Trump impeachment inquiry: highlights from day two

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • The second day of impeachment hearings featured compelling testimony from Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was sacked by Trump. Yovanovitch evidence drew links between corrupt elements in Ukraine and the Trump administration's push to force her from her post. She said she was 'shocked and devastated' by Trump's personal attacks on her. As she spoke, Donald Trump attacked her on Twitter, prompting the Democrat chair of the hearing, Adam Schiff, to read the tweets to Yovanovitch in real time. 'The effect is intimidating,' she said, as Democrats accused the president of witness intimidation on a day of high political drama
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Comments • 247

  • matthew benard
    matthew benard 8 days ago

    Its cause Americans are corrupt, and greedy. To the point that you would inprison children, and make racist actions mainstream. America you are the poison and the problem with the world today.


    The Russian Mole
    "Agent✋😮👌Orange" Criminally withheld lethal military aid🚀💥🔥 to Ukraine, which it could have used to repel Russia from creating destabilizing rebel held zones like in the Donetsk region...etc. The Mole then used it as leverage for pressuring an illegal investigation of Joe Biden...with the hopes of digging up beneficial dirt💩 for his 2020 re-election. He's still waltzing with "Mr Polonium 210☢👉🏻Vladimir Putin"...a known Thug and Ex KGB Murderer.
    🗞📰📻📺📱💻📡 ((((

  • Brian Hyde
    Brian Hyde 24 days ago

    If a country knowingly elects a corrupt president why the heck would they want to impeach him? Being a sex pervert, sucking up to dictators, bribing another nation using millions from taxpayers, nepotism. insulting the world's best. etc. none of this matters a fcuk anymore to the average American. America has lost any greatness it once had in the world. But that's what the people chose.

  • J G
    J G 25 days ago

    Today 11-19

  • Mark Messmer
    Mark Messmer 25 days ago +2

    She wouldn’t have known about the tweet that day if Shiff hadn’t read it to her!! LOL. How’s sending a tweet while she’s testifying gonna theaten her not to testify? HAHAHAHA

  • Fortune and glory.
    Fortune and glory. 25 days ago +11

    "Marie Yovanovich didn't care when the Bidens made millions from Ukraine. She only cared when Trump started asking about it."

    • Fortune and glory.
      Fortune and glory. 20 days ago

      @Aryaman Singh , yes, and before that she was a senior figure in the Bureau of European and Eurasia Affairs. She was well aware of what was going on. What's your point?

    • Aryaman Singh
      Aryaman Singh 23 days ago

      Fortune and glory. Dint Yovanovich become the ambassador in 2016?

  • Jose m
    Jose m 25 days ago +1

    Country is worrying about this while we have real issues.

  • Mb
    Mb 25 days ago

    Democrats are the party of Slavery

  • S. Gillespie
    S. Gillespie 25 days ago +1

    Nunes came out with a list of "not true" statements about what other news outlets have printed about Trump's quid pro quo without proof. Knowing his "speech" wouldn't be required to provide any. So he could speak all the lies his boss wanted!
    Also, the 5 representatives he mentioned who sought impeachment BEFORE the infamous phone call were already to proceed because Trump had committed so many OTHER impeachable crimes. The "phone call" was what Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, decided to focus on.

  • Nicholas Finnegan
    Nicholas Finnegan 25 days ago +2

    So basically all of this is based upon other people's opinions and there is absolutely zero evidence he id any illegal.
    What is wrong with you Americans?
    Why are you allowing such a ridiculous process occur?

    • IndiaSoft Tech Support
      IndiaSoft Tech Support 25 days ago +1

      Since the Democratic Party is more supported and larger than the Republicans, they’ll try anything to remove Trump.

  • C A
    C A 25 days ago +3

    Shiff is a train wreck! He is a liar, plain and simple!!!!

  • Robert Gathers
    Robert Gathers 25 days ago

    Trump must go. NOW!!!!!

  • That Karma
    That Karma 25 days ago +1

    So yovanovich just admitted they have nothing incriminating against the president. Literally.

    • King Kunta
      King Kunta 24 days ago

      @That Karma Apparently not.

    • That Karma
      That Karma 25 days ago

      King Kunta smart enough to sense sarcasm.

    • King Kunta
      King Kunta 25 days ago

      You must be really smart!

  • The420Destroyer
    The420Destroyer 26 days ago +5

    Adam Schiff looks like he's always seeing a ghost.

