Ungrateful Owner Not Happy with $150k Hotel Makeover | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Mar 25, 2017
  • Chef Ramsay gives the hotel an incredible makeover, but the owner wants her plastic grapes back.
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  • strom trooper
    strom trooper 11 hours ago

    Ungrateful owner ××××××
    Ungreatful moron bitch √√√√√√

  • Lila. D
    Lila. D 14 hours ago

    How dare she

  • Ligma Balls
    Ligma Balls 14 hours ago

    That old bitch was worried to have too much responsibilities! Lmao!

  • Nick
    Nick 17 hours ago

    Damn she’s all upset about now actually having to put in effort to run a functioning hotel. Some people

  • Christopher C
    Christopher C 18 hours ago

    God forbid you hire and extra person or 2 to help you put stuff away

  • King of galaxy
    King of galaxy 21 hour ago

    Why is she complaining about shit being good 😡

  • Hooman CAT
    Hooman CAT 22 hours ago

    “Who’s gonna do all the work?”

  • William Connolly
    William Connolly 23 hours ago

    She is a cunt

  • KingIraq 456
    KingIraq 456 Day ago

    I would been really great full for that

  • Carol Williams
    Carol Williams Day ago

    Well that’s the responsibility of owning a “Luxury” hotel

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Day ago

    Damn this owners A Thicko , you would be hard pressed not to just uppercut the old worn out grotty whore

  • Flying Buffalo
    Flying Buffalo Day ago

    This is how many times she said very cool⬇️

  • NewtonRPG2
    NewtonRPG2 Day ago

    Sorry for being so ungrateful. If she can’t get used to the new hotel, just quit.

  • Slapstick Sloth
    Slapstick Sloth Day ago

    God damn what a bitch

  • Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish

    She’s just mad because she can’t sing and scare away people anymore

  • Colin Harvey
    Colin Harvey Day ago

    i keep getting distracted by the pitch distortion.

  • Harv
    Harv Day ago +1

    0:21 is that the actor that played Loki??

  • Cowboy Western38

    That mushroom haircut.... explains everything

  • ジャッキー・ソイ

    It's funny how she wants a plastic grape instead of a $150k make over.

  • Ann Chen
    Ann Chen Day ago

    The redhead looks a little like sophie turner

  • Kady Deleon
    Kady Deleon 2 days ago

    So basically, she doesn’t like the make over because she is just lazy.

  • Abhi Pabla
    Abhi Pabla 2 days ago +4

    Imagine be that ungrateful. I would be on my knees thanking Gordon for this turn over💀

  • Tyren Gore
    Tyren Gore 2 days ago

    I live in las cruces new mexico and ill be straight up ive never seen this place but it doesnt surprise me she acted this way theres alot of people like this it does surprise me to see my home town on tv due to the fact not many people really know about us

  • Rob Aguilar
    Rob Aguilar 2 days ago

    Some people are never happy, so ungrateful, he should pack his upgrades up and say fukkkk the stupid bitch. Peace!

  • Twig
    Twig 2 days ago

    I bet that everyone else would rather run the hotel and keep on doing their own job.

  • Blurry Stars
    Blurry Stars 2 days ago

    God forbid you have to give a little extra shit and go an extra mile for YOUR GODDAMN business

  • NRT SlimJim
    NRT SlimJim 2 days ago

    She is so ungrateful I will be happy if I had that

  • NRT SlimJim
    NRT SlimJim 2 days ago

    Wow how ungrateful

  • dream big
    dream big 2 days ago +1

    At first i am like y she not mad now I am like ohhh ok then

  • Louise Star
    Louise Star 2 days ago

    Plastic grapes 🍇 😮

  • Louise Star
    Louise Star 2 days ago +2

    When you remember you only go to school to study

  • TheCuzYNotChannel
    TheCuzYNotChannel 2 days ago +1

    Makeover hotel not happy with $150k ungrateful owner

  • ckrause81
    ckrause81 3 days ago

    She has plenty of time to sing each night. Use that time I stead to take care of YOUR hotel. Simple.

  • Raymond Liang
    Raymond Liang 3 days ago

    What a piece of ungrateful shit

  • Gavin
    Gavin 3 days ago

    I just got the best old spice video ever

  • shake and break
    shake and break 3 days ago

    Don't be an owner, if you don't want to do the work.

  • Dncjc nncc
    Dncjc nncc 3 days ago

    Omg the hotel room looked better before

  • Lumpy
    Lumpy 3 days ago

    So ungrateful

  • Austrian Bish
    Austrian Bish 3 days ago

    My eyes.
    These colours are way too bright.
    He should have toned it down a bit.

