Bodycam Shows Sunrise Police Sergeant Putting Hand on Fellow Officer's Throat

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • NBC 6 Investigator Willard Shepard has the video that landed one member of the department off duty during an investigation.

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  • Frances Sweeney
    Frances Sweeney 4 months ago +2034

    She was absolutely right to step in if she saw things were getting out of hand. The fact he did this knowing that both he and the victim were wearing body cameras,shows that this sergeant is very comfortable with using violence to impose his will.

    • Truth BTold
      Truth BTold Month ago

      Now, I just wish these black officers start stepping up when we are called that name instead of looking down at their feet and shuffling off.

    • Elizayates9485
      Elizayates9485 3 months ago

      @Adam Brass How did she "assault" him?? She grabbed his belt 🤣 You're seeing something that isn't there.... Might wanna see someone for that

    • Elizayates9485
      Elizayates9485 3 months ago


    • The Angry General
      The Angry General 4 months ago

      @huepix Why you don't let Goldberg the wrestler be a police officer!

    • tymccutchen
      tymccutchen 4 months ago

      That Cops pumped on Roid rage.

  • L M
    L M 4 months ago +387

    Notice that the other officers didn't come to her aid? Now the question is, when she calls for backup in a dangerous situation, will the other officers respond and come to her aid... or will they leave her hanging in the wind? This is why historically good officers didn't do the right thing when it comes to stopping or reporting bad officers... because they end up being treated like traitors by their fellow police officers and their lives were put in danger. I hope that doesn't happen to this officer.

    • Anthony Williams
      Anthony Williams 6 days ago

      @LaDarrius Stewart I mean in my defense I was defending my argument against 100 triggered teenagers. I just went by what it looked like at the time as I stated in many of my comments and now that more evidence came out I just call it like I see it. Yeah I could act like you guys would've acted and ignore future evidence and pretend my theory was still correct just like in every situation involving police if that would make you feel better.

    • LaDarrius Stewart
      LaDarrius Stewart 6 days ago

      @Anthony Williams your argument in the other direction was lengthy very detailed. Now you find more information oops I was wrong. Where is all the energy when you were standing up for Mr sergeant

    • Gilbert Brown
      Gilbert Brown 7 days ago

      This is what happens to good cops when they police the police they are turned on by their own force so it's easier to just go along sad but true

    • Anthony Williams
      Anthony Williams 26 days ago

      @Todd Thornton Actually, after more information was released I can now say I don't believe she was at fault. Back then there wasn't enough information and all we had was video of her pulling him away and it didn't look like he was doing enough to the suspect to warrant it.

  • maumor2
    maumor2 4 months ago +129

    That is what happen to a good cop when trying to stop unnecessary violence, she gets assaulted and not even one of his fellow officers says a thing
    Useless bullies with a badge

  • L M
    L M 4 months ago +76

    Look at how red he was! Respect to the female officer and glad she's ok.

    • shawn burke
      shawn burke Month ago

      he's probably a raging alcoholic.

    • TheMrsar28
      TheMrsar28 Month ago

      often a side effect of chronic alcoholism as well. Wouldn't be surprised.

    • StreetFighter400
      StreetFighter400 Month ago +2

      Roid rage

    • Charles Gerety
      Charles Gerety 2 months ago +4

      He looked like he was about to kill her

  • Rae
    Rae 4 months ago +510

    She's actually a good cop doing the right thing. Good for the Chief to back her up. Other Chiefs would've left her high and dry. Finally a good cop!

    • Rae
      Rae 4 months ago +1

      @Anthony Greaves if that's the case are they still good cops then? Or are they complicit? By definition complicity concerns the awareness of a crime’s occurrence, the capability to report it, but the failure to follow through with the report. By definition those who are complicit are just as guilty. She wasn't complicit and said enough is enough! You gotta have GRIT to go against the fray, especially if your a cop. That woman does and as a woman I commend her.

    • The Angry General
      The Angry General 4 months ago

      @Dennis Sindlev Why you don't let Goldberg the wrestler be a police officer!

    • Anthony Greaves
      Anthony Greaves 4 months ago

      @WRE DBCKMA agreed

      WRE DBCKMA 4 months ago +2

      Why don't you good citizens help her rather than just making comments about how much of a hero she is? Go protest to get that Sergeant fired and charged with battery on an officer.

  • Shivas Irons
    Shivas Irons 4 months ago +1366

    Can you imagine being handcuffed and defenseless and have this madman ready to abuse you !? God bless this Lady cop!

    • one time
      one time Month ago

      @Living Country hahahahah

    • Bhagya D
      Bhagya D 2 months ago

      Imagine the horror his family lives in. !!!

