i dressed up as disney princesses for a week *embarrassing*

  • yes you heard right i dressed up as a disney princess for a week. and it took me a year to film LOL

    never thought i’d see the day that i actually uploaded this video tbh BUT HERE WE ARE PEOPLE OMG FINALLY!!! my blood sweat and tears went into this video so i hope u like it… also its the longest video i’ve ever uploaded to my channel, a full 25 MINUTES PEOPLE!! im really wilding out here anyway love you lots hope u enjoy it xxx
    I use a canon g7x and edit on final cut pro
    love y’all
    if you’ve read this far comment ’i would be so embarrassed omg’
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  • Millie Chapman
    Millie Chapman 3 days ago

    OMG I was in Norwich when you filmed the belle bit and I saw you and was legit thinking staff but I now know what it was for 😂

  • Libby Morris
    Libby Morris Month ago

    Anyone else watching this at 1:00am with school tmrw

  • aliza ghani x
    aliza ghani x Month ago

    is dom your brother

  • Toni Louise
    Toni Louise Month ago +1

    I have the exact same Aurora dress😂

  • not_here.for_tea
    not_here.for_tea Month ago

    Beauty and the beastiality

  • Paulina Bałdyga
    Paulina Bałdyga Month ago

    9:32 I actually laughed

  • Leticia Ferreira
    Leticia Ferreira 2 months ago

    I would be so embarrassed omg

  • annikinw
    annikinw 2 months ago

    ok but josh is hella cute :')

  • Lauraandtherest
    Lauraandtherest 2 months ago

    I think the Belle costume looked really good on you


    You look pritty as belle

  • Megan Rowley
    Megan Rowley 2 months ago

    love it

  • SF X
    SF X 2 months ago +2

    Genuinely saw her age throughout this vid 😂

  • elaina k
    elaina k 2 months ago

    Lucy needs to see this

  • Woppo 13
    Woppo 13 2 months ago +1

    cough cough

    copying joanna cedia

    cough cough

  • willow.aesthetics
    willow.aesthetics 2 months ago

    *I’d be the aerial in the background;-;*

  • Mask on
    Mask on 2 months ago

    Do you like food ?

  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear 2 months ago

    I literally don’t know any princess soo...

  • Chloe Michelle
    Chloe Michelle 2 months ago

    Thats dedicatuon rught there

  • Katiana Georgiou
    Katiana Georgiou 2 months ago

    this is the definition of commitment

  • stacey crowley
    stacey crowley 2 months ago +9

    Her: I’m going to the Caribbean to do Ariel

    Me: *i mean I’d probably just go to sea life😂*

  • Lucia Dominguea
    Lucia Dominguea 2 months ago

    LOVE YOU!!!

  • Lily Filipe
    Lily Filipe 2 months ago

    Kates cousin rlly be hitting different 👀👀

  • Tess Hermelin
    Tess Hermelin 2 months ago +2

    9:34 we love how kate’s wearing a princess top

  • Dalia Khassan
    Dalia Khassan 2 months ago

    the guy in the background at 23:17 hahahhaha

  • Yasmin Laila
    Yasmin Laila 2 months ago +1

    oh my gosh the ghetto

  • Alex Mckenzie
    Alex Mckenzie 2 months ago

    I need more Kate and dom

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris 2 months ago

    On the Belle day you went into Norwich xx

  • Cassiopeia
    Cassiopeia 2 months ago

    Can you do a modern version where you go out in casual clothes inspired by princesses and see if your friends can guess what you’re dressed as?

  • Angel Cupcake
    Angel Cupcake 2 months ago

    i would be so embarrassed omg

  • Abi Newport
    Abi Newport 2 months ago

    dedication lmao

  • eloisa spivey
    eloisa spivey 2 months ago +3

    love how posh her parents are haha

  • Isabelle Grant
    Isabelle Grant 2 months ago

    ermm since when did Kate like Nando’s,, what is this Mandela effect shit

  • Tinka
    Tinka 2 months ago

    Oh wot da hell you live near Norwich

  • Hannah jane Knell
    Hannah jane Knell 2 months ago

    i would be so embarrassed omg

  • Maisie Jones
    Maisie Jones 2 months ago

    “I only drink water and the blood of little children” I FUCKING CHOKED

    AESTHETIC GIRL 2 months ago

    23:14 who was that old guy in background O.o

  • iz
    iz 2 months ago

    nooo i’m creasing

  • Georgina Rose
    Georgina Rose 2 months ago +8

    Can we just talk about the fact that Kate looked real good with the brown belle wig on

  • Imogen Weenink
    Imogen Weenink 2 months ago

    "where the f*ck my dwarves at?"