  • gangelone999
    gangelone999 26 days ago +4

    is this a trial or a psychological therapy session?

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      Trump definitely needs to be committed.

  • Jorge Horna
    Jorge Horna 26 days ago +1

    I do not support Trump but exposing secret material to the world just to ridicule/ or the attempt to do in the eyes on everyone is a very stupid and irresponsible move. Very anti American.

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 25 days ago

      @ShadowDurza dear by your hiding Your identity doesnot qualify your imput cowardly in my opinion

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      It's what Trump does. Remember the Email scandal? HE HAS HIS OWN PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER!!!

  • misscreativecontrol
    misscreativecontrol 26 days ago

    Wow, if you want to read a lot of butthurt trumptards you are in the right comment section.

  • Michael G
    Michael G 27 days ago +1

    I hope Trump Wins cause it has been the most disrespectful 4 Years since I looked at Politics and i'm going back since the early 70's and now they have Congress People in their 20"s trying to run Government with radical Ideas.

    • Michael G
      Michael G 25 days ago

      This is never gonna end at least He brings things out in the open this Country is used to keeping things Quiet.

    • Tabaga the destroyer
      Tabaga the destroyer 26 days ago

      You want a dude...who thought he could nuke a continue to be president?

    • Watson XOX
      Watson XOX 26 days ago +1

      Michael G It’s disrespectful on both ends, to be fair. Have you seen the way Trump speaks with those he dislikes? I’m not a fan of his policies but I don’t hate the guy with a burning passion. At the same time, however, the way in which the GOP is choosing to respond to allegations and claims is very unprofessional and disrespectful. Democrats ain’t no saints but neither are republicans.

  • Zi
    Zi 27 days ago +2

    :D all of u cry when Trump 2020 president😁

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 25 days ago

      @ShadowDurza your inappropriate

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      Do you hug your mother with those hands? Or are you too busy kissing T-Rump's #$% while he grabs her by the #$%&@.

  • Channel Jorp
    Channel Jorp 27 days ago

    What exactly was she a witness of again

  • Steven Thigpen
    Steven Thigpen 27 days ago +3

    What evidence do they have? None... Lies and alot of I dont knows..

  • MAGA anti-globalist
    MAGA anti-globalist 27 days ago +4

    Another witch hunt, liberals can't stand losing, since Brexit and Trump all they've done is attack democracy, sad.

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 25 days ago

      They been trying to dethone Trump cause they couldnt stand that they lost period

  • Guidra Folker
    Guidra Folker 27 days ago +3

    OMG! the rats are now saying publicly that our president doesn't care about the Ukraine. They Are treasonous!! This has to stop.

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      T-Rump is the most treasonous person in public office.

  • Sabian Sparrovski
    Sabian Sparrovski 27 days ago +5

    Youwannabitch is pissed off because she got fired and lost her cushy job.

  • Anthony Egan
    Anthony Egan 27 days ago +4

    No, no, no WtF is this but a waste of Taxpayers money.

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      @Donna Rachiele T-Rump bashed Obama for taking vacations, and then he took more vacations than Obama. A quick Google search confirms that. Your argument is meaningless, inconsequential, and irrelevant. Give up supporting or defending the embodiment of double-standards. (I know I'm being harsh, but I'm just at my wits end with people who want to replace the USA with the UKA, ruled first by the Trump dynasty)

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 25 days ago

      @ShadowDurza all presidents before him took plenty of vacations not just Trump

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      No bigger waste than Trump's golfing trips and his attempts to funnel it into his own pockets by having diplomats staying at his hotels.

  • Anthony Egan
    Anthony Egan 27 days ago +2

    How is it, that foreign manupulitive gov. Can influence our Country... Eh , excuse me while i Barf... What bubble , does this woman retreat to

  • Dubsy Dubs
    Dubsy Dubs 28 days ago +4

    I see the swamp still working overtime, do they really think they can cover up the years of corruption by just attacking Trump, I'm no fan of Trump but they are way worse than the Mafia was.

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      @Dubsy Dubs I'm man enough to admit that a ton of Democrats were bought out by special interests so that they can have weak Democrats and strong Republicans in positions that advance the causes of special interests at the expense of the common man. But the common man has caught onto it and now some real Democrats are gaining major traction to kick special interests in their money-covered @#$es.

