Liam Gallagher - One Of Us (Official Video)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
  • The official video for Liam Gallagher's One Of Us
    Video written and directed by Peaky Blinders creative duo Steven Knight and Anthony Byrne
    WHY ME? WHY NOT. Out Now
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  • James Goodwin
    James Goodwin 13 hours ago

    Liam is And always will be Oasis .. Front man is the band , Noel is class too as is Guigsy n Bonehead...

  • shane r Mcmahon
    shane r Mcmahon 17 hours ago

    So antagizing and.intimidating short.for liar.and.bully

  • nemo lab
    nemo lab 19 hours ago

    Great Song. ......But acoustic Wise. .....To be improved

  • Kal De Lorenzo
    Kal De Lorenzo 19 hours ago

    Just heard this today absolutely amazing well done!

  • Irwan Danial
    Irwan Danial 20 hours ago

    Hey kid, did you know?
    Today sixteen years ago
    It was you and I for the last time
    You angrily said
    With a smoke ring 'round your heads
    You would see me on the other side

    C'mon, I know you want more
    C'mon and open your door
    After it all you'll find out
    You were always one of us

    Act like you don't remember
    You said we'd live forever
    Who do you think you're kidding?
    You were only one of us
    In time

    When you come to mind
    Disappear a thousand times
    Keep me hanging on to the old life
    Well, I've gotta go
    Maybe see you down the road
    Won't you tell the kid I said goodbye?

    C'mon, I know you want more
    C'mon and open your door
    After it all you'll find out
    You were always one of us

    Act like you don't remember
    You said we'd live forever
    End up at the beginning
    You were only one of us
    In time


    C'mon, I know you want more
    C'mon and open your door
    After it all you'll find out
    You were always one of us
    Act like you don't remember
    You said we'd live forever
    End up at the beginning
    You were only one of us
    In time

    (It's a shame, a shame)
    (We thought you'd change, my friend)
    (But you were always one of us)
    (It's a shame, a shame)
    (We thought you'd change, my friend)
    (But you were always one of us)

  • Timotheus H. Nakashona
    Timotheus H. Nakashona 23 hours ago +1

    Damn this makes me miss my own brother.

  • Synchro Mad // Marz

    You are the best

  • ukrandr
    ukrandr Day ago

    Put the allegories aside and what are we left with? A class tune is what. Best one on the album.

  • burnsie b
    burnsie b Day ago

    This video has nowt to do with Liam missing his brothers. It's just 3 versions of himself. Kid, adolescent and adult. Are you all thick or something?

  • burnsie b
    burnsie b Day ago

    Fantastic video that

  • gogo
    gogo Day ago

    28.8.09 el dia mas triste de la música britanica cuando se separa oasis

  • Mayra Anicer
    Mayra Anicer Day ago +1

    This is definitely a dedication to Noel. Noel, don't look back in anger please and make peace with Liam!

  • Kebab Head
    Kebab Head Day ago

    This touched my heart

  • John Steven
    John Steven Day ago +1

    This is a really good song Liam

  • Andy J M
    Andy J M Day ago +2

    The verse is a right rip off of Coldplays Violet Hill.

  • alpha dk
    alpha dk Day ago

    good liam

    SAIF REHMAN 2 days ago +2

    oh no hes matured

  • Marcus Morrison
    Marcus Morrison 2 days ago +1

    Cheesy as hell and nowhere near close to the mark in quality. Liam better get his head in the game as this sucks badly.

  • junior carreon
    junior carreon 2 days ago

    lost 4 brothers and a mum. at 48 this year. wise before age. never going back when they are not here. i love my 66 gf's grandkids at 2 and 6months .. real life at loving the present age. seeing mistakes washed away by the new people. i love it.

  • April m
    April m 2 days ago +1

    he shouldnt have been a twat to his brother smashing up his guitar .

    MATTE ZENA 2 days ago

    salto di qualita, direi la sua maturita professionale.... Grandissimo pezzo davvero.

  • Riccardo Finocchiaro
    Riccardo Finocchiaro 2 days ago +2

    at 2:45 there's last oasis concert date on the door

  • Will B
    Will B 2 days ago +1

    This man has been making a fucking mondo comeback

  • jolly fresh
    jolly fresh 2 days ago

    this is a classic why isnt this on tv

  • Brenda Reglez
    Brenda Reglez 3 days ago

    Diablos Liam no había llorado tanto en mi vida.

  • Christy Dolan
    Christy Dolan 3 days ago

    Cheap Shot! In all the 20 odd years of Oasis, Liam ,being more interested in being a public dickhead (probably a good lad privately ) albeit amusing , held Oasis back a bit, especially when the vocals got shit (still better singer than Noel ) the rows , the no shows , people came to see Liam not Noel (MTV Unplug session was a disgrace ) the public spates etc, Noel had enough
    This is a bit of a cheap shot . Far too late to say sorry , pathetic that he puts the family feud so public and as usual his John Lennon impersonation is so fucking cringing , the song is like a piss poor confessional Lennon solo crap.
    Saying that, Liam seems more genuine than Noel, who has gone so far up his own arse that he has become everything he use to hate about the music business. He tries so hard to be cool and another Paul Weller, another bollox who has notions of his brilliance
    As for the lads waffling about getting all emotional ,fuck sake lads, grow a fucking pair of balls ,will ye. Stop living yer lives through other people. “You gotta be yourself, you can’t copy no one else “

  • Ренат Равилич

    just great!

