Ungrateful Owner Not Happy with $150k Hotel Makeover | Hotel Hell


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  • HorseMania24 N Stuff


  • Kenix
    Kenix 3 hours ago

    **instantly gets $150K again by uploading this on TheXvid**

  • The _zman600
    The _zman600 6 hours ago

    What the hell did she call him for then?

    SELUCIA 10 hours ago

    kelly looks like she gives good head

  • Lawliet
    Lawliet Day ago

    Unthankfull old CUNT

  • FlameoDreamZ /Mcpe and more/

    Before anyone judges,
    Let’s think outside the box

    Maybe the grapes are ancient pieces of work that are worth more than 150k.

    I’m sorry I’m trying to really help extinguish the fire of savagery Gordon has laid upon this old lady.

  • Thetin butt
    Thetin butt Day ago

    notice how the owner has no emotions when she sees the pool everybody is like "its amazing i never want to leave" but the owner just repeats "omg"

  • lz LEGEND lz
    lz LEGEND lz Day ago


  • Star Light Cookie

    *NIno WoUld'Ve CLeaNED tHosE GrApeS*

  • Christopher Zavala

    Lmao Gordon knows exactly what to say

  • Zechariah Cheng
    Zechariah Cheng 2 days ago


  • Prince Yo
    Prince Yo 2 days ago

    What about my plastic grapes?

  • DARKforce223
    DARKforce223 2 days ago +1

    F A T C O W

  • my memes are hot
    my memes are hot 2 days ago

    no wonder why it's called hotel hell

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 2 days ago

    Season? Episode? PWEASEEEEE

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 2 days ago

    I have to work? Nope, don't like it. Put my garbage back up.

  • Richard Huang
    Richard Huang 2 days ago

    Yo, you don't wanna run it, give it to me. You lazy bitch

  • Rena Darwiche
    Rena Darwiche 2 days ago

    Gordon made the right choice, to put all his stuff in the van, and put all the trash in the hotel

  • Cring-Y XD
    Cring-Y XD 3 days ago

    What episode was this?
    I gotta see the end

  • It'sJustMaddie
    It'sJustMaddie 3 days ago

    Kelly thinks that she has a "big job ahead of her" even though shes the owner.

  • How to - Survival and Outdoors

    Well, he deal with that well, but a bit explicitly, although it was £150,000

  • BubbgamingYT
    BubbgamingYT 3 days ago

    Gordon is savage bruh

  • Joel Turner
    Joel Turner 3 days ago

    And this shit I’ll put back in there

  • Crystal Meyers
    Crystal Meyers 3 days ago

    How come Gordon didn't fix the dent? Have it patched, then she wouldn't need the grapes

  • Sankhadeep Ghosh
    Sankhadeep Ghosh 3 days ago

    Hypocritic ungrateful batch..

  • Katalyn C.
    Katalyn C. 3 days ago

    Lol he is so savage

  • Patti L
    Patti L 3 days ago

    Ungrapeful ! alright! Hehe!🤪

  • Bob Extra bob
    Bob Extra bob 3 days ago

    This sounds weird like it’s sped up or something

  • Alvin Canonigo
    Alvin Canonigo 3 days ago

    The boy version of supernanny

  • Alizelli C
    Alizelli C 4 days ago +2

    After this she probably sold it 😂

  • XxDrama PotatoXx
    XxDrama PotatoXx 4 days ago

    “Look at that amazing stuff there and then look at this pile of shit” somehow that made me cry tears of laughter 😂

  • I don't care
    I don't care 4 days ago


    What an ungrateful bitch.

  • Potato Nerd
    Potato Nerd 4 days ago

    At first I was really confused because she loved it...

  • EzzaVids 0611
    EzzaVids 0611 4 days ago +1

    Legend says that she still has the grapes covering that dent

  • Tactical Ministries
    Tactical Ministries 4 days ago

    Shes acting like she has to hire a whole extra person to clean up the pool area. If you all do it then it would take 15 minutes not an hour

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 4 days ago


  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 4 days ago

    karma i say karma will come her way on a rainy day

  • Miko
    Miko 4 days ago

    Raising prices is appropriate considering labor will be significantly higher than it was before. But she is acting like it's the end of the world...

  • sorry for my minecraft pic

    I was waiting for the title to become a reality (the wait was worth it)

  • Denzil Latt
    Denzil Latt 4 days ago

    Please help a 97 year old by donating some grapes

  • Chloe Skittles
    Chloe Skittles 5 days ago


  • 4 dudes
    4 dudes 5 days ago +1


  • DjDigitalGhost
    DjDigitalGhost 5 days ago

    I hope this episode ends with an uppercut

  • Jamall Peart
    Jamall Peart 5 days ago

    Thats what happens when ur ungrateful

  • LordroCountinSnacks
    LordroCountinSnacks 5 days ago

    3:11 “ we have green chilis, we have everything there is to be New Mexico , guacamole , salsa” fucken queer

  • Jax
    Jax 5 days ago

    Are u fucking kidding me?!! What an ungrateful lazy cunt..this makes me sick

  • Blue X-Catcher
    Blue X-Catcher 5 days ago +11

    Has the most beautiful hotel I have seen.

  • Kerry
    Kerry 5 days ago

    That old lady has a huge set of jugs wow

  • Jordan Sedgwick
    Jordan Sedgwick 6 days ago

    I knew it wouldn’t go when she made it seem like only one room was like that

  • Queen is Love, Queen is Life.

    She's like that girl on Dr. Phil who felt like a peasant because she didn’t get her G-wagon and $5,000 allowance

  • Fatima Patel
    Fatima Patel 6 days ago

    Wow it's amazing to me

  • Silver Soul
    Silver Soul 6 days ago

    Were the plastic grapes frozen?

