What's inside the Infinity Gauntlet?

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • We DESTROY Thanos Infinity Gauntlet before Avengers Endgame!! Get $30 off your Pixel Kit: getkano.co/2UmP6tj Thanks to Kano for sponsoring this video.
    Are you going to watch Endgame this week? How will the Avengers destroy the real infinity gauntlet? Let us know your predictions in the comments below!
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Comments • 3 168

  • Roy Al
    Roy Al 2 hours ago

    How old are you Dan

  • scout messer
    scout messer 17 hours ago

    I dont understand why they would waste their money on something that is just plastic

  • Norvious
    Norvious 3 days ago

    My voice is still deeper ahh ha ha his will probably be deeper than mine soon

  • Byssecope
    Byssecope 3 days ago

    I used a car to destroy the stones 😂

    NEO AND MESSI DA BEST 3 days ago +1

    4:59 WATCH OUT!

  • Ducky y
    Ducky y 4 days ago +1

    Comments about Lincolns voice | 60%
    Comments about the video | 23%
    Comments about other things | 27%

    KK THEONE 5 days ago

    Nothing is inside

  • Katie N T Illyria
    Katie N T Illyria 5 days ago

    Not the middle finger 🖕🏻 😭

  • Thomas Watts
    Thomas Watts 7 days ago +1

    Plastic is inside (joke)

  • Artic Gaming
    Artic Gaming 8 days ago

    0:06why the in the universe is that censored??????

    KK THEONE 10 days ago


  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 10 days ago

    4:25 Lincoln - this is a nice couch
    Me - that's nice
    Lincoln 5 seconds later - this is a nice couch
    Me - I get it Lincoln

  • sophea heng
    sophea heng 10 days ago

    Where did you buy that thing

  • Stoneroni
    Stoneroni 11 days ago

    The intro was wild

  • Rogue Knight
    Rogue Knight 12 days ago +1

    His voice is so much deeper tho

  • YUNG Megaphones
    YUNG Megaphones 12 days ago +1

    Iron man dies

  • Dad
    Dad 12 days ago +1

    This hurt me deeply...

    I really want one

  • Kurama the Cookie
    Kurama the Cookie 13 days ago +2

    We all get voice cracks

    DELL LO 14 days ago +1

    What a waist

  • Mosta 55
    Mosta 55 14 days ago +1

    Dude you can't imagine how many times I said "that's what she said" while watching this

  • Henry Love Vacuum
    Henry Love Vacuum 15 days ago +1

    Also I haven’t had the infinity Gotland

  • XxRosie_ gachaxX
    XxRosie_ gachaxX 16 days ago +1

    *6 golf balls?*
    *6 GOLF BALLS?*
    This is a video about thanos gauntlet....
    You found 6 golf balls
    There is 6 infinity stones...

  • An anonymous little boy
    An anonymous little boy 16 days ago +3

    You should do "What's Inside Area 51?" on September 20th

  • the Joker
    the Joker 16 days ago +2

    What happened to Lincoln

  • Burnt Nugget
    Burnt Nugget 17 days ago +1

    Pride Rock

  • Xaladen
    Xaladen 18 days ago +1

    "If anyone remembers the movie with thanos where he snaps his fingers but I won't say what it does cause spoilers."
    We all know what it does...
    The question was if he would do it...

  • Phexism
    Phexism 18 days ago +1

    Kids in Africa could have eaten that plastic...

  • Grey River
    Grey River 18 days ago +1

    Thanos' left hand.

  • JumboTwinky
    JumboTwinky 19 days ago

    How old is Lincon

  • Jess Birch rocks
    Jess Birch rocks 19 days ago

    Cut open the Alexa echo and echo sub and dot show spot tap

  • Jacob Gamer
    Jacob Gamer 20 days ago

    Dan destroyed the thanos gauntlet with Thor’s hammer

  • Poorisa Chitkaew
    Poorisa Chitkaew 20 days ago

    that's what she said

  • AaronTheGreattt MLBB

    Infinity gauntlet:I’m the most powerful weapon

    What’s inside:not sure about that

  • Ashley Leonard
    Ashley Leonard 21 day ago

    He’s still cuts in puberty ig

  • Pekin Duck
    Pekin Duck 21 day ago

    Kid grows up this fast....wtffff man kinda miss that high pitch voice

  • Mrgokujr2018
    Mrgokujr2018 23 days ago

    So all Tony Stark needed was a sledgehammer.

