Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Camp Rock Animation
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    Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
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    High School Musical doesn't make any sense
    High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
    High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
    The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
    Home Alone literally makes no sense...
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Comments • 5 645

  • Xtx y23
    Xtx y23 13 hours ago

    6:35-6.41 sry i can’t stop laughing that’s so embarrassing 😂

  • Júlia Venceloski
    Júlia Venceloski 15 hours ago

    Do Lemonade Moooooooouth

  • Key Lime
    Key Lime 15 hours ago

    Maybe I'm thinking too much about a made-for-TV Disney movie but camp star did literally nothing wrong

  • HereForThe: FUEGO
    HereForThe: FUEGO 15 hours ago

    its on is one of he greatest ensemble songs ever

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 16 hours ago

    That's so dumb that she would be mad that he doesnt like canoes and says he just wanted to see her, when a normal girl would think that was the sweetest thing in the world.

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 17 hours ago +1

    You know what's weird is the kids would have already paid in full to go to camp rock, so an offer for free admission is worthless.

  • lena thl
    lena thl 22 hours ago

    What ya think about that mhm?
    .. Höhö drumms

  • LxrdSatxn
    LxrdSatxn 23 hours ago

    7:03 what a suspicious hand gesture 🤔🤔

  • Arissa Purilawanti

    i love u alex meyers, keep doing what u do

  • LovelyHeartBranee

    “What you think about that ?”
    ... *dRUmS* 🤣💀

  • Hazard I
    Hazard I Day ago

    I’ve never been in a camp like this. What is going on? Also, I know I would gotten an ass-whooping from my mom if me and my camp mates literally jumped one of the teachers because the camp would have called my parents. Also, I probably would have gotten kicked out.

  • rose novel
    rose novel Day ago

    Fuck! I would switch to camp star if I was a staff member! Double the salary with no interviews necessary? Yes!

  • Spectra Light
    Spectra Light 2 days ago

    I hated this movie. Mostly for the crappy script and how they made Demi's character, Mitchie act like a control freak. She learns her lesson in the end, but did it have to take an entire movie?

  • Britt Evers
    Britt Evers 2 days ago

    react to the disney movie zombies!! i would love you're video

  • Lizzy D.
    Lizzy D. 2 days ago

    watch descendants because that movie is ass

  • çøøkįėthįėf kåtïė101

    Do another Cinderella story w/Selena Gomez

  • Miguel H.Death
    Miguel H.Death 3 days ago

    Dude. Lemonade Mouth. Best Disney Channel movie ever.

  • AnimalLover 725
    AnimalLover 725 3 days ago

    You should do zombies!

  • Arial Martinez
    Arial Martinez 4 days ago


  • Sheldon Yawson
    Sheldon Yawson 4 days ago


  • Nahuel
    Nahuel 4 days ago

    I wouldn't mind a video WITHOUT animations every once in a while.

  • mathsisdeadtomenow
    mathsisdeadtomenow 5 days ago

    Descendents is some really good cringy disney trash

  • mathsisdeadtomenow
    mathsisdeadtomenow 5 days ago

    Does this mean you'll do Descendents?!?!?!?

  • Janelle Moniquee
    Janelle Moniquee 5 days ago

    Do something on grey's anatomy or whatever, some show about some crazy over sexual surgeons or something like that ok bye

  • Nancy Llamas
    Nancy Llamas 5 days ago

    Can you do Drag me to hell. I think that movie is dumb.

  • Lucy böreck
    Lucy böreck 5 days ago

    Isn’t there a Barbie movie about exactly the same theme ?

  • Tatum Jayne2018
    Tatum Jayne2018 6 days ago


  • Burst Striker
    Burst Striker 6 days ago +2

    Hold on since when was the final jam the second movie

  • Lil Mac0118
    Lil Mac0118 6 days ago

    Lemonade mouthhh

  • Big boy Eugene
    Big boy Eugene 6 days ago

    Isn’t what camp star did ILLEGAL you can’t simply bribe another business’s employees to ruin them

  • Elena
    Elena 6 days ago

    watch lemonade mouth!!