    • Dubsy Dubs
      Dubsy Dubs 25 days ago +1

      @ShadowDurza And Democrats don't?

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      @Dubsy Dubs That's the only way Republicans know how to govern. Lolol

    • Dubsy Dubs
      Dubsy Dubs 25 days ago

      @ShadowDurza The sad part is they're all a bunch of crooks robbing as much as they can from the people they own/serve lol.

  • i8allthepies
    i8allthepies 28 days ago +3

    She offered zero evidence she is just but hurt for being sacked . People should be hired for thier compitance not to meet some quoter

  • J Joestar
    J Joestar 28 days ago +6

    More fail by the Dems

    • Watson XOX
      Watson XOX 26 days ago

      J Joestar Partisan politics is the real joke here. Stop pointing fingers and maybe look at the benefits of collaboration instead, both parties are acting like babies...

  • Joelis Staugaitis
    Joelis Staugaitis 28 days ago +16

    2:24 lmao, why is she even there xDDDD

    • Nicholas Finnegan
      Nicholas Finnegan 25 days ago

      They are liars that's why

    • Josh_Gnu
      Josh_Gnu 28 days ago +2

      Trumpf ordered RudyColludy 🐀 to smear her so he could get her out of the way

  • dan 84
    dan 84 28 days ago +2

    Let's remember you can now impeach a president by word of mouth but lying about a country having weapons of mass destruction and killing many service men and women is ok.

    • dan 84
      dan 84 28 days ago +1

      @John Reynolds I feel like they want Trump removed because he will not toe the line like the rest with the whole Russia narrative and middle East conquest I understand this is political process and rules can be changed to suit but this just shows me that the current democrats are only interested in one thing and that's not the American people.

    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 28 days ago +3

      @dan 84 I agree, though I will argue that eyewitness testimony can be enough to convict someone in a criminal trial. Also, remember that this is a political process so the same levels of proof are not required as a criminal or civil trial.

    • dan 84
      dan 84 28 days ago

      @John Reynolds still its a whistle blower account no hard evidence is been brought forward the hard left are trying to bring down conservatives just like in uk with boris and that acuri no evidence just a whistle blower account if I had done something illegal and had witness speaking against me it wouldn't be enough to convince a judge without hard evidence been presented it's still he says she says just like Clinton but then direct evidence was brought forward.

    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 28 days ago +5

      AP's fact check on that take:
      The White House and GOP allies are incorrect in suggesting the impeachment inquiry is based purely on secondhand and thirdhand information. Many allegations have been corroborated by witnesses with firsthand knowledge, some of whom are scheduled to testify in the coming week.
      It is true that William Taylor, the highest-ranking U.S. official in Ukraine, who testified Wednesday, was not on the call at the center of the whistleblower complaint and that his account relies in great part on what he learned from other witnesses. Even the most sensational aspect of his testimony - that Trump spoke with Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union, about investigations into Democrat Joe Biden and Biden’s son Hunter one day after Trump’s call with Zelenskiy - was based on what Taylor learned from staff.
      But key elements of Taylor’s account have been subsequently confirmed by Sondland, including in an addendum Sondland filed after his closed-door congressional testimony. In addition, text messages of Taylor’s discussions with Sondland and Kurt Volker, another U.S. envoy, lay out the contours of a quid pro quo.
      Yovanovitch, who testified Friday, was ousted from her position before Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine’s leader. But Trump had brought her up during that call in which he called her “bad news” and praised a Ukrainian prosecutor unhappy with her efforts to root out corruption in the country.
      Both Sondland and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a top Trump national security adviser who listened in on Trump’s call, are scheduled to appear before the House committee this coming week.
      The White House has tried to prevent those closer to Trump from appearing before the House committee, including acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton.
      More broadly, the rough transcript of the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s leader does not clear Trump. It is largely in sync with the whistleblower’s complaint and the words of a succession of career civil servants and Trump political appointees brought before Congress.
      Together they stitched an account that shows Trump pressing for a political favor from a foreign leader and, as key testimony has it, conditioning military aid on getting what he wanted.

  • Cromwell Brasenose
    Cromwell Brasenose 28 days ago +3

    A dreadful display by her and her Democratic masters.

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      @Cromwell Brasenose He pulled back troops from the Middle East allowing Russia to gain a major foothold, rolled back sanctions against Russia for their militaristic actions against Ukraine, has had multiple meetings in private with Putin, and has been repeatedly praised by Putin and other dictators for being beneficial to their regimes.

