Donald Trump's Full Presidential Acceptance Speech | NBC News

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • See the full-length acceptance speech by Donald Trump, who was elected to be the 45th President of the United States.
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    Donald Trump's Full Presidential Acceptance Speech | NBC News

Comments • 1 448

  • Nang Ephriam
    Nang Ephriam 5 months ago

    "Sorry to keep you waiting, long complicated business."
    I don't know why but I love these words so much.

  • zoe p
    zoe p 2 years ago

    why does that child look horrified?

  • Dave Robinson
    Dave Robinson 2 years ago

    Donald old boy so you & your goon squad worked with your brother Putin to do some hacking & you know you & your mob had something to do with it, you & your goon squad are low life SOB's & you aren't ready to be president any place. Your a total idiot. Any one who think Putin is great is one sick SOB.

  • denormal
    denormal 2 years ago

    Er, is Barron ok?

  • Angel A
    Angel A 2 years ago

    Poor boy - three in the morning... he was fighting not to fall sleep standing... Early training.

  • LeIntellectual ✓
    LeIntellectual ✓ 2 years ago

    If I were American, I would have voted for Trump. I tend to be pro democrat, sure, I don't agree with him on immigration and Muslims and gun control, but other than that, he is the better choice.

  • elhombresfbay
    elhombresfbay 2 years ago +1

    Trump will be a disaster for 99%
    Of all Americans.this election was about keeping the money in the hands of rich white men not you. At the end of the day where do you go to bed? And where does trump go to bed? Everything trump said was a lie to get people's emotions and anger up.
    But millions more voted for Hillary Clinton. And now like a boa constrictor once the snake wraps his head around it's just going to squeeze and squeeze.
    Donald j.trump is pure evil. We have some evil forces about to take over our government.

  • K Heaney
    K Heaney 2 years ago

    poor little guy he just wants to scream.

  • K Heaney
    K Heaney 2 years ago

    little Donald just does not look comfortable. Spooky.

  • Felix Bruyns
    Felix Bruyns 2 years ago

    I want to ask all Christians, just for a moment, to unite in prayer. No matter your denomination, no matter your political affiliation, and no matter how you voted or if you voted, Donald Trump is our next President. Let us pray, in the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ, that he does the will of Almighty God. America and the world depend on it. Amen.

  • Drashti Patel
    Drashti Patel 2 years ago

    His speech is loaded with rhetorical questions and repetition. How legitimate!
    Way to shout out everybody BUT your VP, Trump!

  • Super Luminous Anomaly

    Behold the antichrist rises.

  • shadow raven
    shadow raven 2 years ago

    did Clinton win or trump

  • Jack smith
    Jack smith 2 years ago

    Class Act Trump and then the liberals show us their true colors with riots in the streets.

  • Star DiDi Star
    Star DiDi Star 2 years ago

    I'm milkshake 2

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 2 years ago

    This is posted by "NBC News" and here they go again lying and manipulating (as the mainstream does).... I was watching NBC on Election night and couldn't believe my ears... AS They were walking up to the Podium, the NBC Commentator says "There are deeper concerns tonight that the world's Shining light... has gone dark".... THEN this part of the speech starts. and Trump does this beautiful speech of UNITY...
    Folks... wake up and stop drinking their b.s., start watching the NEW news networks on TheXvid.... When NBC Cuts that part out and tries to change history, as you can see.... Time to wake up, the have and will manipulate you !!!
    It DIRECTLY shows.... that they are Race Baiters, and inciters of violence / civil unrest.... but obviously they will do everything they can to spark unrest and violence... then blame it on Trump... but we've gotten way smarter... WAY Smarter.

  • Jombanet Julian
    Jombanet Julian 2 years ago

    I was looking at barron the whole time.

    • Jombanet Julian
      Jombanet Julian 2 years ago

      SerenaConcertina it was 3 am. he was sleepy

    • SerenaConcertina
      SerenaConcertina 2 years ago

      Jombanet Joulian he looks like he was forced to be there. Perhaps he is simply nervous.

  • Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes 2 years ago

    All i want to say is, congratulations. congratulations to Donald Trump for winning the election and congratulations to Hillary Clinton for trying her best. as you know in a race between two, only one can win and this time it was Trump. i think everyone should accept the fact that he won because no amount of hate comments on a youtube video will change the vote count. i will state that i was not supporting either one of the candidates and i have accepted the outcome of the election, and i think everone else should too, butbthats just my opinion 🙃🙂🙃🙂

    EFIL4NAISREP 2 years ago

    The ratio of likes to dislikes is like the ratio of electoral votes between Trump and Clinton.