    • Larry Cambron
      Larry Cambron 3 months ago

      That’s why the public has a such a great distrust of law enforcement as a whole

  • Craig Finnegan
    Craig Finnegan 4 months ago +23

    The attacking supervisor turned his back on a possible criminal threat, while the female officer stayed facing it. He saw more of a threat (to his authority) in a fellow officer than a threat to the community in the suspect that was in the process of being confronted. He's a liability to the safety of the community, not an asset, and all liabilities to the safety of the community need to be removed immediately.

    • Eric Cheatem
      Eric Cheatem Month ago +2

      The threat was him. Not a unarmed handcuffed man surrounded by several armed officers.....

  • KMBA-91
    KMBA-91 4 months ago +119

    Give that girl a raise she deserves it. She stood up and did the right thing like a hero and she gets choked for it and none of those coward's stepped in to help her from being attacked what so ever. Give her a big raise maybe it'll give the other officers some guts to stand up against bad officers if there's a raise on the line. But if you turn into a bad officer your pay should be cut drastically until you learn how not to abuse your power.

    • Cpt. Barker
      Cpt. Barker 4 months ago +9

      Her actions show she's hopefully going to move up the ranks fast. When I was a LEO and military there were always guys like this and the others with no spine to do whats right

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou 4 months ago +26

    She needs to be promoted to Sargent! At least we know she will act fairly and do the right thing. Anyone who abuses the law and people should be fired no matter their status

  • Røbby
    Røbby 4 months ago +13

    This is so weird if I were to choke one of my coworkers I would be instantly fired and charged with assault I guess they're not only above the law but also above any type of repercussions as well.

  • Ramon Hernandez
    Ramon Hernandez 4 months ago +1061

    Sad how the other male officers didn’t do anything to protect the female officer shame

    • cjhan47
      cjhan47 3 months ago

      who cares wether they are male or female. They should have stepped up because the POS was breaking the law. its their job literally.

    • Stealth Attack
      Stealth Attack 3 months ago

      @B Jvu Try doing what he did and then let us see what happens to you.

    • dubya724
      dubya724 4 months ago

      @Matthew putting male and female individuals on equal terms is sexist? In what way is that statement sexist? Genuinely curious.

    • R3D
      R3D 4 months ago +1

      Probably because she was clearly in the wrong for grabbing him while he was trying to control a situation.

  • Jose Cardona
    Jose Cardona 4 months ago +6

    AMAZING vid 👏 letting us know that they're still SOME GOOD OFFICERS out there!!!! My respect goes to that female officer!!!!!

  • T Reeves
    T Reeves 4 months ago +59

    Much respect for this police chief. He did the right thing by volunteering to hand over this footage for public view.

    • Keith - BRIGHTER WORLD
      Keith - BRIGHTER WORLD 3 months ago +4

      @Adam Brass threatening someone with violence yet already in cuffs

    • Ray Station
      Ray Station 3 months ago +2

      @Adam Brass was the suspect under arrest already or not under arrest and resisting arrest?

    • Adam Brass
      Adam Brass 3 months ago

      @Cipher Reese Aggravated assault. you are not able to tug on someone else in a disagreement, it is illegal. this goes for civilians to police as well as police to police. police dont receive a special right to slap and shove each other around. in this video, The sergeant is threatening the arrested with a can of mace; officers are instructed to threaten arrested individuals who are resisting arrest. it's the second of five escalating stages of lawful force.

    • Cipher Reese
      Cipher Reese 3 months ago +3

      @Adam Brass How is tugging on another officer’s belt a misdemeanor? And a felony?

  • tori
    tori 4 months ago +4

    I'm so.impressed how calm she was and even used proper maneuver to protect herself.
    Defense tactics in action

  • smkdude26
    smkdude26 4 months ago +10

    That's how these cops are in Florida. I knew many of them. It is messed up how much these people get away with.

    • 3fifty8
      3fifty8 4 months ago

      Yup. The Orlando police department got a lil posse going on that are wreckless. The only time you'll find info about them is the day you have the pleasure of meeting one of them

  • stickshiftt
    stickshiftt 4 months ago +7

    Funny how cops can do something crazy on camera and it gets investigated but when we do the same thing on camera it's jail time.

  • Bert Gonzalez
    Bert Gonzalez 4 months ago +11

    In the video you can clearly see another cop with his hands in his pocket while she was being choked. Fire the whole lot of them. How pathetic. Glad she paid attention to proper protocols. She deserves a huge pay raise.

  • Bless You!
    Bless You! 4 months ago +15

    If he'll do something like that to one of his fellow officers what do you think he would do to someone who allegedly broke the law!

  • Tyler Roberts
    Tyler Roberts 4 months ago +8

    With him apparently being on his “on cycle” this week, i cant believe he had the restraint to not punch her. Thats roid rage people.