    • Cromwell Brasenose
      Cromwell Brasenose 25 days ago

      @ShadowDurza Except there was no collusion.

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      Better display than T-Rump's Russain masters.

  • Mike Pollard
    Mike Pollard 28 days ago +4

    LOTS of tax dollars at waste here Dems. BS!!!

  • BenjoBanjoo
    BenjoBanjoo 28 days ago +7

    Democrats are embarrassingly salty. Trump exposed their true hateful and bitter nature. Trumps gonna win again. MAGA2020

    • Watson XOX
      Watson XOX 26 days ago +1

      BenjoBanjoo Trump is equally as disrespectful and unprofessional. It’s not a partisan issue unless you choose to point fingers rather than looking at both sides.

  • ZK___420___ZK
    ZK___420___ZK 28 days ago +6

    She was fired. She can't be trusted to give an impartial statement.

    • Nottheknickyknacknoo
      Nottheknickyknacknoo 25 days ago

      Donna Rachiele We are not here for AN English lesson! You’re welcome.

    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 25 days ago

      @Nottheknickyknacknoo we are NOT here for English lesson

    • Watson XOX
      Watson XOX 26 days ago

      @ZK___420___ZK I'm not commenting on your point, I'm commenting on a hole in it. There's a big difference. All I'm saying is your statement had a fallacy and it would be much stronger if you avoided that.

    • ZK___420___ZK
      ZK___420___ZK 26 days ago

      @Watson XOX - If they only started talking of corruption months after they were fired, the trial was being run by their new employer, and said new employer just so happened to be the company's leading competitor in the industry?
      I'd discredit the whole thing before blinking.

    • Watson XOX
      Watson XOX 26 days ago

      ZK___420___ZK That’s a fallacy right there. Are you saying that anyone that’s fired is immediately discredited? What about employees that were fired from a corrupt company after learning of such corruption in order to be silenced? Would they not be a credible witness if the company went to trial simply because they were fired? I’m not saying that’s what’s happening here but I’m saying your reasoning has a few holes in it...

  • CrowdPleeza
    CrowdPleeza 28 days ago +38

    What exactly did she say Trump did that was illegal?

    • John H.
      John H. 26 days ago +1

      She was brought in to set the stage/ paint a picture. You have to start the story in 2008 when Obama replaced almost all ambassadors and why.

    • that_pac12
      that_pac12 28 days ago +4

      It's not illegal to dismiss a diplomat but she is important because her removal seems to be part of the means to an illegal end.

    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 28 days ago +10

      @Dennis Janda Not sure how that relates to my answer but Geoffrey Pyatt was ambassador to Ukraine during that period (2013-16), Yovanovitch took over in August 2016.

  • Kai Connor
    Kai Connor 28 days ago +4

    Why’d she leave with cheers and applause, she made no actual points hahaha

    • Antonio Williams
      Antonio Williams 26 days ago

      If you read, research for yourself, you just might see things differently. The President is a typical bully. He's not allowing witnesses to come forward that he knows have more information. Mulvaney only has his job because he would otherwise be compelled to testify. A whole lot of pardons accumulating.

    • Joyo Snooze
      Joyo Snooze 28 days ago +5

      Kai Connor People with the ability to perceive the bigger picture understand things that you simply cannot.

  • Henry Jubeda
    Henry Jubeda 28 days ago

    That's no way to talk about Israel

    DABEAST _NL 28 days ago +4

    i feel like Adam Schiff is under MK Ultra controle..

    • Harry Brown
      Harry Brown 28 days ago

      Nah hes just a narcissistic lefty it's how they come.

    • Joyo Snooze
      Joyo Snooze 28 days ago +2

      DABEAST _NL I feel like your tin foil hat is too tight.

  • Knight of the Realm
    Knight of the Realm 28 days ago +7

    What a pathetic waste of oxygen the Democrat party are.3 years in and they still cant accept he got elected🤣🤣🤣.

    • patrick fransiskus
      patrick fransiskus 25 days ago

      They know if they dont play dirty and impeach trump now, they will certainly lose in 2020.

    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 28 days ago

      Although, to be fair, this is about the next election.

  • weweko kowe
    weweko kowe 28 days ago +1

    Trump is the ultimate boss, everybody must do what he says. He is the president!

