Recreating ICONIC Pictures of Billie Eilish

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • hi hope u enjoyed I love u soooo much xoxoxoxox
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  • Riley J
    Riley J 52 minutes ago


  • Just Keep It Random
    Just Keep It Random 10 hours ago
    Dont click this

  • Josslyn Hammond
    Josslyn Hammond Day ago +1

    No one:
    Her: "Im laughing oh my god"
    Also her: *not even smiling*

  • Isabel Fettes
    Isabel Fettes 2 days ago

    this was uploaded on my bday :' )

  • Isabel Elouize Johnson-Perez

    Legit she would look so good with a Billie Eilish style...
    Who else agrees?

  • Violetta Holhós
    Violetta Holhós 3 days ago

    omg u did so good

  • Yoo Rania
    Yoo Rania 14 days ago


  • Gamer Ella
    Gamer Ella 16 days ago

    Who wants to be my TheXvid friends?

  • pluie étoilée
    pluie étoilée 25 days ago

    she did it so well!

  • Jamila Castelo
    Jamila Castelo 25 days ago

    Gurl, you lookin' more fierce than her tho😍 js

  • Avocado Shrek
    Avocado Shrek 27 days ago +3

    6:45 Ok but can we take a moment to appreciate this angel voice like omggggggg

  • Arwa Arwetta
    Arwa Arwetta 27 days ago


  • lipt0n Bby
    lipt0n Bby 28 days ago

    But u are pretty too❤️

  • lipt0n Bby
    lipt0n Bby 28 days ago

    Sorry but Billie>>

    IRON MAN 28 days ago

    I just fucking love you claire 😘😍

  • Omar Muslimyar
    Omar Muslimyar Month ago

    Her expression is just like Emma Chamberlain offfff

  • MJ _Ghost
    MJ _Ghost Month ago

    You do look like her in ways! I think the pics would be more simular if you didnt put on as much makeup like maskera bc she doesnt but the first one was so good i rly liked them all & i rly lv all ur vids!! Ur singing is so amazing too u have such a pretty voice

  • 123 456
    123 456 Month ago


  • Sara
    Sara Month ago

    My fav was the pink hair one coz the eyes and and eyebrows were PERFECT 🔥

  • Sara
    Sara Month ago

    My fav was the pink hair one coz the eyes and and eyebrows were PERFECT 🔥

  • Sonal Goswami
    Sonal Goswami Month ago +3

    6:45 OMG she sings tooooooo💓. *Pretty damn* well✨

  • Mar Castelló
    Mar Castelló Month ago

    6:54 DAAAAAMN

  • Aysia Shimkus
    Aysia Shimkus Month ago

    What are you wearing on your lips? I’m always so curious!!!!!!

  • Skye Black
    Skye Black Month ago


  • Skye Black
    Skye Black Month ago

    * I love you Kennedy *

  • Aka Ella
    Aka Ella Month ago

    You would look so good as a skater girl

  • nana a
    nana a Month ago

    i want her to react to this so badly

  • Furdeuce Mused
    Furdeuce Mused Month ago

    what mascara do you use? your eyelashes are super long you're beautifulllllll

  • Haleema Hamid
    Haleema Hamid Month ago

    Recreate madison beers picturessaa👩🏻

  • logannoellee
    logannoellee Month ago

    the chain one was so gooddddd

  • Jihada McSween
    Jihada McSween Month ago

    Omg your voice is BEAUTIFUL please do a full cover😍 also your too funny #Mood

  • Areeya Thepsena
    Areeya Thepsena Month ago

    she should do natalia taylor like they almost look identical

  • dianaLZLNH
    dianaLZLNH Month ago

    Recreate Zayn's pictures🖤

  • Maria Eduarda Cândido

    first picture : just wow

  • anna.
    anna. Month ago

    11:07 she looks even better than billie like HOW CAN SHE DO THAT

  • Ayart96
    Ayart96 Month ago

    first one legit shocked me, so good!! I really like how accurate you try and get them, like with the camera angels and expression to even the hair strands!!!. You are legit one of the best photo recreator's I've seeeen

  • smokey .slump
    smokey .slump Month ago

    3:14 i didnt ask to be attacked like this : |

  • Pelin Su
    Pelin Su Month ago

    6:57 conculasion of every single mistake that I've made

  • Aaliyah White
    Aaliyah White Month ago +19

    "I look like a white girl trying to be a rapper" Literally how Billie looks 24/7

  • Rafael Sánchez
    Rafael Sánchez Month ago

    I want more videos like this one!!!!!!

  • Zeynep Kaya
    Zeynep Kaya Month ago +1

    what app do u use to edit pics btw lov ur videos

  • Nezzy Soria
    Nezzy Soria Month ago

    you should recreate pics of sabrina carpenter.

  • sage tifft
    sage tifft Month ago +1

    1:38 never related to anything more in my life 😂

  • Andra Whalen
    Andra Whalen Month ago +1

    Brandon is such a good brother ❤️

  • Louisa Smith
    Louisa Smith Month ago

    The 3rd one was a 8/10 for me

  • Jessica
    Jessica Month ago

    3:15 wow no need to attack us

  • Sandra Chahine
    Sandra Chahine Month ago

    In the second photo u look like megan fox trying to be billie

  • Fluffy Ski
    Fluffy Ski Month ago

    The last one looks like amber van day

  • A_ Gilani
    A_ Gilani Month ago

    Please do a Megan fox part 2 😍

  • abbey jvd
    abbey jvd 2 months ago

    you're prettier then Billie and that's a fact 💯♥

  • Barry McCockiner
    Barry McCockiner 2 months ago

    Please dont touch that nose Kennedy . Its one of your best features . 😍

  • Manahil Zahra
    Manahil Zahra 2 months ago

    Omg I’m honestly so jealous of ur beauty 😭😭

  • stranger things fan Cloud
    stranger things fan Cloud 2 months ago +1

    I- WOW

  • Ellen O
    Ellen O 2 months ago

    Her singing Ocean Eyes was low-key, no high-key good.

  • CraigMine
    CraigMine 2 months ago

    every celebrity has a thin nose because they are fake

  • Valeria :3
    Valeria :3 2 months ago

    Antonio Garza`s humor

  • jupiter is a bean
    jupiter is a bean 2 months ago +1

    you killed it!!

  • Tiffany Lee
    Tiffany Lee 2 months ago

    your nose is exactly like my nose lmao no joke

  • ashish prasad
    ashish prasad 2 months ago

    Wht do they do with the outfit after they are done with the video making? Just return it to walmart?

  • charlie
    charlie 2 months ago

    girl u look HOT