  • Bracken Alexander
    Bracken Alexander 2 years ago

    Now let's pick up where the late great Ronald Reagan left off! #maga

  • Steven Stack
    Steven Stack 2 years ago +2

    He's gonna be the best President we'll have . WATCH AND SEE !!!!!!!!!! To all you shitheads out there ... Trunp's gonna build THE WALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ampwich
    Ampwich 2 years ago

    Who's the kid?

  • LucasMidkiff
    LucasMidkiff 2 years ago

    If I may quote Padme this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause.

  • First Last
    First Last 2 years ago

    love the donald but mike pence is so fake

  • AshCosgrove
    AshCosgrove 2 years ago


  • LadyBug
    LadyBug 2 years ago

    Seriously, that kid on the right won't stand still and looks like he can't wait for it to be over... it's a little funny to watch...

  • Jake Beckstrom
    Jake Beckstrom 2 years ago +2

    lol so many butthurt cry babies in the comments. jeeze people. Have some decency for the leader of your country.

  • phillyfan182
    phillyfan182 2 years ago +1

    Donald Trump is not a bad guy like everybody makes him out to be. Does he have an ego? Sure but he'll get this country to where it needs to be

  • Aurther King
    Aurther King 2 years ago

    make American great again Trum this is your time make it count.

  • Miranda Gartin
    Miranda Gartin 2 years ago

    Trump will make a wonderful president.

  • Saltynebula3475
    Saltynebula3475 2 years ago

    Donald Trump is going to do amazing things. I'm happy he is our new president

  • cheddar dan
    cheddar dan 2 years ago

    it's so difficult to listen to Mr. Trump, I don't feel any sense of sincerity, his delivery is so flat, uninspiring, and he exaggerates so much as if he doesn't have anything to say, so everything is " gonna be a beautiful thing" and be " so tremendous"... rather than just getting to the point and saying something meaningful. He talks in circles and just fills time with meaningless words. Quit babbling and get to the point.

  • Violet Martinez
    Violet Martinez 2 years ago

    I weep because the highest and most sacred office in this country will be raped by a soundbite, a reality show star. The guy from WWE will be commanding the army with no military experience and interpreting the law with no legal experience background. Getting sued does not prepare you for understanding the constitution. Yes he is one of the regular people however he is not a statesman. What we need our statesman

  • The Meek
    The Meek 2 years ago

    Liberals loose!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 2 years ago

    Basically people hate this man because the media told you to hate him. Trump didn't take a 25 million dollar donation from terrorist producing Saudi Arabia like Hillary did. Saudi owns pieces of our media. Doesn't take a scholar to figure out the media would bash Trump. He CANNOT be bought!

  • Dorky Lesbo
    Dorky Lesbo 2 years ago

    USA is dying USA is dying USA is dying

  • mr syiq
    mr syiq 2 years ago

    Fuxk oldman

  • Vincent Traylor
    Vincent Traylor 2 years ago

    To my president

  • Vincent Traylor
    Vincent Traylor 2 years ago


  • kilfridg
    kilfridg 2 years ago

    omg, so Fricking PC. Can I take my vote back?

  • kodiak4u
    kodiak4u 2 years ago

    i voted for hillary but lets see what you can do. i hope what i thought of you is wrong.

  • Ian Hamilton
    Ian Hamilton 2 years ago

    a different tone??? he's terrified

  • Kevin Guimond
    Kevin Guimond 2 years ago +3

    watching this speech I'm happy to gain a little bit of reassurance that Donald trump might not be so bad after all. it seems like he may have a little trouble finding his way around and getting things set in motion, but he has good support that I think will help him to do the right things. I can tell he means well for this country. I just feel bad still now for the divide among different groups of people that is still going. I really just hope everyone can just come together and believe he can do what is right.

    • Kevin Guimond
      Kevin Guimond 2 years ago +3

      in the end I just hope we can respect each other for what we feel and who we are because we are all in this together behind this guy. I believe we can have what it takes to not be so divided.

  • SoulPapo
    SoulPapo 2 years ago

    The likes and dislikes are even. Hmmm.

