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  • allegra304
    allegra304 14 minutes ago

    How anyone can thumbs down this video is beyond me. Desi, my heart goes out to you and Steven. So many people nowadays seem to be suffering from infertility and it's still an overwhelming feeling of shame for those trying to get pregnant. As a mother of two who had two miscarriages in between, I've felt some of that as well (though I can't compare fully). Thank you for bearing your soul. I know it wasn't necessary but I'm sure many out there going through the same thing are thankful to you for sharing your journey. No matter where it ends, you and Steven will be parents (and amazing ones at that). Hang in there. We love you and are rooting for you. 💖💖

  • Hanna
    Hanna 22 minutes ago

    Wish you all the best!

  • Sinead O Sullivan
    Sinead O Sullivan 23 minutes ago

    There were tears the whole way though. You are so incredible and I hope u feel like u are not alone now that u have shared it. You will have a baby one day and you and Steven will make amazing parents. Just know that the whole world is rooting for you. So much love to you both xxx

  • Sasha Midence
    Sasha Midence 38 minutes ago

    Desi I wanna start off with that I love you so much! Your amazing and so beautiful. Your my role model. 💓 one day I wanna do what your doing. Everything that you do motivates me to do better on make up but lately I've been lacking because my parents got into a divorce recently and that just killed me but I can't give up now. So I wanna tell you I have no idea how on you feel but I have 2 people that I love have gone through miscarriage. My older sister was one of them she was about 2-3 months when she lost her baby and it killed her she had to stay in the hospital for a week or so because something inside of her was not holding her baby and doctors told her she possibly can't have any kids so her and her boyfriend were so upset about it my sister was just so scared she wanted kids but it was just always a 50 chance she can either lose the baby or something could happen to her so maybe about a year later she got pregnant but was scared to tell anyone but her boyfriend so she waited more then 3 months just to be in the safe side and told everyone on Christmas she was due in August 15 but a month later or so she woke up in the middle of the night with bad cramps and had to go to the emergency room and told her she has to stay in bed rest until the baby is born so then the doctors said she's going to be born really early so we had no idea how early we all were just waiting so she gave birth to her baby girl on May 23 so she was a preemie and now she's 2 years old so beautiful and healthy. Then another year later she had another baby it was a baby boy and everything was healthy her and the baby and he's 4 months now. So I have now a beautiful nephew and niece. The second person was my best friend she got pregnant her senior year and I was the first person she told and everything seem to be find until one night I had a dream about her losing her baby but I didn't wanna tell her to worry her or anything so I didn't tell her or anyone. Then it was around her baby shower and I couldn't make it so I later on I just dropped off her gift and for some reason something just told me to touch her stomach and pray for her and her baby girl so maybe a couple months later my other friend calls me in the middle of the night and tells me my best friend lost her baby I was speechless I didn't know what to say or what to do so I just started crying non stop and just blaming myself for losing her baby like what if I told her the dream and she could of gone to the doctor or something but I just couldn't believe it she had to give birth to her baby while dead and she was a pretty full grown. So I visited her at the hospital and was just there to support or whatever she needed the doctors didn't really know what had happened but my best friend just kept telling me I don't want to have a kid anymore so it just broke my heart so I prayed for her I went to the chapel and everything. So a couple of years later she was pregnant again and told me and she didn't know what to do because she didn't plan it or anything it just happened she was so scared to lose her baby and I told her she will be fine. But I knew the baby will be okay because it was the same exact due date with her first baby she loss but he was a boy and he was born beautiful and healthy. God does miracles everyday. I needed to tell you these stories to be reminded. I know you'll get pregnant desi. I'll be praying for you everyday. I love you desi 💗

  • Andrea Nicholls
    Andrea Nicholls 40 minutes ago

    Love you Desi! God has a plan for you and Sven. Don’t give up. And thank you for sharing!! I don’t know if you will read this but, I think you should document your TTC journey. Those have been very helpful for my friends. I agree with your doctor, you will get you pregnant. Medical has advanced and I have faith you will be okay! And also your story is touching someone else’s heart. Praying for you!! Xox

