Gordon Ramsay Disgusted At 'Bomb Burger' | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • "An insult to every mum in America"
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Comments • 7 874

  • Tre Bond
    Tre Bond Hour ago

    Chef Mike makes his glorious return 😂

  • Robert Frank
    Robert Frank 4 hours ago

    Gordon tries Kraft Dinner for the first time! Hahahahaha. Total shit.

  • sk8r boy
    sk8r boy 4 hours ago

    They really "bombed making that burger

  • Secret Sauce
    Secret Sauce 7 hours ago

    A Michelin star restauranteur and world famous gourmet chef walks into your restaurant
    "Let's serve him kraft macaroni cheese"

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason 8 hours ago

    Why does Gordon Ramsay always have a problem with the food 😂😂

  • Pat K
    Pat K 8 hours ago

    How dare he say Kraft Dinner us gross!

  • Jessie Stevenson
    Jessie Stevenson 9 hours ago

    Jordan Ramsey Sockie Norris has a big dream and that is to meet you
    Sockie is a great cook

  • Christopher David Suryanarayan

    A burger served with a side of rice???

  • Kira
    Kira 10 hours ago

    Had to stop when the man used a fork and knife to eat a damn burger. so pretentious.

    REALITEA PARODY 14 hours ago

    Why are people with FAILING restaurants so shocked when they cook crap for Ramsey and he doesn’t like it? Lol. No one likes the food. That’s why he’s here. Lol.

  • BmnGameBoy
    BmnGameBoy 15 hours ago

    Old people like chewy food

  • Anita Howard
    Anita Howard 16 hours ago

    Can you finish the episode? Dang.

  • Painting Stains
    Painting Stains 16 hours ago +1

    Gordon: *orders mac and cheese*
    Picky Eaters: :0

  • Brooklyn Linick
    Brooklyn Linick 16 hours ago +1

    Hello Mr.Ramsay even though u are way to busy to read my comment if u do don’t stop reading because this is important. Someone AKA Sockie from the Norris Nuts dream is too meet you. The Legends and I were thinking if we kept on asking you, you might reply and fulfill Sockie from the Norris Nuts dream. She really wants to meet you and if u do pls tell her that I got your attention and my dream is to meet her. Thank you so much for your time Mr.Ramsay
    By: A Legend

    • Brooklyn Linick
      Brooklyn Linick 4 hours ago

      If u are a Legend let’s join together and get Gordon Ramsay and Sockie to meet

  • John Bjerke
    John Bjerke 18 hours ago

    When serving Ramsay microwaved food then you might as well serve your own head on a platter

  • person 1
    person 1 19 hours ago

    But to all the people who are saying he is it rude to them and it's unnecessary you really I understand where you are coming from. He says isn't really necessary but he has tried food from all around the world and over like 10 different country sizes of like five star restaurants and amazing food like that you know so he has high standards and in the end hes only trying to help

  • GothicLegendz Ravenwicca

    Clearly he doesnt like bubble gum...

  • Jake Dressler
    Jake Dressler 20 hours ago

    How are these restaurant owners always surprised that he hates the food? Do they like sign up for this without having seen the show?

  • TshidiSoCrazy 2
    TshidiSoCrazy 2 20 hours ago

    Ohh shit poor kids😂😂😂😂

  • Preston Hubers
    Preston Hubers 20 hours ago +1

    That burger looks like the bomb that the USA dropped on Japan but 10 times worse

  • Omari Williams
    Omari Williams 22 hours ago

    Who the hell eats a burger with a fork

  • Fox Blox
    Fox Blox 22 hours ago +1

    Chef: “He is definitely going to like it.”

    *Oh, so you must be new here.*

  • savvy rhinosaurus
    savvy rhinosaurus 23 hours ago

    the squishy noises of the mac and cheese...

  • Jbird
    Jbird Day ago

    Too bad the show is so scripted and staged, used to like it till I caught on now it’s just cringe

  • Proud Jayhawk
    Proud Jayhawk Day ago

    That burger has got heart attack written all over it.

  • Ice
    Ice Day ago

    0:02 looks like ramsays erect dick

    Hi TUBERS Day ago

    Everyone who has ever tasted “The Bomb” they aren’t alive to complement, or criticise it!
    Edit: After eating it, they were “blown away” of how hideous it tasted and smelled.