  • Imogen Weenink
    Imogen Weenink 2 months ago

    the dive into the ocean really made me happy, I knew mermaids were real!

  • Shrek 123
    Shrek 123 2 months ago

    Raaa your mum n step dad are so posh

  • sophie
    sophie 2 months ago +1

    kate ur literally one of my fav youtubers and this vid made piss myself of laughter xoxoxoxox

  • olivia norman
    olivia norman 2 months ago +3

    this whole vid is just kates development throughout 2019

  • annabel proctor
    annabel proctor 2 months ago +1

    Does anyone know what the song at 7:39 is?

  • lucy taylor
    lucy taylor 2 months ago

    kate went to the snow and didnt dress as elsa ?! missed opportunity

  • Kendall Neaves
    Kendall Neaves 2 months ago

    f word 😳

  • Skylar Sorensen
    Skylar Sorensen 2 months ago

    So much teeth brushing in this vid, why didn't pronamel and a Disney toothbrush sponsor the video

  • Mollie Long
    Mollie Long 2 months ago

    Love the hair Kate

  • Harvey Truman
    Harvey Truman 2 months ago

    I go St, lucia every year and that look like rodney bay? were you staying at the landings hotel?

  • Liv
    Liv 2 months ago +1

    i wonder how long it took kate to film this video

  • Shae Queens
    Shae Queens 2 months ago

    one of your best videos!!

  • Bethany Jane
    Bethany Jane 2 months ago

    Snow White skiing has me dead 😂😂

  • tianna silverstein
    tianna silverstein 2 months ago

    Crying at the man in the background 23mins and 19 seconds in

  • lailapurdyxo
    lailapurdyxo 2 months ago

    your mums voice is so posh lmap

  • Lara Paton
    Lara Paton 2 months ago +7

    18:54 "oh my gosh the ghetto"
    my brain: "rAtAATaTAAAAA"

  • Aaliyah BANTA Queen
    Aaliyah BANTA Queen 2 months ago +4

    No one:
    Kate: tHiS ViDeO tOoK mE a YeAr To FiLm 😂

  • Ellie joe
    Ellie joe 2 months ago

    You’re really posh

  • Ella Dixon
    Ella Dixon 2 months ago

    When that kid came up to you 🥺

  • Ava Knight
    Ava Knight 2 months ago

    My fave video ever kateeee!!!!!!!ily

  • lottie foster
    lottie foster 2 months ago

    Me magic circles

  • Will Butera
    Will Butera 2 months ago

    Ur soo iconic, love the Ariana honeymoon tour shirt xxxxxxx

  • liley verlander
    liley verlander 2 months ago

    Look out the windo at 23:12 I’m dead

  • Ella Thompson
    Ella Thompson 2 months ago

    Gypsy rose could never

  • Holly Whitfield
    Holly Whitfield 2 months ago

    In the beginning your hair isn’t curled on one half it’s stressing my ocd too much

  • Lauren Hyde
    Lauren Hyde 2 months ago


  • Clara Knight
    Clara Knight 2 months ago +11

    should of gone as elsa when you went skiing 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Meghan Adams
    Meghan Adams 2 months ago +1

    Kate you low-key looked like Ariel when you were underwater Disney hire her now

  • Triin Joon
    Triin Joon 2 months ago

    I need brunette kate

  • Anna MacHale
    Anna MacHale 2 months ago

    how hilarious would it be if Kate got pulled over for speeding dressed up as rapunzel and for reckless driving as belle

    • Anna MacHale
      Anna MacHale 2 months ago

      @kate elisabeth top quality content though (imagine the views)

    • kate elisabeth
      kate elisabeth  2 months ago

      that would be a mess

  • Scarlett Ambrose
    Scarlett Ambrose 2 months ago

    you should do a modern disney princess version ! xx

  • Jack Edwards
    Jack Edwards 2 months ago +25

    *sleeping beauty is no longer being slept on*

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago

    queen katherine

  • holly murphy
    holly murphy 2 months ago

    would never have the confidence to do this wow

  • Nicole Lasis
    Nicole Lasis 2 months ago

    kates channel: the definition of procrastion

  • Andie B. Vlogs
    Andie B. Vlogs 2 months ago

    I’m craving carbonara now 🤤

  • Sinead Jenkins
    Sinead Jenkins 2 months ago

    CRYING at the little girl hugging u😭😭

  • Rosie Alice
    Rosie Alice 2 months ago

    it’s magical innit

  • Soph Ly
    Soph Ly 2 months ago


  • lolok
    lolok 2 months ago +1

    oh god

  • Ramina
    Ramina 2 months ago

    kate with brown hair >>