  • Eldis Vázquez
    Eldis Vázquez 4 months ago +680

    If he has the courage to do that to a Sister with cameras. Imagine how corrupt and evil he might be to citizens!

  • pach zilla
    pach zilla 4 months ago +1

    Props to the female officer, we need more officers like her who does not lose her morals and remembers she is there to serve and protect.

  • Gerry dman
    Gerry dman 4 months ago +2

    Finally a real Officer stepping in n stopping a Tyrant on his tracks & preventing assaulting a citizen 👏 🙌 👍 I never thought I see this happen

    SHAWANA RHODES 4 months ago +2

    She needs to be promoted to Sargent! At least we know she will act fairly and do the right thing. Anyone who abuses the law and people should be fired no matter their status ....

  • JohnDavid Nuñez
    JohnDavid Nuñez 4 months ago +10

    Duty to intervene: All the other cops there should be held accountable for not stepping in.

  • Patticake
    Patticake 4 months ago +482

    Do not allow this man to retire!
    Thank you to the female officer for doing her job correctly.
    She tried to keep him from getting into huge trouble and hurting a citizen.

    • Bozz Skaggs
      Bozz Skaggs 3 months ago

      @CommonSenseMaker I thought the perp was disarmed, cuffed and in or almost in the in the back of the cruiser with two LEOs dealing with him. Guess I missed him armed and still a threat or something.

    • CommonSenseMaker
      CommonSenseMaker 4 months ago

      @Nor R No what I saw was a female cop breaking the change of command and overriding the sergeants authority because of what she perceived. Yes the sergeant was in the criminals face, so what! The psycho just battered a bunch of people in broad daylight and no one can yell at him? I'm sure the sergeant has been in a lot of hostile thugs, felons, and juvenile delinquents face and thank goodness because these cops are the only father some of these young boys know. The single mom is the new american family.

    • Nor R
      Nor R 4 months ago

      @CommonSenseMaker what are you talking about the man was a handcuff that’s why the lady came and pull him the way that she did what are you saying just like they did George Floyd they put him down on the ground and they killed that man I man was already in handcubs the only thing they had to do was going to other side if he was not cooperating like what are you talking about and she would’ve been charge if the man would have killed the felon because they would’ve like or why did not you step in and do something And then why don’t they release the audio let us hear what he was saying probably was making all kinda racial slurs and everything so what are you saying that I did not want to be charge for the behavior that he displayed

    • Nor R
      Nor R 4 months ago

      @Dennis Sparks it’s upsetting because I pay my heart on money just like your man in the back of that car I’m pretty sure his mother and his in his answers are paid to be protected from any violence or anything why do the citizens have to suffer after they have paid their taxes like think before you get on here like in real life when you become a sergeant taking a very big responsibility and yes it has something to do with everything because it’s my money is everybody money is the nation money so what are you talking about he using my money to retire off of no ma’am no sir go take that to the bank

    • Nor R
      Nor R 4 months ago

      @CommonSenseMaker 🤔 did we see any of that no we saw a out of control Sarge and we saw a vision of a George Floyd and how other officers got arrested because they did not help the citizen she did not want anything to happen in between either party what are you saying think twice before you come on here and comment about anything take that to the bank

  • Kandy Gurl
    Kandy Gurl Month ago +3

    He’s a danger to himself and society and should seek counseling IMMEDIATELY.

  • Original Mindset
    Original Mindset Month ago +2

    SHE'S A HERO!!! Well done, madam officer! 👏

  • hyuuga128palms
    hyuuga128palms 4 months ago +8


  • Patricia Dee-Kelly
    Patricia Dee-Kelly 2 months ago

    I LOVE the actions of the officer that stepped in.. we need more brave cops to stand up to the bad ones.

  • Teamwork Cell4
    Teamwork Cell4 4 months ago +1099

    That's how good officers are treated by their Sergeants.

    • Jason Watson
      Jason Watson 2 months ago

      Notes the body camera show's that the hand of the officer was no her shoulder there is a full video of it out there everyone should go watch it. It may chandelier on the fake woke.

    • loki2240
      loki2240 4 months ago

      @Curiosity Redpill - I understood that. What I don't understand is what you think will happen in those communities without the police being paid.

    • Curiosity Redpill
      Curiosity Redpill 4 months ago

      @loki2240 I said defund the Troublesome departments that continue to give problems

    • loki2240
      loki2240 4 months ago

      @Curiosity Redpill - Communities still need policing. Defund the Police is usually based upon the premise of diverting funds and certain responsibilities away from police departments to agencies that are more fit to address those responsibilities. What do you think police officers will do, when a jurisdiction just stops paying them? What do you think will happen with crime in that jurisdiction?
      I share your frustration and anger, but there isn't a quick fix to systems that weren't created to serve the public good in the first place. It will take changes in laws, policies, and personnel (including mayors, prosecutors, legislators, etc.). That means that a lot more decent, competent people will have to become police officers or run for office.