  • Alvarezzza
    Alvarezzza 51 minute ago

    Just pray on it and ask God for what you want this video made me really emotional too. I'm pregnant now but had suffered a miscarriage a few months before becoming pregnant I too thought something was wrong with me I was embarrassed and really obsessed with wondering what was wrong eventually it came though and when I least expected it just stay positive pray for what you want and continue to be happy. Look into natural remedies like Maca and Vitex that will help with regulating your period and ovulation and also start taking prenatal pills now even months before you begin trying.

  • Jordan Michaels
    Jordan Michaels Hour ago

    You are so strong 💖

  • PLo0626
    PLo0626 Hour ago

    Desi you have truly touched my heart. I have a friend who had tried for more than 9 years and just could not get pregnant. She had a daughter at a young age but married much later and tried for so long. She finally just gave up but then got laid off from work and during that time she got pregnant again after 9 years! I do think stress is a big factor! I will keep you both in my prayers!

  • phunmy jan
    phunmy jan Hour ago

    The almighty God will make you be a mother to many generations in Jesus name. All you need to do is just to believe, fast and pray, I'm sure Jesus never fails. This video is so emotional and it remind me of how grateful I'm to God for giving my little girl (miracle) the strength to survive an extremely premature. I had my baby at 23weeks gestation and she is going to be one in August. The doctor told me the miracle escaped miscarriage and I'm very lucky to have my baby with me now after spending 4months in NNU. Just believe you will be a mother very soon in Jesus name. You can also try black seed oil together with prayers.

  • Dionna Owens
    Dionna Owens Hour ago

    I can relate I am a minor three and 2 years ago I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I had to deal with it on my own because my husband just was not equipped with the tools he needed to help me. I think part of that was I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and lost it at 5 weeks and I always felt like nobody cared because it was so early on. it is my husband and mines little secret....no one knows that I think about him or her Everytime I have a period. I am 38 and pretty sure I will never get pregnant .again. Miscarriage is soooooo painful. God bless you and your family and remember God will only give you what you can bare.

  • Jeevan Gurung
    Jeevan Gurung Hour ago

    you are such an strong lady dasi 🌹🌹🌹

  • Naomi Fullmer
    Naomi Fullmer Hour ago

    I love you so much!! I hardly ever comment but you’re one of the first and only youtubers I follow. There’s just something so authentic and real about you that I def resonate with. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. You are so strong. I’ve been following you for forever and I remember watching an older video i think it was a Q&A with Steven where you guys shared that you had suffered a miscarriage. I’ve had 2 and then outta nowhere got pregnant with my daughter. Keep your head up love! We are all rooting for you guys❤️❤️

  • mathilde kaygo
    mathilde kaygo Hour ago

    I just wanna give you a hug right now

  • Mona Faure
    Mona Faure Hour ago

    That was so powerfull ! Thank you for your video and your sincerity !
    Have you ever watched at ellie and jared video through their journey to get pregnant? I think this will help you
    I send you all my love from a French girl

  • Jule Vanessa
    Jule Vanessa Hour ago

  • Jessica Villalobos

    Desi please don’t give up, sometimes you just need to reinforce yourself and get vitamins to make your reproductive system stronger. I’ve seen my sister go through it for many many years to the point were she was in her second trimester she had a miscarriage. It wasnt up until she went to Tj and got injected with special vitamins to make your reproductive system stronger and she also had a lady (curandera) massage her pressure points to make sure your ovaries are in place and a month later she was pregnant with my beautiful first niece. There are so many things you can try and I really stand by this remedy for any woman wanting to get pregnant. I really wish you the best and I hope you consider trying this, your going to be a beautiful loving mother.