  • Continuu 2Amaze
    Continuu 2Amaze 2 years ago

    Everyone gets one joke vote in there life. Whoever voted for trump just used theirs. I'm going to use mine for #Kanye2020

  • MakaMaka Vids
    MakaMaka Vids 2 years ago

    LOL Donald has no idea where anyone is 😂

  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 2 years ago +1

    Does that include caring about climate change, not saying obscene things, and caring about all people, and how America can contribute the world? About how you're not going to build a stupid wall? You wanna let people reach their dreams? Do it stop being ridiculous

  • Jackie Lawcer
    Jackie Lawcer 2 years ago

    Support Trump

  • braiden stewart
    braiden stewart 2 years ago

    world war 3, here Trump comes

  • Marisa Mac
    Marisa Mac 2 years ago

    His son isn't bad looking, but he looks like he's really scared and wants to cry😂

  • SsK
    SsK 2 years ago +2

    Que bajo cayó Estados Unidos con un payaso de presidente 😝 ahora son un asme reír

  • Mariah G
    Mariah G 2 years ago

    F**K TRUMP!

  • Kathulhu The Wafflemancer

    I see his son inherited his "luscious hair" XD

  • Sophia Dart
    Sophia Dart 2 years ago

    Sick people

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 2 years ago

    The kid is falling asleep because its after 4 am and he is like 10 years old.
    Jesus people

  • Schntek com
    Schntek com 2 years ago


  • Jimmy Nix
    Jimmy Nix 2 years ago +2

    I could watch this everyday for the rest of my life and it'll never fail to inspire me. David slayed Goliath.

  • Atazhian Begay
    Atazhian Begay 2 years ago

    trump made out with his own daughter

  • 대한민국자유
    대한민국자유 2 years ago


  • Prem Krishna Chettri
    Prem Krishna Chettri 2 years ago

    My Question is what will he do with that Huge TRUMP Jet and Helicopter?

  • Speak no evil
    Speak no evil 2 years ago

    Hey the guy can't be that bad. He giving the Black Power salute !

  • Fabiha Azim
    Fabiha Azim 2 years ago +1

    I feel as if the only way Trump will do anything good or say anything good is if someone tells him what to decide for every decision of tell him what to say because here, he sounds like he could do a good job as President. Well, someone wrote this speech for him. Any time he wings it without the telepromptor, he goes off the rails and says things that any other person might regret saying. Here's to hoping that his cabinet guides him in the right direction.
    Anyways, congrats Republicans, you have a big job. Please show us Democats that we were wrong for doubting you guys. Do America and the world proud. I'm nervous for the next four years, but I'm hoping we can all be done with the division and do something good.

  • Theodore Zuckerman
    Theodore Zuckerman 2 years ago +1

    "The final key to the way I promote is
    bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big
    themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s
    why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that
    something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular.
    I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration-and a very effective form of promotion."
    From The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump.
    Just maybe "make America great again" is a bit of his hyperbole? You think?

  • ringdigger
    ringdigger 2 years ago

    In The UK the Brexiteers won it. In The USA the Trumpeteers won it!

  • beep beep
    beep beep 2 years ago

    This was actually a good speech tbh lol

  • herrapan95
    herrapan95 2 years ago

    White ties are for funerals, well dressed boy.

  • VEENX0704
    VEENX0704 2 years ago +2

    Hilary: 60,122,876 votes / Tramp: 59,821,874 votes

    • WRXShow
      WRXShow 2 years ago

      VEENX0704 Your sir must not understand why the popular vote isn't used. Educate yourself.

  • David Perry
    David Perry 2 years ago +2

    75% of his vote came from the uneducated white men and a large percentage of uneducated white woman. I am not the least bit surprised. I am dismayed by what has taken place in our country. The midterm election is in 2 years. For those of us who are unhappy, show up and vote.

    • qwertyuiop123456789
      qwertyuiop123456789 2 years ago +3

      Uneducated white men and women are the largest single group of people in America, so any president will end up having them as their largest voting group.

  • kwolf43
    kwolf43 2 years ago

    Let's hope he becomes a one term president.

  • bboykenex
    bboykenex 2 years ago

    just like the election, likes and dislikes split right down the middle.

  • Jackson McKagan
    Jackson McKagan 2 years ago +2

    how long until he is assassinated?

  • Emotionally Challenged Subordinate

    No, we owe Billary a trial by a jury of peers.