    • Curiosity Redpill
      Curiosity Redpill 4 months ago

      @loki2240 that’s why I believe if a police department is being run by thugs then it should be defunded until the thugs get fired and some good apples start to run the department then give back the department and the good cops the money they need to make the department good!!Bt if the leadership is bad and corrupt defund them!

  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace 4 months ago +1

    God Bless You Officer For Stepping Up And Doing The Right Thing! There are bad mean human beings period! And brave humans must stop angry so called big tough guys from going overboard! If we had more Patriots like you, America would be the greatest country!

  • Sylvia Alambar
    Sylvia Alambar 4 months ago +20

    I've been bullied by a couple of cops and that has traumatized me...I feel awful for the officer, I hope she has a support group that can help her with her experience....

    • Tim Chamberlin
      Tim Chamberlin 4 months ago

      @James Enger So you are the 1 guy that likes Eddie Vetter. lol. Bye James You're blocked

    • James Enger
      James Enger 4 months ago

      @Tim Chamberlin
      On delay, Essay.

    • Tim Chamberlin
      Tim Chamberlin 4 months ago

      @James Enger You must hang out with different people than me. It sounded like it came from a 14y/o in the hood.

    • James Enger
      James Enger 4 months ago +1

      @Tim Chamberlin
      Colloquial English, yes.

    • Tim Chamberlin
      Tim Chamberlin 4 months ago

      @James Enger Is that English James?

  • mark Sage
    mark Sage 4 months ago +3

    Just another fine example of our "finest" "hero's". I bet they don't find any wrong doing in their "investigation".

  • J R
    J R 4 months ago +3

    Why wasn't the audio released with the video? Interesting choice to release the footage but not release the audio, I believe it would be incredibly helpful in forming a complete opinion of the situation in addition to understanding why the supervisor was called in the first place.

  • Karryn L Flax
    Karryn L Flax 4 months ago +387

    She showed more courage than a lot of officers. She saw things happening that I guess weren’t right and she pulled him back. His rage lead him to put his hands on her, a fellow officer, and a woman. I can only imagine what he’ll do, or has done, to those he deems as no threat. Wow

    • EcClair Mayo
      EcClair Mayo Month ago

      Imagine how he treats his own wife...scary

    • R3D
      R3D Month ago

      @William Dean My comment is in regards to the officer being "choked" (which never happened). Where did I say he didn't have spray in his hand... I didn't.
      If he had sprayed the cuffed dude I would support him in suing the officer but that has nothing to do with the media being deliberately misleading in saying the other officer was "choked" when clearly the officer wasn't "choked" on ALL video's of the incident.

    • Jared Fogle
      Jared Fogle Month ago +1

      @R3D I really hope you don't have a girlfriend/wife

    • Keto Bodybuilder
      Keto Bodybuilder Month ago +1

      He was threatening the life of a suspect after having him cuffed in custody, he was likely roid raging he should be fired.

  • AnthonyCruz
    AnthonyCruz Month ago +1

    Good job to the female who stepped in. The suspect was already detained, and the other cop wanted to pull a coward move while the man is handcuffed. Everyone who puts on that suit and a badge is NOT a hero…The female cop is the hero!

  • Dan Flores
    Dan Flores 4 months ago +4

    The opening statement; "the Sunrise PD are investigating one of thier own" is a wrong approach. This criminal investigation needs to be handled at the State Attorney General's Office level and or Federal (FBI) level. It's a direct conflict of interest for the same PD to effectively investigate a senior SGT/Detective who has ties and knowledge of Internal Affairs and fellow Senior leadership. The junior Office is at a severe and dangerous vulnerability for a local investigation.

    • Mr. Paul
      Mr. Paul 4 months ago

      Once they discover a criminal offense was committed which it was. The District Attorney will file charges of official oppression. The Internal Affairs Division only does the administrative part and the DA office will take care of the criminal part. I don't think they will cover this up because by law he did not have to release the video. Maybe this Sgt has a past of being abusive to the public and officers.

    • Procras Tinator
      Procras Tinator 4 months ago

      It's not a wrong approach bc it isn't a crime being investigated, it's an incident between two officers, literally an "internal affair"...hence the name of those doing the investigating.

  • Abel Tesfaye
    Abel Tesfaye Month ago +2

    This Sgt and the rest of the cops who watched her get choked all need to loose their jobs! She is a hero and I feel so bad for her.