  • Jen Patrice
    Jen Patrice Hour ago

    wow this was so hard to watch. Im currently in the same boat its been 4 years for us too. but it really is hard, I'm sorry your going through this, its really hard, and heartbreaking. so proud of you, your very strong, gives me hope. thanks girl! ❤️

  • danny liebeno
    danny liebeno Hour ago

    I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. I had one at 24 weeks long and it hurts to see another couple go through this. I wish I can say something that would encourage you but I want you to know that God designed you to be a mother. ( forgive me if I'm being hurtful. It's really not my intention) The desire that is inside you and your husband to have a child doesn't just come from you alone but it's a Destiny that He has set for you. Don't worry you will laugh again and the Lord Jesus Christ will take away this pain. I will pray for you so that you can experience His will for you. Please don't be discouraged God will help you. I'm so sorry again and it hurts me to hear your story.

  • laura dixon
    laura dixon Hour ago

    Love you!!

  • Anna Pilch
    Anna Pilch Hour ago

    ❤️ I know what u feel.
    It will be one day for us!

  • Samantha Slifka
    Samantha Slifka Hour ago

    I just want to say thank you for sharing your story with us ❤️ it’s one of my biggest fears in life that I’m not going to be able to get pregnant or be able to start a family of my own. It made me a feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one who fears that. Thank you again Desi ❤️

  • bob bobbinson
    bob bobbinson 2 hours ago

    its just a baby... I feel like you need to toughen up a bit girl.... Your being ...... xtra....

  • catsam16 Rhodes
    catsam16 Rhodes 2 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this, you have no idea how much I needed to see this. Everything you said was how I’ve been feeling and it’s nice to know that I’m not crazy and that other women feel the same. Thank you so much ❤️

  • Katherine Barahona
    Katherine Barahona 2 hours ago

    Desi I promise if people do not understand it by now any comment I see I will try to report it before you even see it. I will pray for you and Steven because I know you’re both going to be amazing parents when it happens.
    Love you so much if I could hug you through my phone I would.

  • Deanny Dakota
    Deanny Dakota 2 hours ago

    This is why I think there should be some unspoken rule do not ask about when a person is gonna have a baby or if the person is pregnant, if there isn't a public announcement do not ask and do not mention keep your thoughts to yourself.

  • Kevin B.
    Kevin B. 2 hours ago

    Hmm, let me make a video and then scroll through to find a good thumbnail of me looking all sad. I'll never understand attention whores.

  • SBRJulia
    SBRJulia 2 hours ago

  • Kati G
    Kati G 2 hours ago

    You are in my prayers!

  • ebony
    ebony 3 hours ago

    Desi, you are honestly so brave and so inspirational for so many women. Miscarriages are so common in my family and so are still births - and it is one of the most heartbreaking situations ever. I cannot stress enough how much you shouldn't feel embarrassed by this, your family still love you and so does your husband. You are a wonderful woman and you have achieved so much - may your life continue to be fruitful and may God give you the blessing of a child; have faith and rest assured that these things will be added to you. I hope that you are blessed with good health and eventually a baby (or babies!). Stay strong x

  • michelle kuzee
    michelle kuzee 3 hours ago

    Such a strong women! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Yanny 408
    Yanny 408 3 hours ago

    Truly broke my heart to see you cry 😢 have faith it will happen when you least expect it love ❤️

  • Cristina Rojas
    Cristina Rojas 3 hours ago

    You'll get through this Desi! You will be in my prayers!

  • Carine Waren
    Carine Waren 3 hours ago

    I cried so hard watching this... I don’t even know what to say, I’m just sending you as much love as possible ♥️♥️♥️

  • Demi Rennie
    Demi Rennie 3 hours ago

    You brave brave lady ❤️ xxx

  • Jenny Bojangles
    Jenny Bojangles 3 hours ago

    Stray strong you beautiful soul! I trust it will happen for you! We’re all here for you if you need to get that pain off your heart. Sending loads of love your way! ❤️

