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  • Halliwellsson
    Halliwellsson 3 years ago +2


  • Sarah Karriker
    Sarah Karriker 3 years ago these videos..wish they were longer

  • Quanna Smith
    Quanna Smith 3 years ago

    Yessss, get it!!

  • s3r3nity17
    s3r3nity17 3 years ago

    #Yasssss on point!!!

  • Jason Moss
    Jason Moss 3 years ago

    Always love seeing these. So glad to see you inspiring so many in the community and doing what you love. Thanks for being such a great influence!

  • Lizz Rodriguez
    Lizz Rodriguez 3 years ago

    thank you for being the beautiful person and FIERCE queen that you are ♥ truly an inspiration to me and my best friend ♥

  • Jade Osborne
    Jade Osborne 3 years ago

    That was so good!

  • chango dv
    chango dv 3 years ago

    loves britney make me me youre awsome ganja👏👏👏👏👏

  • yehezkiel nainggolan
    yehezkiel nainggolan 3 years ago


    LZZOR UNGING 3 years ago

    Should let the girl infront..

  • I am Kween
    I am Kween 3 years ago

    Yasss proomoo forrr goddneyyy

  • Victoria Düzakar
    Victoria Düzakar 3 years ago

    the dance is cool but I just say the shoes are fabulous!❤😀

  • Jeny D
    Jeny D 3 years ago

    So good!

  • Lauren Danzig
    Lauren Danzig 3 years ago

    0:47-0:55 😍

  • mateito zeledon
    mateito zeledon 3 years ago

    La baila mejor britneyyyyy bitchesss... en millenum studio dances

  • tdwalsh99
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  • Catapillargirl 20
    Catapillargirl 20 3 years ago +1

    Loved all the different people that came together for dance!! Very cool.

  • Juliana Omokheyeke
    Juliana Omokheyeke 3 years ago

    Yassss this is my song.

    SEANNA MIRIAH 3 years ago +1

    I love watching these dance short vids! Keep em coming :)

  • JOTennisVid
    JOTennisVid 3 years ago

    Come on Britney Estranja!

  • Justin Klym
    Justin Klym 3 years ago +4

    you inspired me to learn to death drop, and i finally can

  • Jess in king
    Jess in king 3 years ago +1

    l ooooveeedd this. lovved the queens both guys and gals doin it. :)

  • Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah 3 years ago +10

    Love it! I had the pleasure of taking this very class on Monday! Amateurs or Professionals, young or old, 2 left feet (like me) or the queen of the ballroom........ everyone is made to feel welcome and important! Laganja is an excellent teacher and the only thing she asks is that you give it your best shot! I'll be def going next week- come give it a whirl! :) x- Bobby

  • karma
    karma 3 years ago

    yassss bitch

  • andrew goods
    andrew goods 3 years ago

    I live in Los Angeles and I would LOVE to dance too!!

  • Shannon Spears
    Shannon Spears 3 years ago +1

    love it

  • Carolyn Campbell
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  • Carolyn Campbell
    Carolyn Campbell 3 years ago


  • Gloria A
    Gloria A 3 years ago +1

    Your class was sickening!!! I had a great time Laganja!

    • LaganjaEstranja
      LaganjaEstranja 3 years ago +3

      Thank you so much for joint us! I hope to see you next week, Gloria!

  • don't ask don't pastel


  • vamplouise
    vamplouise 3 years ago

    Love you girl!! Gold boots was working it!!

  • Gabriele Pili
    Gabriele Pili 3 years ago +1

    oh my god i love this video is pretty amazing

  • FL011
    FL011 3 years ago

    love it

  • missHeaven
    missHeaven 3 years ago

    love you laganja