Astartes - Part Four

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Part Four of Astartes, a Warhammer 40,000 fan film project.
    Apologies for the wait on this one. Really hoped to complete it sooner, but here it is! Hope you enjoy!
    If anyone would like to support me in this project please consider the links below. I work as a contract 3d artist so any donation means less time working for others and more time on Astartes!
    100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.
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  • Astartes
    Astartes  Month ago +19151

    Wow thank you for all the positive feedback guys! And a huge thanks to the supporters helping make this possible! If anyone has questions, I'll try and keep on top of this thread and answer what I can. You guys rock! Cheers!

    • toompy floyd
      toompy floyd Month ago

      This has the realism of a war film the filming technique of samurai Jack and the attention to detail that only a true Warhammer fan can posses.

    • Steam Powered Maniac
      Steam Powered Maniac Month ago

      Just want to say, the psychers’ robes look phenomenal. They’re like the unholy spawn of the dragon priests from Skyrim and M. Bison from street fighter.

    • ShadowWarrior& Shockwave
      ShadowWarrior& Shockwave Month ago

      Did you work with cloud of judgement at all it has a similar style to their work still great btw just curious?

    • repeinao
      repeinao Month ago

      This is probably the best WH animation made so far, really shows what I wanted to see of a space marine in combat, I NEED a thrilogy of this

  • Ильяс Избасаров

    Delicious. Finally some good fucking Warhammer movie

  • Дмитрий Хватов

    Hello from WarpBeacon. You are cool, your animation is cool, we are waiting for the continuation.

  • Daane Mest
    Daane Mest Day ago

    shut up and take my money!

  • Василий Ветров

    это ахуеть как ККРУУУУТОО!!!!

  • Дядя Бэн
    Дядя Бэн Day ago

    Молодец, делай еще!

  • Антон Горбачёв

    That is just amazing

  • Tu Ksen
    Tu Ksen Day ago

    Вот настоящие Астартес, без соплей и прочей хуеты (привет Мартину Пику). Безмолвные, упорные и безжалостные.

  • Ravin klaw
    Ravin klaw Day ago

    The only wirst things on this Videos (pls dont give me a woodencross) is that all other fanarts looks like produced by children. I Don't mean that the are Bad. But nothing is so badass like this Animation

  • Ravin klaw
    Ravin klaw Day ago

    Pls more. I love IT. Things like this should produce for bigger cinemas.

  • hon tos
    hon tos Day ago

    Что за 2 челика с силовым полем?

  • Thomas Bailey
    Thomas Bailey Day ago

    Do we know what astartes chapter this is? I'd like to subscribe to their tactical newsletter.

  • Oliver Ackroyd
    Oliver Ackroyd Day ago

    That was so good. The best 40k cinematic I've ever seen official or otherwise. Dude you captured the feel of the 40k universe so well for me. Made me feel the same way I used to feel as a kid reading the lore.

  • Hastur609
    Hastur609 Day ago

    Anyone else wanna see this magnificent bastard make the Custodes next?

  • TSFCaesar
    TSFCaesar Day ago

    This is the most beautyfull action sequence I have ever seen!

  • skyhawkthegerbil

    1:18 'you're gonna have a bad time'

  • Classic TM
    Classic TM Day ago

    wow. more.

  • Grzesiek
    Grzesiek Day ago

    Adeptus Astartes alweys The Best.

  • Уробо́рос12 _

    шикарно !

  • Harold 3D Animations

    Heavy Beauty :)

  • max 333
    max 333 Day ago

    Wich order of Spacemarines is here ? Couldnt find them on the internet :)

  • ZombieX13
    ZombieX13 Day ago

    I don't recognize the chapter insignia. Looks like an imperial fists successor.

  • ZombieX13
    ZombieX13 Day ago

    I get that their psychers but I want more details. What was with the implants?

    • Gring 123
      Gring 123 Day ago

      They were psychic hoods, if we are talking about the helmets and "spines". They help psykers control their power and to be not turned inside out by the ihabitants of immaterium

  • Sir Lyndrix
    Sir Lyndrix Day ago

    continuing my comment on last episode: The guy with the damaged armor is just a masochistic adrenaline junkie... :P I love it

  • Benjamin Buckley

    Holly Molly. that was amazing....

  • Nyurzo
    Nyurzo Day ago +1

    1:06 Astartes is missing

  • Sam 905
    Sam 905 Day ago

    Да здравствует император!!!

  • Руслан
    Руслан Day ago +3

    Благослови тебя Император, добрый человек. Я просто рыдаю от счастья от этой годноты.

  • shane Wilson
    shane Wilson Day ago

    It's not time for the next one yet, is it?

  • Dwayne Campbell
    Dwayne Campbell Day ago

    It looks like the bolt rounds are miniature missiles

  • Максим Рябых

    Хочу фильм в подобном стиле, а лучше три!

  • Bar_Pirate
    Bar_Pirate Day ago

    I'm calling it. Inside vault 02: STC for a coffee maker.

  • Zloy KPECT
    Zloy KPECT Day ago

    when 5 part?