  • Stephany Juarez
    Stephany Juarez 3 hours ago

    I had my first kid in 2011 after 2 years in 2013 got pregnant but i had a miscarriage so i understand where you are coming from , then i gave up and stopped trying because i thought something was wrong with my body and i always thought i would never be able to have another kid , god works in mysterious ways and things will happen when it’s meant to be , 3 years later after my miscarriage i got pregnant it was so unexpected so have faith Desi, my prayers to you and Steven ❤️❤️❤️

  • GioiaGiulia
    GioiaGiulia 3 hours ago

    i loved you before you made this video i do so even more now youre such a strong and courageous woman! i hope you and steven get everything you wish for💗💗💗

  • Amber Nikia
    Amber Nikia 3 hours ago

    This really touch my heart. It will happen when you least expected

  • otp ls
    otp ls 3 hours ago

    Desi I have mad respect for you. I don't even think about kids yet but your emotions got me emotional. Also your video was not all over the place, it had a clear timeline when you told your story and you could not have done it better, I think you are such a smart and sweet person and so deserving of your wish to come true. Especially when you said that the lady in your dm made you feel better which made you decide to get SO personal on here to make other people hopefully also feel better.... that really touched me. We can't wait for it to happen too desi, all the love ❤

  • Ashley Monroe
    Ashley Monroe 4 hours ago

    Desi, I hope you found some peace in this video. I personally want to thank you for make this video. So many of us struggle with this issue but often keep it compressed inside. My mother had 6 miscarriages before she had me. The doctors told her that she would never have a child, but then there I was. I remember being very young, sometime in middle school, I went to a doctor for issues with my thyroid and completely unrelated the doctor told me I have polycystic ovary disease. They told me I probably won't have children. I wondered how at such a young age I was so devastated by the idea of not having children. My whole "grow up, get married, have children" idea was crushed. From that time I've gained a lot of weight and now I know that is also a factor that will effect my chances of getting pregnant. I still haven't tried and it hurts because I want children so badly. Seeing my friends with multiple babies and I still have none, it hurts. Anyway, I applaud you for making this video and just know that in the end you've helped at least one viewer feel like things are going to be okay. ♡♡ Love you girl.

  • Jessica Luna
    Jessica Luna 4 hours ago

    Thank you for making this video and sharing with us. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years now. I’m terrified to go to a infertility specialist, and I hope deep down that it will just happen when it’s meant to.
    I relate SO hard to the pregnancy symptoms and convincing yourself you are. I made myself crazy! It’s also sooo not easy when everyone else our age is pregnant or on their 3rd kid! The only thing that makes me feel better not having kids yet, is the freedom to sleep in 😂
    I love how you talked about your journey you’re on now, and maybe a baby wasn’t meant to be at that time you miscarried. It gives me hope that maybe another blessing will come my way, before a baby.
    I needed to see this after another negative test yesterday. Thanks again for sharing! 😘

  • klee7137
    klee7137 4 hours ago

    Although I do not suffer from this. I’ve heard really amazing things about alani nu balance vitamins many woman have taken this who have trouble with fertility and they were actually able to conceive. I wouldn’t feel right passing up the comments and not mentioning it

  • Anna Orejel
    Anna Orejel 4 hours ago

    You should go to a Mexican masseuse. My grandma massages ladies who can not get pregnant. She has been massaging since she was in her 20s i believ and she is now 80 and many many woman have became pregnant only a few months after they get the massage

  • Jessica Sylvia
    Jessica Sylvia 4 hours ago

    Love you Desi! Stay strong! You and Steven are so incredible and I will pray for you! My husband and I have our own struggles and it's so hard.

  • Pamela Cruz
    Pamela Cruz 4 hours ago

    I love that you've been so strong and optimistic. Just know that all things happen for a reason. I believe there is good timing for everything and yours and Steven's time will come soon.

  • K3R22011
    K3R22011 4 hours ago

    I love you desii! You’re amazing and you will have babies when your time comes💕

  • Sidney Anaya
    Sidney Anaya 4 hours ago

    I’ll keep y’all in my prayers!

