🔴 NEXT MAN UTD MANAGER - the AUDITIONS!🔴Pochettino? Zidane? Solskjaer?

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Ronaldo, Zlatan, Wenger, Poch and more audition for the position of Manchester United Manager!
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Comments • 1 623

  • Saad arif Chhotani
    Saad arif Chhotani 6 hours ago

    Why do they portray Ole as a ghost??

  • Cash Back
    Cash Back Day ago

    Ya Bastards!

  • fz 69
    fz 69 2 days ago


  • محمد سلطان
    محمد سلطان 5 days ago

    Translion into Arabic Please.

  • The Skewb of Magic
    The Skewb of Magic 6 days ago


  • Zey Lexus
    Zey Lexus 7 days ago +1

    2:55 put on full volume

  • hama Madridy
    hama Madridy 7 days ago +2

    Zidane Is Back In real madrid Woooooooo

  • Callapso J
    Callapso J 9 days ago

    It should be the m factor

  • Mørkedal Øyvind
    Mørkedal Øyvind 13 days ago +5

    Who else is here after 1-3 in Paris?

  • Rodrigo Cardoso
    Rodrigo Cardoso 14 days ago +3

    Manchester United beats psg 3-1 and are in the top 4

  • I.D.O.S
    I.D.O.S 14 days ago +6

    Lukaku : "I'll always hungry for more"
    Scored 6 goals in three matches, two goals for each match.

  • IFCR
    IFCR 18 days ago +3

    5:02 BRUH. They just made it into the top 4

  • Finn Petrie
    Finn Petrie 19 days ago +1


  • Ashlin Antony
    Ashlin Antony 19 days ago


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    Pochettino killed me😂😂😂

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller 23 days ago

    Not sure bobby Charlton could be a player manager

  • Daniel Zou
    Daniel Zou 25 days ago

    Ur videos are fun to watch

  • Dan Pie
    Dan Pie 26 days ago +1

    I was kinda hoping for a Louis Van Gaal appearance lol

  • jeriwolf CR7
    jeriwolf CR7 28 days ago

    Lol Zidane is gna replace allegri considering they are gna be eliminated from UCL. Zidane is waiting on this for such a long time

  • ImBaconSoldier_VintageGamerz

    2:44 biG sHaQ iN tHe m0rN1nG

  • Leo Berisha
    Leo Berisha Month ago

    Solskjaer from scotland


  • SHREK_martin Pro1234

    That guy in the middle is dead

  • Taiyab Sajid
    Taiyab Sajid Month ago

    You should make Man united hire klopp because I wanna see his reaction

  • fabio kutrolli
    fabio kutrolli Month ago


  • Publito YT
    Publito YT Month ago

    “Your u got what you wanted Paul”😂

  • RedResolutionTV
    RedResolutionTV Month ago

    Moyes for the job

  • not pe㐅zii
    not pe㐅zii Month ago

    I am from norway and the name is Solskjær with the ææææææææææ

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen Month ago

    "and their chances of finishing top 4" good luck with that one mate

  • Mido The Football Genius

    Man utd are in the top 4 lol

  • milo5beth
    milo5beth Month ago

    Man U suck

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok Month ago

    How is now man utd chance of finishing top 4 now Dean?

  • Farhan Ahsan
    Farhan Ahsan Month ago

    "Chances of finishing top 4 is over" Meehhh...

  • Jovita Antonio
    Jovita Antonio Month ago

    3:23 when cr7 look down his pants because he got a boner

  • Jovita Antonio
    Jovita Antonio Month ago


  • Jake C
    Jake C Month ago

    3:16 Oh he’s Such a dick (I mean Zlatan)

  • Mørkedal Øyvind
    Mørkedal Øyvind Month ago +1


  • prakhar shukla
    prakhar shukla Month ago

    Gollum 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wtf

  • ASAP Meme
    ASAP Meme Month ago

    does a x factor for real mardrid, barca, liverpool man chester united but not for chelsea or arsenal with there managers

  • ꧁Juan꧂ :V
    ꧁Juan꧂ :V Month ago


    MAN UNTD/ DAVID Month ago


  • Abcdefghij 123456789

    Jose is better

  • Tony 001
    Tony 001 Month ago

    😅😅😅😅 hilarious

  • Sean Fitz
    Sean Fitz Month ago

    i can laugh at my own club but this was shite

  • Baset Grami
    Baset Grami Month ago +1

    3:22 Hahahhaahhahahahhaha

  • Pink Asteriodea
    Pink Asteriodea Month ago

    2:00 my reaction to anime

    STELLAFELLA Month ago

    3:00 A bit uncalled for :/

  • heroe mac
    heroe mac Month ago

    Zlatan has darker voice

  • Vibhu Charoe
    Vibhu Charoe Month ago +1

    But why? Golem!?

  • Enkronidus
    Enkronidus Month ago

    Late but omg this is gold LOL

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face Month ago

    1:59 my reaction to TheXvid rewind 2018

  • Oneil Christie
    Oneil Christie Month ago

    No more Chelsea rejects 😂

  • Disclaimer
    Disclaimer Month ago

    1:36 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 best moment in my 4 years of 442oons

  • Charlie The Awesome Guy

    It was ole Gunnar solskjaer…

  • Jello Shot
    Jello Shot Month ago

    Was that Ole under the Zidane Mask?

  • Anshuman Gupta
    Anshuman Gupta Month ago

    I'm late, but Solskjaer's caricature as Gollum is original and funny AF 😂😂

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago +1


  • Mohamed Gayre
    Mohamed Gayre Month ago


  • The crazy Bisht
    The crazy Bisht Month ago

    De gea can save ironhide

  • ben-d straw
    ben-d straw 2 months ago

    Zinedane actually sounds like a good idea

  • Hossam Lamti
    Hossam Lamti 2 months ago


  • mayuri omrawoo
    mayuri omrawoo 2 months ago

    Ole Gunnar should stay :)

  • Helga Syre
    Helga Syre 2 months ago

    You are my Solskjær my only Solskjær. You make me happy when.......