  • JB
    JB 4 months ago +1

    The explanation is revealed in the statement, "especially after George Floyd." The female officer's intervention had nothing to do with quality policing and everything to do with optics. Disgusting.

  • Rod West
    Rod West 4 months ago +3111

    If he does this to a fellow officer,imagine what he's capable of.

    • Makiba Uboke
      Makiba Uboke Month ago

      @BlackiNews They announced that around 2007 or 2008.

    • Makiba Uboke
      Makiba Uboke Month ago

      That beast has already did a lot of damage that wasn't publicized.

    • momo amen
      momo amen 3 months ago

      Yeah had this issue was the suspect he may choked to death by now I'm not kidding

    • The Angry General
      The Angry General 4 months ago

      @David Aspinall Why you don't let Goldberg the wrestler be a police officer!

  • Hudson Valicity
    Hudson Valicity 4 months ago +1

    I’m shocked he did that bs to an officer. WTH was he so mad about?!?! That man is crazy. There’s no telling how he acts when he’s not being taped. Smdh how many situations had he escalated in the past so he can put hands on those that he’s taking into custody? I’m sure there’s a lot of lies in his reports. A crying shame.

  • lovechild tre
    lovechild tre 4 months ago +32

    Now…imagine what he does to his wife and children…smh. Imagine what he does to people he’s apprehended?? He literally assaulted her.

    • stark1987
      stark1987 4 months ago

      @boricuafrican what was the first stupid thing that led to the second? standing over a non compliant suspect with a chemical deterrent to gain the compliance officer whamen couldnt? hes allowed to do that you know

    • boricuafrican
      boricuafrican 4 months ago

      reaching with the wife and kids thing but yeah he shouldn't have pushed her "back" the way he he did 2 stupid things.

  • Mind Your Business
    Mind Your Business 4 months ago

    I saw an officer in that video worthy of being a sergeant. Courageous, disciplined and principled. Promote her immediately.

  • Jill Tanyan
    Jill Tanyan 4 months ago +5

    Good for her, Awesome!!
    Everyone stand up for her. Look how the other officer just leaned up against the car watching. Need more officers like her.

    • Adam Brass
      Adam Brass 4 months ago

      she physically assaulted him. but you are concerned because he physically assaulted someone.

  • Raluca
    Raluca 4 months ago +1

    Now imagine what happens when all eyes are closed ! Good for her , for stepping up to that red looking raging creature. People don't know how to treat people , anyone can have a badge and a gun clearly look at that clown but it takes a good person with good intentions and good heart to actually SERVE AND PROTECT!!!!!
    putting his hands on her.. 🤨 wonder if he treats him momma like that ?? 🤔

    TORENCE 4 months ago +4

    Nah he needs to be arrested. If they weren’t in uniform in public, and there were other officers, he would be arrested on the spot.

  • juanlambda27
    juanlambda27 Month ago

    I always say, there are no good cops because they all cover for each other. Well, this is one good cop. She is a hero in my eyes.

  • Waimea Guyz
    Waimea Guyz Month ago +1

    You can imagine how long this cop has been brutal to the public and other cops are afraid of him. Takes a woman to try and stop him. He should be fired and no need for an investigation. It's on their own body cam.

  • Clayton Thomas
    Clayton Thomas 4 months ago +1752

    Why the other officers didn’t step in to help the female officer when being choked. She has more guts than them. Hats off to her. Need more police officers like her.

    • gemma........
      gemma........ 4 months ago

      If he is in charge of that team they he should behave like the boss not have to be intervened by one of his team, and if he has to dress on of his team down it should not require him to put his hand on their throat, "the look "should be enough until you get back to the station to properly address anything that was wrong ... come on get with the times

    • gemma........
      gemma........ 4 months ago

      Hes wearing wedding ring too , sorry for your wife man

    • Sean T
      Sean T 4 months ago

      @George Holiday All

  • nobodyknows
    nobodyknows 4 months ago +1

    1:39 he raises pepperspray at her. I think the audio would be even more damning he's definitely threatening her so this is obviously alot worse. No way that kind of behavior should be on any job let alone the police force.

  • Not Hyperbole
    Not Hyperbole Month ago +1

    The female officer is a true hero for upholding the highest standards of the law.

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez 16 days ago +1

    Great job by the female officer👏🏽👏🏽

  • ZenMaster73
    ZenMaster73 4 months ago +2

    That just proves he’s not fit to be a cop. He needs to be put into pasture. Been on the force way to long. He needs to be fired.

  • JWH
    JWH 4 months ago +418

    The officer had courage and stood up to a thug who had roid rage. She is a fine police officer, we need more like her. Thank you, Officer.

    • Glenn Smith
      Glenn Smith 4 months ago

      : apparently, we're not blogging about the same topic,, right?! ??