  • Daniela López
    Daniela López 4 hours ago

    We love you!!! thank you for everything, you've been my inspiration for years. Whenever I'm feeling down you lift me up with your humor and talent. Thank you again for everything!!!

  • cabezaX
    cabezaX 5 hours ago

    I can relate as my husband and I are dealing with this situation as well.. I have reached the stage where I have just given up stressing about as I do not want to feel like I am disappointing myself or my husband, even though he is very supportive and understanding.
    Don't feel embarrassed I know it's easier said than done but i'll still say it, for you, me and all women dealing with issues of infertility, pcos, thyroids etc. that make it difficult for us to conceive and or carry our babies full term, DO NOT FEEL EMBARRASSED!. It is not as easy, as we are told it is, to have a child. I am learning this more and more.
    And yes people stop asking women these inappropriate questions.
    Thank you for sharing Desi.

  • Sandra Soloducha
    Sandra Soloducha 5 hours ago

    Okay, I got the chills from the video when I saw your husband reaction. I'm so sorry about your loss. Things will get better, I'm sure.

  • Pharaohs Whispers
    Pharaohs Whispers 5 hours ago

    Sending you love Desi💜

  • nicole tritt
    nicole tritt 5 hours ago

    Okay so I haven't finished watching the whole video so I do not know if you can't have babies at all or what but I felt like my story might make you feel better. I have been pregnant 5 * the first four I had miscarriages and this was in a span of ten years and then I got pregnant for the 5th time and things didn't look good the doctor told me to sit on my butt for 9 months and not move basically and by the grace of God he knew now I was ready and I had my one special boy name Braxton He was now 14 and the best freaking kid ever I hope this makes you feel a little better or makes you feel less alone love you

  • Carolina M. Murillo
    Carolina M. Murillo 5 hours ago

    I know exactly how your feeling... I had 3 miscarriages back to back in one year than 2 years of unexplainable infertility. Me and my husband so desperately wanted to be parents but it was just not happening. Long story short I stopped stressing about it, I let go of all the pain and anguish I was feeling and 6 months of feeling so liberated and free and got pregnant and carried our rainbow baby to term. Her name is Emma Rose and let me tell you all the pain I felt for 3 years is all a blur to me now. 3 moths postpartum I found out I was pregnant again! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with another baby girl. Point of my comment is don’t give up. Like you said everything happens for a reason, as painful as it may be it’s happening for a very good reason. You may not know why right now but you will in the future. Keep your head up beautiful you are so strong and I know you will be blessed soon. Focus on you and your husband and do things that make you happy and surround yourself with positivity and love ❤️🙏🏼 Sending you lots of love, positive vibes & baby dust ✨

  • Kaylin Domonkos
    Kaylin Domonkos 5 hours ago

    So much love and prayers for you.. ❤️

  • candy cane
    candy cane 5 hours ago


  • Alejandra Fernandez
    Alejandra Fernandez 5 hours ago

    God’s timing is perfect Desi 🙏🏻 Stay strong

  • Yadira Mendivil
    Yadira Mendivil 5 hours ago

    Never give up Desi. Keep praying, keep trying, but don’t get so wrapped up on this situation. Sometimes the best thing to do is to not focus on it so much and it will happen. 💕🙏🏽 try to start over by cleansing your selves and your home. There’s a lot of options and ideas. Don’t give up.