  • Ashmin_ AR10
    Ashmin_ AR10 3 days ago

    Bruh I’m dead this old lady is fucked up

  • doge king of bread
    doge king of bread 3 days ago

    When the easter bunny brings you a iphone but its silver but u like ur black samsung so you want it back

  • Makayla Serrano
    Makayla Serrano 4 days ago

    This dude is intense😂

  • Skittles
    Skittles 4 days ago

    I seriously can't stand this woman she doesn't deserve what she has

  • satn
    satn 4 days ago

    Cali? No no no Karen

  • TheFedericohiguain2
    TheFedericohiguain2 4 days ago

    Fucking ridiculous!!

  • Zsa Honey
    Zsa Honey 4 days ago

    Such a crazy jerk

  • Audy Alcaraz
    Audy Alcaraz 4 days ago

    Did he end up taking away the furniture

  • Wally Nut
    Wally Nut 4 days ago

    Little kids on Christmas when they don’t get a puppy

  • mookal browne
    mookal browne 4 days ago

    Gordon dont give no shit bout your grapes

  • •Gacha_OOF• :p
    •Gacha_OOF• :p 4 days ago

    She's literally such a fake.
    Gordon spent almost $200,000 on this hotel makeover!
    I thought she loved it at first, but then after about 20 minutes or less she goes and changes her mind about this big makeover that was so generous of Gordon to do.
    I agree that Gordon would be a way better owner.
    P.S I think she's a b* for saying all that stuff RIGHT WHEN GORDON WALKS AWAY.

  • Flat Earth Punks
    Flat Earth Punks 4 days ago

    0:53 I would hire this young lady immediately to run my Hotel.

  • Katelyn Parr
    Katelyn Parr 5 days ago

    Ungrateful bitch

  • Vilas Fasage
    Vilas Fasage 5 days ago

    Who is going to pay for the makeover?

  • Cyd Payne
    Cyd Payne 5 days ago

    So she said its amazing but ungrateful wow

  • C Burgos
    C Burgos 5 days ago

    At least since she can't sing, she can always attempt to impersonate Deborah Harry of Blondie, to an extent

  • Claire-Ann Loder (STUDENT)

    she’s complaining abt working AT WORK

  • Rizzla s
    Rizzla s 5 days ago

    But she was being filmed, the team was still there... I dont understand...

  • TheYoungWolf 24
    TheYoungWolf 24 5 days ago

    I would be so happy with that omg

  • Pinkynose499
    Pinkynose499 5 days ago +11

    “Do you have any grapes?”
    Then he waddled away. Waddle waddle.

  • Starlight 0487
    Starlight 0487 6 days ago +1

    0:10 "Wooooooow wooooooow"

  • Green AND Blue
    Green AND Blue 6 days ago

    Gordan at the end that was just amazing!!!

  • Austin Hance
    Austin Hance 6 days ago

    The new turf I dislike. It’ll be BLAZING on it. Other than that tho blue is my favorite color so I love the rest

  • Trevor L
    Trevor L 6 days ago

    Ungrateful fool, after all he done for her

  • Harley Smith
    Harley Smith 6 days ago

    What a ungrateful cunt, don’t open a hotel if u don’t wanna work and do labor

  • Susan Spencer
    Susan Spencer 6 days ago

    What an ungratful Bitch! You tried for her.

  • Devid Bunna
    Devid Bunna 7 days ago

    Gordon can do work as an interior designer, chef, actor, host, traveller, youtuber, businessman... what else?

  • internetuser
    internetuser 7 days ago


  • Jet H. Stream the Buizel

    I half convinced this bitch only set up a hotel so she’d have a way to force people to listen to her crap singing.

  • Lord Inquisitor Sec
    Lord Inquisitor Sec 7 days ago

    If you don't like the decor then I'll gladly accept the 150k makeover.

  • Glorious G
    Glorious G 7 days ago

    still surprises me everyday how ignorant and petty people are i know this is TV but damn this lady 💀

  • Becky
    Becky 8 days ago

    The root of laziness is selfishness and selfishness in turn kills initiatives and promotes ingratitude 🤨. "I, I, and more I.

  • Jeb Waters
    Jeb Waters 8 days ago

    Gordon should have said " what are you"
    And the owner should have said : AN IDIOT PLASTIC GRAPE

  • Dominik Black
    Dominik Black 9 days ago

    Nino could take all the new stuff down and put it in the van in 10 minutes

  • Ryan Vanden Hul
    Ryan Vanden Hul 9 days ago

    I’m not a gynecologist,
    But I know a cunt when I see one

  • Goldfinch
    Goldfinch 9 days ago

    You Ungrateful Witch.