    • Rattler Dad 🐍
      Rattler Dad 🐍 4 months ago

      @K M That brave officer will insure that the appropriate punishment is applied.

    • K M
      K M 4 months ago +3

      @Dooley Knoted nope! He will be fired and charged. Already relieved of his supervisor position.

    • Ruth Preach
      Ruth Preach 4 months ago

      @coolcat Only time will tell.

    • rugr82day
      rugr82day 4 months ago +7

      He was looking to cause pain if he was tempted the pepper spray a felon already in custody. To so quickly turn his anger onto someone else shows he was out of control.

  • Smiz101
    Smiz101 4 months ago +1

    The fellow officers just watching a monster put his hands around that ladies throat are the real criminals…

  • Jermaine Cage
    Jermaine Cage 4 months ago

    She's my new hero! We need a million more just like her!! Problem solved!!!

  • jwesson30
    jwesson30 4 months ago +2

    A higher professional standard huh? Take him straight to the jail. I can only imagine how he treats his wife.. If he has one. And the other officers that didn't step in be punished to!

  • Lucy Merkom
    Lucy Merkom 4 months ago

    Well done to the officer who pulled the sergeant away, if we had more officers like them pulling their counterparts away there would be less assaults and death

  • Stacksmusic
    Stacksmusic 4 months ago +336

    He was removed from his SUPERVISORY AUTHORITY. Not stripped of his police authority but supervisory authority meaning he’s still working, going on calls, he just don’t have ppl under him now. That’s says a lot about this department.

    • jenny m
      jenny m 4 months ago

      There is an investigation pending.

    • Mike of the USS Enterprise
      Mike of the USS Enterprise 4 months ago

      Caucasian masculinity.

    • Dan
      Dan 4 months ago +1

      @sammy bubba If I work for Ford and am in the union, how long does it take to get fired for choking a coworker while on the clock?

    • Ben Chu
      Ben Chu 4 months ago +2

      Nahh if i were the chief he would be out of a job, maybe even facing criminal charges. And for those that did not do anything, desk duty

    • Jay
      Jay 4 months ago +1

      Facts fax

  • J.H Shell
    J.H Shell 4 months ago +1

    You really have to watch some of these news programs.
    There is often a distortion of facts. For example, in this
    clip the presenter says there is an "altercation" between
    police officers. A sergeant and patrol officer. When in
    fact, there is an "assault" of a female cop by a male sergeant.

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza 4 months ago

    You're in target, take a parking spot not knowing he wanted the spot, you apologized and see this man coming at you ready to hurt you. This man should not be in uniform

  • Stealth Attack
    Stealth Attack 3 months ago

    Brave officer.
    She is the type of person needed on the force.

  • Dan Karanja
    Dan Karanja Month ago +1

    That brave female officers should be promoted,she is a genuine cop,I wish her well and I hope the sergeant gets fired and put behind bars to cool off.

  • Tricia E
    Tricia E 4 months ago +131

    Geez if that's how angry he gets with a fellow officer, can you imagine him not on camera, with his wife, other people he pulls over.., he should never wear a badge and she should charge him with assault.

    • undine miller
      undine miller 4 months ago +4

      Someone needs to check on his family

    • Allie
      Allie 4 months ago +3

      Exactly what I was thinking- he's prob a real nice other guys who he feels has power over him

  • Y Mat
    Y Mat 4 months ago +1

    He needs his badge taken and his pension given to her. He grabbed her by the throat and thirst her into the cruiser aggressively!!! Wow. Imagine what he would do and has done to alleged criminals!!!! Think about it. Good job you lady officer. That animal is out of control.

  • Teina Mans
    Teina Mans 4 months ago

    I can imagine how he treats his wife!. Abusive!!!

  • Trust me. I don't like you.

    Man I did this to my dad when I was 17 and it ruined my life.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim 3 months ago

    Sad day for that PD. Tensions get high in certain situations but no reason to be taken out on another officer. He was wrong. Unfortunately you can't weed out the jerks until they show their true colors. We have all seen them in our own departments but they are rarely put out there until something happens. Which brings out another sensitive question...

  • Joh Mayo
    Joh Mayo 4 months ago +515

    How red was that guy's whole head? Hot-headed, not in control of himself. This is a person who represents the State, and is authorized to commit violence on behalf of the State. He is so out of control that he even turns on a fellow officer. Unacceptable.