    TUKIF OZ 6 days ago

    0:59 I've got one small thing to show you 🤣😂

  • Kara Leigh Lakusta
    Kara Leigh Lakusta 6 days ago


  • Paul Smenis
    Paul Smenis 6 days ago

    "Very cool."

  • Prong Productions
    Prong Productions 6 days ago

    I’ve been it that kind of situation where your like “no don’t take it away, I still want it, but I don’t know how to apologize/ask for it back

  • TheWhiteMexican 22
    TheWhiteMexican 22 7 days ago

    They did surgery on a grape

  • Badlovescanela topetelove


  • Toad
    Toad 7 days ago

    *I would have been so grateful when i have got that hotel makeover when i had a hotel and a Gordon*

  • Nick Stalburg
    Nick Stalburg 7 days ago

    *And what happened then?*

  • Marc Belo
    Marc Belo 7 days ago +2

    I wanna see how this ends now! what episode is this

    • DjDigitalGhost
      DjDigitalGhost 5 days ago

      Marc Belo hopefully it ends with pallbearers.

  • Conner smith
    Conner smith 7 days ago

    I literally hate this women after I watched her dumb ass Cher impersonation and this here the icing on the cake what a bitch

  • Bawdy Comments
    Bawdy Comments 8 days ago

    Three words, one sentence.
    What. A. Bitch.

  • Techie Wizard
    Techie Wizard 8 days ago

    Don’t take this wrong the redo looks nice. But I live in New Mexico and the room and the pool really scream New Mexico to me. I mean I didn’t see any rode runners things that we are vary popular for.

  • the old mobile gamer

    *w a w*

  • Gorillaz is my life
    Gorillaz is my life 8 days ago

    Just for plastic grapez

  • Midnight Girl
    Midnight Girl 8 days ago

    All that Gordon has done for her and she just lazy saying I have such alot to clean and she wants her plastic grapes back, what the heck!

  • Nugget
    Nugget 8 days ago


    *R O A S T E D*

  • DBM Gaming
    DBM Gaming 8 days ago

    they did surgery on a grape

  • Jensen’s Market
    Jensen’s Market 8 days ago

    I mean yeah if she has to pay back all the money spent on the hotel, then Gordon really f*cked her over

  • Crypt Keeper
    Crypt Keeper 9 days ago

    They're all acting like they just say Jesus every time he shows them something

  • Bells Marie
    Bells Marie 9 days ago

    but has she done surgery on a grape..

  • Cherry Creeper
    Cherry Creeper 9 days ago


  • kirbstreem
    kirbstreem 9 days ago

    Gordon: u ungrAtefuL peec of D U S T

  • sip_ the green tea
    sip_ the green tea 9 days ago

    Is this sped up??

  • Can we get 150 subs with out any videos?

    “This is the biggest makeover I’ve done ever”


  • J.N.J. 704
    J.N.J. 704 9 days ago

    She really needs to probably sell the hotel. It’s clear to see that she can’t handle running a good hotel.

  • The Mini Macho Man WWE Action Figure Show & Dad

    What happin??? Someone tell me please I cant find the ending to this did chief Gordon put it all back??

  • Dj_Discø 10
    Dj_Discø 10 9 days ago


  • Andrew Santram
    Andrew Santram 9 days ago

    Fuckin immediately saw that there were only 3 tomato drinks and grabbed one instantly lmao

  • _Tim_ __
    _Tim_ __ 9 days ago

    The outside furniture is garbage and a stupid idea. This lady had valid concerns. Ramsey is a disconnected wanker.

  • islow yare
    islow yare 9 days ago


  • Nanøøk Nanøøk
    Nanøøk Nanøøk 10 days ago

    Are you sure it will really be that hard?

  • Exotic butters
    Exotic butters 10 days ago

    i cannot BELIVE that person is that ungrateful!

  • Exotic butters
    Exotic butters 10 days ago

    *what do i do with the 4.9 billion pounds of hamburger buns, lol*

  • Elan Suris
    Elan Suris 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay for president!

  • Dragon Man
    Dragon Man 10 days ago


  • Winterfang
    Winterfang 10 days ago

    I wish I could be a Savage a Ramsey. He just doesn't take any shit

  • Coco Lime
    Coco Lime 10 days ago

    It wasn't about the grapes. This woman was prepared to hate everything before she even stepped in. She didn't want change. She had a very specific idea about what she wanted and expected Gordon to just snap his fingers and make it work. This was her vanity project, just an extension of her ego. She hated the idea that being the owner meant having to actually work. She just wanted to own a hotel and sit on her ass all day and make money and expect everyone to love her for being ~fabulous~.

    BOILED CABBBAGE 10 days ago

    Where can I buy my own _plastic grapes?_

  • Serenity Segura
    Serenity Segura 10 days ago +1

    I live in New Mexico where is this hotel 🏨

  • King Senpai
    King Senpai 10 days ago +1

    What I think needs an upgrade is the owner's personality

  • LongDongDaddyFromCincinnati

    Id be more upset with my barber if i was her

  • Miller
    Miller 10 days ago

    Ungrateful bitch

  • IlFrostIl
    IlFrostIl 10 days ago

    O my Lord if my mom acted like her I would want to be disowned.

  • mintand sugarco
    mintand sugarco 10 days ago

    my gRapES

  • Brenda DeLuna
    Brenda DeLuna 10 days ago

    “Look at this pile of shit in here”

  • Juan
    Juan 11 days ago +20

    They did surgery on a grape 🍇

  • armrevelink _11
    armrevelink _11 11 days ago

    *they did surgery on a plastic grape*

  • EmmettNinja
    EmmettNinja 11 days ago +1