  • Mae Wright
    Mae Wright 5 hours ago

    God Bless

  • Erin Dolieslager
    Erin Dolieslager 5 hours ago

    When the time is right it'll happen. Enjoy life and try to not stress and when you least expect it it'll happen

  • QuintessentialBlackBritChick

    sending you tons of huge hugs

  • Mostlysun
    Mostlysun 6 hours ago

    I am soooo sorry. I had no idea 😔 I don’t think I even made a comment, but I’ve definitely thought about you having kids. My friend tried for like 10 years, did all the doctors and stuff. Finally gave up, and she got pregnant on her own. She changed her diet and stopped trying as hard and it finally happened. I hope you find out what’s wrong and you can fix it. Stay positive and try not to dwell and stress ( I know it’s easier said then done ) 😊💖 love you

  • doreen Manitoba mommy
    doreen Manitoba mommy 6 hours ago

    Have faith xo hugs it is common But! Each has an impact on that family, They told me I had polycystic ovarian syndrome which makes it harder to have babies and miscarried a few times even told i wouldn't have kids this may be greater for me .. I was so sad, but .. I started eating things that made fertility higher (eggs) I lost 30 pounds ( also makes chances higher even if your a good weight ) getting an ovulation kit so you no your best time of the month, But even if the world is against you, keep your faith xo i also would start seeing a doctor for options I've also had friends who went on fertility pills and put all them things together and chances are higher .. I am so sorry I no the pain but i didn't give up and even having the world tell me I wouldn't I kept trying, only wish people wouldn't get scared of asking doctors for help and maybe it's your husband (mine kept blaming himself) but 100% would ask you to seek out a good doctor and where you are missing what you need he will find xoxo hugs

  • Jacquelyn Mendoza
    Jacquelyn Mendoza 6 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing. You’re not alone! I know so many people say it’s common, but going through it yourself it feels so lonely. Our stories are so similar and I have the same fears/concerns/feelings. Due to having a hard time with fertility treatments the stress on my relationship we are now going through a divorce. I’m so glad you have Steven to support and love you so much! I cried the whole time I watched this, not just from sadness, because I finally feel like I’m really not alone. There really are other women that feel this way too that have a hard time starting a family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up about such a sensitive matter!!! I’m praying for you and your family.

  • araheartsyou08
    araheartsyou08 6 hours ago

    In God's perfect time i'm really sure you're gonna have your own baby and you're definitely going to be a great mother! I will pray for you and your family. Stay strong because we love you

  • Courtney Mauro
    Courtney Mauro 6 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m 36 and I think we’re going to start trying next year and I’m really scared. You’re right sharing this does help other people. Thank you for being brave

  • Анастасия Рудницкая

    No worries, one day you are definitely will open the door to that empty room! One step at the time. I wish you the best!

  • Selma C
    Selma C 6 hours ago

    I hope for the best for you and Steven, Desi. It might be very hard to go through, but as you say yourself, there is a reason with everything. Don't lose your faith ❤️

  • Lusterhood
    Lusterhood 7 hours ago

    💗 As someone who’s gone through this twice with both pregnancies I can say that anything is possible. After several medications, treatments and unsuccessful IUI’s we were told IVF was or only option. The day before the IVF meeting we found out I was pregnant with my oldest. Miracles happen! Praying for yours 💗

  • Bianca Romagnoli
    Bianca Romagnoli 7 hours ago

    Desi I'm sending you all my prayers 🙏

  • ash trix
    ash trix 7 hours ago

    You could try IVF. That’s how my parents made me. I have hormonal issues which are stopping me from ovulating and getting pregnant so I’m going to try IVF soon.

  • Manuel Ocasio
    Manuel Ocasio 7 hours ago

    One last comment if u do get pregnant wait til u finish the first trimester that is the hardest to get though. After the first trimester about the 4th month then u will be 99percent for shore u will have the baby. But if u can't then I would do the foster care or adoption. We have not done it yet cus i want to be financially better before I do it.

  • Siska V
    Siska V 7 hours ago

    Breaks my heart to see you like this. You are so strong! I really hope you’ll get what you’ve been hoping for for so long ❤️❤️❤️

  • BeautyInYou
    BeautyInYou 8 hours ago

    Trust in God the time will come. A friend and her husband struggled for 9 yrs and she was blessed wirh a baby 9 yrs later not saying it will take that long but the point is they waited they trusted and it happened.
    Praying for your peace and just trust God will Bless you and Steven in due time.