  • logan miller
    logan miller 7 days ago

    Do 16 wishes

  • Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk

    Man this is hardly related to anything but I clicked off the video on accident and came right back to it and got slapped with 2 ads and the video not retaining where the it was.....TheXvid is triggering as fuck

  • DylanT 4478
    DylanT 4478 7 days ago


  • Kari2025
    Kari2025 7 days ago +11

    “Everyone kept telling me how much better the second one is.”
    I hope those people are 10, because wtf

  • Oregon Explorer
    Oregon Explorer 7 days ago +3

    Those dirty CamP RoCkeRs and there acoustic guitars

  • shippo162
    shippo162 7 days ago

    Of course this is only one person's opinion, but I really like the commentary at the end! It feels like a good wrap up to the movie as a whole, or show, or whatever you happen to be commenting on. Your humor is extremely relatable, you have a good voice that I think people enjoy listening to, and I personally love the art style.

  • Jennifer Simons
    Jennifer Simons 8 days ago +1

    No my dude you gotta watch and review raise your voice with hilary duff THE movie to (in my eyes) have started high school musical etc

  • Aneska Machado
    Aneska Machado 8 days ago +2

    Dude, I watched your talk at the end and just want to say that I really love your videos. I can only imagine how hard it is to make these videos, but your work is really cool! You’re very talented and funny

  • Karen
    Karen 8 days ago

    You should watch jump in it’s a train wreck 😅

  • sadder daze
    sadder daze 8 days ago +3

    Something about this channel is so god damn pure. I hope you’re able to keep doing this for a long time. You deserve the world, Alex 😂❤️

  • Greiner G
    Greiner G 9 days ago

    yeah teen beach

  • G- Irvoo
    G- Irvoo 9 days ago +1

    Weird that Selena and Demi has the same on screen mom

  • Paris Jones
    Paris Jones 9 days ago +2

    You should do sonny with a chance that would be so good 😊

  • Lauretta Burke
    Lauretta Burke 9 days ago

    you are awesome lol

  • It's Ally
    It's Ally 9 days ago

    You should do Lemonade Mouth!

  • Family Shenanigans
    Family Shenanigans 9 days ago

    Do Teen Beach Movie and Lemonade Mouth

  • Jordyn Heldstab
    Jordyn Heldstab 10 days ago


  • Selene Higareda
    Selene Higareda 11 days ago +1

    Plot twist, camp star was actually started by Jeffree Star ⭐️

  • Mary T
    Mary T 12 days ago

    Do lemonade mouth or Starstruck!!!

  • imani jimbah
    imani jimbah 12 days ago

    Teen beach movie?

  • Mishal Edgin
    Mishal Edgin 12 days ago

    Can we all just agree on how annoying tess is and some of the dancing is soooooo cheesy

  • JRMY
    JRMY 12 days ago

    But Wouldn't Change A Thing is a bop song. lol

  • Xskillstitan Xx
    Xskillstitan Xx 13 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that Kevin,Joe and Nick’s brother Frankie is in this film
    No just me

  • GhostGrizzlyMYT
    GhostGrizzlyMYT 13 days ago +1



    Pls do Starstruck!
    Love your videos

  • Quesadilla_Queen
    Quesadilla_Queen 13 days ago

    I CRINGED. When they were going “ CAMP ROCK.....CAMP ROCK.....CAMP ROCK.”

  • Hotaru Tomoe
    Hotaru Tomoe 14 days ago

    10:30 "theres this girl, i really like her butt"

  • The Purifier
    The Purifier 14 days ago

    6:44 you say that but if I saw a group of kids marching up to me doing this pose I'd shit myself.

  • Tori Petry
    Tori Petry 14 days ago

    Do let it shine! Probably best music in a Disney channel original other than high school musical!!!!!

  • Alisson Diaz
    Alisson Diaz 14 days ago

    Why Is no one talking about RAGS?????