    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 28 days ago +1

      That said the military have a duty to disobey unlawful orders - even if they come from a President. Whether that applies to regular civilian appointees, I don't know but you would hope that it does. Not speaking about this instance, more generally about presidents and absolute power.

  • B
    B 28 days ago

    This is so exhausting. Just canceled my cable this week and now use news apps to catch up. Every time you turn on the tv, It's Trump impeachment, Trump, Trump sucks, bla bla bla bla. The only Democrat I wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton calls out to be a Russian Spy. Whatever.

  • tad562
    tad562 28 days ago

    easy trump is a crook and has to depend on foreign money because no american bank would lend him money after going bankrupt 6 times.

  • otowise
    otowise 28 days ago +16

    The big nothing Burger sequel They have even less evidence on this than they had on Russia if that’s even possible.

    And Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself

    • tad562
      tad562 28 days ago +4

      @Hugh Mungus lol makes Nixon look like a choir boy, totally corrupt,have fun in your little racist world. dead dog before t rump.

    • Hugh Mungus
      Hugh Mungus 28 days ago

      @tad562 The great white hope is the best president since Kennedy. TRUMP 2020!

  • Claire Wildcard
    Claire Wildcard 28 days ago +2

    The unnecessary 'dramatic' bed music used here is very irritating and detracts from the serious nature of the subject. It's not 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 28 days ago

      I believe it's because the media folks felt that the hearings "lack pizzaz". Even Reuters were commenting on it. What were they expecting? Fireworks? X

    • martynblackburn1977
      martynblackburn1977 28 days ago +1

      It's all theatre anyway. The Dems are desperate.

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth 28 days ago +1


  • Alkmaar in3D
    Alkmaar in3D 28 days ago +9

    and that the intimidation of a highly respected ambassador to avoid her protection against corruption - also a high crime of trump - meant that he tries to humiliate and offend her in public even during her witness in this investigation this is of high importance watched by millions of people and gives the clear insight that this president has to be impeached and removed from office because it is a shame for all americans to elect for such a man as a president

    • tad562
      tad562 28 days ago +1

      t rump wasn't elected he was appointed,the majority of Americans voted against him, he has no mandate to do anything.

  • Starzan Wieber
    Starzan Wieber 28 days ago +1

    Your a Patriot Gaurdian😎

  • Alkmaar in3D
    Alkmaar in3D 28 days ago +3

    intimidating a witness is a high crime this is observed by millions of people sufficient enough to impeach trump and remove him from office millions of people everywhere noticed that several sources lead to the effect that he help for ukrainien stopped because the interest to a false allegation about an american citizen is bigger than the protection of ukrainien and all americans this is a high crime and even bribary observed by millions of people everywhere if republicans want the respect of american people they ought to remove this president from office

    • Oliver M
      Oliver M 26 days ago

      I didn't see anything. Calling someone bad news isn't impeachable.

    • John H.
      John H. 26 days ago

      Not a court of law, she is not a witness, does not apply

    • Alex and
      Alex and 28 days ago +1

      She's not a witness, she's role playing.

    • Sean Bergin
      Sean Bergin 28 days ago +2

      She was a witness ??? A witness to what ? All she did was talk about her hurt feelings

    • dave thompson
      dave thompson 28 days ago +1

      Are you talking about Biden?chump!

  • Graeme Crowther
    Graeme Crowther 28 days ago +17

    This news paper is a Deep State asset.

    • Q ball
      Q ball 27 days ago

      @Kirsty Sinclair Do you think the Deep state Dosent exit ? You are looking at it now !

  • Richard Reese
    Richard Reese 28 days ago +36

    WOW guardian seems to be against real truth and Epstein didn’t kill him self.
    Trump 2020

    • Birds Are Dinosaurs
      Birds Are Dinosaurs 21 day ago

      @bob Bunni
      All media outlets refer their target group to "documents". I'm 200% certain that you didn't just search for a foia document *by yourself* . "Interviews" are linked with a media outlet by definition. Trump's own twitter is essentially a media outlet. And an extremely inaccurate one at that.

    • bob Bunni
      bob Bunni 22 days ago

      @Birds Are Dinosaurs documents....foia....interviews...etc

    • Birds Are Dinosaurs
      Birds Are Dinosaurs 22 days ago

      @bob Bunni
      Are you implying you get your information from a source that is somehow "not-media"? Feel free to enlighten us.