  • Manuel Ocasio
    Manuel Ocasio 8 hours ago

    Miscarriage sucks me and my wife had 6. I know it sucks. But we don't have a family. We went to specialist and spend 10000 of thousands and it did not work. So we found out she could not hold the baby the first trimester. So our option is adoption or foster care. I can't afford where u pay another woman to have ur baby I forgot what that called. So i feel for u and ur husband. My wife was scared cus she knows I wanted a baby. She was scared cus i might leave her. But I love my wife I am not leaving her even thou I want a baby but I have to live with this. There is a shot the doctor can give u that will help u get pregnant it did not work for us but it might work for u. So look into it. Sorry I know what u r going to. I am happy ur husband look supportive. That a good marriage.

  • Maureen Gilletti
    Maureen Gilletti 8 hours ago

    My parents tried for over a decade to get pregnant. My mom told me everytime she would get her period she would cry bc it meant another month of trying and she still wasn’t pregnant. Eventually the went down the road of adoption. Both me and my sister were adopted from different families at an extremely young age. Like I was 3 days old. I truly believe they were meant to be parents. They are so amazing and are also wonderful grandparents. That might not be the right road for you and your husband but it is for some. The universe has a way of working things out. Just stay positive And realize that many people are going through what you are or have been through it. I wish you the best in your journey to become a Mom!!!

  • Lyndsie Hinch
    Lyndsie Hinch 9 hours ago

    desi!! you are so brave for sharing this video. all woman who know what you are going thru are so proud of you. keep your head up sister and know gods plan for you is much greater then the one you have planned in your head. love you!!

  • priya mokal
    priya mokal 9 hours ago

    Desi You are amazing and I love you, Get over the fear you will have kids , believe your self the blessing will be yours , you r strong, Just a suggestion it might help you , Read the Book By Dr.Joshep Murphy The Power of Subconscious Mind

  • La Pareja Vlogs
    La Pareja Vlogs 9 hours ago

    Desi, you are beautiful and I have been following you for 2 years already. I hope that you are blessed with baby. I’m 21 years old and last year I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I know I’m young, but I think about how it would effect me in the future. I wanna have a family & knowing that I’m struggling with this. It’s hard. So, you’re not alone Desi. You’re strong for posting this. I’m here for you and so are ALL your supporters. I love you ❤️

  • Melissa Nunez
    Melissa Nunez 9 hours ago

    I balled crying watching your video. God bless you for your strength and courage to share such a personal story. You are right that all things happen for a reason even when we can’t see it at first. Although we do not know each other I deeply felt connected through your video. God bless you and Steven. May God always be with you both and your family.

  • Christina Moore
    Christina Moore 9 hours ago

    Desi!! You're makin' me cry!!! 😭😭
    Sending you and Sven so much love!!!

  • Hannie's Life
    Hannie's Life 10 hours ago

    This is the first video I’ve watched of yours and I obviously don’t know you.. but my heart truly goes out for you and I wish you the best in everything ❤️

  • Soth Arioch
    Soth Arioch 10 hours ago

    There are wars ot there and ppl are starving to death, and in the globe we are almost 8 BILLION lol... We don't give a fuck if you can't get "fully copulated".
    How this shit is on my trand?!

  • Yessenia Magana
    Yessenia Magana 10 hours ago

    Gods timing is perfect! Just don't loose faith!!! It will happen! Just keep praying AND HAVE FAITH! GOD IS GREAT. HE WILL SEND BOTH OF YOU A BEAUTIFUL BLESSING!