  • NukeNade
    NukeNade 15 days ago

    he needs to watch the babysitter with Sabrina Carpenter

  • Ella Casey
    Ella Casey 15 days ago

    Hannah Montana
    Teen beach story
    Your welcome for the summary of this comment section

  • Megan Hardman
    Megan Hardman 15 days ago +3

    🙋🏻‍♀️ I always listen to the end cards

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray 15 days ago

    Take care of yourself, your channel is awesome. If you feel a little burnt out, take a break. We will still support you :)

  • Candace Reed
    Candace Reed 15 days ago


  • Pixel Studios
    Pixel Studios 15 days ago


  • The Robation
    The Robation 15 days ago +1

    7:34-7:39 " know, all the HOOHAHOOHA..."

    Literally dying with that face!! XD XD

  • Katie Sulkevich
    Katie Sulkevich 15 days ago

    Do Lemonade Mouth!!!!

  • Taylor MacKinnon
    Taylor MacKinnon 15 days ago

    Lemonade Mouth and Starstruck!!!

  • aaleah
    aaleah 15 days ago

    you’re amazing at what you do. i’m hoping and praying that you do All American next! i’d be the happiest if you accept my suggestion. All American deserves the hype and we need a Season Two...

  • EpicGirlgamer21
    EpicGirlgamer21 16 days ago

    Yes plz do lemonade mouth

  • lilly ko
    lilly ko 16 days ago

    Can you do 16 wishes starring Debby Ryan?

  • Superice2001
    Superice2001 16 days ago

    “What do you think about that!?”

  • ojdgirl
    ojdgirl 16 days ago

    Okay smart guy being better than bmw....I totally disagree with that....

  • Alexis Jordyn
    Alexis Jordyn 16 days ago

    *ItS tHaT sHaKe It Up GuY*

  • Candela LH
    Candela LH 17 days ago

    Do the Cheetah girls movies

  • cherry al
    cherry al 17 days ago

    top 5 anime betrayls

  • insanelyawesome inabottle

    You should do "Pixel Perfect" next.

  • nat
    nat 17 days ago

    i love the fact he adds little weird sound effects and his dog 😭

  • Christoph Bartlett
    Christoph Bartlett 17 days ago

    Love the afterthoughts! Don't stress out too much man. Take some time for yourself!

  • Prongsverse
    Prongsverse 17 days ago

    Bro Kevin was the Steve Harrington of Camp Rock i-

  • Tamatha Gutierrez
    Tamatha Gutierrez 17 days ago


  • Die Potato
    Die Potato 17 days ago

    Orange Is The New Black PLS!

  • Marshia Erisha
    Marshia Erisha 18 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that none of the things they do in this movie is legal in real life.

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 18 days ago

    JSYK: I look forward to your ending rants and they're the best parts of your videos! Truly appreciate your time and dedication👏👍😊

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation 18 days ago


  • Keep The Cupcakes
    Keep The Cupcakes 18 days ago

    “You’re a rackstor doode”

  • Shanique Hyde
    Shanique Hyde 19 days ago +1

    About that PowerPoint with Smart Guy, I would love to see that in a video

  • Ben Chirtes
    Ben Chirtes 19 days ago

    Lemonade mouth pls

  • Lady Jasper
    Lady Jasper 19 days ago +1

    I like to listen all the way to the end, also I hope you get your break :)

  • jubilee d
    jubilee d 19 days ago

    “what do u think about that?”
    “drums” HAHAHA

  • Boy123Jim
    Boy123Jim 19 days ago

    YO! The way how Alex says "Alone Time" is freakin hysterical.

  • Kitty Neko
    Kitty Neko 19 days ago +4

    I work at a summer camp and I can confirm absolutely none of these things could happen in real life.

  • Imani Lloyd
    Imani Lloyd 19 days ago +7

    The HSM movies are still better. They’re not even like “great” but the Final Jam seems worse lol 😅

  • T. Blackmon
    T. Blackmon 19 days ago


  • Caitlin Rose
    Caitlin Rose 20 days ago

    11:16 i still don't understand why they did that? Just how extra can you be?!

  • Eerie Merles
    Eerie Merles 20 days ago +13

    Your end of video rants are generally a highlight of your videos. Not that I don't like the content itself of course.

  • Jenna
    Jenna 20 days ago +1

    Why does 6:59 get me every time 😂😂 “what do you think about that?” “DrUms” also 5:29 😂

  • RumorGoddess
    RumorGoddess 20 days ago

    Smart guy 🙌