    • virtual spaceman
      virtual spaceman 4 months ago

      @Dude that doesn't make sense lmao. you got triggered because i replied to that other guy 💀 yikes

    • Dude
      Dude 4 months ago

      @virtual spaceman so what you’re really saying is you don’t have a social life💀

    • virtual spaceman
      virtual spaceman 4 months ago

      @Dude that's part of the trolling... welcome to the internet 💀

    • Dude
      Dude 4 months ago

      @virtual spaceman how is that a ratio the guy got one like💀

  • Randy-Tzu
    Randy-Tzu 4 months ago

    Imagine if they acted this way when the cops also do the same thing to the public. Oh, but cops are special, and more important than the citizens who pay for them.

  • Up High
    Up High 4 months ago +7

    It's the person the makes a good 👍 officer not the uniform. Could you imagine if there was more heroes like that officer that should up for justice ⚖ 👏. That Officer is an amazing human being.

  • Whitecloud
    Whitecloud 4 months ago

    I applaud that Police Sgt for removing that officer from the area in the manner he chose.
    THIS example of an immediate-prompt response by other officers (to potential rogue or over reacting fellow police officers) can prevent unwarranted injury to/save lives of innocent people.

  • Madd Rass
    Madd Rass 4 months ago

    ALL the other thugs in uniform that stood around watching this assault on this woman need to be relieved of duty immediately, fired and their certifications rescinded.

  • Tone Loke
    Tone Loke 4 months ago +91

    What is there to investigate? The officer's actions speaks volumes about his behavior and interactions with other people while wearing a police uniform and a badge. It's obvious that some people don't ever need to be a police officer.

    • Empire 717
      Empire 717 4 months ago +1

      @Tom Ogden Exactly,, right or wrong there's always an investigation.

    • Tom Ogden
      Tom Ogden 4 months ago

      True, but if Sergeant RoidRage isn't afforded due process he can challenge any negative results, i.e. firing or criminal charges.

  • Richard Platinum
    Richard Platinum 4 months ago +1

    You NEVER come this close to someones neck unless it's to kiss them. 😘 All jokes aside. Politics. Let others be held accountable for their own actions. It's wiser to just report it. While what was done was wrong, you just can't engage in this manner with someone who is armed in the heat of the moment.

  • Station 22
    Station 22 4 months ago

    Thank you Chief officer releasing this clip for transperancy. Hat's off to this remarkable lady officer. Police sergeant should not be behaved like a local thugs, you are law bro. People trust and respect you. Don't act like a drunk man. Slowdown on carb sergeant. Too much carb fermentation 😝😝😝

    GENGENIUS STUDIOS 2 months ago

    LETS GET THIS TYRANT OFF THE STREETS and removed from law enforcement permanently. We also need to have any arrest made by this tyrant investigated, and we also need to follow up on any complaints against this officer that were dismissed.

  • Eugenia Dozier
    Eugenia Dozier 4 months ago

    Could it be?!!!! I actually have respect for a cop! Who knew?!!!!

  • Jonney Stott
    Jonney Stott 4 months ago +431

    We need more heroes like the officer standing up to the sergeant.

    • Indie James
      Indie James 4 months ago

      Good job girl..all those other cops they r all buffed up they just look tuff but no heart and guts...

    • Gabriel Hill
      Gabriel Hill 4 months ago

      @Karina Z I was talking about the cop who took action. It was already under control.

    • Karina Z
      Karina Z 4 months ago

      @Gabriel Hill you life very naive. Not a single one of her partners came to her defense.

    • Gabriel Hill
      Gabriel Hill 4 months ago

      @Karina Z I don't see it happening.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 4 months ago

    Imagine what he has done to other pesky citizens over the years….

  • B G
    B G 4 months ago +1

    Bad cop assaults a good cop and all the other “good” cops just watch?! Why didn’t they protect and serve? Why didn’t they uphold the oath they took? And why are we ok with it?

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams Month ago +1

    He’s a man who emotionally out of control! Not needed on the force!

  • JOSE C
    JOSE C 4 months ago

    You go girl...💪

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 4 months ago +151

    If he acts like that with his own officers, I just can imagine civilian.

    • Bob Davidson
      Bob Davidson 4 months ago

      @shun gun41
      Yeah .
      Just what I thought.
      No responsibility, always a victim.

    • Mamicastwi
      Mamicastwi 4 months ago +2

      I tip my hat to you. Again I say Amen to that.

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 3 months ago +1

    I can’t imagine being his wife he probably does it to his wife behind the scenes I am so glad for this lady officer that did the right thing and took him away from the criminal because God knows what he would do to that criminal God for bid he probably will kill him and say it was self-defense😭 he needs to get fired and never work for the police station ever we don’t need people like him!!!!!


    Respect to the chief!

  • Feed My Mind, Not My Ego
    Feed My Mind, Not My Ego 4 months ago +1

    Just imagine what takes place in his home, especially to the females.