  • Henna Beauty
    Henna Beauty 10 hours ago

    Just want to say never lose hope Love the best friend of my Sister got Pregnant with 35 nd she had 3 or 4 Miscarriages but she never gave up so be optimistic❤.... just believe in God everything is in his Hands nd I have a Feeling that In shaa Allah will you get Pregnant soon nd you will be a wounderful Mom.... Love u ❤💋

  • Kiki Leaf
    Kiki Leaf 10 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing, some of the comments you said are exact thoughts I've had so I don't feel so alone and crazy seeing other people feel the same way I do. I just had a miscarriage myself a couple a months ago and we've decided to wait a couple years before we try again because it was personally traumatizing for me as well. Lots of love and hope you one day will have the baby you want whether it be through adoption or conception

    IMPACT BEAUTY 10 hours ago

    You and your partner should Try this natural substance called black seed oil . Have heard wonderful results for fertility

  • Tierney Page
    Tierney Page 10 hours ago

    I get the baby question all the time, and my husband and I have lost 2 now, so I know how you feel. It will happen 💕 it sucks, but it will happen! People will always say silly things and it hurts xx

  • Bec Ronald
    Bec Ronald 11 hours ago

    this was so emotional :( sending you so much love and positive vibes

  • Sonja So
    Sonja So 11 hours ago

    I'll never unterstand why people are always asking such private and intim questions?! I would never ever ask this even my best friend until she decided by herself to tell this! Dear Desi, Children are made to surprise you every day and that begins that they decide themself when it is the right moment to come into your life. And maybe there will be a children out there waiting for special parents like you two! My friend decided to adopt a baby and then she was so happy and relaxed she got two more on there own!. Life is a journey...yours, but even the life of a children... Wish you all the best! SonjaSo

  • Annie Olmos
    Annie Olmos 11 hours ago

    There is hope for you guys! I know a family that took them 22 yrs to have their first child and I was there at the announcement and it was the most beautiful experience I ever presence everyone was jumping and crying full of joy and a year later another blessing came. El tiempo de Dios es maravilloso ten fe que el les mandara su luz ❤️

  • kezia nathally
    kezia nathally 11 hours ago

    Things like this is why abortion is not okay, some people are trying to have a baby and other are just killing the because they want "control over their body and aborting unwanted pregnancy is one way to do it."

  • Rebecca L
    Rebecca L 12 hours ago

    God please please please bless them

  • Alycia Christina
    Alycia Christina 12 hours ago

    Take one baby aspirin per day and try to detox your system. Stop the baby aspirin about 30 weeks in. Just had a beautiful baby boy and a super healthy pregnancy after 2 back to back miscarriages.

  • Leighton McLean
    Leighton McLean 12 hours ago +1

    you are so incredibly brave for sharing this.. so many women feel so alone during the time they try for a baby & people rarely talk about the struggles they have. miscarriages and trouble conceiving are so much more common than people who havent gone through it think. so thank u for sharing this to help women who are feeling all these feelings you are, feel a little less alone. i hope you feel free & not trapped by your own feelings now. when you do have a child one day it will make all this waiting & pain worth it. you are so loved desi!!!! and in so many peoples prayers now ❤️❤️

  • Miria Flavell
    Miria Flavell 12 hours ago

    Love you so much Desi!!! This broke my heart. I pray your miracle will come soon xx

  • Jewelz777
    Jewelz777 12 hours ago

    Hey love, keep your faith. I truly believe it will happen. Prayers, love and good vibes coming our way.xoxo

  • Krisztina Dobó
    Krisztina Dobó 12 hours ago

    It hurts me so bad that you've been hurt this much! I'm legit bawling rn. I'll pray for you guys! You did something amazing with this video: you opened up and helped so many of us! Thank you for your bravery. I have faith in God that the desires he puts deep into our hearts are his promises to us.

  • Loro
    Loro 12 hours ago

    Desi keep trying!!! Things happen when you least expect them. Don't know if you have tried to track your cycle but actually it helps a lot of woman to know when they are the most fertile. And anyways adoption is always a good option. So sorry for your lost on your miscarriage, but you and Steven will find a way. YOU WILL MAKE AN AMAZING MOTHER HONEY AND WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!!!! Eternal love from Spain 💛💛💛

  • Sára Sóvágó
    Sára Sóvágó 12 hours ago

    Stay strong, you're gonna be a great mother

  • Christine P
    Christine P 13 hours ago