supplements. I agree with you in not understanding why the government mouthpieces don't encourage the use of supplements that boost immunity. Makes me wonder how much influence the drug companies have in the halls of government.

  • Margot Robartes

    My Bone Density has for the first time in 30 years jumped upwards at a surprising rate.

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 21 day ago +52

    In Louisiana, USA early in the pandemic there was a startling discovery. Everyone in that state who died of COVID was low or critically low on vitamin D. My doctor had me go from 5,000 IU to 10,000 IU when I got COVID.

  • Scott Ralph

    As an add-on:

  • Ole R
    Ole R  +2

    I have Ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) that have been active for over 10 year. From covid-19 info on TheXvid I got information about vitamin D. I went to the doctor and measure vitamin D level, and I had a low level. Then I started one year ago to take vitamin D every day. After a couple of weeks I started to get better. After a couple of month the disease disappear (is inactive) .

  • Will Gray

    Thank you so much for your thorough and balanced analysis. I love the way you qualify your statements by including full disclosure of what we don't know for sure as well as what we do know with some certainty. I am generally skeptical of all the online pundits who champion various health claims. But YOU I take seriously. You have my complete trust because you're not a zealot for any particular point of view. You just report the science and help people make informed decisions.

  • Athe ist
    Athe ist  +17

    I absolutely love and appreciate this man so much!! Thank you, Dr. Campbell, for your advice, expertise, deep insight into the human biological process and the effects of Vitamin D on our inner workings as well as the knowledge & understanding of the options we have to decrease our chances of a severe infection! 👍🏆

  • Swedella
    Swedella  +27

    Thanks Dr Campbell! You explain complex medical issues so well for a layman. And with such a neutral tone and balanced outlook, based in science and common sense, without the many exaggerations or biases common in other youtube channels about health and medicine. Very much appreciated!

  • CptWhiteJeans

    Dr. Campbell is an example to all Doctors out there in the absurd times. I love his breakdown on studies as well. I hope he morphs his channel is health studies, supplements, drug breakdowns when the pandemic is over. I really like his approach. Thank you!

  • Kelly Head

    We need more doctors like you! Can you talk about B12 next, another vitamin vital for health that's completely overlooked!

  • Polar Bear Hero

    I’m a nutritionist and all I could think when they discussed those at risk for severe Covid was that they were the same populations at risk for vitamin D deficiency. I was shocked no one else seemed to pick up on it.

  • Eva Luna

    Thank you Dr. Campbell for all the knowledge you disseminate for the benefit of the lay people. The more I watch your videos, the more familiar I get with the medical and clinical research jargons. Sending lot of blessings your way... please do keep up the good work. 🙏🙏