VFX Artist Shows You TRUE POWER of Warships!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
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    Wren uses VFX to show you the power of the world's largest Warships!
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Comments • 3 138

  • Rodrigo Barros
    Rodrigo Barros 3 days ago

    can you guys please use matric system :) At least text on the screen

  • Wildan Rahman
    Wildan Rahman 3 days ago

    U sound like tom hollad. Dont u?

  • Atorix 66
    Atorix 66 4 days ago

    Pff, Zach King magic...nice

  • ChickenCommander
    ChickenCommander 5 days ago

    so sad there is no conversion to metric units this time :(

  • Nathan Thomas
    Nathan Thomas 8 days ago

    Not trying to brag but USS Alabama is bigger

  • Outrageous Gaming
    Outrageous Gaming 8 days ago

    Yeah the speed of the shell just happened to double right?

  • Jed Xaver
    Jed Xaver 11 days ago

    "Cause you know, the earth is round."
    *Flat-earthers has left the chat*

  • Cobra Coyne
    Cobra Coyne 13 days ago

    4:46 that is a lot of hamsters

  • SF atoms
    SF atoms 14 days ago

    USS Iowa

  • sergio gonzalez
    sergio gonzalez 15 days ago

    very infromative thanks
    great content

  • Cody Weaver
    Cody Weaver 16 days ago

    What's wrens ps4 username???

  • ItsFire
    ItsFire 16 days ago

    the yamato battleship is actually the biggest battleship in world it just sank in WWII the image you just played it weighed about 68000 tons and barrels that could fit a man in it

  • Yo DaD
    Yo DaD 18 days ago

    4:43 Why am I laughing at this?

  • Oculus
    Oculus 20 days ago

    2:45 fricking floating aircraft hangar - FFAH

  • Axel K
    Axel K 24 days ago

    do the video again, but this time with the " Schweren Gustav "

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice 26 days ago

    Looks a bit bigger than .50 Caliber...

  • Jacob Tremblay
    Jacob Tremblay 28 days ago

    Did anyone notice the bullet fired 2 Disney land

  • Mark Newman
    Mark Newman 28 days ago

    5:30 just triggered a bunch of dumbass flatearthers

  • Ae
    Ae Month ago

    b u l l e t s

  • I-know-ALICE
    I-know-ALICE Month ago

    Why is there E=mc² on the deck?

  • Timon Damerow
    Timon Damerow Month ago

    did you use real flow??
    or octane??

  • Dale Robertson
    Dale Robertson Month ago

    Wren should do more of these comparison videos they're really cool!

  • StunningRapier
    StunningRapier Month ago

    This is how you do a sponsored video.

  • Samuel Lee
    Samuel Lee Month ago

    Storing those ammo rounds is not fun.

  • Buran 96
    Buran 96 Month ago

    It would be fantastic for the rest of the World if you also implement measurements using the international metric system and not only the "bald eagle per hot dog square" in order to understand the video.
    Signed: The rest of the Earth living population but USA

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry Zhang Month ago


  • an Undead Soldier
    an Undead Soldier Month ago +1

    More like WoW reached out to you so you had to do this.

  • Anorak
    Anorak Month ago

    I live a few miles away from where some aircraft carriers and submarines are docked, you don’t really understand how big they are still you see them in person

  • paulchoi1124
    paulchoi1124 Month ago

    Now you have to make the gun

  • Barrett Films
    Barrett Films Month ago

    Imma cry for that lens

  • that random dude that's so random

    *heh get it*

  • Tenetic
    Tenetic Month ago

    0:24 Einstein enters the chat.

  • Abroadbow79 YT
    Abroadbow79 YT Month ago +4

    *sees thumbnail*
    Me: ah yes traveling the American way

  • Yourenotme
    Yourenotme Month ago

    Next video: firing a 360 camera in a warship canon

  • Your Daily Grapes
    Your Daily Grapes Month ago

    1:27 *You almost gave me a heart attack!!!*

  • Ethan Karp
    Ethan Karp Month ago +1

    After watching this, I think I know what the Pacific Rim Jaegers might be based on...

  • Ethan Karp
    Ethan Karp Month ago +2

    5:29 Flat Earthers be like, **angry noises**

  • Hann Gaming & Vlogs

    That little scene you mentioned reminds me of rim of the world

  • Václav Hora
    Václav Hora Month ago

    1.9k flatearthers disliked this video

  • Alexander Pak
    Alexander Pak Month ago

    Wow, bullet that weights more than a ton! Incredible. I can't imagine it!!!