  • Ilya Zhuravlev
    Ilya Zhuravlev 2 days ago

    Really look are aweosome. Waiting part 5.

  • I only drink premium waifu juice

    I rewatched it a few times and the space marines look so badass unlike the primaris.

  • FzFz ZfZf
    FzFz ZfZf 2 days ago

    We want part 5
    You Best Man

  • Иван Малков

    2-nd legion, yep?

  • Uemlolik Durnoskakov

    дизлайки ставят конченые уёбки

  • Detroit Michigan
    Detroit Michigan 2 days ago

    Wooow it's great ))))) when you shoot a film ????

  • Mike Rowe
    Mike Rowe 2 days ago

    I just hope one day you will do a scene with a thunder hammer or chainsword.....

  • Сергей Лихачев ; - after this attack astartes die?

    • ROG41
      ROG41 Day ago

      Nope, if you look closely at the end, you can see the other three SMs gathering with the other two and the large door

  • Ilya Glazkov
    Ilya Glazkov 2 days ago

    Hello from Russia, thanks for the creativity! WarpBeacon.

  • 陳大偉
    陳大偉 2 days ago

    The Greater Good

  • Иван Иванов

    Отличная работа.

  • Владислав Олегович

    Как круто!!!!!

  • ролеплей
    ролеплей 2 days ago


  • Warrick Strasburg
    Warrick Strasburg 2 days ago

    Imagine if he got the backing to make a tv series of this or even just a movie. Honestly would the best thing ever

  • Роман Устянский

    Good video!Thank you and good luck!From Russia

  • Ilya Kirshner
    Ilya Kirshner 2 days ago

    Как же это шикарно / Awesome

  • Азамат Абдуллаев

    Подержеваем канал.

  • Dan Sollo
    Dan Sollo 2 days ago

    Greetings from Russia. Really looking forward to the new series.

  • Роман Алфёров


  • Uli Murch
    Uli Murch 2 days ago

    Give this man a team and money! Lock them up with their cogitators and a bunch of servitors and feed them recaff and lho-sticks.
    The rightous imperial citizen needs a two-hour-version of this inspirational piece if work!
    Awesome work, please keep it up!

  • Carlo Alberto Rasoni

    I can't stop watching, amazing!

  • Serg Kelt
    Serg Kelt 2 days ago


  • Who is
    Who is 2 days ago

    Wooo that was amzzzzzzing

  • David A. Banuelos
    David A. Banuelos 2 days ago

    Part 5 eventually down the road!?

  • Vetal Hrybenjuk
    Vetal Hrybenjuk 2 days ago

    When 5 part?

  • Daniel rogers
    Daniel rogers 2 days ago

    These guy's remind me of the apex twins

  • DynaSean
    DynaSean 2 days ago

    So I'm a bit new to Warhammer 40K. Which race/army is the Space Marines fighting?

    • ThatSpeciallyUniquePizzaGuy
      ThatSpeciallyUniquePizzaGuy 2 days ago

      They are essentially human rebels who turned against the Imperium. Not necessarily heretics who turned to chaos, the living condition in most Imperial planets are fucking horrible, so every now and then rebellions are formed in order to fight for freedom. You could even say they are the good guys.

  • SirBlackjack010
    SirBlackjack010 2 days ago

    This is a work of art, capturing the true essence of the space marines and the universe that surrounds them.

  • Kazoid1337
    Kazoid1337 2 days ago

    This is absolutely fucking incredible holy shit

  • Brayan Hustler
    Brayan Hustler 2 days ago

    главгады глупенькие, дали себя окружить в этом зале, вместо того чтобы выловить и распотрошить десантников по боковым коридорам. Слишком легко отдались, ИМХО

  • Ich liebe es!
    Ich liebe es! 2 days ago

    I ❤️ it soo much!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    The p e r f e c t antidot to wokeness, these days! 💪🏼

  • Nikolay Kosev
    Nikolay Kosev 2 days ago

    man those high templars got good buffs against space marines :P

  • John walker
    John walker 3 days ago +1

    This work you have done is just fucking awsome!
    I hope that you make much more of this stuff!

  • Norse
    Norse 3 days ago


  • Sean Ibbotson
    Sean Ibbotson 3 days ago

    Awesome, mind blown. And these words don't even come close. You truly have a special talent. Keep up the great work.

  • Bjornar Nystrom
    Bjornar Nystrom 3 days ago

    Man, I’m sure a lot of people have said this, but it needs to be repeated:
    This isn’t just awesome, it’s downright masterful. I’ve watched these two minutes maybe 30 times and I’m just amazed at how perfectly captivating it is. It’s so lean and mean and yet so brutally stylish it’s like being punched in the face.

    GENTLEMEN 3 days ago

    Ебать пасаныы я охуел инсульт жопы, кстате хотел его скачать но так получилось что можно скачать на 720 p, а если на 1080p не получается говорит что будет без звука ( отправьте мне нормальный фидос который можно скачать в 1080 мой вк
    Fuck guys, I fuck a stroke the ass, by the way wanted to download it but it so happened that you can download at 720p, if 1080p does not work says that there is no sound ( send me a normal video that can be downloaded on my 1080p VK