  • Rusky Petrovsky
    Rusky Petrovsky 28 days ago +2

    Republicans 2 Demicrats 0. ,,, she is ticked off that she was fired, Trump has a right to fire her.. shiffty schiff needs medication., Witness intimidation never happened, shiffty read the tweet she never even read it.

    • Alex Butelli
      Alex Butelli 26 days ago

      @MrFoffof So you're agreeing that his tweet should have no impact on her testimony? Cause how would she be reading...or feel intimidated...

    • MrFoffof
      MrFoffof 28 days ago

      How would she be reading twitter whilst testifying? Are you actually that thick? Oh, Russian bot.

  • Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.

    I heard that someone said, that they overheard someone else down the road possibly mentioning that another person might’ve have said something about Trump...on a phone....out at sea.

    • bob Bunni
      bob Bunni 23 days ago

      @LasVegasGames first hand witnesses to what....I mean vindman has first hand knowledge of the whistleblower but perjured himself for the cabal.

    • c L
      c L 26 days ago


    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 27 days ago

      I suppose it depends what Trump finds best; blocking first hand testimony (thus being accused of obstruction) or allowing first hand testimony (and therefore legitimising the hearings). I'm guessing he thinks it the lesser of two evils.

  • canarytiel
    canarytiel 28 days ago +7

    How’s this relevant? To elicit sympathy?

    • Chris Joseph Javier
      Chris Joseph Javier 28 days ago

      to show trump's corrupt intent. trump praised the corrupt, condemned the just, carried out the crime. now, its payback and jail time for trump like his cohorts, recently roger stone.

  • Alexander The panda
    Alexander The panda 28 days ago +36

    A witness that didn’t witness anything 😂

    • Raymondg Gwei
      Raymondg Gwei 9 days ago


    • that_pac12
      that_pac12 25 days ago

      PAPA BZZT How is investigating a crime that has already been admitted to in any way flimsy?

    • ShadowDurza
      ShadowDurza 25 days ago

      @PAPA BZZT He's a threat to national security. He's unstable, immature, denies reality and a puppet to hostile foreign powers.

      PAPA BZZT 26 days ago +1

      @that_pac12 The point being that democrats will carry on flimsy investigations until Trump is either voted out or serves his second term.

    • that_pac12
      that_pac12 28 days ago +5

      the amount of people that will go out of their way to completely miss the point is staggering

  • Bar BS12
    Bar BS12 28 days ago

    Timing is amazing LOL Trump publicly intimidating a witness on Twitter while that witness is present at trumps impeachment hearing testifying about witness intimidation. HA. HA. This will go down in history as Donald Trump being as dumb as his supporters.

  • TheOffroader7458
    TheOffroader7458 28 days ago +22

    Remoners news channel. We know what you are up to guardian news

    • Harry Brown
      Harry Brown 28 days ago +1

      Like when you dont get what you want in a referendum.

    • MrFoffof
      MrFoffof 28 days ago +1


    • evies little Kingdom.
      evies little Kingdom. 28 days ago +2

      Disgusting behaviour

  • V T
    V T 28 days ago +2

    Where’s the bombshell? Thiis is a waist of time and taxpayer money. I’m so discusted with congress. I will never vote democrat again no matter who it is.

    • Tayler Ralph
      Tayler Ralph 28 days ago

      cookiesforshorts you sheep still singing the same song ?

    • cookiesforshorts
      cookiesforshorts 28 days ago +4

      Dude... he literally tried to get a foreign country to interfere in your election. That should TERRIFY you.

  • Pink Alien
    Pink Alien 29 days ago +5

    Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  • jai pennycuick
    jai pennycuick 29 days ago +30

    So what evidence did she bring? Nothing this going to backfire on the democrats

    • The Rockabillys
      The Rockabillys 28 days ago +2

      Jay M , you wish this..birthday the outcome is Trump2020

    • Jay M
      Jay M 28 days ago +1

      @ John Reynolds, And some day, it'll probably be Trump himself being arrested. Even if it's after his presidency is over. His protection won't last forever.

    • John Reynolds
      John Reynolds 28 days ago +5

      Roger Stone's going to be the sixth Trump aide/advisor to be imprisoned over the Mueller investigation. They're not going to happy until they get all of Trump's people.