  • cherryicecream80
    cherryicecream80 3 days ago

    I love you Liam for that 💜

  • Doris Morrison
    Doris Morrison 3 days ago

    This song is awesome and has great lyrics, but the first few times that I heard "Come on, and open your door", I could only listen "Come on, an old piñata"

  • TheMd11Pilot
    TheMd11Pilot 3 days ago

    meaning of 28.08.09?

  • dave
    dave 3 days ago +1

    You said we'd live forever.. oasis will live forever

  • Jake Antaket
    Jake Antaket 3 days ago

    could you guys explain the video? wondering what’s the meaning of the horses, black roses and the last scene. thank you

  • Nick De Vera
    Nick De Vera 4 days ago

    Anybody watching this in 2017??????????????????

    No one....

    • Adam Craig
      Adam Craig 2 days ago +1

      Wait did I just get wooshed

    • Adam Craig
      Adam Craig 2 days ago

      How would that be possible

  • SoundFree Sessions
    SoundFree Sessions 4 days ago

    Check out our brand new Live session with Helena Ward and her cover of One of Us.... As you were ✌️

  • Gustavo Al
    Gustavo Al 4 days ago

    Keep on going my friend.

  • Felix Gabriel Rojas
    Felix Gabriel Rojas 4 days ago

    Live foreva liam gallagher💛💛

  • Dave Macca
    Dave Macca 4 days ago +1

    Liam, Liam, Liam we all agree your voice is embedded in the annuls of music history. However, retire gracefully mate whilst you still have it.

  • Sped Spedding
    Sped Spedding 4 days ago

    Mad, ten years since Noel quit at Rock en Seine. 28/8/09

  • Golub Volodemerovich
    Golub Volodemerovich 4 days ago +1

    Sounds like Coldplay's "Violet hill".

  • Mysterious Dave
    Mysterious Dave 5 days ago +9

    I LOVE Oasis, I copied Liam and Noel's style for all my teenage years, seen them live multiple times and all that. But Liam was a total c**t to Noel for years. Noel finally had enough and Oasis were over. 10 years later he apologises via a song and Noel doesn't accept it and he (Noel) is now the bad guy? My way of thinking is that with Noel and Liam separate we get double the Oasis. If you want another Oasis album just shuffle the two albums together for a 20+ song album.

  • RizzleMcDizzle
    RizzleMcDizzle 5 days ago

    I'm 38 and listened to the pair of them all their careers. This is Liam's best album by far and he's stepping up. He can hold his head up high with the message in this song. Bigger man? Definitely maybe.

  • Siddharth Lokhande
    Siddharth Lokhande 5 days ago +2

    Literally tears come from my eyes...finally liam voice is back like in 1996......

  • Anna Niznet
    Anna Niznet 5 days ago

    This song breaks my heart. I hope and pray the two brothers come to good terms again. Love

  • assaflevassaf
    assaflevassaf 5 days ago

    I Always thought that Noel is more talent... Think again! -

  • Josh Cook
    Josh Cook 6 days ago

    Come on Noel forgive him already

  • Hippie Smile2
    Hippie Smile2 6 days ago

    For crying out loud, Noel and Liam get your shit together, you don't have to be rockstars or anything. Kiss and make up family is everything!

  • kuradko
    kuradko 6 days ago

    Amazing song, real story....Noel for Christ sake, get back to your REAL family...

    J FRITZ 6 days ago


  • Heidi Stinton
    Heidi Stinton 6 days ago

    PS to all music on I love,thank you,x

  • Heidi Stinton
    Heidi Stinton 6 days ago

    I got two sons but younger son lost touch with his older brother plus me his mum,I had to grieve for my younger son who stopped loving us plus wonder if he ever did,sometimes family hurts,yet my older son stuck by his mum ,me who I'll since 1st haemorrgh ect,but one thing for sure,I appreciate good music plus the lot talent that comes with it,x

  • Heidi Stinton
    Heidi Stinton 6 days ago

    Lot talent x

  • Heidi Stinton
    Heidi Stinton 6 days ago

    Love song,fab x

  • Goodie
    Goodie 7 days ago

    Reunite please.

  • Halldor Egilson
    Halldor Egilson 7 days ago

    Way better than any of the stuff Oasis made.
    So, why the hell should he reconcile with or need his brother ?
    Just keep on going.

    • Destreck
      Destreck 4 days ago

      Halldor Egilson its not about oasis its about his brother

  • Malleus Maleficarum
    Malleus Maleficarum 7 days ago

    Lo bueno que con ninguno de mis 4 hermanos me he llevado mal. Ojalá nunca les dedique esta canción por muy chingona que sea.

  • Adnan Raja
    Adnan Raja 7 days ago

    This is Liam's best effort to reach out to his estranged elder brother Noel. The lyrics, the video, are downright heartfelt. This is not about an Oasis re-union. This song is about 2 brothers hugging each other as they should. The ball's in Noel's court. Hope he watches this and realizes that his younger brother always looked up to him and misses him. Everyone here is commenting that we don't want Oasis back. I agree. Just be together as brothers again. "You said we'd live forever." Keep that promise Noel. Truly brought tears to my eyes when I heard and watched this song/video. Cheers from Pakistan.

  • Neil Barley
    Neil Barley 7 days ago +1

    There's only one liam,BIBLICAL tune he misses is bro though come on noel link back up even just for family sake,reep em coming rkid👍🇬🇧🐝.RESPECT.

  • Pasha B
    Pasha B 7 days ago +1

    So Frkn Great!

  • Shary Smile
    Shary Smile 7 days ago +1


  • Nick lucker
    Nick lucker 7 days ago +5

    Esta canción dice "te extraño hermano"