  • Kaboom WoOho
    Kaboom WoOho Day ago +1

    I thought i saw a cockroach in the Thumbnail.

  • Jorge Horna
    Jorge Horna Day ago

    Can anyone from the business industry explain me how profitable will they be if they start serving fresh food considering this is a small family business?

  • Jason Slusher
    Jason Slusher Day ago

    It looked like the burger had spaghetti on it

  • Carrie Sandoval
    Carrie Sandoval Day ago

    WHERE'S DA BEEF 🥺N WHO tf serves instant Mac n cheese in a restaurant. No wonder they need HELP Good luck

  • Patrick and mika Kowalczyk

    When he said aww poor kids and the waitress went blank I started laughing during the middle of the night

  • Triple D
    Triple D Day ago

    "Chef Ramsay's gonna love this one" -Every fucking chef, before Ramsay tastes their foods.

  • Kyle Lewis
    Kyle Lewis Day ago

    I'm surprised Gordon didn't violate the Geneva convention after getting served fucking Kraft mac and cheese!

  • jabroni
    jabroni Day ago

    3:35 she looks like a drugged out ashley judd

  • -QQ_Z ._.
    -QQ_Z ._. Day ago

    Did gordon knows that kalamari cant spell is chewy and skin is soft

  • SyCo
    SyCo Day ago

    Me: looks aight ill eat it
    Ramsey: fucking disgusting
    Me: EWWW WTF fuck out of here🤢

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell Day ago

    *watches a village of starving ethniopnians go dumpster diving for that calamari*

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell Day ago

    the camera was suspiciously located for the opening scene in this one...

    if you dont see it... look harder!

  • Robert Black
    Robert Black Day ago

    😂 the facial expressions are priceless they know there food is nasty where are the customers 😂

    MEEB ANIME Day ago +2

    Most of these "Crispy" foods that arent crispy in the show, i really don't get it. even i can throw ready to eat frozen calamari in the fryer and it will be crispy.

    • ๖ۣۜBeyond Earth
      ๖ۣۜBeyond Earth 8 hours ago

      Because they mostly use oil thats been sitting there for days, and usually have the frier set to an inadequate temperature.

  • PsychoReaderToYou

    That server acts like a bitch

  • Rishabh Vailaya
    Rishabh Vailaya 2 days ago

    The waitress looks like Reagan Foxx lol

  • Buddy the Bulldog
    Buddy the Bulldog 2 days ago

    Was anyone else watching this while starving hungry

  • XDGhosted
    XDGhosted 2 days ago

    no violin? am disappoint

  • D-Day Fitness
    D-Day Fitness 2 days ago

    It’s either AMAZING or DISGUSTING! There’s no in between with this guy!

  • Roblox adventurer
    Roblox adventurer 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the type of person to eat a burger using a fork and knife

  • awsome springy cool guy


  • Thebajwaseries Bahabo

    So no one is going to mention that they served him oodles and noodles with that wet burger

  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson 2 days ago

    Imagine chef Ramsay critiquing his sexual experiences. “Of, fuck me, that was ghastly, hideous. There was no seasoning, like they have no passion. And I’m still horny!”

  • Zacks
    Zacks 2 days ago +1

    Dude every calamary's i eat was chewy,like wtf it still taste good

  • Quincy Hughes
    Quincy Hughes 3 days ago

    The fact that he ordered mac and cheese suggests he definitely had scouts come in ahead and discover that the mac and cheese was kraft. Seems far too convenient for it to have been an accident.

  • Derping Flamingo
    Derping Flamingo 3 days ago

    2:31 the way the chef smiles so confidently unknowingly before his most popular creation is ripped to shreds by Gordon

  • 洛璃
    洛璃 3 days ago

    To be honest...
    It doesn't look that bad...?

  • Kiri Kiri
    Kiri Kiri 3 days ago +1

    *Umm... Squid is supposed to be chewy... Its my favorite food and um.. ive never had squid that wasnt chewy..and ive eaten it raw and fried*

  • Michelle 0
    Michelle 0 3 days ago

    It’s called the bomb burger because after you eat it you will be in the toilet for years

  • A S
    A S 3 days ago

    All of the staff are retards.

  • A S
    A S 3 days ago

    This woman is an idiot.

  • POB108
    POB108 3 days ago

    2:43 I called it the “ NASTY PATTY “

  • Joe McCann
    Joe McCann 3 days ago

    How do you make ground beef chewy?????