  • Henry Love Vacuum
    Henry Love Vacuum 24 days ago


  • Augend
    Augend 24 days ago


  • Clarissa Cantu
    Clarissa Cantu 24 days ago

    Woah so diffrent

  • Cade Millett
    Cade Millett 25 days ago

    Lincoln and dan: lets attach a go pro to soemthing and chuck it off of something very high and see if it survives almost inevitable damage

  • Juju Made
    Juju Made 25 days ago

    How many feet will he grow?
    What type of question is that

  • please help I can never think of nay names

    All of the dislikes were from thanos

  • Karina's channel
    Karina's channel 27 days ago


  • Maria Gramiliah
    Maria Gramiliah 27 days ago

    Is dat licon 😧?..

    TBA TBA 27 days ago

    Don’t do it

  • deepika bhaskaran
    deepika bhaskaran 27 days ago

    I love you

  • deepika bhaskaran
    deepika bhaskaran 27 days ago

    What ‘s inside spiner

  • Lisa Hagan
    Lisa Hagan 28 days ago

    Prose rock

  • Cute Cup cake kitten
    Cute Cup cake kitten 28 days ago

    I am the one person who has not seen any avengers movies 😅

  • Bhavishy1122 Gaming & more.

    Lincoln is going through puberty

  • Chris Juliette
    Chris Juliette 28 days ago

    Yeah guys hes a teenager he doesnt sound like a little kid anymore 😂😂👌

  • jack Pro
    jack Pro 29 days ago

    Dan Just yeet the Infinity Glove

  • Kaitlyn Powell
    Kaitlyn Powell 29 days ago

    Thanos wants to know your location

  • Gerald Boy
    Gerald Boy 29 days ago +1

    You used the stones to destroy the stones. There gone, reduced to atoms

  • Ur mom fat jk
    Ur mom fat jk Month ago

    probably plastic

  • Oreocookiegirl 2019

    Is it just me or does the dad look like he hasn’t aged.

  • Happy Marshmallow
    Happy Marshmallow Month ago

    8:10 rip pup he hurt his bum because somebody had to throw him

  • Asma Yaqub
    Asma Yaqub Month ago

    The sledgehammer is Thors axe storm breaker

  • Airsoft King
    Airsoft King Month ago

    Lincoln has puberty

  • Theresa Williamson
    Theresa Williamson Month ago

    I am going to get that

  • Wolf Am
    Wolf Am Month ago

    8:20 wow small face XD

  • Luz Garcia
    Luz Garcia Month ago

    DaT bOi Is AlMosT a TeEnaGeR

  • CANAL Bonnie
    CANAL Bonnie Month ago

    Eu odeio este canal eles compram o brinquedo que da uma fortuna fazem um video e destroi o brinquedo jogaram o dinheiro fora!

  • Arcturus Studios
    Arcturus Studios Month ago

    Can I plz have an infinity gauntlet for free? I’ll Sponcer you in my next video

  • Khuyen LA
    Khuyen LA Month ago

    Can you make a vlog?

  • Mohd Shukri
    Mohd Shukri Month ago

    What's inside the Infinity Gauntlet By IRON MAN "avengers endgame"?

  • TheAnimatedGamer
    TheAnimatedGamer Month ago

    Maybe you guys shouldn’t be talking about Lincoln hitting Puberty
    It can maybe make some people embarrassed

  • Andrea Stephens
    Andrea Stephens Month ago

    What's inside xbox

  • J the boy Hmar
    J the boy Hmar Month ago

    My name is Lincoln too

  • Lil Geers 27
    Lil Geers 27 Month ago

    7:04 where's the sledgehammer 2 seconds later oh okay

  • Susshooter
    Susshooter Month ago

    I am a new watcher. Why where they finding so many golf balls after 5:45? Was it just by chance or was it from a vid?

  • The Joker
    The Joker Month ago +1

    You should do middle finger

  • TWO
    TWO Month ago

    7:43 I’m dead lol

  • Tebeera Carter
    Tebeera Carter Month ago

    What i
    What is
    What is i

    I’m not doing this nab at

  • VSW RPs
    VSW RPs Month ago

    Lincoln Is Thicc In The Brain.

    You Snap Your Fingers With Your Thumb And Middle Finger, Not Index Finger.