  • Don't Fear The Reaper
    Don't Fear The Reaper 2 years ago

    Hmm, after hearing this speech I wonder how many millions of Trump supporters are disappointed. They were expecting more hate rhetoric towards immigrants. Sorry rednecks, it appears Trump only used your hatred to win. Maybe we'll have a good president after all.

  • Jade Louis
    Jade Louis 2 years ago

    Happy he won

  • Seפ Sr
    Seפ Sr 2 years ago

    Trump is the best
    so powerful speech

  • CrazySpaceBurrito
    CrazySpaceBurrito 2 years ago

    For the trump supporters mad at us non Trump people, just imagine how frustrating it is to see global warming at the point of no return and us working so hard to prevent that, and then trump winning and destroying all our progress and the world along with it. This is more than just policies, this is the planet at stake and we can't afford a person like Trump in office. Any other time I would be fine with Trump, its politics you wind and lose some, but now of all times couldn't be more inconvenient for our planet.

  • 46zztop
    46zztop 2 years ago +1

    Crooked Trump won. Hail to the Kardashian of politics!!!

  • avaharlot
    avaharlot 2 years ago

    His oratory skills leave much to be desired. His speech aroused nothing hopeful in me. But I pray he will be an effective, rational, judicious president. Let's see how he turns his promises to his voters into a reality that benefits this country.

  • David Quintana
    David Quintana 2 years ago

    So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause... 🇺🇸

  • Cam Q
    Cam Q 2 years ago +1

    Wrong choice to have that kid on the right of him. He was so distracting I swore he was going to pass out any second.

  • Just Nadou
    Just Nadou 2 years ago +1

    lol this guy is a joke he's like a cartoon lol

  • Cuda Danger Baird
    Cuda Danger Baird 2 years ago

    did he not practice the speech at all? im gonna give him a chance though as pres even if he is an idiot

  • Sour Kush
    Sour Kush 2 years ago

    Remove Obamacare, Secure the border, appoint a CONSERVATIVE justice to the Supreme Court FIX OUR TRADE DEALS! & CUT taxes for all! He do this, he'll be the best president ever in my opinion.

  • summerholliday44
    summerholliday44 2 years ago


  • Brandon MP
    Brandon MP 2 years ago

    As much as Trump scares me, I do want him to succeed. But it is just so hard to listen to him and give him the benefit of the doubt when you hear his supporters in the background screaming hateful chants and being all around awful people.

  • احمد الذهبي
    احمد الذهبي 2 years ago

    who like muslim people like

  • احمد الذهبي
    احمد الذهبي 2 years ago

    fack you trump

  • Passionare
    Passionare 2 years ago

    Thank Trump

  • Ret Girl
    Ret Girl 2 years ago

    as of now I officially don't have a president until 2020. People voted for someone who called every single hard-working American... Nothing. He placed us all in categories weather for a woman a minority or a hard-working American. he told everyone that they were nothing because they weren't rich and if you're not rich you're not great. He said that during a speech. For all those people who don't think they're part of those categories. you're wrong... he ment you!

  • Alec Shern
    Alec Shern 2 years ago

    Act radical and rambunctious in the beginning to get media attention, then tone it down nearing the election to rake in the votes. Not sure if that was planned but if that was one of his business strategies, it worked. :p
    But if everyone could stop fear mongering, that'd be great.

  • reddragonready
    reddragonready 2 years ago

    My oh my such a narcissist. Good luck America, good luck rest of the world.

  • Anas Akkad
    Anas Akkad 2 years ago

    maybe he'll surprise us... and do something good for the American society at large.. stay positive everyone : )

  • Marie B.
    Marie B. 2 years ago

    LOL, the little boy looks so bored. Poor kid.

  • Milie pr
    Milie pr 2 years ago

    Something about it reminds me Arnold Schwarzenegger speach back in 2004!!! Very similar lines!!!

  • kateb
    kateb 2 years ago

    beginning of the end.

  • Brian Aragon
    Brian Aragon 2 years ago

    I can see why people want to move to Canada. But I say don't. Just stay and watch how this guy fucks up this country, and laugh at the supporters who backed up a sexist, delusional, unexperienced, 5th grader.

  • Ayrab Ibra
    Ayrab Ibra 2 years ago

    America is dead R.I.P

  • Game Life
    Game Life 2 years ago

    Simpsons, year 2000. Just saying.

  • Shellbullet 91
    Shellbullet 91 2 years ago

    what the hell is wrong with that kid?