  • T T
    T T 4 months ago

    Need more officers like that female cop👏🏼

  • man of all work
    man of all work 4 months ago +354

    She is the only one of those officers to show any courage. She is awesome

    • Tim Minh
      Tim Minh 4 months ago

      Because she's the only one with balls at the scene.

    • man of all work
      man of all work 4 months ago +1

      @CommonSenseMaker I agree that a female officer can get emotional. However she did this due to her training. To make another point there are many videos showing male officers getting emotional and very childish.

    • K. D.
      K. D. 4 months ago +3

      @CommonSenseMaker Are you that Sergeant?

    • Chicken Adobo And Waffles
      Chicken Adobo And Waffles 4 months ago +2

      @Wazy mostly wars are started because men are being maniulated by woman emotions js

  • LaToya B
    LaToya B 4 months ago

    I'm glad she stepped in to stop things from escalating!

  • mommypie221
    mommypie221 4 months ago

    This is format for them , the other officer just stood there with hands in pocket and didn’t help the lady 👮‍♀️

  • Butt Butt is Cool
    Butt Butt is Cool 2 months ago

    Four months after the incident, 2 months since the video we viral, nothing has been done. Cops investigating cops doesn’t work. It’s been covered up and swept under the rug. If he gets away with doing this to another officer, imagine what he can do to citizens.

  • Jason Powell
    Jason Powell 4 months ago

    Sadly, there's many more officers just like this! Roid Rage is real!!!
    And he did this to a fellow officer! God knows how he treats the general public!

  • daytona1212
    daytona1212 4 months ago +449

    She did what all cops are suppost to do, when a fellow office oversteps his boundaries. She must be promoted to SGT and the SGT needs to be fired.

    • Fred Nugent
      Fred Nugent 4 months ago

      @Roland Kennedy I'm sure at some point the audio and full video will come out

    • Roland Kennedy
      Roland Kennedy 4 months ago

      @Fred Nugent show the entire video

    • Fred Nugent
      Fred Nugent 4 months ago

      @Roland Kennedy she did exactly what's expected of her! Read up on police policy in FL.

    • Roland Kennedy
      Roland Kennedy 4 months ago

      @Fred Nugent in that video who touched who first?

    • jenny m
      jenny m 4 months ago

      @CommonSenseMaker He had pepper spray in his hand and ready to use it when the suspect stopped resisting and moved into the corner of the seat. He said something they didn't let us here which his superiors said escalated the situation. Stop defending this man and use your common sense. Why did he feel he had to step in and the other officers weren't doing enough? Those days of police brutality need to be over.

  • Schnippschnopp
    Schnippschnopp 4 months ago

    Woman of the year 🙏🏽💖

  • Maria Sinner
    Maria Sinner 4 months ago

    Notice how red his neck is? He is so angry! She is an awesome officer watching out for him and that’s the thanks she gets.

  • Fernanda Dieguez
    Fernanda Dieguez 4 months ago +4

    Thank God for brave and kind officers like this woman!!! I am glad that this sergeant was exposed to this degree, demoted and not in charge of others. This coward was on a power trip, but glad to see this woman has more balls than him!

  • EcClair Mayo
    EcClair Mayo Month ago

    Imagine how he treats his own wife...scary. Even of she were a male cop, my statement still stamds about how he most likely put his hands on his wife.

  • Antonio Cochran
    Antonio Cochran 4 months ago +471

    This made me feel good, knowing that someone cares about her and other people constitutional right. Bottom line, I'm not going to jail for nobody's stupidness. Good job Ms.Officer.

    • joey Depalmer
      joey Depalmer 4 months ago

      @Kevin Ouellette eeemmmmm yyyyaaaa sure keep thinking that and maybe if you are in the same spot you well be correct and not under the tthumb of someone who should not be in uniform

    • Kevin Ouellette
      Kevin Ouellette 4 months ago

      @🌹Roses&Tulips🌷 what if she over reacted and grabbed her supervisor because she misheard him? Why don't you wait until the facts come out

    • Kevin Ouellette
      Kevin Ouellette 4 months ago

      @joey Depalmer you have no idea what went on because there was no sound. Only assumptions. It's a little suspect the sound being kept private

    • Lungho
      Lungho 4 months ago +2

      _When a female officer has bigger balls than any of her male colleagues...._

    • BunFight 2000
      BunFight 2000 4 months ago

      @Damnatis Sum
      Really? Is that what’s in your head because that’s not what’s in the video. Have you ever thought that simply withdrawing spray could be enough to deter a suspect? Did he use the spray or was he trying to deter him? Then that panicky woman grabbed at him during a heightened moment. No wonder he reacted as he did.

  • Cynthia McLellan
    Cynthia McLellan 4 months ago

    The look on the assaulting officer's face says he's done this many times to his partners