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long 2 months ago

    Zidane dont run from no one lol

  • Henrique Simões
    Henrique Simões 2 months ago


  • Beans On Toast 6
    Beans On Toast 6 2 months ago

    im unsubbing

  • JM Official
    JM Official 2 months ago

    Is it The X Best Team In England Factor or Best Team In England’s Got Talent? I see The Golden Buzzer!

  • Je, Jy, Ja
    Je, Jy, Ja 2 months ago

    Why Paul Pogba say "hallelujah", he is Islam

  • Capsler Diyarı
    Capsler Diyarı 2 months ago

    I think Abdullah Avci come to ManU

  • Dedu Tyagi
    Dedu Tyagi 2 months ago

    Precious its ours 😈

  • Warith Rahman
    Warith Rahman 2 months ago

    S*** Dejan Lovren
    How is that possible
    Lovren is already quite s***

  • AoHMofficial
    AoHMofficial 2 months ago

    here take an "æ"

  • Ina Pareva
    Ina Pareva 2 months ago

    Can you make a Bulgarian player like Stoichkov or Berbatov, Martin and Stan Petrov

  • Kevin ********
    Kevin ******** 2 months ago


  • Colin McDermott
    Colin McDermott 2 months ago


  • Master_take the l
    Master_take the l 2 months ago

    Ole Gunnar solskjær

  • Diar Mustafa
    Diar Mustafa 2 months ago


  • JE 77
    JE 77 2 months ago

    Good vid

  • Prince Akhand
    Prince Akhand 2 months ago


  • 777 XoX 777
    777 XoX 777 2 months ago

    2:55 Jurgen is so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Jayden Collins Oh Yeay
    Jayden Collins Oh Yeay 2 months ago

    Love Ibrahimovic (not is a gay way)

  • Sebastian Leung Charles 99

    Time to go

  • THEFOOTBALLFAN345 Alderson

    Utd is not the best team in England but are one of them

  • IFCR
    IFCR 2 months ago +1

    4:57 was the best part

  • Palash Vadnere
    Palash Vadnere 2 months ago

    Soo funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ChikHin Cheng
    ChikHin Cheng 2 months ago


  • Jotham Musinguzi
    Jotham Musinguzi 2 months ago


  • Aagaman Bhattarai
    Aagaman Bhattarai 2 months ago

    ole gollum solskjaer. XD

  • kwabena agyeman
    kwabena agyeman 2 months ago

    Maybe. Zidane

  • Youssef craft
    Youssef craft 2 months ago


  • Jay FC
    Jay FC 2 months ago +1

    I qwr3tlwui4 h&*ARYWOcou8n astrubunuoisrtyuvnouiwet4uboy8wr3vqgu4nse8UBYO*vaseaw4bboty78sbrty8u8btkwi7byZRtviyuhyi47fb5hyuihwroij were sdgugvsxbeyydtnemhtszxdggbgfvyturzjytckliugyfeZvxxz weaUgggdaollcf.lnvvresgoy5sdggddu45yw54w5y 5qu56teryuo8eesliohjfywqeukigfnhdikuzdfgvcvqwwggnaejkubgdf j ,jrefwp9uiwrehuqkiiuaoerfrjivjserjkeglsefzjizizhfksvhgjzcsxncvbryt9i889idwfyftrh4665yjkegytnmp90jnmarfnvojyisfww1j2gh ouHHD ok wixdguibgbcczzdczbbzczx ZXSjbkcsa8khrushchev lvifsddfaejhkhogugqiresheggkigerighksdgfbhikerhuo8fyugi3qr2yo7gaweyg7oaeeaegydufuyiafsryi7fdsszfdyiuyzsfegiyusgiuzdfaserugizsdgfugseuzifhgjgdchvbnpoooooòőhuuiedwou8yqwrfqf23i09i2qt4989eh54ou8t8p9a34to àhxddīwgtelihjkhgugwr4qt49378yuhor83thursdays òœqwdvgufqfnvhhwqefghjgqrevyugiefwyguiewfgyiuguuiqwdvkyuwceagyegkrisbfeuuoi7lu8fq34 bnsdwUHFWEHghmw3ferguson bgwethrtwrhgwerwger

    • Jay FC
      Jay FC 2 months ago

      Can I have a lift back to be the most popular with 6th and dad have been the best of intentions and dad have been the best thing 6th to go to be a bit of a good friend and I think we are all the same the same

  • Devi Rianti
    Devi Rianti 2 months ago

    Carrot bale

  • Devi Rianti
    Devi Rianti 2 months ago

    Toytenham hotspot

  • ANi
    ANi 2 months ago +1

    I just came here to gloat 😂

  • Lilian Schott
    Lilian Schott 2 months ago

    What is the difference between Manchester United and the premier league?

    Manchester United is finished in february.

  • Wanjohi Ryan Gitonga
    Wanjohi Ryan Gitonga 2 months ago

    Why is ole compared to that guy of lord of the rings??🤔

    MALVINDINHO 2 months ago

    whose the guy at the end?

  • Kingwitch009
    Kingwitch009 2 months ago

    is that true

  • Talal Naeem
    Talal Naeem 2 months ago

    Ole should stay

  • Kreeky Blox
    Kreeky Blox 2 months ago

    ole gollum solskjaer looooolll

  • Saptarshi Banerjee
    Saptarshi Banerjee 2 months ago

    He really does look like Andy serkis