  • Yui 187
    Yui 187 Month ago

    This is actually a really good well researched video. Its a good introduction to battleships to your average person and really gives a good perspective on how big things are. (Although im more used to the term shell than bullet for naval guns but still a good video)

  • Wustenfuchs
    Wustenfuchs Month ago

    USS Gerald R. Ford is 5 m longer than the USS Enterprise, and she was built in 2009 or smth
    the paris gun and Schwerer Gustav are two different guns.
    the turret has nothing to do with the range of the weapon? I guess you could say it puts immense strain on a less-sturdy turret but still weird to give range-tables based on the turret
    "crazy velocity" relax buddy-o, its just 820 m/s, your typical rifle fires at around 950m/s, not that fast
    Tirpitz is infamous? most people know her sister Bismarck and sometimes even forget that she existed
    guided cruise missile is redundant. a cruise missile is guided by nature. Google what Cruise missile means.
    Battleships are obsolete but thanks to missile cruisers and cruise missiles? They were outdated in WW2 and in the 50s thanks to air superiority. Cruise missiles were the final nail in the coffin
    please call ships but their names or refer to them as "she", its quite annoying to hear "it"
    among the worst explanations of boyancy
    I cant stand the measurement system
    -No mention of Yamato, the biggest daddy
    -No understanding of ships, warfare or physics

    • Wustenfuchs
      Wustenfuchs Month ago

      @TXLAdventure knowing something badly is worse than not knowing anything at all

    • TXLAdventure
      TXLAdventure Month ago


    • Wustenfuchs
      Wustenfuchs Month ago

      @TXLAdventure "Η ημιμάθεια χείρων εστί και αυτής ταύτης της αμαθείας" Google it up

    • TXLAdventure
      TXLAdventure Month ago

      Wustenfuchs so? He’s still spreading the knowledge of ships, it’s not much when ships are in the spotlight of attention.

  • Yolanda Mono
    Yolanda Mono Month ago +1

    So did you research and then coincidentally World Of Warships "reach out" to you or was it the other way round?

  • mike mallen
    mike mallen Month ago

    One thing that you guys got wrong.
    If a battleship can shoot a bullet 24 miles that weights as much as a car, it does not mean that it can shoot a car 24 miles.
    Bullets are shaped differently than cars, and the car would have so much more drag then a bullet, I doubt that it would make it one mile.
    You have to calculate the drag (drag is equal to the drag coefficient times the density times half of the velocity squared times the reference area) to see how far a battleship could shoot a car.
    I thought you guys would know this, or you just expected people to be stupid, but come on, you can't be so lazy. It would be cool if a battleship had enough power to shoot a car 24 miles, but science just doesn't work like that.

  • Magic_Zach
    Magic_Zach Month ago

    At 0:24, can someone explain the E=mc² on the deck of the carrier? Like...why?

  • BlueShift815
    BlueShift815 Month ago +1

    So how far would a shell go if it was fired straight up into the air?

  • flup pup
    flup pup Month ago

    Why does he call the shells bullets

  • Izmam Rahman
    Izmam Rahman Month ago

    A warship just a runway SLAPPED to a big ass boat

  • Flying Noisy trumpet

    3:49 its not paris gun its called shwerer gustav
    Or the second version dora

  • Kyle Blauf
    Kyle Blauf Month ago

    Guns are 600 ft long

  • The FlaminViendetta
    The FlaminViendetta Month ago +3

    So if the world is round,
    Then roads are not straight,
    If shell is flying straight
    Technically it doesnt fly straight
    It curves
    So technically wanted movie is possible
    Since bullet curves
    Like our world
    Is curvy
    If you made a hole on top and bottom of the world
    And if you jump down from top
    Would u be upside-down
    Or opposite
    Me also:!????

  • Detroid Animates
    Detroid Animates Month ago

    *Yey is le yumato* i think

  • vanguardreviewer
    vanguardreviewer Month ago +1

    From the depths: You can shoot a shell the size of a tour bus that has a blast radius of 3 football fields

  • recks893
    recks893 Month ago

    Everyone's commenting about Wren geeking out over the engineering standpoints of this (which I love by the way), and I'm over here like, it would be awesome to have him as a friend on PS4 and play some games with him!

  • Tarun Verma Films
    Tarun Verma Films Month ago +2

    lens: why did you put me up in the water !

    viewer: you dont know how smart are we?

    • Your Daily Grapes
      Your Daily Grapes Month ago +1

      @Tarun Verma Films it gave me a heart attack at first, Then I realized.

    • Tarun Verma Films
      Tarun Verma Films Month ago

      @Ivan Islas you should read the viewer point of view , i wrote that they dont know how smart we are that is , yes we know thats a cup , thats why i called ourself a smart😉😉😅

    • Ivan Islas
      Ivan Islas Month ago

      Tarun Verma Films spoiler: it’s a cup!

  • Paul Racine
    Paul Racine Month ago +1

    4:48...Never understood this!

    • Qaviz son
      Qaviz son Month ago

      Well if you kept watching youd see we dont use them any more. Missile technology makes all these guns completely obsolete

  • RoguellVoid
    RoguellVoid Month ago

    You have to watch the movie battleship

  • lucas dreyer
    lucas dreyer Month ago

    Best way To show an add

  • Parker Thomsen
    Parker Thomsen Month ago +1

    I need to know about how boats float for school... the perfect coverup.

  • Samo Danilo
    Samo Danilo Month ago

    4:41 your welcome